Austria in summer; all the most interesting in one article

Austria in summer; all the most interesting in one article

Rest in Austria is primarily winter tourism. Wonderful ski resorts, along with the Swiss ones, have been attracting a large number of tourists from all over Europe for several years.

Ski holidays

The Eastern Alps occupy about 62% of the country's territory, there are slopes of different difficulty levels. You can go in for active sports almost all year round - thanks to the glaciers, you can ski for so long. If there is no permanent ice in your chosen mountainous area, the season ends in April. Beautiful landscapes and carefully protected nature are additional bonuses of Austria. Ski resorts are often located either in the immediate vicinity, or even on the territory of numerous Austrian national parks and reserves.

Winter holidays in Austria: Bai-Kleinkirchheim

Which resort to choose?

Leaders in winter sports - resorts located in the federal state of Tyrol:

  • Central Tyrol with the administrative center Innsbruck and its surroundings,
  • Zillertal valley with the resorts of Fügen, Zell am Ziller, Finkenberg and Mayrhofen,
  • Otztal valley with Sölden, Hochselden and Obergurgl,
  • Arlberg district,
  • resorts of the federal states of Salzburg and Carinthia.

This is a high level of service, hotels and entertainment designed for different income levels, opportunities for family vacations, training for beginners and much more.

Sightseeing tours

Sightseeing tours are in second place in popularity after winter tourism. The compulsory program includes a visit to two beautiful cities - Vienna and Salzburg, the historical centers of which are under the protection of UNESCO. Also, during large tours, travelers visit Innsbruck, Graz and the resort towns of the Salzkammergut, located on the shores of the cleanest lakes.

If during your trip you want to visit as many Austrian cities as possible, the best choice is a sightseeing tour. If such a goal is not worth it, you can choose a week-long trip to Vienna. A huge number of museums for every taste, well-preserved architecture of different eras, the splendor of parks and various monuments, unusual gourmet cuisine and desserts deserve a separate trip. City landscapes can be diversified with natural ones by taking an excursion to the Wachau Valley to explore the Abbey in Melk or the Vienna Woods.

Holidays in Austria: where to go and what to do

Austria is one of the safest, most beautiful, forest, mountainous, eco-friendly, musical, "European" countries in Europe, a country with ideal villages and vibrant tourist cities - Vienna and Innsbruck. It is home to some of the world's best ski resorts, organic farming and a rich gastronomic tradition.

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Nature, climate and weather

Austria is located in a temperate climate zone. In the east of the country, the continental influence prevails - little rain, hot summers, moderately cold winters. The Alps have a lot of snow, short summers and long winters. The rest of the country is a transitional climate influenced by the Atlantic (in the west) and continental influences in the southeast.

Central European fauna with deer, rabbits, pheasants, foxes, badgers, martens, partridges prevails in Austria.

Austria is one of the most forested countries in Europe. Alpine flora is especially colorful: edelweiss, gentian, alpine carnation, arnica, alpine rose, heather grow here.

How to get to Austria

Austrian cities


Hotels and Accommodation

Leisure and tourism in Austria. Experienced advice: what is the price, where to go, what to see in Austria. Safety, entertainment, cuisine, excursions. Bright photos and videos about Austria.

Austria is an amazingly diverse country for independent travel and exploration, compact, beautiful. Vienna has been called “the city with the highest quality of life” many times. This popular destination is well-known by tourists: we have combined our own experience, travel tips and offer to plan a trip together in quiet European Austria. We will tell you about housing, transport, food and prices.

Flight and ticket prices to Austria

There are several airports in Austria that are located in different cities: the cost of tickets varies from the chosen place of arrival, season, time of purchase (the earlier you buy, the cheaper the ticket is). Tourists are received by the airports of Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, Klagenfurt. Most of all direct flights from Russia to Vienna, to other cities there are flights with transfers in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Helsinki, Hamburg. If you want to get to the capital directly, then the cost of the flight starts from 6000 rubles. If you are planning to walk around one of the European cities before the trip, add an extra day to your trip and take a transfer ticket.

Do you prefer the train? You can get there by rail: every day a trailed car "Moscow - Vienna" departs from Moscow (it will take 32.5 hours). Another option is the “Moscow - Nice” train: it passes through Vienna, Innsbruck, and leaves Moscow on Thursdays (duration of the trip is 28 hours).

Travel itineraries in Austria

You can go around the country by car in a few days - must-visit points: Vienna, Linz, Graz, Salzburg. Moving between these points will allow you to visit castles, Alps, lakes, cities with museums, sights.

Car Rentals in Austria

Traveling in Austria by car is a convenient way to go around the most famous sights of the country, including those located on private territories. Car rental is available here from the age of 18 (sometimes from 19), drivers under 24 pay an additional daily fee. Many roads in the country are toll, but you can save on a vignette - the rental price includes this amount. If you are passing through the country in transit, you will have to buy a vignette: the price is 8.3 € for 10 days. Car rental companies in Austria require an international driving license (+ Russian driver's license). The approximate cost of renting a car in Vienna for a day for drivers from 25 to 69 years old is 3570-6065 rubles per day.

Traveling by public transport in Austria

Are you planning to get around Austrian cities by public transport? Please refer to the Tourist Information Window at Vienna Airport for information on transport times and prices. Vienna is easy to navigate thanks to the well-developed public transport system. There are no turnstiles in the local metro, but the penalty for travel without a ticket is 100 €.

