Business plan: how to open a recreation center

Recreation center business plan

The project is a plan for organizing a business plan for a recreation center from scratch and its development over a period of 24 months. When developing a plan, one should determine the prospects for this type of business, its marketing and financial components, as well as possible risks and methods of solution.

Basics of a business plan for a recreation center

At the preparatory stage of opening the recreation center, the goals of the future business are formed. The most important points are as follows:

  • - creating an enterprise with a high level of profitability;
  • - obtaining stable and high profits;
  • - providing services that can satisfy the needs of modern consumer market.

The main goal of a business plan is to assess the economic efficiency of this investment project. This document can be used for presentation to potential investors or lenders in order to obtain the necessary financing for the company.

The main features of the future recreation center as an object of entrepreneurial activity:

As shown by approximate calculations, the payback period for an average recreation center is more than 6 years. This is a rather long period in comparison with other small and medium-sized businesses, which is associated with a high level of costs.

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Recreation center: main characteristics of the object, stages of opening

The recreation center is planned to be opened in one of the suburban areas favorable for recreation and health improvement. According to statistics, the most successful in terms of geography will be a combination of 3 types of landscape: flat, water and hilly or mountainous. Therefore, it is worth choosing a location so that there is a forest, river or lake nearby. Since most of the country's territory is flat, there may be picturesque hills instead of a forest belt. According to statistics, landscapes of this nature are inherent in the environs of many Russian cities. Therefore, the process of finding the desired site will not cause difficulties.

Agritourism in Russia

Brief Investment Memorandum

Vacation is a long-awaited time for every person. With the aggravated unstable political and economic situation in the world, as well as with a sharp increase in the exchange rate, people are increasingly considering the option of resting within their home country. And this trend will only grow in the coming years.

Organization of a recreation center - an opportunity to build a profitable business. This will require a lot of investment from you, but it also gives you great prospects. The demand for quality service that allows you to have a good time is always high. If the base has a year-round cycle of work, as in our case, then the payback period is quite acceptable. Also, this niche has unlimited development and expansion prospects. You should pay attention to the middle class, and be focused on providing quality services at affordable prices.

Key Success Factors:

  • picturesque location;
  • quality service;
  • wide range of services;
  • reasonable prices;
  • dynamically developing demand.

The initial investment is 33,700,000 rubles.

The break-even point is reached for 4 months of work.

The payback period is from 30 months.

Average monthly net profit is 962,000 rubles.

Return on sales 30%.

What is agritourism and the prospects for its development in Russia

Step-by-step instructions on how to open a recreation center

Rest for a Russian person is an irreplaceable occupation. Starting from foreign trips and ending with active tourism and bus tours in Russian cities - there is a demand for everything. And, despite the economic situation in the country, the tourism industry continues to develop. Therefore, the opening of a recreation center promises to be a profitable business, if you approach wisely to the correct organization of all processes.

Registration of a legal entity

The first thing for every novice businessman is to register a legal entity or individual entrepreneur. Registration costs will not exceed 20 thousand rubles. However, this takes a fairly large amount of time, during which you will visit government agencies more than once, where you will need to obtain permission to conduct business.

Therefore, it is simpler and easier to outsource the maintenance of accounting reports to a specialized company. However, the tariffs of such firms differ, and it is better to include an item of expenses in the business plan in advance.

Place for the recreation center

A place to start your business in the field of tourism must be selected carefully. The optimal place for the future base is considered to be the land where different natural areas intersect - forests, water bodies and possibly hills or mountains. Such a variety will attract more customers, correctly present the holiday destination and ensure a good reputation for further development.

Distance from settlements also plays an important role. It is better to choose a place not very close to the city limits, but also not three hundred kilometers away. The optimal distance is from 80 to 150 kilometers.

On the one hand, the further from the city landscape the base is located, the more lovers of quality recreation in nature will become your clients and the cheaper it will be to rent or buy land.

On the other hand, distance has a significant impact on logistics-type costs, because you will need to get customers to their destination by renting vehicles and covering fuel costs. Also, there will be an increase in the cost of transportation of permanent materials and goods that you will use on the existing base.


