Balaklava; unique and mysterious place in Crimea

Balaklava; unique and mysterious place in Crimea

Boat trips, excursions in Balaklava and much more

Individual and group excursions. Tips for vacationers: what you need to see first in Balaklava.

Balaklava - amazing and unique, full of mysteries of past eras, comfortably settled on the shore of a winding bay formed as a result of a tectonic fault, when the Scythian plate, on which the Crimea and the Black Sea region are located, began to move. The red natural conditions have always attracted a person, and then there are fish places, but what a! Not for nothing in translation, the word Balaklava means a fish bag, a fish tank. Fish spawn here, which means that the people who settled here will always be fed. According to experts, Balaklava Bay is one of the three most convenient bays in the world. And she does not occupy antiquity - already in the VIII-VII centuries BC. ... there was an early Taurian settlement here. Homer wrote about her in his Iliad

We entered the beautiful harbor there. It is surrounded by steep rocks on both sides with a continuous wall. Colo entrances rise high against each other Two run-out promontories, and the entrance to this harbor is narrow.

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And there are few places in this world that can compete with Balaklava. Here is an earthly paradise, here is a "revelation of nature" - that's how AS wrote about Balaklava. Pushkin, who specially visited the St. George Monastery as a sacred place of the famous Taurida. Nicholas II came here with his wife, Sobinov and Chaliapin sang in the old Progress Theater, Apraksin built his palace here, A. lived and worked here. Kuprin, the only monument to which stands on the embankment. The list of attractions can be found on our website on the page "Attractions" Many cities and towns in other countries are named after Balaklava. People aspired here, fought for her, loved her, were proud of her. The richest story, which is just beginning to reveal its secrets. And if you are curious, want to join her secrets - we invite you on excursions around Balaklava. There are not so many of them, but they are very interesting.

Excursions in Balaklava General information

Excursions in Balaklava are carried out in two guises: walking and sea. You can find out about sea trips by looking at our page, which is called "Sea walks". And we will tell you about walking and combined walks here. place is cheaper - discounts are provided for large groups. pay special attention to the new exclusive excursions, which you will learn about below: - "Balaklava - Fish Extravaganza" - "Literary Balaclava" - Excursion "Lord Cardigan's Favorite Drink"

Walking Tours in Balaklava

Walking tour along the Balaklava embankment with a visit to the Chembalo fortress and the temple of the Apostles

This excursion can be in two versions: - visiting the observation deck (climbing 1 tower). Its duration is one hour. Usually it is carried out in the morning at 8-30 or 9-00. - Ascent to the city of Castron and inspection of all the fortresses - lasts 2.5 hours. The frequency and start time depends on the orders for this excursion.

ONLY WITH US! Walking tour - literary Balaklava

Balaklava; unique and mysterious place in Crimea

Boat trips, excursions in Balaklava and much more

Place of collection - Balaklava pl. May, tourist information module near the restaurant "Balaklava"

ONLY WITH US! Balaklava - Fish Extravaganza

"Fish Extravaganza" - a new excursion, consisting of 3 parts: walking along the embankment, tasting and boat trip (in fishing places with or without swimming - depending on the time of year. 1. Walking tour of the famous embankment with a story about Balaklava as a fish nest.We will tell a lot of little-known facts about the history of Balaklava itself, about fishing customs and superstitions, about "Russian Hemingway" - A. Kuprin, successful Yura Paratino - "the widest man in the whole of Balaklava" and his fellow fishermen. 2. Observation deck of the Chembalo fortress with a gorgeous view. You will learn about the "Gunderovskie stavniki", about the tithe of the Genoese trading post, a lovely ancient legend about the "Lord's fish", about the holiday of the First Catch, about "mad wine" and about 3. A visit to the temple of the 12 Apostles, the rite of blessing the fishermen on the fishing line “God save the sailor.” 4. A boat trip along the fishing grounds with swimming in the open sea. Ivet now. 5. Tasting the Balaklava scale - an old and very tasty fish dish, seasoned with “mad wine” with a garnish “Balaklava fantasy”. Alexander Kuprin in Listrigons called this dish “the most exquisite dish of local gastronomes”.

Menu: "Fish extravaganza" "Balaklava fantasy" "Glasses of" mad wine "" Mussels in Balaklava "

The second option of the excursion: "Balaklava - fish nest" (budget option)

  • Familiarization with the excursion plan and recommendations for further acquaintance with Balaklava on your own after the end of the excursion (30 min)
  • Boat trip with swimming in the open sea with a story about the history of Balaklava about fishing superstitions, about "Russian Hemingway" - A. Kuprin, Yure Paratino - "the broadest man in the whole Balaklava" and his fellow fishermen, a review of "Gundera stavnikov." (1 hour)
  • Tasting of the Balaklava scale seasoned with “mad wine”. (Seafood salad, Balaklava-style Shkara, mad wine (duration - 2 hours)

NEW! Excursion "Favorite drink of Lord Cardigan" (the tale of how Crimea fell in love with coffee)

XIX century, the Crimean War, the British in Balaklava ... The story of how new customs penetrated the Crimean land, how an exotic drink won the hearts of local residents, and who is "to blame" for this Coffee tasting, made according to an old recipe, the coffee that Lord Cardigan loved.

  • Familiarization with the excursion plan and recommendations for further acquaintance with Balaklava independently after the end of the excursion.
  • Walking tour along the Balaklavys embankment with a story about how coffee appeared in our area and won the hearts of Crimeans (duration 1, 5 hours).
  • Boat trip along the Balaklava coast along the route of the medieval Genoese with swimming (optional) in the open sea from a boat. (duration 2 hours)
  • Tasting two original coffee recipes and Lord Cardigan's favorite drink:
  • Gentleman's coffee - coffee fermented in barrels from under rum. Served with sheep cheese, honey and nuts
  • Cherry Blackie coffee, with pickled cherries. Served with toasted baguette with homemade Philadelphia cheese
  • coffee made according to the old recipe of Lord Cardigan
  • drinking purified water - to feel the taste of every cup of coffee.
  • Gadaniena coffee grounds - for those who wish

Note. For children (optional), instead of coffee, a choice is provided: black tea with lemon, berry tea, cocoa with banana. For sweets - an author's dessert with custard cream, baby chocolate cookies

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