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Local beauties instead of the sea

There is a crisis in the country, there is no money for abroad. Up to 80% of Russian tourists will look for vacation options at home. Why don't Bashkir resorts, sanatoriums and camp sites take advantage of the right moment to promote their own services and destinations?

My 6 iron arguments in favor of rest in Bashkiria (see also the rating of the most interesting and beautiful places).

Convenient transport scheme

Bashkiria is located in the heart of the Urals and all of Russia, where it is convenient to get there from anywhere in the country. Almost all railway, air and river routes pass through Ufa, so you can find yourself in our area without much difficulty, even on the way somewhere.

Another big plus is the developed transport infrastructure. Almost every point of the route can be reached by public transport.

Save Money

Resting in Bashkiria, you can save a lot of money. I would not call local sanatoriums and dispensaries cheap, prices for rest and treatment in them are constantly growing, but everything is learned in comparison. Call, check prices and conditions. I published a list of the best sanatoriums earlier.

You can get around the republic by public transport, which is relatively inexpensive. Traveling by private car, you can save more significantly.

Wonderful pilaf is prepared in Bashkiria

As for food, I can say that the region is full of cafes and canteens, and hot meals are usually organized at hotels, sanatoriums and tourist centers. With a skillful approach, you can save well on food without jeopardizing your own health.

The costs of visiting the sights of the republic will also not hit you hard, almost all prices are reasonable. I was personally embarrassed by the tariffs only once, when my family and I visited the novoyradymovskaya cave.

We rest in Bashkiria

What are the pluses and minuses of the tourism industry due to the pandemic and the economic crisis? Will this give an impetus to the development of domestic destinations and the leisure industry? This is our conversation with Rina Grinberg, an expert and organizer in the field of tourism.

No illusion

Aigul Nurgaleeva, "AiF-Bashkortostan": - Closed borders - it's time to develop domestic tourism, turn consumers to local locations. Are tour operators ready for this?

- On the one hand, everything seems to favor this. People do not have finances for overseas tours. But the factor immediately turns on: if a person is accustomed to all inclusive in Turkey, he will not exchange it for a tourist center in Bashkiria with incomprehensible conditions and amenities on the street. It is better not to go anywhere at all, to save up or take out a loan, wait until the borders open and still eventually go to Turkey.

Obviously there will be some splash. But, most likely, it will be compensated by the fact that people will not have much money to travel. Wild tourism will develop, which is not taken into account and does not bring anything to the treasury. It would seem logical that those travel agents who previously sold Turkey should now switch to Bashkiria. But these are completely different products. A travel agent must love what he offers, walk all these routes with his feet, fall in love with them. It's like the seller of a French baguette is now offered to sell crackers with the same passion. The situation forces entrepreneurs to try in this area. But not everyone can handle it. Another factor was that an agent received 15-20 thousand rubles from a tour to the Mediterranean worth 100 thousand. For a tour of the republic - from 15 thousand he will receive 1.5 thousand. Isn't it easier to go to another sphere? All while waiting and hoping for the best. We are 90% dependent on the weather - a very short season. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the off-season. For example, we hold family camps in April and November.

- What is the forecast for this season?

- It all depends on when it will open. On the one hand, the self-isolation regime was lifted on May 12, parks and squares are working. On the other hand, the authorities do not recommend tourist trips, natural parks of regional significance are still closed. We, the organizers of tourist events, sent a letter to the head of the republic with a request to open them for visiting. And the season began a long time ago: weekends on May 1-9 "feed" about 10-15% of the year, depending on the orientation of the camp site. The first spring rafting, trips. Business did not work, camp sites did not work, excursions were not conducted. May and the first ten days of June have already been lost for domestic tourism. In general, I have no illusions. There is also the factor of "human fear". Definitely, this season will be more disastrous than the past. Despite the fact that the last two years, tourism has grown well and added 10% annually. According to Bashstat, the volume of paid services in the field of tourism in 2019 amounted to 13.52 billion rubles. The largest volume is 4.94 billion rubles. - rest in sanatoriums, which is 104.9% to the level of 2018. At the end of last year, the region was visited by 2.7 million people. Moreover, the main stream is provided by business tourism and spa treatment. Active nature tourism - to a much lesser extent. But it is less and is taken into account, because the share of an independent "wild" tourist is high. The national park "Bashkiria" was visited by 34 thousand people, "Shulgan-tash" - a little more than 30 thousand, the natural park "Iremel" - 24 thousand.

Growth points

- How can our specially protected areas attract even more tourists?

- The National Park "Bashkiria" has a competent and sensible strategy, it has achieved federal funding for the development of infrastructure. It will have new toilets, parking facilities, etc., which will surely attract tourists. Therefore, I think, even taking into account the pandemic, by the end of this year, the Bashkiria National Park will grow.

