ATOR announced the preliminary results of the tourism 2019

ATOR announced the preliminary results of the tourism 2019

Executive Director of the Association of Tour Operators (ATOR) Maya Lomidze summed up the results of the tourist year and answered questions from journalists in the multimedia press center of the MIA "Russia Segodnya". The main excerpts, figures and theses are in our review.


2019 turned out to be a year for the Russian tourism industry without serious shocks in the form of natural disasters or significant bankruptcies of market players, without much turbulence in demand. Despite the difficult economic situation, in all types of tourism - domestic, outbound and inbound in the tour operator segment, an increase in tour sales was recorded.


Russia has firmly taken a place in the TOP-5 best-selling destinations among leading tour operators in the high season. The share of tour operators in the domestic market has increased significantly due to the scaling of outbound tourism technologies to the domestic market. So, this year, according to preliminary estimates, the Krasnodar Territory out of 15-16 million people of the total flow will receive 3, -3, 5 million tourists through tour operators, and Crimea - 1.2-1.5 million out of more than 6 million. “Just three years ago, it was hard to imagine such a share of tour operator sales in these directions,” Ms. Lomidze emphasized.

In the domestic market in 2019 in the mass destinations of the South of Russia, demand increased by 15% in annual terms. The leaders in the year among the mass beach destinations of domestic tourism are the Krasnodar Territory (within it, Greater Sochi takes the first place in demand), and the Crimea, where the South Coast is the leader in demand. The average cost of tours in the high season to the South of Russia was 70-75 thousand rubles. for two for a week in a 3 * hotel with breakfast.

TOP sightseeing tours destinations in general for the year were St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, the Golden Ring, here the growth in the market as a whole is about 5%. More and more tourists travel with tour operators to the regions adjacent to their "home", but the growth here is still relatively small.

For the New Year, Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana traditionally lead in sales of tours around Russia, and the Kavminvod sanatoriums are also popular. In ski tourism, with the leadership of the Sochi mountain cluster, new locations are also developing: the sales of such resorts as Sheregesh, Dombay, Cheget are growing among tour operators. Kavminvody. Offers for the New Year in Russia can be found from 4 thousand rubles. up to 300 thousand rubles per day per room.


Based on the statistical data for the three quarters of this year, the increase in the total outbound tourist flow in annual terms in 2019 will be about 7%.

According to ATOR, more than 80% of Russian tourists choose beach destinations for recreation, so there were no surprises in the issue of leadership: Turkey remained the number 1 destination in Russian outbound tourism at the end of 2019. The volume of outbound flow to Turkey has already exceeded 6.7 million trips of Russians, with an annual increase of + 15% compared to 2018. A large contribution to the positive dynamics of Turkey on the Russian market is also made by the expansion of the season - this winter charters in Antalya are actively flying for the New Year, for the first time charters from 6+ Russian cities to Istanbul for the entire winter period appeared on the market.

Thailand, Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Tunisia are behind Turkey by a large margin among the leaders in the outbound tourist flow as a whole.

With regard to the dynamics of the growth of the annual tourist flow, here the leadership is in Italy, which showed an annual increase in the number of tourist trips higher than the same Turkey. Among the CIS countries, Belarus is the leader in terms of travel, Uzbekistan has become a breakthrough this year, but not in the tour operator segment. Nevertheless, tours to the CIS countries, despite the obvious interest of many governments of these countries in increasing the Russian tourist flow, are still expensive for a mass tourist - primarily due to the insufficiency and high cost of air travel.

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