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There is; is life after covid

The Altai Territory has everything for recreation and health improvement - a large sanatorium-resort base, clean air, stunning nature, ecologically clean products.

Besides natural resources, there are many attractions that will satisfy people who prefer to combine relaxation with wellness and educational tourism.

The first thing you should choose the Altai Territory for is the air. On salt lakes, in the foothills, in the forest, breathing will be full and light everywhere.

Water - springs, rivers, lakes - the wealth of the Altai Territory and great opportunities for health improvement. In the Kulunda steppe, one of the largest saline regions of the country, there are a large number of internal drainage mineralized lakes. Many of them contain bottom sediments of salts or their industrial concentration in brine. There are 35 healing springs and springs in the Altai Territory. Belokurikhinskoe, Iskrovskoe, Chernovskoe deposits of mineral radon-containing waters are known and used in the treatment and rehabilitation; Zavyalovskie sources; Bekhtemir deposit of mineral silver-containing medicinal waters.

The mineral spring "Silver Key" in the village of Stan-Bekhtemir has been known for over 150 years. Its water is included in the register of mineral waters in Russia and occupies a worthy place in domestic medical practice. Here is the only urological sanatorium in Siberia "Rassvety nad Biya", which uses blue clay "Bekhtemir" and silver-containing water "Serebryany Klyuch" from a local deposit as therapeutic factors, which have unique capabilities. Various types of diseases are treated here, while the main areas of focus are general therapeutic and urological.


The city-resort of federal significance Belokurikha has been named the best federal resort in Russia for five years in a row according to the results of the Zdravnitsa forum. The main healing factor at this resort is pantotherapy and radon baths.

Waters containing radon have a beneficial effect on the state of the cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems, the body's immune properties and metabolism.

Radon baths have a pronounced sedative and analgesic effect, improve the activity of the heart, and contribute to the normalization of blood pressure. The effect of radon waters has been deeply studied by specialists, whose practice has confirmed a positive effect on humans. High efficiency of waters requires compulsory accompaniment and supervision of specialists, which is possible only in specialized medical institutions.

This is the main resort of the Altai Territory, existing on the basis of the thermal waters of the radon deposit.

Health tourism in the Altai Territory

Officials and representatives of the tourism business talk about the results of 2020 and their fears about planning this year. Altapress. u decided with the help of experts to figure out whether closed borders and the federal cashback program helped the region.

"We are ready to quickly change formats"

Director of Altayturcenter Denis Ivlev believes that now is the time to promote the region through Internet platforms. He hopes that this year will not have to forget about the "live" events.

- Yes, indeed. We had to cancel the beloved holidays "Maralnik Blossom" and "Altai Wintering", and the annual spring forum "VisitAltai" was postponed until autumn and ensure its online broadcast.

In the summer, guests and residents of the region were also deprived of mass tourist events. Nevertheless, since the end of June, when the work of the tourism industry resumed, regional companies recorded an increased demand for recreation in the Altai Territory, and some even managed to compensate for the losses due to the active July-August and the long autumn season.

Rosturizm provided great assistance to the regions in this regard, which actively promoted Russian tourist destinations and, in fact, provided additional tourist flow to the regions, which was previously generated, including through the holding of mass tourist events.

In the coming year, we will obviously also have to act according to the sanitary-epidemiological situation. We are, of course, ready to quickly change formats, including going online, if the situation so requires. I think both tourists and tourist business will support us in this regard.

- What do you want to focus on to attract tourists?

- On the development of Internet sites for promoting tourism products in the region - this is our main tourist Internet portal visitaltai. u, which we already updated last year, and Altayturcenter groups in social networks. In the same row, there are plans to promote a new internet site for the Altai sanatorium. rf, which contains the most relevant and reliable information about the health resort organizations of the region.

However, online promotion does not cancel our plans for the offline presentation of the region's tourism product at traditional regional, interregional and international events - exhibitions, forums, etc. Again, if the sanitary and epidemiological situation permits.

Closed borders and the powerful popularization of Russian tourist destinations at the federal level have already stimulated the interest of tourists in the domestic product - both among those who are used to vacationing outside the country and among those who preferred not to go on vacation outside the neighboring region. I think this trend will be relevant this year as well.

One small thing is to keep the quality of services at the level.

The Altai Territory has everything for recreation and health improvement - a large sanatorium-resort base, clean air, stunning nature, ecologically clean products.

Practically all types of tourism are developed here: active, eventful, gastronomic, cultural and educational, ecological, medical

People go to Altai for emotions and impressions. Here, in the picturesque mountains with powerful energy, there will be entertainment for lovers of silence and spa treatments, and for fans of extreme sports, and, of course, for those who are interested in the history of the ancient Altai people, their legends and heroic epics.

You can learn more about the tourism product of the Altai Republic at the region's webinars as part of the Know Our 2020: Continuation exhibition.

All news and novelties of the travel industry in Russia can be found at the online exhibition for professionals of the travel industry "Know Our 2020: Continuation". From May 18 to May 31, federal and regional tour operators, tourist centers, hotels, resorts will present an assortment of tourist products that will be in demand and ready for sale after the movement restrictions are lifted.

