Best winter boots for hunting for 2021

Best winter boots for hunting for 2021

The record warm autumn in most regions of the country spoiled us - until now, many walk the streets in light shoes and short socks, without experiencing any discomfort. But the first frost is already on the doorstep, and therefore it's time to choose good boots for the winter.

Fashion trends in this matter should be pushed into the background. The priority is indestructible, high-quality and warm shoes, well, stylish - where without it. These are the ones that got into our rating of winter boots, which will help readers in choosing the most suitable pair for the next couple of seasons.

The best winter boots

- Quechua SH Warm

Many conservatives to this day avoid going to the shops, being sure that the same thing can be found on the market, only an order of magnitude more profitable. But modern buyers have long been convinced that the opposite is true. Therefore, with a very limited budget, we recommend going to Decathlon and grabbing cheap but high-quality shoes, rather than paying unreasonable money in the market for a Frankenstein sewn in a nearby basement.

This model can easily withstand temperatures up to -11 degrees in a static state and up to -20 degrees in motion - more than enough for most regions. The durable outer is made of polyester and polyurethane, and the abrasion-resistant outsole is made up of several types of rubber. The membrane provides water resistance and breathability, which is especially valuable in our weather conditions. Branded stores provide a guarantee for SH100 for up to two years - you can't even dream of more, especially for such a modest price.

- Quiksilver Mission V

Relatively inexpensive but good fur boots from a trusted manufacturer. Judging by the mass of positive reviews on the same Lamode, there are practically no people disappointed with the purchase, and why would they? Stylish classic boots with a warm faux Sherpa lining that will keep your feet warm, and a rubber sole with an embossed grippy tread protects from icing.

There are some questions about the outer covering, made of a mixture of natural and artificial leather - to keep the original look of the boots, you will have to walk carefully in them. But this model is intended for the city, and not for conquering mountain trails, so in general the minus is not the most critical.

- Native Fitzsimmons Citylite

Winter makes quite high demands on equipment, and due to the widespread opinion that it is cold in winter, many come to the conclusion that it is easier to sit out the cold season at home.

In this article I will write about what to wear on your feet in order to travel as warm and comfortable as possible in winter ... and not only in winter :)

Relatively recently, about 10 years ago, EVA material (EVA - ethylene vinyl acetate, composite polymer material) began to be actively used. The material has become a real breakthrough, including for tourists - EVA boots have many advantages, especially for winter hikes and simple high-altitude ascents. I have a Toptygin -40 model.

T. ... I have Zamberland Everest high-altitude boots, so I will compare EVA with top mountaineering boots. P.. Now they have released a new version of the "sambers", but you take such shoes only once and don't change them like iPhones - the cost of each new version is about the same.

Key benefits:

) Very high level of thermal insulation

There are many different models of EVA boots with temperature conditions in the region of -40, some models reach -60 degrees.

Difficult to compare with Zambers (I have not been cold in either of them yet), but for autonomous pedestrian ascents to heights in the region of 5000-6000 I use EVA.

The use of such boots on the Ural weekend routes is more than enough to forget what cold is.

) Weight (one shoe):

Many novice hunters mistakenly believe that the most important thing when hunting in winter is the gun. In fact, the main component of the hunting arsenal in cold weather is boots. It is on them that the comfort of the hunter depends, and therefore the success of the campaign. The editorial staff of the site "YaNashla" presents to your attention an overview of the best boots for winter hunting for 2021.

What should be boots for winter hunting

The winter season is a time of frost, large snowdrifts and ice. Therefore, in order for the hunter to feel comfortable, the shoes must have the following parameters.

  • Composition - natural fur, leather. Feet shouldn't be sweating, but warm.
  • Convenience is one of the most important factors. Boots should not chafe if you suddenly have to sit in ambush without changing your posture.
  • Outsole protectors - to prevent slipping.
  • High bootleg - so that when walking on high snowdrifts, snow does not get clogged inside.
  • Low thermal conductivity insoles.
  • Ski mounts desirable.
  • Durability - a must for long hikes.

There are two groups of winter hunting shoes - universal and specialized. The first option is suitable for beginners and ordinary amateurs, for whom hunting is not a serious hobby. The second option is suitable for the most severe weather conditions, therefore it is chosen by experienced hunters.

Types of winter hunting shoes

Depending on the conditions of use and the characteristics of the materials, there are three types of winter hunting boots.

Rubber boots - designed for hunting down to -10 degrees. A special insert is built into the insoles, which retains heat and acts as a shock absorber. Often used in wetlands.

Canadian boots - keep warm up to -45 degrees. The shoe has two parts. The top is leather, synthetic or tarpaulin. Bottom - galosh. Canadian models keep warm well. You can choose from wool, felt or fur insoles.

You can choose absolutely any boots. The main thing is that they correspond to the required parameters. They do not have to be labeled "for winter hunting".

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