Business tourism - features of the organization

How to go on a business tour abroad

Organization and conduct of tourist trips as a business. How to organize your own travel club.

In recent years, tourism has begun to actively develop in our country, no one can be surprised by the sunny beaches of Turkey and Egypt with "All inclusive", now more and more people tired of the city bustle and the modern pace of life are striving to conquer the mountain peaks, live in the wild in the forest or raft along the river.

As they say, demand generates supply, such services are now offered by various tourist clubs, if earlier under the Soviet Union such organizations were created on a voluntary basis without commercial interest, now it is a full-fledged business, in some cases quite profitable.

Judge for yourself, if a beginner without preparation and equipment wants to conquer, say, the mountain peak of the Caucasus Elbrus, he does not have to buy a bunch of professional equipment, undergo training, draw up a route, he can simply use the services of a tourist club, where he will provide equipment for rent, organize climbing in a group with an experienced instructor, and ensure safety. Such an ascent for a beginner will cost about $ 500 - $ 700, and even more will be required for self-preparation and the purchase of equipment.

If you have good experience and a high category in hiking, you can still make good money on this, just find like-minded people and open a tourist club.

But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance, then you need to decide what kind of tourism you will provide to clients.

Types of hiking trails

  • Overcoming rugged terrain.
  • Trekking - moving through mountainous terrain, climbing to the top.
  • Hiking is a long journey along marked routes.

Hiking can also include water trips - rafting or kayaking down the river, overcoming water obstacles.

Classification of tourist walking tours

Walking routes are classified by difficulty level: route tension, autonomy, obstacles, geographic indicators.

  • Weekend hike.
  • Hike from 1 to 3 difficulty levels.
  • Hiking with a category of difficulty (1 - 6 cat.).

What is sports tourism? What kind of sport

Today, business travel abroad is rapidly gaining popularity. There is one simple explanation for this: when traveling for work, people "kill two birds with one stone" and get the opportunity to resolve all business issues and relax. Business tourism originated a very long time ago, during the time of Christopher Columbus, Afanasy Nikitin. Travelers gave the world a huge number of great geographical discoveries, and at the same time competed with each other, not forgetting to rest and enjoy new views, sketch them. If you translate this into today's language, then all these travelers made regular business trips.

Basic concepts in business tourism

There is no term business tourism in English, it is replaced by another concept - "Business travel" and literally translated as "business travel". An entire MICE industry was founded. It is an abbreviation for:

Each line in this transcript is a separate direction for business tourism, which is also common in Russia. The organizers of the trip, by the order of the company, book plane tickets and hotel rooms, and draw up a recreation program. The main objective of the incentive tour is to unite the team and reward the outstanding employees.

In Russia, the sphere of business tourism began to develop only in the 90s, but today it is a very promising and rapidly developing industry. Employees of large firms often go on business trips abroad, to the subsidiaries of their companies. Leaders organize tours for the entire department as an incentive if the plan for the year has been met.

Business tourism directions

Today, employees of Russian companies spend their holidays all over the world, but we can single out the main, most popular areas:

  • Berlin;
  • Rome;
  • Paris ;
  • Amsterdam ;
  • London ;
  • Barcelona.

There are many more directions for office travel, companies open their branches in the UAE, Canada, China and send managers and other specialists there from time to time.


Exhibitions are one of the main segments of business tourism. Businessmen attend a huge number of events and communicate with colleagues, make contacts and learn about new products in their field of activity. Most often, professionals in a particular industry already know where and when the exhibition will be held, and turn to agencies purposefully to arrange a voucher. However, it is also possible to select options for those who do not know what exhibitions can be visited, but want to develop in some area.

For a business trip, the most important thing is obtaining a visa and a pass. It is recommended to book your trip in advance in order to find plane or train tickets for the desired date. Also, you should not delay the submission of documents for a visa, if its issuance is refused, you can avoid unnecessary expenses.

Private business travel

Lovers of hiking and outdoor activities in general do not even always know that they are engaged in one of the most interesting sports, called tourism

Tourism is the main source of income for many countries. Not all travel is about recreation and entertainment. Recently, business tourism has been developing more and more actively. It appeared in the 19th century, when trade relations began to develop rapidly after the emergence of communication routes between countries.

The essence of business tourism is to establish strong ties with foreign organizations and gain experience. Business travel accounts for about 25% of all travel. Due to the popularity of such travel, business travel has become a separate branch of the travel industry.

There is no exact list of countries that people visit for work purposes. But the absolute leaders in terms of the number of visits are:

  • USA ;
  • South America;
  • Asia;
  • European countries.

Russian companies often send their employees to China, Japan and Germany.

Travel times may occur during the high tourist season in the country. During such periods, airlines and hotels greatly increase prices for their services. A business trip will be expensive, but most of the costs should be borne by the organization, not the employee.

