Amur tours: river cruises will resume in the Khabarovsk Territory

Amur tours: river cruises will resume in the Khabarovsk Territory

Khabarovsk is a large administrative center in the east of our country. The proximity of the Sea of ​​Japan and the Russian-Chinese border leave their mark on the culture and economy of the city. This influence can be seen even in his restaurant map - there are a lot of establishments with Asian cuisine here.

Tourists are attracted by the original culture of the ancient peoples of the Far East, preserved in culinary traditions, souvenirs and festivities. In winter and summer, thematic exhibitions and festivals are held in Khabarovsk, which bring together people from different parts of the world. Wildlife lovers cannot resist either - the mighty northern river and the reserved taiga are mesmerizing.

When planning a vacation, you should set aside a couple of days for a trip to the suburbs - in the vicinity of Khabarovsk there are many natural monuments and picturesque lakes. A real expanse for hunters and fishermen - wolves, bears, foxes, wild boars, saigas and small fur-bearing animals are found in the forests, and in the Amur - burbot, sturgeon, sockeye salmon, coho salmon, grass carp and snakeheads.

Winter: pristine nature, downhill skiing.

How to get to Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk is located in the east of the country, 300 km from the Sea of ​​Japan. Despite the remoteness from the European part of Russia, getting here, albeit long and expensive, is not difficult.

By plane

Airplanes from Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Vladivostok and other cities arrive at the Khabarovsk airport every day. Flights on the Moscow - Khabarovsk route are operated by Aeroflot, North Wind, Es Seven and Ikar. The latter offers the best option - a direct flight lasting 8-9 hours. It is also the cheapest - 19,500 RUB in both directions. Prices on the page are for September 2018

There are routes with transfers in Vladivostok and Novosibirsk.

Several dozen aircraft of the Es Seven and Aeroflot companies take off daily from St. Petersburg airport. The cheapest flight will cost RUB 16,300. True, one-way road will have to spend more than a day, having made a change in Novosibirsk. You can get there faster, the route with a connection in Moscow will take 10 hours, but tickets are more expensive - from 25,000 RUB.

from the airport to the city

Khabarovsky Airport is located on the northeast outskirts of the city, 10 km from the center. The road on a taxi will take 20-30 minutes, the cost of a trip when ordering online - 300-350 RUB. If you take the car right at the airport, the amount can grow 3-4 times. From public transport to the center, buses №№ 18 and 35, minibuses No. 60 and 80 and Trolleybuses No. 1 and 4. The airport is located within the city, so there is a single tariff - 30 RUB for one trip.

Active tourism Khabarovsk

At the recent meeting of the Tourism Development Council for the Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Vitaly Selyukov, the deputy head of the regional ministry of culture said that this year cruise tours in Amuru will resume in the province.


Someone will think: again, officials are given the desired for valid! Indeed, in 2013, a similar cruise project has already been announced. The "First Amur Cruise Company" tried to reanimate river tourism in the region. Construction was planned in 2014 on the Chinese shipyards of the comfortable vessel of the River-Sea class with a capacity of up to 80 passengers. Then the laying of two more cruise ships was assumed. However, a sharp jump price forced the leadership to freeze this project.

Promise a cruise on the ship "Taiga" with a length of 2000 km, excursions and green parking lots, fishing and swimming in Amur waters! True, according to Rossopnnadzor, swimming in the water "Black Dragon" this year is strictly prohibited. Lubricate future tourists the sights of the "unknown edge" and the cultural program.

12-day tour to one passenger in a double cabin class II in July will cost almost 180 thousand rubles. Next - more expensive. The maximum price is nearing 330 thousand. According to the executive director of Mikhail Kornishev, the tourism has already caused the interest of potential customers from Switzerland, France, Sweden and China. So do not twitch, dear Russians.


And meanwhile, many Khabarovsk people still remember how the junctions on the tour on the Amur was not to get. Through acquaintance I had to get a cherished place and in a floating camp for a child. Maybe the availability of river cruises will provide big liners?

update or build?


For many years "Poyarkov" was lease from the captain, which until 2011 was the director of the health camp on the water. But the Amur shipping company did not suit something, it sold all ships, including "Vasily Poyarkov". Thanks to Nikolay Panko (the next owner), the ship after major repairs was in working condition, there were all documents for navigation. The "quarry service" (the company "Poikarkova") was once in tourism, and even obligated. Pisanko tried to sell the burden to the Chinese, but the deal fell through ("AiF-Dalinform" No. 24 dated 10.06.2014).

- The plans to revive "Vasily Poyarkov", I think, are unrealistic, - said Dmitry Voronin, owner of the company "First Amur Cruise Company" LLC. - I know that the ship was completely repaired, restored, but for objective reasons it was not put on the line, and was given to the fishermen for a hotel. And how to get it back, I have no idea.

The project of the St. Petersburg company as a whole is regarded by Mr. Voronin as extremely costly.

- This is real, but the question is about the amount of money. Everyone's intentions are in order, but with the actual implementation - time will tell, - he said.

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