Business idea: organizing travel to order

Domestic tourism business

Domestic tourism is one of the priority areas for the development of the state economy. Therefore, the creation of a business in this area can receive the support of investors in the presence of a competent business plan, which means that even a novice entrepreneur can open a business in domestic tourism.

Domestic tourism as an activity

The main feature of domestic tourism is that this area of ​​activity is limited to national boundaries.

Domestic tourism may include the following categories of activities:

  • excursions to historical places;
  • resort rest, including treatment in sanatoriums, dispensaries;
  • rest at ski resorts; <
  • beach vacation at one of the domestic resorts.

Domestic tourism is one of the difficult areas of activity for travel agencies. This can be explained, first of all, by the relative underdevelopment of the corresponding domestic infrastructure - hotels, sanatoriums and recreation centers within the country significantly lag behind in terms of service level from most foreign ones, therefore the level of prestige of rest abroad is still higher. Another reason for the lack of proper development of this market area is a large number of lucrative offers from resorts in Bulgaria, Turkey, Montenegro and other resort countries.

But despite the difficulties that can be expected in the organization of domestic tourism, the development of this direction has certain objective prerequisites and advantages. So, in connection with the increased dollar exchange rate, as well as the peculiarities of the visa regime for many citizens, vacation abroad becomes unavailable, which means that they have to look for alternative options within the country. It is on such a target audience that the activities of a travel agency offering proposals for domestic tourism should be guided.

For the entrepreneur himself, the focus on domestic tourism also implies a number of positive aspects. Including, having created a competent concept of the future business and thinking over marketing issues, you can become a leader in this relatively free niche of the tourism business, having received all the relevant advantages, thereby achieving a high level of profit. The absence of difficulties, visa issues, the need to conclude agreements with foreign hotels and organize flights for tourists - all these are the advantages that distinguish domestic tourism as a kind of entrepreneurial activity. For a novice businessman, this option will be an ideal method of entering the market, which is distinguished by a minimum level of financial risks.

Despite all the advantages and objective prerequisites for the reorientation of the tourism business to domestic destinations, the willingness of citizens to completely switch to domestic tourism is still not great enough. Therefore, the best option for a budding entrepreneur would be to open a company offering tourism both within national borders and in foreign resorts.

Domestic tourism: business plan and financial aspects

In general, regardless of the chosen direction of tourism, the founder of the company must calculate all financial issues, which will help not only to freely open his own company, but also to actively develop its activities in the future.

Domestic tourism business

Every year the tourism market is developing more and more, but travel agencies, hotels and hostels are not the only ways of doing it. There are many unusual options that only a few people know about, but this does not make them less in demand.

This article will present alternative travel business ideas and seasonal entertainment, among which every aspiring businessman will find an ideal option for himself. It will also consider guides and business plans for starting your own business, valuable advice and recommendations, the nuances of this topic and features.

How to Start Your Tourism Business - Ideas List

Among all the existing ideas in the field of tourism, attention should be paid to:

Europe is famous for its high income from farmers who receive tourists. Russia is a country with a not very developed agritourism, but there is a prospect.

Beautiful natural landscapes, unusual locations and distinctive natural views can all be a way to attract city dwellers who are tired of the bustle of metropolitan areas.

  • Zipline attraction

A zipline is a kind of extreme attraction that allows you to downhill along steel cables.

The main tasks are the selection of a suitable location (most often it is an area with hills or with picturesque views), installation of lines (companies that offer such types of services are very few) and the solution of financial transactions.

How to start a tourism business - see here:

The main advantage of a zipline is the short duration of the descent process (usually 30 - 55 seconds), ziplines can boast of high bandwidth, and ticket prices for one descent can reach 500 - 1000 rubles.

Financial model of a travel agency

Brief Investment Memorandum

The rhythm of life of modern people makes us more and more often think about quality and pre-planned rest. That is why the need for travel agencies is quite high, because many people prefer to entrust the organization of their vacation to professionals. Cancellation of licensing of tourism services has provided more opportunities for organizing this type of business.

