Another great step

Another great step

Especially for Crimea. Ealia

In the resort and tourist spheres of Crimea, two realities have been colliding and opposing for six years already. On the one hand, if you listen to the officials of the Russian government and the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism, then things are going nowhere better. Until last year, the ministry of resorts was successfully winding up mythical millions of vacationers (only this year, due to the pandemic, they decided to refrain from this addiction), reported on filling health resorts, visiting museums, improving the quality of service, conducting raids, checks, information tours, festivals and concluding agreements.

From the point of view of officials

If you listen to the stories of Russian officials about how they actively and intensively work, then all indicators should be exceeded and Crimea should be ahead of all the world's resort regions for a long time. And most importantly, they do not invent anything, indeed thousands of decisions are made, hundreds of events are held, thousands of people take part in them not only from Crimea, but also from many regions of Russia, including Moscow. And they seem to be satisfied with their work, but from the outside it looks more and more like the futile efforts of a squirrel in a wheel. What a paradox!

The Minister of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea Vadim Volchenko is still driving delegations across the Russian expanses. In Crimea, a program has been developed to present the possibilities of health improvement on the peninsula; a delegation of employees of the Ministry of Resorts and heads of Crimean health resorts has visited many regions of Russia. One of the last - to the Sverdlovsk region and the Republic of Bashkortostan. Residents of Russian regions are directly lured to Crimea, praising its capabilities.

The Minister still sets tasks one above the other. For example, on the recent - what is already in the account! - an information tour for representatives of the tourism industry, industrial enterprises, trade union organizations from the northern regions of the Russian Federation - the Chelyabinsk and Kemerovo regions, he said: “To make Crimea a year-round resort is one of the main tasks of the Crimean government. And above all, this is possible due to the development of sanatorium and resort recreation. In this direction, the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea is carrying out comprehensive work in all areas, both from the introduction of financial instruments and from the presentation and promotion of the region. "

Disappointed in the possibilities of organizing international tourism in the sanctioned Crimea, Rosturizm and the Ministry of Resorts have developed a program to stimulate domestic tourist trips. Its second stage started in October. The program was updated, they introduced not 4-day, but two-day tours, abandoned the limitation of the minimum cost of 25 thousand rubles, pledged to return to tourists 20% of the amount spent, but not more than 20 thousand rubles, but things, as you can see, are still not going highly.

For example, at the first stage of the program, 1,125 vouchers to 79 Crimean hotels were sold in a week. That is, one hotel received on average about 14-15 vacationers. This did not affect the overall picture in any way. Considering that 94 tour operators took part in the program, it turns out that each of them sold on average 11-12 vouchers. Of course, this did not affect the overall economy. Moreover, the most popular was not the tourist sanatorium "Saki", and the hotel "Yalta-Intourist", which was already not suffering from lack of attention, which means that the expansion of the tourist area did not happen.

The Minister, nevertheless, regarded the program as almost a breakthrough one. “The program to stimulate domestic tourism is an absolute innovation in promoting regions and certainly an effective tool to stimulate sales in the tourism industry at the country level. And she certainly has good prospects, ”said Vadim Volchenko.

After the end of the already mentioned info tour, its participants held a round table. The owners did everything to make them like it. Representatives of tour operators and federal media visited Simferopol, Alushta, Yalta, Evpatoria, Bakhchisarai and Sevastopol during the week, got acquainted with the local cuisine and hotel service. They just praised Crimea. And they can be understood. Now they have done everything to make the owners like it. Since Vadim Volchenko said that Crimea sets the task of making the resort year-round and international, everyone relied on it.

Alexander Gagarin, a member of the expert council of Rostourism, director of development for the travel company "Around the world", said that Crimea can be a year-round resort. The general director of the company "Old City" Elena Popova believes that Crimea is quite ready to receive international tourists. According to her, on the peninsula "there are already objects that correspond to the level of world importance, and Crimea is in full competition with foreign destinations." According to Natalya Solovieva, tourism manager of the Belka-tour company, the info tour showed the entire potential of Evpatoria as a resort with great tourist opportunities throughout the year. According to Natalia Karpova, the leading specialist of the Vedi-group travel agency, Crimea is “a unique year-round resort, both in summer and the rest of the year - during the health season with unique treatment programs, with a good number of rooms, a chic gastronomic component and ample opportunities. for patriotic tourism ".

From a tourist perspective

That's right. Only bad luck - they have been trying to make Crimea a year-round resort for decades, but no one has succeeded. Under Ukraine, it did not work out because Crimea by its nature is a seasonal resort, in winter it has mountains, but there is not enough snow, December-March in it is the most disgusting period of the year - wet snow turning into rain, slush, fog, off-road and cold.

how to live happily

Beware the article contains a lot of dissent, politics and bile ...

About the events in Popovka on the eve of the new year of the Kazantip era

I already wrote a little about how we were met in Crimea, I must admit, I did not expect this from the region, the development of which includes my taxes. I could not even imagine that the people who are fed by the whole country, people who were greeted with open arms when they asked for it, would try to ruin such a holiday.

Maybe too large subsidies are allocated, that the main goal of the Crimean prosecutor's office was to close Bifuz at any cost. Maybe those people who are now entrusted with power do not quite understand that they are engaged in witch hunts using fascist methods? Interesting? That's me too. So, in order not to be unfounded, let me remind you about the events of the last night from July 30 to July 31 in the village of Popovka near Bifuz, about which the director of the open-air museum, Nikita Marshunok, talks:

"Due to the threat of a fire" (c), first the BEFOOZ Museum, and then all residents of Popovka were cut off the electricity and water)) ... It is strange that last night the Prosecutor's Office did not send firefighters to fight the fire, and several buses of riot police. I must say the guys were culturally polite. First, special equipment tore down the gates of the Museum and for three hours they tried to turn off our backup generators. We did not dare to approach the dance floor "Frisbee", where we rehearsed for the New Year. At 3:00, they still managed to "extinguish" our generators, but I'm sure not your hearts ...


Does it look like a government action? Who and where has recently cut off the electricity supply and tried to cut off the fresh water supply? Now, using the same methods, like the German invaders without declaring war, the Crimean authorities issued an order to attack their own people, first turning off the electricity, and therefore the water, in addition, Internet access was cut off for two days, citing network faults. These are the modern methods of dealing with a rebellious village that does not want to recognize the harmfulness of Bifuza and deprive them of their livelihood. Let me remind you that artesian water is used in many houses, the extraction of which is impossible without the supply of electricity. Are these not fascist methods? How long can people live without water? And this is in the country and in the region, against which, quite recently, similar methods were used. I would very much like to stop the government lawlessness and draw public attention to the problems of Bifuza 2015, to nice people who have come to take a break from worldly problems.

Without declaring war ...

Starvation of the inhabitants of their country - and these people call themselves patriots. And this approach is a bit like a comedy scene from a diamond hand: “if they don’t take it, we’ll turn off the gas”. You thought we had city-forming discos - the favorites of the village, by no means, we have "the house manager is a friend of man", but we do not know how it is in the world, we were not there. It is interesting, but someone thought that for the residents of the village, the upcoming Bifuz is really very important, work in the tourism sector for the good of the disco allows the inhabitants of the god and the power of the forgotten village to make ends meet, and even the nearby Stormovoye and Mirny manage to survive, but the concern of the authorities is obvious - over the past year, the Evpatoria - Mirny road has finally fallen into disrepair, and in Popovka itself everything is also sad. And where are all the forces thrown? Rumored:

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