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Nothing brings you closer than sports and outdoor activities with children. It improves mood, adds strength, makes you feel like one team.

If mom and dad are at work, children are at school, and then on the Internet, then there is no need to talk about closeness of interests or about a healthy lifestyle.

Leisure activities

Active rest is useful not only for children, but also for every adult on Earth! It helps children to strengthen their health, develop communication skills in a team and helps to understand the interaction of man with nature, thereby expanding their horizons.

Therefore, parents are faced with the task of introducing children from an early age to various types of outdoor activities. However, this task is not as simple as it might seem at first glance: parents themselves must be able to actively relax.

Walking with children in the fresh air is the easiest type of recreation. Usually, children agree to such carefree walks in the fresh air with pleasure, but if suddenly the child does not want to go outside, you can interest him by offering to feed the ducks in a pond, for example, etc.


If a child shouldn't have any problems with resting in the park, then not all children like rest in the country. To get them interested in this, you can come up with a game or competition for collecting berries with prizes if there is more than one child in the family.

Active children's tourism

Children's rest now represents one of the most promising niches in the tourism business.

Anastasia Dyubina, internet marketer, assessed the nature of the demand for children's recreation and identified five main trends in this area.

Parents prefer to book vouchers to children's camps in advance

Now there is a clear dependence of the demand for children's camps on vacation time.

Parents try to arrange their children in holiday camps for at least one of the summer months, and Yandex statistics clearly show the peak of attendance in May-June.

The graph reflects the statistics of the seasonality of demand for recreation in children's camps for 2016-2017. According to Orbita LLC and our colleagues, in the last two years, the demand for children's vouchers has begun to emerge not only at peak dates, but also immediately after the end of summer. This is due to the practice of early booking.

The practice of early booking of vouchers, which was previously applicable to hotels, sanatoriums and boarding houses, is now becoming the norm in children's camps.

If at the end of the last century vouchers were distributed through municipal authorities or enterprises, now all the care for the rest of the children fell on the parents.

A special target audience has formed, which is interested in early booking, in order to know exactly where and how their children will rest.

Based on the sales of vouchers for children in previous years, it can be argued that from the beginning of May there will be very few offers, and places for some arrivals will already be closed in early February.

Parents who come to their senses after the May holidays will still have the opportunity to send their children to camps, first of all, in visa-free directions.

Which children's camps are still popular

Nothing brings you closer than sports and outdoor activities with children. It improves mood, adds strength, makes you feel like a team

Over the past 10 years, the number of children covered by any kind of active tourism, be it a hike or an excursion, has decreased from 2 to 1 million people a year. In 2017 alone, the number of children's tent camps in Russia decreased by 20%. There are hardly a thousand of them left in 85 regions. These are the data of the Union of Organizers of Children's Active Tourism (SODAT). It seems that organized children's tourism in Russia is dying out as a species. One of the main reasons is the concern of officials and legislators about the safety of children, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity. However, the voices of the opponents of the restrictions are barely audible against the background of the media resonance around the tragedies associated with the death of children.

Echo of the Karelian tragedy

The sphere of children's active tourism, almost killed in the 1990s and overregulated in the 2000s, was finally crippled by the tragedy of 2016 on Syamozero (Karelia). Because of the carelessness of adults and the storm, 14 children (11-15 years old), who were vacationing in a private camp "Park Hotel Syamozero", died then. The proceedings are still ongoing. In April, in the Petrozavodsk City Court, for example, a hearing began on the case of the ex-head of the Rospotrebnadzor in Karelia Anatoly Kovalenko and his former deputy, the current and. about. head of the department Lyudmila Kotovich. Both are accused of negligence, which entailed grave consequences (under Art. 293 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

The problem, however, is much wider than a series of criminal cases. “After Syamozero, a huge number of officials decided that it would be easier to ban everything and thereby protect themselves as much as possible from possible problems. The fact that the head of the Rospotrebnadzor of Karelia and his deputy came under investigation, and then on trial, only strengthened the confidence in this, ”says Sergei Gritsun, chairman of the board of SODAT.

The ground for prohibitive and punitive practice in Russia has been excellent. Only the list of legislative acts regulating the sphere of children's tourism currently consists of 96 items and occupies 11 typewritten pages. Something was left as a legacy from the legislative base of the USSR. Something was supplemented later by various ministries and departments, often without coordination among themselves. According to Gritsun, this led "to such leapfrog and chaos, which is difficult for even a professional lawyer to understand."

Unfulfillable requirements

“SanPiNs hit the tent camps, which turned out to be simply exorbitant,” said Konstantin Merzhoev, a member of the youth tourism committee of the Russian Federation of Sports Tourism (FSTR), honored traveler of the country. They were approved in April 2010 by the then chief sanitary doctor of the country, now a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Gennady Onishchenko.

