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How to buy a tour online correctly

How cool it is to have a mobile phone, a tablet at hand and find yourself a gorgeous voucher without going anywhere. In order not to spend a lot of time analyzing applications, we have already done everything ourselves, since the team has experience in this. So, the rating of the best travel search apps for 2020 is in front of you!

Review of the top programs for searching and booking tours for all travel agencies

Below you will see several top and not only applications. Among them there are those that are convenient to use, in which the most profitable solutions, a simple and beautiful interface and other "goodies" for the convenience of tourists.


Is Travelata the best app? This can be judged only by considering its pros and cons. Here you can buy tours with good discounts. And this is always nice!

  • Finding the cheapest tour takes no more than 15 seconds;
  • The price already includes a fuel surcharge;
  • It is easy to understand the tour parameters;
  • The results are conveniently filtered;
  • You can buy a tour directly in the app, you don't have to worry about the safety of your purchase;
  • The cost of the tour is tracked for a given parameter and direction, while you do not need to do anything yourself, you will receive a notification about the changes.


Level. roaring destroys the hopes of many travel agencies. In search of a profitable tour, it appears here much earlier, and the option of instant confirmation makes it easy to make a reservation.

The number of stars of the hotel, food, proximity to the sea and other features is also chosen depending on the finances.


There are many delights in Aviasales. Here they search and buy plane tickets at the lowest prices. But these are not all the functions of the application, for example, you can find a lot of useful things. It is easy to buy a ticket through Aviasales from one of the 700 airlines of any low-cost airline plan to charter. You can take a ticket without luggage, this feature was the first for Aviasales.


How cool it is to have a mobile phone, a tablet at hand and find yourself a gorgeous voucher without going anywhere. In order not to spend a lot of time analyzing applications, we have already done everything ourselves, since the team has experience in this. So, the ranking of the best travel search apps for 2020 is in front of you!

Today, you can buy everything on the Internet, even a turnkey trip. I want to share my experience and tell you how to buy a tour online correctly, where to do it safer and better. Well, share your experience. In this article I will talk about the purchase procedure, guarantees and safety when buying tours online.

Search for tours online

I recommend choosing a tour at one of three sites: Onlinetours/Travelata/Level. ravel

In fact, these are three large travel agencies operating online. They enter into an agreement directly with tour operators and include their offers in their database, according to which the user then searches for a suitable tour for himself. There is no significant difference between these sites, the prices do not differ much. This is a matter of your taste and convenience. But you can look for a tour at all three sites, suddenly a "tasty" offer will slip somewhere.

Online tour selection

Consider the procedure for selecting a tour using the example of the Onlinetours site

Step 1. Choose the city of departure. If your city is not on the list, then choose the city that will be the easiest for you to get to. In Russia, tours are almost always cheaper when departing from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Step 2. Select the departure date or date range. I advise you to specify the range of departure dates, if you have such an opportunity, this will allow you to choose the best tour for the price.

Step 3. Choose the number of nights. Here you can also specify the range of the number of nights, which will allow you to choose the best tour in terms of price-quality ratio. Because it often happens that a tour for 10-14 nights is more expensive than a tour for 7 nights by only a couple of thousand rubles. Therefore, choose different intervals and compare.

Step 4. Click "Find a tour"

Step 5. On the tour selection page, you can set filters and sort the order in which the system will show you tours (by price or by popularity)

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When to go?

Well, who doesn't like vacation, you ask? Especially when it is combined with travel, entertainment, and not renovation and summer cottage work. Our rule is that you should devote your vacation to relaxation and new impressions. Indeed, the travel company "Let's go with us" knows all the best places to stay. We will be able to find a tour to anywhere in the world and at any time of the year, because vacation is an all-season phenomenon! And tourists who love winter are no less than those who are crazy about summer. So that you do not rack your brains in despair, where to go and how to find a tour, we have selected directions for you for each season. Now the search for tours will not be difficult, and you will know exactly where to spend winter holidays, and where - summer vacations. And what to do in each country in winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Winter is a great time of the year. Lots of holidays, you know, lots of weekends. Christmas trees, all kinds of gifts. In winter, you just want to have fun, have fun and travel. After all, this is the time of warm, sincere, Christmas and New Year holidays. Where is the best place to celebrate Christmas and New Year for lovers of family comfort and Christmas feasts? Of course, you need to conduct a selection of tourist tours in Europe!

