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How to Choose a GPS Running Watch? TOP 8 best sports models in 2021

Regardless of whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a soldier in the army or anyone else, you are likely to find yourself in situations where a regular wristwatch cannot withstand all the adverse conditions in which you intend to use it.

This naturally requires getting a stronger, more reliable watch that won't let you down when you need it most. A tactical watch meets these conditions and a good watch will accompany you without letting you down at critical moments.

With that said, finding the best tactical watch is somewhat like solving a puzzle. You will need to know what to look for and if it suits your needs.

How to choose the best tactical watch?


This is pretty much not a problem. An excellent tactical watch must be durable. How durable should they be? Well, for starters, they need to be able to cope with what you throw them, be it bumps or excessive movement. Durability is what sets tactical watches apart from the rest, and if they don't stand out as incredibly durable, then all the features won't save them.

Well, what should be the absolute minimum for a watch to be called a military grade? We believe that a military grade watch should be able to withstand being dropped from your hand to the ground without any damage. If a watch doesn't meet this criterion, then we recommend that you avoid buying it if you're looking for something remotely durable, let alone military grade.

Another thing to look out for when it comes to durability is water resistance. Nowadays, most watches are waterproof to one degree or another. However, military watches must have a water resistance level of at least 3 ATM. Just to make it clearer, 1 bar equals 1 atm. This means that they must be able to stay underwater at a depth of 30 meters for an extended period of time without any damage.

While we're on the subject of water resistance, keep in mind that changing the battery on your watch changes the water resistance. Knowing this, you should always be careful when switching batteries. We recommend that you consult with a professional to avoid tarnishing the waterproofing of your watch over time. Other things that can negatively affect water resistance are chips and scratches, which have a big impact on the overall durability of the watch, as well as its resistance to underwater pressure.

If the watch is made of carbon polycarbonate or aircraft grade aluminum, then we can assure you that it will last longer. The dial is just as important as it also needs to be scratch and shock resistant. We recommend purchasing a watch with a sapphire lens.

Best tactical watches

G-STORE. U - the official store of Casio watches in Russia

Hikers and tourists sooner or later face the need to obtain information about the ambient temperature and the direction of travel. It doesn't matter where you are: at the top of a mountain, in a forest or by a lake - a digital compass will always point you in the right direction, and a temperature sensor will tell you how warm the air is. Especially for such cases, we have compiled for you a selection of inexpensive Casio watches with a thermometer and compass. For a relatively low price, you get the look and feel of the tourist ProTrek and the lion's share of their functionality. The “budget” of such watches in comparison with the tracks lies in the cheaper materials of the case and a slightly simplified sensor (although in most models from the collection there is also a barometer/altimeter]. If you do not like expensive devices with GPS-modules and more advanced sensors, or you are just a beginner tourist with moderate demands, then this collection is for you. Here you will not find rare or discontinued models - the selection includes only current and sold series.

Casio SGW-100/Price 120 $/Officially: in Russia/in Ukraine

The SGW-100 watch is one of the youngest models from the ProTrek series. There are 2 more models of the SGW series with a barometer (without a compass), a pedometer. The watch comes in a box! Well, at least they are not greedy here. In origo, it was well done when the thermometer showed the temperature, especially when the watch was just lying on the shelf. But the decision of the casio also has the right to life - the function simply does not consume energy when it is not needed. There is a compass and thermometer calibration. - text: Casio SGW-100 with compass.

Technical x-ki SGW-

Casio SGW-1000/Price 120 $/Officially: in Russia/in Ukraine

The functional filling of the SGW-1000-1AER is at a fairly high level. It's all the same compass/altimeter/barometer/thermometer, automatic LED backlight, world clock, sunrise and sunset times, countdown timer, 5 daily alarms and others. The manufacturer says that the module works well [without "braking"] even at –10 ° C, which is very good for an electronic clock. No, solar power, radio synchronization is not for the SGW-1000-1AER, everything is much simpler here [which affects the cost of the model]. I tried to set it up - nothing complicated, so I see no reason to describe the process. With the correction of the barometer, you will somehow decide for yourself [everything is complicated there]))). - text: SGW-1000-1AER - not ProTrek, but there are similarities.

