Beach and ski Georgia: the best places to stay in the country

Tourism of Georgia

Tourism in Georgia: the most visited places attract travelers from all over the world. What makes this sunny country captivate guests?

Tourism in Georgia is one of the most developing areas. This country has managed to become one of the most demanded resorts in just a few years - the number of tourists in Georgia is growing every year.

Families with children, newlyweds, friends, elderly people travel to Georgia to enjoy the beauty of the local nature, see the unique sights included in the UNESCO list, improve their health, and, of course, taste the famous wine. Local cuisine and alcoholic drinks are what every tourist in Georgia should try.

At first glance, it may seem less interesting than classical Europe or exotic countries, but in reality Georgia is amazingly authentic. Reviews about the rest in Georgia remain only positive - friendly and generous Georgians do not skimp on warm emotions or wine for guests. Walk along the narrow streets of Tbilisi, relax in Batumi, ski directly to the healing spring of Borjomi, taste Georgian wine and khachapuri - and you will never be able to forget this country.

How to get there?

Let's start with a very important question - do you need a visa to Georgia? For citizens of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and Belarus, no, for a stay of up to 90 days, an ordinary passport is enough.

    • Plane is the most convenient, fastest, but often the most expensive way to get to Georgia. The average ticket price from Minsk, Kiev or Moscow is about $ 180. You can save money if you fly with a low-cost airline - low-cost airlines often offer very cheap tickets on sale, but you need to constantly monitor the offers.

    • Bus - it can be convenient for them to get from the southern regions of Russia, but if you plan to leave from Minsk or Kiev, you should choose another option - even the most comfortable cars will not provide convenience on the road. The price of such a trip strongly depends on the distance and the class of the transfer itself.

  • Ferry. Not the most popular option, but quite exotic. The most famous ferries to Georgia go from Ukrainian Odessa and Russian Sochi, the price is about $ 100.
  • Own car or hitchhiking. Of course, you can come to Georgia by car. How suitable this option is is up to you.

Where is the best place to stay?

When planning your trip to Georgia, be sure to think about accommodation:

Tourism and travel agencies according to Rosstat

One can talk endlessly about Georgia, and still there will be a lot of unsaid. Perhaps it is difficult to find another place in the world where so many interesting things are concentrated in a relatively small area. Until recently, this territory was part of the USSR and, thus, was not “abroad” for all of us, but at the same time it always remained original. If you have never visited this beautiful country, did not get acquainted with its traditions and did not appreciate the beauty and greatness of the local nature, history, culture and people - it's time to correct this mistake!

Attractive at any time of the year

In general, this is true. There is always a lot of sun in Georgia, and the local flavor and Caucasian hospitality do not exactly depend on the season. The peculiarity of this amazing country is that there is something attractive for any tourist.

Gourmets will be attracted by spicy Georgian cuisine, wine connoisseurs - famous local drinks, for those wishing to improve their health, the doors of the Tskaltubo sanatorium with healing radon springs will open, and this is not to mention the warm sea in summer and ski holidays in winter. And also Georgia is a unique history and culture, heartfelt songs and fiery dances, the authenticity of a proud unconquered people and much, much more.

Aborigines call their country "Sakartvelo". This name goes back to the first millennium BC and consists of three words: "sa" meaning "I", "kart" - "land, territory", "led" - "to enter, penetrate."

Georgia, Sakartvelo, Georgy (in the English manner - Georgia). All these are different names for the same land, and each has its own origin and its own secrets. In order to understand them and understand why the same country is called differently, you need to study its history.

Where is

Everyone who is at least a little familiar with geography or who was simply born in the Soviet Union probably knows where Georgia is. Of course, in the Caucasus! To be more precise, in the South Caucasus (also called Transcaucasia). The peculiarity of this territory is that it is located on the border of Europe and Asia, thus absorbing the traditions and mentality of two civilizations, two cultures.

From the west, Georgia is washed by the waters of the Black Sea, among the border states - Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia.