- Is tourism necessary in specially protected areas or will it only harm?

- I am deeply convinced that it should develop practically only on the territory of protected areas, because this is an area with clear rules. This is a recreation area where you can relax. This is a reserved zone where you cannot go. There are people there who enforce these rules. Resting in specially protected areas, we will be more responsible for nature. Rather than go to the bank of the Inzer, set up a camp, light a fire, leave the garbage. This is a dead end road. It is in the territories of protected areas that strategically correct development of tourism is possible with an indispensable condition for the preservation of biodiversity in the environment. Because the load on nature is calculated.

Where to go?

Rest in Bashkiria is the best solution in a crisis year. There is no need to go anywhere, in Bashkiria there is where to go and what to see. More details

A microscopic extracellular lifeform is taking over the world and making its own adjustments to this year's summer vacation. But this is not a reason to despair - it's time to explore the beauty of your native land. There are a lot of weekend travel companies in Ufa, and this summer they are clearly in the black. You can choose a trip of any complexity, any format in Bashkiria and its closest neighbors. My son and I have already gone on a hike for rock crystal once. And this time we also decided to stop at a mineralogical excursion. Let's go in the direction of Taganay, for grenades!

Bolshoy Iremel, Bolshoi Shelom, Suktash - these names are well known to those who like hiking in the mountains of Bashkortostan. But this summer my son and I decided to start not by conquering the Ural giants, but to go to the very south of our republic, to the Meleuzovsky district. Let's go!

"The top of stinginess: do not share your impressions of a tourist trip!" - says the famous tourist proverb. My son and I love to go hiking. And we are always happy to share our impressions. I - with articles on UfaMama with readers, and my son - with children's stories with friends and relatives. But last weekend we got the first negative experience for many years. Writing disapproving posts is not a very pleasant experience. But I still decided to do it in order to tell all outdoor enthusiasts about who you don't need to go camping with.

Weekend tours are a very fashionable hobby these days. Firms that take those who want to taste all the delights of active tourism to nature are now multiplying like mushrooms after a rain. We, in due time, chose 2-3 checked personally for ourselves and always went only with them. We have never had any claims against any of them. But this time something went wrong ...

In our blog "Tourism and Rest in Bashkiria" we continue to acquaint you with interesting weekend itineraries that you can visit with children. This time we will go to the Salavat region of our republic and visit the Idrisovskaya cave, the Yangan-Tau sanatorium and the Kurgazak spring.

“How to get rich by digging in the mud?” This puzzle was invented by my son after going for a rock crystal last weekend. Having dug up a whole handful of, in his opinion, "diamonds", he was going to go with them to the store for sweets. Ah, this childlike spontaneity. Yes, we didn’t "dug up" material wealth on this trip, but we got a lot of impressions, talked with wonderful people, found new friends - and this, you see, is much more valuable. And today I want to share with the readers a story about a trip to the Matinskoe rock crystal deposit. What if you also want to feel like a real getter of "jewels" ?!

“And what is it that pulled you to the ground? Is it still a long way to old age? " - my aunt commented ironically on my desire to have my own dacha. “Now this is the vector of development for many. Call of nature - you can't turn away! " - I joked. An acute lack of nature is what modern man suffers from. This is the conclusion made by doctors and psychologists. We are sitting under office and house arrest 24 hours a day. We work under artificial lighting. We breathe the air of conditioners. And if we go out for a walk in the park on weekends, then we stomp along the concrete paths and admire the inscriptions "Don't walk on the lawns!" And it is not at all surprising that many modern young families dream of acquiring a small house and a piece of land in order to at least occasionally rest from the noisy metropolis. And someone even chooses life outside the city.

Tourism in their native republic is incredibly popular among young people today. Over the past couple of years, many travel companies have opened in the city, organizing weekend trips around Bashkiria. And the organizers simply have no end to clients! What exactly do people go to nature for? For new impressions, for new acquaintances and, of course, for a portion of physical and moral strength.

Our children are especially sensitive to the inferiority of urban life. They express this in the form of allergies, frequent colds, poor academic performance. It would be nice if doctors wrote out a prescription for treatment by nature ... But all is not lost. The new tourist season is just beginning! Let's go for health ?!

The Pavlovskoye Reservoir is a well-known and favorite vacation spot for Ufa residents. After the dam, the Ufa River is incredibly wide, with picturesque rocky shores and endless wild forests. There are many recreation centers here. But apart from them, there is something to see in the Pavlovskaya hydroelectric power station area. On the last weekend of the outgoing summer, UfaMama decided to take a ride along this simple but very beautiful route.

Bashkortostan is a magical land. Everything is in our republic: high mountains, and dense forests, and endless steppes, and wide lakes, and deep caves, and crystal clear waterfalls. Unless there is no sea. Although my little lake Aslykul stubbornly calls the sea. And I don't argue with him.