For European countries, Christmas is a cult holiday. This is an extraordinary time for family gatherings, gifts, baked poultry and wine tastings. During the Christmas holidays, European cities are transformed for massive street festivities. Fairs, festivals, open-air skating rinks, lots of fun for the whole family! Both adults and children will be delighted with such a trip. It's time to pick up tours online and go towards the fairy tale!

It is natural that winter is the time of skiers and snowboarders. The best ski resorts are preparing to welcome their fans from November to March. Speaking of winter sports, you always want to visit the Alps. This mountain range unites eight European countries (and again Europe is lucky): Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Liechtenstein and Slovenia. In Austria, Kitzbühel, St. Anton and Innsbruck are considered popular ski resorts. In France - Chamonix, Espace Killy, Three Valleys, Megève. Switzerland is known all over the world for the ski slopes Gstaad and Grindelwald, in the Lauterbrunnen valley, as well as the slopes Adelboden, Kandersteg, Meiringen, Eengelberg. But the world is not only rich in Alps. Great skiing is possible in Bulgaria and Georgia. In the catalog "Come with us" you can search for a tour online to one of the resorts in the Slovak Tatras: Jasnu, Lomnica, Strbske pleso. Greece is home to some of the most famous ski resorts in the world. First of all, it is worth mentioning the Parnassian resorts, which are located in the central part of Greece. By the way, these are the southernmost ski resorts in the world, which are not inferior in landscapes and infrastructure to the European Alps. But you can also go skiing in the seaside resorts. For example, the UAE is home to the largest and most famous indoor ski resort in the world. This is a great opportunity to exoticly combine a luxurious seaside vacation with winter sports. But in Turkey you can swim in winter, except in the pool. But you can fly to the mountainous part of the country, where the tourist infrastructure of the ski resorts Uludag, Erciyes, Palandoken is developing.

And what should those travelers who do not like snow, cold, skiing and mulled wine do? During the winter months, sea trips are especially popular. Here is a list of countries where during our winter the real summer is raging: Thailand, Egypt, Mexico, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Maldives ... And this is not the whole list. But when choosing a winter tour to an exotic country, do not forget about the rainy seasons. Let's say in Bali the rainy season lasts from November to March. Such a vacation, of course, will turn out to be affordable, unforgettable and extremely exotic, but far from comfortable and pleasant. If you are more attracted to Thailand, then the peak of the rainy season falls on different times. It is advisable to search for tours online to Phuket in Pattaya for months other than August and September, the peak of precipitation on Koh Samui is from mid-November and in December, and on Koh Chang - in the first half of summer.

A beach vacation in winter is a great opportunity to warm up, recharge yourself with positive energy under the sun, and celebrate the New Year and Christmas in swimsuits on the beach with a cocktail in hand. And then return to the cold and gray cities with a great mood and a bronze tan.


Great time for romantic getaways, weddings and educational tours. Because spring is the time for exhibitions, festivals and cultural programs. During this period, it is great to go to Europe for walks in ancient cities, in order to absorb the spirit of the Middle Ages, enjoy the Gothic architecture, and wander along the cobbled streets. Contact the manager "Come with us", the consultant will help you calculate the tour for a romantic trip. National festivals are held in Paris, Prague, Krakow and Berlin, Barcelona and Rome. And since there are relatively few tourists, when compared with winter and summer periods, you can get to the main museums and attractions without long queues.