Georgia is a predominantly mountainous country: high plateaus, mountain ranges and ridges occupy more than 80% of the state's territory both in the northern and southern parts. The flat part is represented by the Black Sea coast, as well as the lowlands - Alazan, Kura, Nizhne-Kartli, Colchis.

The famous "golden fleece", followed by the Argonauts led by Jason, was located just on the territory of modern Georgia (the ancient Greek name of this territory - Colchis - is still preserved in the geographical names of the relief). There is a version that the Caucasians mined gold from the rivers with the help of rams: the animal was lowered into the seething water and waited for the particles of golden sand to settle on the thick wool. Such fur was subsequently sold as precious.

The number of tourists and tourism statistics in Russia according to Rosstat. Official figures for the period 2010-2018 and 2019. Internal and external tourism.

We live in Georgia and we really like this country. How does Sakatvelo attract travelers and where is it better to have a rest in different seasons? We share personal impressions, tips and reviews of tourists.

Country impressions

People come to Georgian resorts with different requests, but I have not met anyone who would not like a vacation in Georgia! It is very beautiful, inexpensive, soulful, tasty and safe here. The special atmosphere of freedom, good nature and sincerity of local residents is captivating. Probably no other nation in the world knows how to receive guests as Georgians do!

Irina Karpunina: "I just fell in love with landscapes! Especially in autumn, it seems to me that this area is revealed in a special way. All I did was walk and exclaim" what a beauty "- Gudauri, Georgian Military Road , Kazbek ".

Anton: "Everyone is warmly welcomed, very friendly. The car broke down - everyone who could help. Delicious food and wine. The mountains are a fairy tale. We drove to Shatili. We stayed in old Tbilisi. Choose hotels on the mountain. at the Narikala fortress - divine views. "

Where to rest

Beach vacation. Most tourists come to Georgia for summer holidays. We stayed in Batumi and consider this Georgian resort the best place for a beach holiday on the Black Sea. According to tourists' reviews for 2020, it is pleasant to relax in Georgia on the magnetic sands of Ureki and Shekvetili, in the pretty villages of Gonio, Chakvi, Kvariati and Sarpi. We were glad to see the cozy resort of Kobuleti. Thanks to the neat hotels and pine trees on the shore, the small town is similar to the Baltic resorts.

Excursion and ecological tourism. Georgia has a huge cultural and natural potential. Ancient temples, fortresses and monasteries have been preserved in different parts of this country. The traditions of wine-making and cheese-making among Georgians are about 8000 years old, so wine and gastronomic tours to Kakheti and Adjara are popular among tourists.

Many people travel with pleasure to the national parks and reserves of Georgia. One of the largest bird migration corridors in Europe passes through the western part of the country, therefore bird watching excursions and birdwatching have been actively developing in recent years.

Winter rest. According to tourists, it is comfortable to have a rest in Georgia at any time of the year. Ski and snowboard lovers come to ski in the mountain resorts of Gudauri, Bakuriani, Tetnuldi, Goderzi and Hatsvali. The first two are large and well-known winter recreation centers. The youngest ski resort - Khatsvali in Svaneti, is still developing.

Medical tourism. Both in winter and in summer tourists come to Georgia who go to improve their health in health resorts and medical centers. The best balneological resorts in Georgia help to get rid of many diseases. Borjomi, Lagodekhi, Nabeglavi, Sairme, Tskhaltubo, Bioli, Pasanauri, Amagleba and the spa resort on Lake Lopota are especially popular.

Active tourism. Georgia is an ideal vacation spot for extreme lovers. In the Caucasus Mountains, it is possible to carry out hiking, mountain and water sports trips up to the 5th category of difficulty. Climbers climb Ushba, Shkhara and Kazbek. The rafting season on mountain rivers in Georgia lasts from April to the end of October, and paragliders fly over the slopes and valleys at any time of the year.

Rest in Georgia remains popular among our compatriots. We will describe where it is better to go and how much such a trip costs, taking into account average prices, a modest budget, for example, for two for ten days.