Business tourism - types of business travel

Business travel should be carefully planned. It is necessary to correctly compose both the work and the cultural part of the trip. Each type of business travel has its own nuances, which we will analyze further.


At exhibitions, businessmen learn about the latest innovations in their industry and make new acquaintances. To get to the exhibition on time without any problems, you need to prepare the necessary documents in advance:

Business travel

Corporate Business Tourism

Business tourism requires a more responsible approach to the organization than the usual tourist route. Among all the variety of types of business meetings, each has its own characteristics. It all depends on the number of people involved in the transaction, the duration of the trip, its purpose, and other indicators.

A congress is a meeting of representatives who have common interests. Often involves a meeting of delegates from different political backgrounds. Their goal is to form political foundations and elections in order to achieve the status of governing bodies.

Symposium is an event where they talk on general topics, selected in advance, a formal meeting, which implies a speech by each participant with short notes on a specific topic.

The seminar is a lecture accompanied by an exchange of views of the participants.

Congress is an official meeting of delegates who are considering an issue of a specific nature from the relevant field. Various issues are discussed with the aim of making adjustments.

A conference is a formal exchange of views and beliefs among participants, where general topics are discussed.

The summit has the characteristics of a conference, only high-level officials are participating. Often a summit involves a meeting of heads of different states.

Business travel often means corporate travel. Almost all meetings are of a collective nature; they can last from several hours to several weeks. When a group of people gathers for a meeting, a high-quality approach to organization is needed. It is recommended to choose a trusted company that has considerable experience in organizing meetings of this nature.

Business tourism is an important and rather complex branch of the tourism business. High responsibility, attention to detail and the ability to quickly and efficiently navigate in case of possible roughness during the trip - these are the key skills that a manager who organizes a business trip should possess. Business tourism differs from other types of business primarily in the monetary component of the issue: sometimes the multimillion-dollar profit (or, conversely, loss) of the company depends on how successful the trip will be, so the risks are increased here, and carelessness and reckoning are categorically unacceptable. Like any other type of tourism - from sightseeing and beach tourism to shopping and medical tourism - business tourism has its own important organizational features that subtly depend on the direction, season, goals and many other factors of the trip. We will tell you about the key intricacies of organizing business tourism.

Let's go to the exhibition

Exhibitions are one of the main segments of business tourism. Up to 30 thousand exhibitions of various topics are held annually in the world, where businessmen can communicate with colleagues, learn about new products in their industry and conclude contracts.

As a rule, professionals of each separate business area are well aware of the time and location of thematic exhibitions and come to the travel agent with a specific request: I want to go there on such and such dates. Such preparedness greatly simplifies the task, but at the same time complicates it: the dates are strictly fixed, being late by a day or problems with resettlement will negate all the advantages of a personal visit.

When organizing a business visit to an exhibition, it is important, first of all, to take care of the formal possibility of a client visiting this exhibition (having a visa, obtaining a pass, buying a ticket, accreditation, having the necessary documents), about living near the exhibition complex and about accessibility air or train tickets for the required dates. You need to book such a trip as early as possible: imagine that in addition to your client, another couple of tens of thousands of businessmen with similar goals are planning to stay in nearby hotels. Similarly, it is better not to delay the application for a visa and a visit to the exhibition complex - if the deadlines are pressed for one of the points, it is highly likely that the trip will fail, as we have already said, possibly depriving the businessman and the company of a solid profit.

Private business trip

Organization of a private business trip is much more grateful than exhibition tourism. Firstly, as a rule, there are no clear dates on which your client simply must be there. Colleagues and partners are usually willing to make progress in planning meetings, realizing the complexity of business - the world of high speeds and time pressure. Secondly, the schedule of the trip itself can also be moved, and appointments can be changed, in contrast to the obligatory exhibition "chaos" at the stands and exhibitors and the need to adjust to the schedule of meetings with a potential partner. Finally, private business trips do not need to be carried out at peak dates (and clients themselves tend to avoid the rush), which means you have more opportunities to book the most suitable hotel and comfortable flight.

If travel dates for the business traveler are flexible, it makes sense to check the schedule of exhibitions, cultural events and sporting events in the region in order to choose a quiet time to travel.

However, organizing a private trip is fraught with other difficulties - in particular, the need to fill a client's time-limited visit with the most useful pastime possible. This means that the planning should be verified by the clock, and in case of cancellation of any event, this time should not be lost.

Congresses and conferences

Organization of congresses and conferences is a large-scale work in which, willy-nilly, you have to rely on partners - exhibition complexes and hotels. If during a private business visit, almost all responsibility lies with you, you cannot do without close interaction, which means that your partners must be one hundred percent reliable.

A conference or congress is a large-scale business event for specialists in a particular industry, usually bringing together colleagues from all over the world or at least from a specific region.

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