For example, paragraph 2. of this SanPiN reads: "The placement of a tourist camp is not allowed on the territory endemic for anthropozoonotic (that is, common for humans and animals - approx. Znak) infections." “According to this point, half of the camps in Russia can be safely closed right now, since half of the regions of Russia are endemic for such an anthropozoonotic infection as tick-borne encephalitis. Such regions include the Crimea, the Novgorod region, the Perm Territory, which is popular with tourists, ”explained Gritsun.

SanPiN also instructs the organizers of the tent camp to hire a medical worker, to provide the hospital with “stable telephone communications” and a first-aid kit. Detailed schedule of internal regulations and principles of arrangement. For example, a tent camp for children should be provided with water that "meets the safety requirements for drinking water."

Simply put, if the organizers in the taiga use water from the river, they must first hand it over in some way for analysis and get a conclusion on suitability.

The section on organizing a kitchen for experienced tourists can cause nothing but a smile: "Delivery of food products to the tourist camp is carried out by specialized vehicles that have a duly issued sanitary passport." There, just below: “The kitchen equipment also includes: a) cutting boards and knives with the appropriate markings:“ CM ”- raw meat,“ SR ”- raw fish,“ SO ”- raw vegetables,“ VM ”- boiled meat, "BP" - boiled fish, "VO" - boiled vegetables, "X" - bread, "Gastronomy", "KS" - raw chickens, "Green", "Herring" ".

This is despite the fact that when organizing meals in a tourist camp, SanPiN requires observing "sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the organization of meals for students in educational institutions." “In practice, this means that the detachment must have a certified cook with a professional education and a medical record,” shared a history teacher at one of the schools in the Khanty-Mansiysk District. For several years she took children on archaeological expeditions, but now, due to a huge number of bureaucratic obstacles, she abandoned this practice.

All-Russian competition of children's tourism projects

Dates: from November 27 to December 10, 2020 inclusive.

Applications for the Contest are open from November 27 to December 6, 2020 inclusive. render completely.

The competition is held by the Federal Agency for Tourism.

Official Partners of the Competition - Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) and the Project Office for Children's Tourism of the Russian Union of Tourism Industry

Information partners of the Competition: Vesti tourism, National Association of Event Tourism Specialists, Live Map of Russia, Arguments and Facts.

Dear participants, finalists and prize-winners of the All-Russian competition of children's tourism projects! Thank you for your active participation. The competition is over, but that's not all! It is very important for us to get your feedback. render completely.

On December 17 at 11:00 an online session dedicated to the results of the competition will take place.

An invitation will be sent to all participants by email.

13 projects - winners of the competition, which were awarded on December 10:

How to organize an active holiday with children? To answer this question, you first need to understand what types of family leisure activities exist. You can find out about this, as well as about the correct organization of entertainment while reading this article.

General rules

If you have a free day off, which is planned to be spent with your family, you must definitely take care of the correct organization of leisure time.

  • Benefit. If the rest is active, it should physically develop the child, strengthen his health, and promote movement. You should not choose types of entertainment that can be traumatic.
  • Age-appropriate. Make sure that the baby is able to master the intended type of activity, can participate in the general fun and enjoy it.
  • Interaction. It is better to give the child the opportunity to contact not only family members, but also other people and children. This will teach him to communicate, cooperate.
  • Full immersion. Unplug phones and other gadgets. If you decide to make time for your family, devote yourself entirely to it.
  • Fun. For a weekend to go well, it should only be associated with positive emotions.
  • Organization. An important point - who to contact about leisure planning? If for the first time you are planning a trip to nature or a trip, it is better to contact a representative of the travel agency, who will select the most optimal option. If you have experience, it will be much cheaper and safer to start organizing yourself, because then you can calculate all the nuances in advance.

A few tips for self-planning:

  • Prepare in advance. Even if you decide to just get out into nature for a few hours, start cooking some time before the appointed day. It is better to start preparing for a trip abroad a few months in advance.
  • Provide fallbacks. Decide what else you can do besides the planned vacation. For example, if you want to get out into nature, it may rain unexpectedly.
  • Calculate costs. When organizing a trip, plan your rent, transportation, excursions, entertainment, meals and additional expenses.
  • Make an action plan. In what order do you want to start the activities. If you decide to have a picnic, then take care of the games in nature in advance.
  • Pick up your clothes. This is a very important point. Many outdoor activities require comfortable clothing or a special suit.

Active recreation parks

There are several places in our country where you can spend time with your family:

    Jocky Joy. The network of the largest parks. At the moment, branches are located in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Tver. Here you can find entertainment for every taste - rope roads, labyrinths, active games. There are separate areas for small children.

    You can find out about active recreation in Jocky Joy Park, prices and types of entertainment for children while watching the presented video:

    You can also go abroad:

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