This country conquers with its hospitality, delicious cuisine, natural and historical sights. Here you can enjoy your usual beach holiday on the Black Sea coast and relax in a good all-inclusive hotel, improve your health at spa resorts with mineral springs, and enjoy the incredible beauty of the mountains and forests while going on hiking trips in nature.

When is the best time to go?

The choice of the optimal time to visit Georgia is highly dependent on the goals set for the vacation period. So, if you want to plunge into the warm sea waves and sunbathe on the beaches, then remember that the water and air warm up well here towards the end of May, and a full-fledged beach season begins in June. In September, temperatures are already dropping and getting cool.

But in the autumn, Georgia conquers with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Here harvesting begins and you can buy seasonal products literally for next to nothing. Also, spring and autumn are best suited for excursion programs around the country. Already in May, it is warm enough so that you don't have to wrap yourself up in winter clothes, but it's not too hot yet, as in summer. September-October will delight you with mild weather, suitable for leisurely walks around the city and the main attractions.

But in Georgia you can get maximum pleasure in the winter season as well. So, lovers of ski resorts, snow slopes, snowboarding and other active entertainment can fully enjoy the peaks in Gudauri and Bakuriani. Here, the ski season lasts almost all winter and until mid-spring, but the peak is in late January-early February.


There are a lot of sights and interesting places in the country. It is believed that in order to explore at least the capital with the Old City, you need to spend at least a few days. Have a desire to get to know different parts of Georgia and visit several settlements during one vacation? Allow at least two weeks for this.

We recommend using the services of the Georgia4travel service. There you can find unique excursions in Georgia in Russian.

Excursion programs can be different:

The country's income is formed not only from the export and import of goods, because one of the main types of income is tourism in Georgia. Thousands of citizens travel to the country every year, dreaming of enjoying incredible nature and rare attractions for a reasonable fee.

Georgia's Extraordinary Tourism

Due to the fact that tourism in Georgia is becoming more developed every year, tourists are sent to the country in a large flow who want to plunge into the history of the country and learn new information for themselves.

Every year Georgia's tourism flourishes, because the Government of the country invests funds in its development. Tbilisi is considered one of the most unique cities in the world, rich in sights of various kinds. The city has preserved many churches, monuments and structures. The most visited place is the ancient capital of the country - Mtskheta.

Resorts of Georgia

The most popular resorts in Georgia are formed in the city - Batumi, Rastavi, Kutaisi, Zigdidi, Poti, Gori and Tbilisi. The most attractive and visited Georgian beaches are located in Adjara. There are a large number of ski and health resorts in the country. Tourists who have visited the resort are especially interested in the sights of Georgia, because it is so interesting to see unique places with their own eyes and make unusual photographs.

Ski resorts in Georgia

Those who like to spend time actively and enjoy new experiences are especially attracted by the ski resorts of Georgia. So, of particular interest is the Gudauri ski resort, located 120 kilometers from Tbilisi in the alpine zone next to the Cross Pass. The resort has several winding trails, the length of which reaches 7 km, and the elevation difference is 1100 m.

An equally unique and interesting ski resort for tourists is Bakuriani, which is located on the northern slopes of the Trialeti Range in the Borzhomin National Park. The resort has existed for more than a dozen years and is popular with tourists. The resort has a special microclimate, because it is surrounded by pine and spruce forests. There are only two trails in the resort: Kokhta-1, which is 1500 meters long and Kokhta-2, reaching 3000 meters in length.

Medical resorts of Georgia

In addition to ski resorts, there are also medical resorts in Georgia, which will help everyone to heal the body and cure the disease. Perhaps the most famous health resort is Borjomi. Mineral water, perfect nature and fresh air - this is what attracts a huge flow of tourists. Borjomi mineral water, which is sold in supermarkets, has brought real fame to the resort.

Also Georgia can offer a popular resort - Ureki. The mild climate, sea and magnetic sand have a healing effect. Such a resort is recommended to visit people who suffer from diseases of the central nervous system, birth trauma, gynecological diseases and paralysis.

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