Technical x-ki SGW-

Casio SGW-300/Price 120 $/Officially: in Russia/in Ukraine

In general, despite the black case and black strap, the watch is quite bright. The credit for this is in the interesting design - the greenish backing of the top screen and orange accents on the right buttons create a mood. The buttons themselves, as you can clearly see, are plastic. Large and comfortable. The strap is rubber as already mentioned. It unfolds 180 degrees - a well-thought-out mount. Inside stamping, plastic buckle. - text: SGW-300. An undeservedly rare guest from OutGear.

Technical x-ki SGW-

Casio SGW-400/Price 135 $/Officially: in Russia/in Ukraine

Before moving on to the list of the best military and tactical smartwatches, let's first understand what it is and how it differs from regular smartwatches.

What is a tactical or military smartwatch?

There is no official definition of what a tactical watch is, nor is there a list of certain characteristics and functions that they should have. First of all, they must be a very strong, durable and multifunctional device with a wide range of functions and capabilities that can be useful for active use.

Such watches are also required to withstand the most extreme loads, low temperatures, immersion under water and other situations in which ordinary watches fail. The set of necessary sensors and capabilities rather depends on personal preferences and needs, but for the military, police, hunters, extreme lovers and just those who like to go hiking, functions such as a compass, flashlight, chronometer, temperature, pressure and depth sensors, GPS, will not be superfluous. topographic maps, etc.

It is worth noting that there are many models of quartz and mechanical tactical watches on the market, and they are produced by many companies such as Casio, Luminox, Timex, Breitling and others. But, since our resource is dedicated to smartwatches, our selection will contain only the best smart tactical and military watches. They provide much more opportunities in comparison with the same mechanical or quartz, but, at the same time, their prices are much higher and the battery life is lower.

What to consider when choosing a tactical smartwatch?

Usually, this type of watch is dark and non-reflective, and the materials from which they are made are very strong, reliable and durable. Often, the dimensions of the case of such devices exceed 50 mm in diameter and much more than a centimeter in thickness, plus they are quite heavy, so they can be very uncomfortable, especially from habit.

As for materials, usually such watches have cases made of stainless steel, titanium or polyurethane, and sapphire crystal. Straps are usually silicone, plastic or textile. You can, of course, find options with a metal bracelet or a leather strap, but they are not as comfortable, practical, and not as durable as they seem.

Most military watches are water resistant to 100 meters (10 ATM). Watches with this rating will calmly endure swimming, diving, getting into a storm or under the pressure of water. It is also worth paying attention to the autonomy of the device. When traveling, hiking, or in an emergency, the battery is the last thing to worry about. And it is unlikely that in the forest or in the mountains there will be an opportunity to put the watch on charge.

All models on our list can work without charging for about 10-14 days, depending on the functions used. If that autonomy is not enough, you should pay attention to one of the best solar-powered watches.

So, the best, in our opinion, tactical watch:

Garmin Tactix Charlie were released in 2018. They received a lot of improved performance compared to the previous Bravo model. A heart rate monitor has been added, memory has increased to 16 GB, and support for topographic maps has also been added. The front of the gadget is decorated with a titanium frame with carbon coating, the screen is protected from shocks and scratches by sapphire crystal, and the buttons are made of stainless steel.

In this article, we will look at a simple algorithm for choosing a wristwatch for men. With its help, you will definitely choose the very watch that you will fall in love with once and for all.

Almost everyone knows what a wristwatch looks like, what it consists of and what to look for. But as soon as we arrive at the watch salon, all this seems to disappear from the head: so many models, so many configurations, so many functions.

And this chaos in your head has arisen only due to the fact that you do not know what to look for in the first place when choosing a watch. But do not worry, with this article you will definitely not be mistaken in your choice, because here you will receive full instructions from tips and life hacks.

Step - determine the category of men

Do not be afraid, here we will not consider the typology of men, as given in women's magazines. Of course not. But, when you decide to buy or even better give a man a wristwatch, then you need to determine which of the three categories it belongs to.

