BashAdventure * Active Rest and Tourism Ufa *

BashAdventure * Active Rest and Tourism Ufa *

For EVERYONE who shares with us the love of an active and vibrant life!

8-937-49-15-380 TOUR SCHEDULE . om/topic-27312241_33434548 Registry number of the tour operator PTO 020270 Bashkiria is a land of amazing beauty and energy! Here everyone will find exactly what he dreams of: the calm banks of the Agidel River and the spreading expanses of hills for contemplators, starry nights and a light splash of water for romantics, rapid dawns and sonorous voices of birds for optimists, steep ascents and snow-capped slopes of the Ural Mountains for activists - extreme lovers, grand halls and narrow cave skins for the most fearless ... Having seen the wonders of Bashkiria with my own eyes, I would like to share these discoveries with loved ones. That is why we decided to continue the traditions of the first organizers of hiking in Bashkiria and are pleased to invite friends and all nature lovers to our company. Our program: In the summer - the beauty and grandeur of the unique Iremel, rock climbing on natural terrain, rafting on the Ural rivers, skydiving, Zyuratkul, Kapova cave, Muradymovskoye gorge, Arkaim, Pink rocks and other amazing places, sightseeing tours around the cities. And also the big mountains of ALTAY AND THE CAUCASUS! And trips to the sea - Crimea, Abkhazia, Krasnodar Territory! In winter - SKIING AND SNOWBOARD! Bends and steep descents for experienced athletes and the first delight from pokatushki for beginners! As well as a winter ascent to Bolshoi IREMEL (for the most courageous in spirit) and the beautiful Kazan. So, romantics, tourists, extreme lovers, like-minded people, who is with us ?! ;) We guarantee a lot of positive emotions and new impressions, amazing discoveries connected both with nature and with our own inner world, a cheerful and friendly team of like-minded people, as well as a charge of energy and positive that we, the inhabitants of the metropolis, need so much! Want to make a nice gift for your birthday or any other holiday for an adventure lover. SEND YOUR FRIEND ON A JOURNEY! Our Company invites you to purchase gift certificates for trips and weekend tours. Call: 8-937-49-15-380 tags: travel in Bashkiria and the Urals, weekend tours in Bashkiria and the Urals, rest in Bashkiria and the Urals, tourism in Bashkiria, a tourist club, tours from Ufa, Bashkiria, Yuzhny Ural, tours in Russia

? A trip to the Pink Rocks in May ?

Pink Rocks are an unusual landscape landmark in Bashkiria and a vivid evidence of how bizarre and beautiful creations mother nature creates. This rock massif on the right bank of the Inzer River attracts thousands of tourists every year.

"Kyzyl-tash", which means "red stone" - this is how its name sounds in ancient Turkic. And it's really deep pink. These mountains are the result of the vital activity of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). They lived in the Riphean Sea, which splashed in the place of the local mountains more than 2 billion years ago. The sea disappeared, but the lime layers of the bottom remained, turning into a hill.

? DATE: May 1st ? PRICE: 1,700 rubles, children under 14 and students - 1,400 rubles. ☎ Call: 8 937 49 15 380 ✒ Elvira Bashadventure

Many years of experience have shown that these items, when taken on the route, are absolutely unnecessary

And in those rare times when they were used, they could be replaced with improvised means. ? (to some, some things will even seem absurd in a hike ? but suddenly this infa will still be useful to someone).

A tripod for a camera A tripod for a camera is easy to replace with improvised means. Many years of experience of tourist photographers, both amateurs and professionals, has shown that a tripod is absolutely unnecessary to get high-quality pictures. As it turned out, for a group photo, it is enough to place the camera on a vertically standing backpack, or on a tall stone or stump. For good evening shots, you can simply lean the camera against a stationary natural object (rock, tree, back of a friend). In general, the absence of a tripod develops ingenuity and lightens the backpack by one and a half kilograms.

Folding "camping" furniture People increasingly want to take a folding chair/table on a camping trip, because this is exactly what outdoor activities are advertised on TV and in supermarkets. But in fact, in fact, there is nothing inconvenient in sitting on a backpack, or on a fallen log, or even on the ground, having previously laid a carpet for softness. Therefore, think carefully about whether it is worth lugging a couple of extra pounds of aluminum with you for just a few days.

CD/mp3 player There will be SO MANY reasons to talk to the participants during the trip that you will forget about this gadget anyway. Even in minibuses. And even more so when walking along the trails. And there is also a risk that you will press against a rock on the side of the backpack where your favorite player is. By the way, have we already mentioned rain?

Laptop If your laptop is not afraid of water, dust, shock, shaking, temperature changes, it can work for a week in a row without charging and you are not tired of you for long hours of work at home - then feel free to take these couple of kilograms of selected microcircuits on a hike ... Maybe even once it will be possible to turn it on.

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