As part of the exhibition, experts from the tourism industry of the Altai Republic held webinars:

Topic: “Altai Mountains. Features of an amazing region. Everything a travel agent needs to know. "

Presenter: Ekaterina Povarova, and. about. Minister of Natural Resources, Ecology and Tourism of the Altai Republic.

Topic: “Altai all year round. Group and family tours, MICE opportunities in the region, current programs for 2020-21. in the context of a pandemic and after the lifting of restrictive measures ”.

Moderators: Ekaterina Ksenofontova, senior manager of Altai-Info; Taisiya Andadikova, Director of Altai-Info; Tatyana Zyablitskaya, executive director of Altai-Aktiv-Tour LLC; Arzhan Chichkanov, director of Altai Expedition LLC.

Topic: "Possibilities of the tourist complex" Manzherok "in Altai, a variety of tours in the region from the company" Big Altai ", as well as retreats and corporate programs from" Altair-tour "".

Moderators: Nadezhda Zyablitskaya, commercial director of Manzherok tourist complex LLC; Olga Antonova, General Director of Altair-Tour; Anna Lobanova, director of the Big Altai company, Global-tour LLC.

Altai Territory is located in the southeastern part of Western Siberia. The climate in the region is temperate, in some areas turning into sharply continental. The winters are frosty, the summers are hot, with a lot of sunny days. Tourism in the Altai Territory is well developed and is ahead of the average Russian indicators in terms of growth rates. Belokurikha and Yarovoe annually take hundreds of thousands of people for rest and treatment. Travelers are attracted by clean air, saturated with ozone and useful microelements, mineral waters, curative mud, and the beauty of pristine nature. In winter, alpine skiing fans come here.

Altai Territory: tourism and recreation

There are about 13000 lakes in the region, among which there are fresh, salty, alkaline. Biya and Katun run through the territory, attracting lovers of rafting. Active leisure enthusiasts will find many exciting activities for themselves:

  • hiking, horseback riding, skiing;
  • exploring caves;
  • mountaineering;
  • river rafting;
  • fishing, hunting;
  • excursions to the most interesting places of the Altai Territory;
  • delta and paragliding;
  • ski tourism;
  • swimming, scuba diving.

The resort complexes of Belokurikha, Yarovoye, Zavyalovo will offer a health improvement program:

  • radon and antler baths;
  • balneotherapy;
  • water and mud therapy;
  • health courses, physiotherapy exercises ;
  • inhalation, a visit to the "salt cave";
  • thermal, climatic and ozone therapy.

Phytoncides secreted by coniferous forests naturally purify the air, making it curative.

A stay at the resorts of the region strengthens the immune system, helps to restore health in case of diseases of the respiratory system, skin, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system.

The tourist infrastructure is developed in Altai, supporters of extreme and "wild" recreation, youth companies, families with children come here. A large selection of sanatoriums, boarding houses, mini-hotels and bases will make it easy to find both budget and luxury accommodation.

Excursions around the region will acquaint travelers with its rich history, natural and archaeological sites. Festivals are regularly held here:

  • "Shukshin Readings" dedicated to the work of the writer;
  • "Sandy" with competitions in the 7 most spectacular types of sports tourism;
  • " Cheese Festival ", during which a tasting is held, quizzes, contests are organized;
  • " Wings of Siberia ", gathering fans of aeromodelling.

The Altai region is a complex territorial entity that includes the western regions of the Altai-Sayan Mountains and the southern regions of the West Siberian Plain. Gorny Altai is an amazing and very beautiful land, about which many enthusiastic words have been said and written. Due to its striking resemblance to the Swiss Alps, it is called Siberian Switzerland. And they are often compared with Tibet.

According to many legends, somewhere here there is an entrance to the mystical Shambhala - the land of touching the Mystery, knowing the truth and enlightenment.

Altai is a country of contrasts. There are many unique and completely dissimilar natural and climatic complexes. Here are the highest peak in Siberia - Mount Belukha (4506 m) and the first deepest cave in Russia - Ecological (345 m), as well as the third deepest lake in Russia Teletskoye.

In a narrower sense, the Altai region is usually considered within the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic.

How to get to Altai

To see the legendary beauty of Altai, you must first fly by plane to Barnaul or Gorno-Altaysk. Or go on a long train journey to Biysk across the whole of Russia. Further, only buses and minibuses running between the settlements of the region will help the tourist. On them you can get to Belokurikha, Teletskoye Lake and tourist centers located along the Chuisky tract and the Katun river. Unfortunately, there is not much public transport; it runs to a number of places once a day and only on certain days of the month. Many travelers travel to Altai by car, covering thousands of kilometers. At the end of the journey, a well-deserved reward awaits them: the Chuisky tract is one of the most picturesque roads in the world.

For details, follow this link.

Shopping & Shopping

From Altai it is customary to bring products made of wood and stone, birch bark, rock crystal, and also carpets-syrmaks, honey, pine nuts, local liqueurs and balsams.

Treatment in Altai

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