In addition to the actual idyllic living in your corner of paradise, guests and guests can be offered additional services from which you can also make a profit. We are talking about all kinds of outdoor activities:

Not only foreign resorts are famous for water tourism and beauty, in Russia there are also enough places where you can actively relax on the river, enjoy nature and clean air. Top 10 best rivers in Russia for summer holidays, entertainment and lodging, popular beaches, as well as other useful information - below.

Lena km - extreme alloys

The river, unique in its kind, is the main transport artery of Yakutia. Along its entire length, there are deserted taiga forests, abandoned villages, natural complexes, one of a kind, green endless meadows and silent tundra.

One of the attractions for which tourists come here are the Lena Pillars - 100-meter rocks that stretch along the coast for several tens of kilometers. No less attractive are the Tukulans - sand dunes.

  • Rafting on the river. This is a rather adventurous form of entertainment, since the river is unpredictable - its upper reaches are famous for dangerous rifts, the central part is famous for whirlpools, and the lower reaches are famous for ice hummocks. The trip usually starts from the village of Verkhniy Bestyakh, the length of the rafting is 30 km. Rafting on kayaks, lovers of extreme sports prefer wooden rafts, and especially risky ones - homemade rafts.
  • Cruises. On Lena, cruise trips are carried out on small ships. The trip starts from Yakutsk, Ust-Kut or Kirensk and includes a drive through the most picturesque places of the river.
  • Beach vacation. Popular only in July-August, since for the most part the river is located within the permafrost. Equipped beaches can be found in Zayarnov, the village of Mutino, Makarovo, Kirensk, Alymovka, Jubilee, Podtopolsky Island, etc.
  • Fishing. Leisure of the highest category for real anglers, as Lena is rich in various types of fish, and good bite is guaranteed. The only “minus” is the protected species of fish listed in the Red Book. So, for example, having caught a Siberian whitefish, sterlet, sculpin, brown trout and Siberian sturgeon, you will have to release them.

The most popular resorts where you can stay in the area are:

  • Lenskie Zori;
  • The Atlasovs' Estate.

Volga km - an original vacation and picturesque places

The Volga is one of the longest rivers in the world. It is home to million-plus cities, and at the same time it is one of the cleanest and most distinctive waterways in Russia. Tourists are attracted here not only by sights and landscapes, but also by a huge selection of leisure options.

The most popular types of summer vacations on the Volga are:

Guest houses, utility and administrative premises, a warehouse, etc. should be located on the territory of the future base.

It is obligatory to connect engineering networks (heating, electricity, gas and water supply, sewerage, etc.). You will have to spend a few million more on all this. Do not forget about the convenience for vacationers in terms of access to your recreation center.

Lease of land for a recreation center

No one will come to you, even though you will have the most incredible location and the most beautiful natural views, if the only forest footpath leads to your base.

There must be an asphalt access road and a large parking lot at the clients' service. In addition, the recreation center should not be located too far from the city. But it should not be too close to it, otherwise, what kind of ecology can we talk about?

Plots for the construction of a recreation center

After purchasing the site, you can start building a recreation center, which is an excellent object for investment activities, because the unique climate, a large number of attractions, the close proximity of the reservoir make the recreational business one of the most profitable.

Do not forget that with a competent allocation of resources, namely, with a correctly drawn up financing and work schedule, and the use of reasonable marketing methods, an expensive project will begin to attract visitors, which will allow you to return the money invested in the business in the shortest possible time ...

How profitable is the tourism business today and how to build a recreation center

As you know, a person, without fail, needs periodic rest. And rest in the city limits is hardly complete. Many residents of the country today, in order to save money, are trying to replace expensive vacation trips abroad with rest at home.

Therefore, the construction of a recreation center can be considered a fairly profitable business, investments in which will return to the investor quickly enough, and the profit will be constant and tangible. The land for the recreation center should not have any special characteristics, the main thing in such a land is its location and ecology.

Plot of land on the lake shore for family recreation.

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