Attractive and close: historical and cultural tourism in the Perm region

Attractive and close: historical and cultural tourism in the Perm region


Author Alexandra Fadeeva

My favorite direction is the north, especially everything that lies beyond Solikamsk. Although this city also impresses with a unique mixture of industry, camps and ancient culture. Solikamsk greets the traveler with waste heaps, they are also called "Solikamsk Himalayas" (these are artificial mounds of waste rocks from salt mines).

Industrial buildings of the Ust-Borovsk salt plant, by the way, are considered the rarest monument of Russian wooden architecture. Those who are curious about this topic can look at salt chests, brews, barns, smithies and all other gadgets.

The main attraction of the city is the historical center - Cathedral Square and the adjacent Naberezhnaya Street. Several beautiful old churches and monasteries are located on this small piece of land. Historians assure that talking about the temples of Solikamsk is a thankless and definitely long business. I will only add that the Trinity Cathedral is considered the main one in the city, because it was in it that the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker was kept, donated by Ivan the Terrible.

Approximately 40 km after Solikamsk, the track becomes pleasant and straight, in some places extending almost to the horizon. After the outstanding on Cherdin, nature changes significantly: the forest becomes more rare, white moss appears, but the main striking transformation occurs with the sky - in unclear weather, the clouds move exactly in exactly as in Discovery films, rapidly and slightly differently. <


Cherdin - one of the oldest cities of the Urals - starts my inner historian, but the point is not in this, Cherdin is an amazing place that does not seem at all the standard Prikamsky settlement. Neither shapped bold rustic houses, no men walking around the central streets a little "under the shaf", do not impoverish the picture. In the center of the lens - the vintage churches, and around - the endless fields, the forest, merging on the horizon with the sky, and in clear weather, Bogatyr-Giant Wallery is visible - a high mountain of unusual shape, according to the legend, is a city defender. <


In the pride there are several oldest temples, for example, John the Theologian, erected in 1704-1718, acting so far. From the architectural buildings, the stone seating courtyard of the mid-19th century and the estate of noble merchants are also preserved. One day in the pride is not limited to, because there are several small, but remarkable settlements around it, however, the road to them is uneven and very tedious. You can stay and stay at night in one of three hotels. According to personal experience, the one is located on the banks of the river, it is very comfortable, but book rooms are better in advance.

Visually, the church resembles a fortress tower, historians do not exclude that it was originally used for defensive purposes. Literally a few steps from it, a group of impressively powerful cedars is growing - presumably, this is the "sacred grove" of local pagan tribes.

It is worth adding that the presence of paganism in these places is felt very clearly, despite the number of churches. Not only did Christianity get on these lands on 6-8 centuries later than the rest of the Russian territory, it was perceived by the local population, it is much harder. In this regard, it is curious to call in the village of Poch, which is 6 km from Cherdyni. It is there that the destroyed church is located, in which Lightning struck twice. <

After the first incident, the church took to restore, but after the second strike, the architects refused to work. On the next street with the so-called "damned" church stands a residential building, on the gates of which are freshly cut wooden pagan idols. In general, impressive.

Attractive and close: historical and cultural tourism in the Perm region

Last week, an international forum dedicated to the development of active tourism was held in the regional capital. It was presented to the unique project "Perm Great".

From culture to extreme

Forum participants (representatives of more than 30 regions of the Russian Federation and five countries of the world) discussed the prospects for the development of tourism in Russia and the world. But special attention was paid to the Perm Territory, where there is everything for the development of this industry: amazing nature, many cultural monuments, rich history. And most importantly, we have a program for promoting the Kama region as a tourist region.

Velikaya Perm is four theme parks in the form of a network of unique tourist sites linked by a common historical and cultural concept. The project is based on four clusters: "Park Usva" - mining civilization, "Parma" - dense forests, "White Mountain" - the origins of national spirituality, "Ashatli" - the country of steppe horsemen. These territories unite 16 municipalities. According to the project, there will be supporting infrastructure at tourist sites: roads, gas pipelines, water disposal, etc.

The Perm project has already been supported at the federal level. He successfully passed two stages of competitive selection. Now the home stretch remains - the preparation of the documentation and the final presentation of the project. If everything goes well, the region will receive about 700 million rubles. from the federal budget.

The “Great Perm” project is unique. Any kind of tourism can be developed on its basis: cultural, event, business, active, extreme, sports, health, - said Pavel Lyakh, Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Perm Territory. - Today we are at the design stage. Our task is at the end of 2015 - beginning of 2016. to provide Rostourism with 31 ready-made projects for 16 municipalities. I am glad that, despite the difficult economic situation in the country, not a single private investor refused to participate in the project. In addition to federal funds and investors' money, from 100 to 200 million rubles will be allocated for the project. from the regional budget ".

Adventure's Edge

In order to attract travelers to the Kama region, it is important to correctly organize the work of a tourist destination. Forum participants talked about this at the plenary session and round tables.

“The Perm Territory has always been attractive for tourism. First of all, thanks to its inexhaustible cultural and historical heritage and the potential for outdoor recreation, - said Yuri Barzykin, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Committee on Entrepreneurship in Tourism, Resort and Recreational and Hotel Activities, Vice President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT). - It is necessary to form these features into a tourist product, to present it on the all-Russian and international markets. Then it will be possible to make money in this industry. Tourism is the face of the region. And it is very attractive in the Perm Territory ”.

According to Yuri Barzykin, in order to create a quality product, it is necessary to establish links both between municipalities and between regions. But the main thing is that the authorities should work closely with business.

Everyone wins

The Great Perm project is important not only for organizing tourist routes, but also for creating infrastructure. In municipalities where the clusters will be located, roads will be built, gas and water will be installed.

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