Our hashtag on Instagram is # big country

Was on tour "Wonderful places of Karelia". My journey took three days. I just got a lot of positive emotions. I am very grateful to my manager Alina and guide Anna. The girls are very responsive. The tour is interesting and eventful. Anna delighted with stories and legends along the way. Hopefully I can break free for the winter holidays. After all, Karelia is the land that will greet you with open arms and a smile.

Were on the tour "Horse tour to the foot of the legendary Belukha Mountain", from 5 to 13 July. Unforgettable journey! Indescribably lucky with the weather, for 9 days, not a single rain, although the summer is very humid. Excellent route, literally from the second day views of Belukha were opened. Seven days of delight from the majestic mountains, their strength and silence. Thanks to all the organizers, instructor Natasha and horse breeders Alexei and Peter, everything was organized competently and professionally. For a long time I dreamed about a horse trip and about Belukha and me.

I want to say a big thank you to the Big Country for the excellent organization of our tour to Baikal! We traveled with elderly parents, it was important that they were comfortable - without long journeys, tedious excursions, but interesting! You have wonderfully fulfilled all our wishes: Olkhon, boat trip, rest on the beautiful Saraiskiy beach. We were provided with a comfortable minibus, given a gorgeous guide - Anna is just a storehouse of knowledge! Thanks again to your team!

I was on a horse trek with the Big Country in Altai from July 7 to July 14 to the Karakol lakes. First of all, I want to thank the manager of the company Daria for her help in choosing a tour - she advised me this route, gave me recommendations on collecting things and preparing (on her advice, I took several riding lessons, which I did not regret later :))), and Daria helped me find a comfortable train to Novosibirsk. Separately, I would like to say thanks to instructor Vasya and the guide in the mountains Igor. Vasya is for a ride.

We were very pleased with our trip! Since, apparently, this is not a tourist season, the tour for us, one might say, was individual, so it was comfortable. I really liked the organization of the tour, the guides were helpful, friendly and accompanied us everywhere. There is a desire to return in the summer!

Many thanks to the "Big Country" for the trip to Kirovsk - Khibiny. Everything was perfectly organized. We were able to see opencast quarries and the endless snow-covered expanses of Lake Imandra, take pictures with Santa Claus and Snegurochka in the Snow Village, see the famous Khibiny. At the end of the trip we stopped in Kirovsk and visited the Exhibition Hall with Stones. Special thanks to our guide Andrey and his assistant Masha. They turned out to be excellent conversationalists, knowledgeable and loving.

Not more than once a week, we will send you the most fiery tours. You will see them first, while the seats in the group have not yet been sorted out!

Holidays in Russia - active tours around a big country

Tours in Russia - all tourist destinations of the country

Big Country - the most complete travel database in Russia from direct organizers without commissions and extra charges for you.

We help you find options for outdoor activities according to your preferences. Our site contains the most complete database of tours from Crimea to Kamchatka and from the Caucasus to the North Pole.

Wherever you are going - Baikal, Altai, Karelia, Yakutia, the Urals - with the help of the Big Country you will find a suitable type of rest, taking into account individual wishes, budget and level of physical fitness. Just set up search filters, travel dates, types of holidays and choose your active tour!

We play by your rules: selection of the tour online in real time. Catch discounts, great deals without leaving your home. Vacation planning just got easier!

Save money and time by using specialized services. Selection is carried out in all directions:

  • both in Russia;
  • and abroad.

Tours with flights involve departure from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other different cities of Russia. Using the automatic search, book online tours to all tour operators in the best hotels in the world.

Tour selection for all tour operators

How to save your nerves, money, and at the same time have a great rest? Make a choice yourself.

Our site offers a unique opportunity to automatically search for offers that best meet the needs of a particular person. It is profitable and convenient to select a tour online with us:

  • You don't have to contact intermediaries to find the best option.

Indicate in the request the desired direction and the city of departure (for example, Moscow), specify the date, sort the offers by price, go straight to booking;

  • Select a tour online for all tour operators.

The screen displays the currently available applications for all tour operators. If the vacation is not tied to a specific date, the possibility of purchasing a last minute ticket at a reduced cost will increase;

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