Despite the depreciation of the ruble, which began in 2014 and led to an increase in the price of tourist vouchers, it cannot be said that Russians have completely abandoned resort vacations. It's just that now people are choosing more affordable destinations, for example, vacation in Russia. So, according to the Federal Agency for Tourism, the domestic tourist flow in 2013 amounted to 29 million trips, in 2014 - 40, in 2015 - 50. Thus, the annual growth is about 20%. Due to the closure of accessible destinations such as Turkey and Egypt in 2015-2016, the demand for travel to Tunisia has tripled, as evidenced by data from the Association of Tour Operators of Russia.

Thus, the activities of travel agencies directly depend on political and economic factors, but with proper business organization, you can always find and develop profitable directions, as well as diversify them in order to level possible risks.

Initial investment amount - 490,800 rubles.

The breakeven point is in the third month.

Payback period - 8 months.

Average monthly profit - 96,050 rubles.

Description of business, product or service

In view of the fact that rest and travel is an invariable need of every person who can afford it, the main audience of travel agencies is people of 22-60 years old with an average income level and above, who do not have the time or knowledge for independent organizing your trip. It is important to note that travel agencies should not be confused with tour operators. A travel agent is a travel company (or entrepreneur) engaged in the search, analysis and implementation of offers generated by travel operators available in the travel market for a pre-agreed percentage (usually 5-16% of the cost of a sold tour).

As a rule, people turn to travel agencies in order to reduce the time spent on finding and booking flights and the necessary accommodation, in order not to bother with paperwork, clients want to receive the most detailed and colorful information about attractions, infrastructure of the places you want to visit.

Today, Russians can buy a ticket and go on a trip to almost any country in the world. Seeing interesting places on the planet and unique natural parks, visiting exotic countries and great sights is one of the most cherished and constant human desires. Therefore, the organization of comfortable travel for people is considered a very attractive industry for entrepreneurs. The big advantage of this business is the low financial threshold for entering the market and the absence of the need to obtain special documents.

The complexity of working in the tourism market lies in the constant volatility of consumer preferences, high competition and sensitivity of demand to the financial capabilities of the population.

Let's try to figure out how to open a travel agency, taking into account all the features, pros and cons of this direction. We will find out how profitable this business is, where to start working.

Features of the tourism business

The tourism industry is in constant development, therefore, the main task of the new agency is considered to be able to withstand the rapid pace of market changes, as well as to take its "place in the sun" among a large number of competitors.

Where to start?

Choosing a direction of work

There are several options for entering the travel industry market as a travel agency:

  • buy a ready-made business;
  • start working on a franchise;
  • organize a travel business from scratch.

All three options have pros and cons.

Investments: from 140,000 rubles

Payback: from 3 months

A lot of businesses have come to us from the West in recent years. This has become the business of organizing travel to order. For more than 20 years, private travel agencies have been widespread in Europe and America that create individual tours. People have a need to spend vacations, weekends, honeymoons on vacation. You can help them and earn money on this.

Business Concept

Everyone has heard that the client's desire is the law. In this niche, this rule works 100%, because the work of an organization is based on the desires and preferences of people. Travel agencies and similar companies should not be confused. Tour operators offer painfully beaten routes, and tailor-made travel arrangements involve creating a unique itinerary for each person. Each journey is rich in something of its own.

A person comes to a similar company, expresses wishes (travel time, budget, number of travelers). The firm, in turn, quickly picks up options (1-2 days), creates travel routes and offers a ready-made list to the client. If the client is satisfied with everything, then the payment is made, which includes:

  • accommodation ;
  • travel ;
  • excursions (if any in the itinerary);
  • entertainment;
  • the firm's commission (this is the earnings of the organization that made the route).

Travel can be organized both within the country and abroad. The client must come to the firm, being sure that all organizational issues will be resolved for him.

Potential customers of the routes are completely different people. These can be school classes going on an excursion to a neighboring city, a family of retirees, newlyweds, etc.

What is required for implementation?

You don't need any special skills to be successful in this area. All you need is the ability to work with a computer, telephone, Internet and be fluent in English.

Market analysis is an important task at the start. It is possible that there are already competitors in the city, district, it is important to research them, find out which areas are in great demand, who makes up the client base.

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