Airport fare:

Tickets for all types of transport are the same, they are sold in vending machines at metro stations, tobacco shops, from drivers (more expensive). Ticket prices vary depending on the zone where the route runs. Children under 6 years old travel for free, up to 15 years old - free on Sundays, holidays, vacations + 50% discounts for many types of transport for children of all ages.

Austria in the summer is still an unusual and new phenomenon for us. Because everyone perceives Austria exclusively as a country for ski holidays. But there is also something to do here in the summer :).

In summer in Austria you can have a bright and rich rest. Firstly, in nature - on the lakes, in the mountains, go diving or mountain biking. And secondly, to visit Vienna, Graz or Salzburg and many more interesting towns and villages. You can also go in for active sports and even fishing.

In general, if you do not like the sweltering heat, crowds of tourists on the beaches and in the water, then you are here - in summer Austria. It is common knowledge that Austrians are obsessed with ecology and nature conservation. Therefore, there are many national parks, waterfalls, rivers and lakes, with untouched nature.

Lakes of Austria

Austria has a huge number of the cleanest and most picturesque lakes. They are so clean that you can even drink water from them, but can you imagine how cool it is to swim in drinking water?)). We have selected the most interesting and beautiful places for summer holidays:

The southernmost and warmest lake region of Austria is Carinthia and there are more than 1200 lakes. The water warms up to 28 degrees, but at the same time a comfortable temperature reigns in the air without heat. Due to the fact that Carinthia is surrounded by the Alps, the climate is very mild and comfortable. Here, on the border with the land of Salzburg, is the highest mountain in Austria - Grossglockner with a huge glacier and a panoramic road (peak height 3796 m).

The warmest lake in Austria - Lake Klopeiner See, Carinthia

The temperature in the Klopeinersee lake in summer reaches + 28 ° С, but at the same time there is the purest water that can be drunk directly from the lake. The coast is very shallow, so it is ideal to relax with children. The lake has one drawback - it is very small. therefore, there may be too many holidaymakers in the high season. There are tennis courts, a golf course, 3 surf schools, a diving school and many activities for children.

Lake Wörthersee - the largest lake in Carinthia

The lake is more than 17 kilometers long. The water temperature here warms up to 27 degrees, on the shores of the lake there is a Mediterranean climate. Since the 19th century it has been one of the most elite resorts in Austria, it is also called the "Alpine Riviera". There is a casino, a golf course, tennis, expensive restaurants. You can also rent a yacht or electric boat (diesel engines are prohibited). You can drink water from the lake. The largest and most charming lakeside town, Velden, is the ideal destination for both glamorous and active holiday lovers.

Lake Weißensee

Lake Weissensee is not the warmest lake (up to + 24 ° C in summer), but it is the most pristine, for which it received the European Prize for Environment and Tourism. Weissensee is considered one of the most picturesque alpine (930 m.) European lakes with untouched nature. The lake is framed by the deep green color of coniferous forests, and against their background, the piercing turquoise of the water seems even brighter. Weiss is white in German. White Lake got its name from the chalk deposits in the coastline, which is why the water in the lake is of such unreal beauty.

The transparency of the water reaches 30 meters, and the depth of the lake is 99 meters, which is why this place is considered ideal for divers and divers. There are no highways around the lake, and 2/3 of the coast is a protected area of ​​the natural park.

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Austria is an open and hospitable country. She always waits for guests, offers them a wide variety of excursions, the opportunity to improve their health and actively relax, and also a variety of entertainment. You can't get tired of Austria. After all, it is so different, and there are so many places for the soul in it. And also Austria is the birthplace of Mozart.

The perfect destination

Austria is located in Central Europe. There are mountains, plains, forests and lakes. Therefore, in Austria, you can choose a vacation to your taste. Austria is believed to be a mountainous country. It has extraordinarily beautiful nature and temperate climate. In Austria, weather conditions depend on the height of the area above sea level. Nevertheless, we can say that in summer in Austria it is warm and the sun is shining, and in winter it is cold and there is snow.

There are many mountain resorts in the Alps, and there is always something to see and do. In the Alps, lovers of mountain climbing and skiing love to relax.

Austrian towns and villages have very clean streets and perfectly flat roads, lush green parks and well-developed infrastructure. People live in them in a European way, quietly and without haste.

In Austria, nature itself has created everything you need for good rest and health improvement. There are mountains in which even the air has healing properties, in the mountains there are many lakes in which the water is unusually clean, as well as hot springs, near which spa resorts are built. It is quiet and peaceful everywhere here. Therefore, Austria is ideal for holidays.

Austria has a lot to see for history and architecture lovers. There are many churches and cathedrals from different periods of history, palaces and monasteries. You can walk along them for a long time, while admiring their beauty and majesty.

Musical Austria

For people who know a lot about music, Austria is one of the most important places for classical music. After all, the famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in this country! In addition, composers such as Strauss, Schubert, Haydn and others wrote music in Austria. Such concepts as Vienna Opera, Viennese Ball and Viennese Waltz are known all over the world. Various music competitions and festivals are held annually in Vienna.

Salzburg - Capital of Music

Salzburg is one of the most ancient cities in Austria. It is surrounded on all sides by the Alps. The name of one of the greatest composers and musicians, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is associated with this place. In Salzburg, the houses in which he lived and worked have survived to this day. Everything here is saturated with music. The city has several museums of the great composer. When visiting the city, you should definitely look into them.

Salzburg looks like a city from a fairy tale. Everything in it is imbued with history. Almost every house in the city is a monument, almost every square is a place where some historical event took place, almost every building is a historical museum. Perhaps that is why the central part of the city is a World Heritage Site.

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