Main impressions

A new program of an exciting journey with a visit to the unique places of Bashkiria.

What will we do on the tour

Far from the bustle of the city, you can enjoy the fresh air and magnificent panoramic views of the Southern Urals on the observation tower of the Bashkir State Reserve; picturesque rocks and a fabulous winter forest, visit the Shulgan-Tash cave (Kapova cave), which is a UNESCO natural and cultural heritage site, learn the past and present of the ancient Russian village of Kaga. And after traveling to the reserved places of Bashkiria, you will return to the usual civilization of the capital city with an amazing history.



Meeting of the group: 10:00 local time (difference with Moscow time + 2 hours) in Ufa, the central entrance of the Department Store "UFA" (Prospect Oktyabrya, 31). Group transfer to the village. Kaga (300 km). Estimated time of arrival: 14.0. Accommodation in a mountainous Russian village at the tourist base "Tengri" ("comfort").

Lunch. Excursion "History of the village. Kaga and the Ural ironworks ".

Visiting the architectural monument - St. Nicholas Church. The old Russian village of Kaga, founded in 1740 for the construction of an ironworks of the Demidov dynasty.

Visit to the museum "House of the factory peasant of the 19th century": immersion in the life of mining peasants, memorable photos in folk costumes.

Summing up the results of the first online exhibition "Know Our: Bashkortostan", which was successfully completed in Ufa.

On November 17, the first large-scale online exhibition dedicated to the tourism product of Bashkiria ended. A whole range of activities aimed at promoting the tourism potential of the region was prepared by the State Committee of Bashkortostan for Entrepreneurship and Tourism and the Profi company. ravel.

The attention of many players in the Russian domestic tourism market these days was drawn to Bashkiria: a series of events took place here, aimed at promoting the tourism potential of the region. From 13 to 16 November, major tour operators of domestic tourism, including NTK Intourist, Alean, Dolphin, Multitour, Europort, Vedi Tour Ural Group, TUI, the Association of Host Tour Operators in Moscow, looked at key tourist objects of the region: sanatoriums, ski resorts, historical monuments and excursion objects, hotels.

The main event of the business program was the online exhibition "Know Ours: Bashkortostan" on November 17. On its site, she united several significant events at once: a round table with representatives of authorities and the tourism business, a workshop, as well as a series of presentations of the best tourism products of Bashkortostan. The organizers of the exhibition are the State Committee of Bashkortostan for Entrepreneurship and Tourism and the Profi company. ravel.

The key event of the exhibition was the Round Table “Tourism product of Bashkortostan and its potential in the federal market”. As part of the discussion, the first persons of the republic's tourism industry discussed how to include the tourism product of Bashkortostan in the line of large tour operators, what prerequisites and obstacles there are for this. More than 200 viewers from various parts of the country and neighboring countries followed the course of the conversation online.

Bashkortostan is an interesting but little-studied direction. That is why the government of Bashkortostan decided to present the tourism product in an innovative format - offline and online at the same time. Thanks to the event, travel agents and tour operators were able to visit not only from Bashkiria and the surrounding regions, but from any corner of the world - thus, all of Russia and the CIS countries learned about the tourist product of the region!

Bashkortostan - a new weekend itinerary

As noted by many representatives of the republic, Bashkortostan has a unique landscape that makes it possible to develop tourism in various fields - whether it be downhill skiing or recreation on the lake, sanatorium treatment or excursions. The region has everything to enter a wide market: the Ufa airport, which is one of the ten best in Russia, an excellent hotel base, a powerful sanatorium-resort complex, experience in holding international events. Support from the authorities is also important.

Vyacheslav Gilyazitdinov, Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Bashkortostan for Entrepreneurship and Tourism:

“The uniqueness of the landscape allows us to develop clusters that are not alike. We have outlined about seven such clusters in the Republic, and each of them has a development plan, and we attract investors to each of them. Some of the clusters have already entered the federal targeted program, they have been approved, but are awaiting funding. In general, we want to work with federal tour operators, and we are ready to do everything possible for mutually beneficial cooperation. "

The state is an ally for private business, this was also noted by Roman Shaikhutdinov, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Bashkortostan for Entrepreneurship and Tourism.

The representatives of the host tour operators - the tour operator director Alexander Goncharov and the director of the Stolitsa travel company Marina Ignatieva - spoke about what kind of tourist product is popular with tourists and what kind of tourist goes to Bashkortostan. They unanimously declared that the region will be interesting for everyone. Here is the junction of the cultures of Europe and Asia, Bashkir and Slavic traditions, Muslim customs, active rest and absolute relaxation. Everything that is already on the territory of Bashkiria is of interest to different categories of tourists.

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