Every man wants to express himself and be stylish and practical. And therefore, the clock becomes a necessary attribute not only in order to keep track of what time it is now, but also in order to emphasize its status and style, therefore they highlight:

Once you have decided for which category of men you will choose a wristwatch, then it's time to move on to a detailed analysis of what to look for in a watch salon.

Step - what you can pay attention to when choosing a watch

This indicator is displayed as two letters IP followed by two digits, where the first is protection against intrusion of objects (range from 0 to 6), such as dust or fingers, and the second is protection from water (range from 0 to 8). And the higher this figure, the higher the degree of protection. For example, the most common codes are IP54 and IP65. Their transcript:

IP54 - Protection against limited dust penetration/protection against splashing water from any direction IP65 - Protection against general dust penetration/protection against low pressure water jets from any direction

Therefore, if you want to choose a reliable clock, then choose those with large numbers after the letters IP.

  • Strap type. There are three main materials from which a strap can be made: leather, steel and silicone.

Updated October 20, 2020

What should be a real sports watch? Different athletes will answer this question differently. The swimmer will say that the main function of the chronometer is its water resistance, and will choose a special device for swimming. The extreme lover will pay attention to shock resistance and protection from dirt. Well, runners, regardless of their level of training, will exclaim: the watch must have a GPS sensor! Required!

They can be understood. Probably, not one technological solution has made life easier for running fans as much as the appearance of a satellite navigation system in their wrist chronometer. For "running people" the GPS-sensor is no less important than for motorists and fishermen. Runners are so fond of watches with GPS that they still choose the latter for a run when choosing between a fancy fitness tracker and a watch. After all, there are the most important “gadgets” for them: a stopwatch, a chronograph and “that very gauge”. What else to dream of?

Today we will tell you about the best GPS watches of recent years: we will focus on the user rating and the level of Amazon sales. But before that, let's figure it out - how do these simple devices turn sports running into an enjoyable and convenient activity?

Why do you need a GPS watch?

Generally, the navigation sensor is used in wristwatches for different purposes. In children's watches, for example, they are placed so that parents can monitor restless crumbs. Some sophisticated business-class chronographs for men and women use GPS for comfortable orientation in space: it turns out something like a personal navigator. For this business, people have even come up with good software. But running watches are another story. Conventionally, they can be divided into three categories: a simple electronic watch with a GPS sensor, "smart watches" (they can be connected with a smartphone and a tablet) and fitness trackers with a display for displaying the time. As an exception from all three categories - perhaps the Stryd fitness tracker with GPS, which we already wrote about earlier.

Why do running fans love GPS watches so much? And for the opportunities and services that these not the most expensive and not the most complicated devices offer them.

Firstly, it is the GPS system that allows runners to determine their speed. In most running watches, this feature is pumped very well: the gadgets provide constant and accurate readings. For professional track and field athletes, this information is important. like air. And in the case of amateurs, the speed indicator is both a good motivator (like - tomorrow you must definitely run faster than today), and a reason to brag to your friends. In addition, GPS helps to accurately calculate the number of laps covered and the specific distance that the athlete covered in his run. The error will be minimal, especially when compared with a banal pedometer and other accelerometers.

Secondly, today every second GPS watch model is equipped with a heart rate monitor. And he gives a person not image, but vital knowledge. Does your heart tolerate the marathon well? Or is it more comfortable for him to run at medium distances? Heart rate analysis protects the runner from unnecessary health problems, points out. when to stop exercising, and when to run a little more.

You may ask - what about navigation? After all, this is the main feature of any satellite system. And in this matter, we will break you off a little. In a running watch it is VERY RARE to find built-in maps and programs for orientation in space. Well, why would an ordinary runner need a card in a watch? How can you get lost in your favorite park or city stadium! Triathlon and orienteering fans are another matter. They are looking for navigation services in a GPS watch. They search and find. Although more often this feature is implemented through the function of "own zone". In the clock settings, the coordinates of the location in which the person wants to train are set, and as soon as he leaves it, the clock will beep alarmingly. For example, so as not to get lost in the nearest forest :)

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