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Active rest in Anapa

Active rest in Anapa is a great opportunity to spend time with benefits for the mind and body. Such leisure not only requires physical work of the body, it also perfectly relaxes. After such entertainment, you will feel a surge of strength and vitality. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of making the most of even a few days off, because in a bustling and always noisy city, it is very important to be able to be distracted by pleasant activities.

Active rest in Anapa and Krasnodar region - exciting leisure for the whole family

The prospect of going somewhere for the sake of an entertaining tour may seem quite creepy, because who wants to spend half of the weekend just to get to the "resting place". However, you do not have to travel hundreds of kilometers in search of thrills and useful entertainment, because today you can energetically while away your leisure time right in the city!

In summer, active rest in Anapa is represented by the following options:

  • swimming - rivers, ponds and a number of artificial reservoirs (pools);
  • cycling - specially equipped paths in parks and reserves;
  • rock climbing - for children and adults there are different routes on climbing walls;
  • hiking - exploring the city's sights, nature reserves and other interesting places;
  • paintball is an extreme team sport where competitions are held in special clubs after detailed instructions from all players.

In winter, thrill-seekers are offered entertainment such as:

  • skiing - a number of professionally equipped complexes with tracks of different difficulty levels;
  • skating rinks - seasonal playgrounds for active ice leisure;
  • winter sports - sledges, snowboards, etc.

Down with the sofa and passive pastime! Experienced guides and professional instructors will help you determine the optimal type of active leisure for you, develop a tourist route and teach you how to use special equipment correctly. All you have to do is take a good mood with you and get a good night's sleep before the start of the event - whether it is a walk in the historic center of the city or a trip to the river for rafting.

If you do not know where to go and how to spend your time with benefit, choose an active holiday in Anapa on the weekend, regardless of the season and weather conditions, and stay in good shape all year round.

Tourism in the Komi Republic

In addition to the title of "family" resort, Anapa is known throughout Russia as a city of military glory, and as a balneological and climatic resort in the Krasnodar Territory. It has many sanatoriums and boarding houses with an effective medical base. Thanks to the hot sand, warm sea and the gentle rays of the sun, many human ailments are healed.

Anapa villages for families with children: beaches and their features

The main requirements when choosing a vacation are the beach and the presence of a developed resort infrastructure. The choice of a resort directly depends on the age of the children. For recreation with kids, they choose sandy beaches with a gentle entrance. For those who are older, parents often send them to the small pebble beaches of Anapa.


The most popular and touristy beach in Anapa is Central. According to some tourists, it is quite crowded here in the summer season, which makes it dirty. It should be noted that algae always bloom in the coastal zone at the end of summer, which forces tourists to leave the beach. The Malaya Bukhta beach has a good reputation, mainly due to the small pebbles that cover the coast and the seabed.


Dzhemete village, which is essentially a continuation of the famous Pionersky prospect, will be an excellent place to stay. Despite the proximity to the center of the resort, prices are much lower here. Most of the housing stock is made up of guest houses in the private sector. In addition to small hotels, there are many comfortable hotels, tourist centers and boarding houses with a medical base, the cost of living in which differs from those in Anapa. The advantage of the Dzhemete beaches is that they stretch in a wide strip, sandy and gentle. More about the village >>

Vityazevo village

Another great place for a family vacation. According to many vacationers, local beaches are among the best for families with kids. A sandy spit with shallow water stretches from the village of Vityazeva to the village of Blagoveshchenskaya. More about the village >>

Beaches of the village of Blagoveshchenskaya

The most distant from Anapa. It is better to choose this coast for families with older children. The beaches are sandy, but the coast is far from gentle.

Sukko Village

Anapa is one of the most popular Caucasian resorts. It has everything you need for a pleasant holiday by the sea with the whole family. Perhaps in Anapa you can find some of the most favorable conditions in the entire Caucasus specifically for family holidays. However, young people will also find something to do if they choose Anapa for a summer sea vacation or vacation. Anapa in numbers:

Indicator Value Area of ​​the resort city 981.86 km2 Time zoneUTC + 3 Code for phone calls + 7 86 133 Population 182.2 thousand people Car codes 23, 93, 123 Average size 29 000 rubles alutaRussian ruble

For the 2014 Sochi Olympics, many resorts in the Krasnodar Territory have gone through great changes: the territories have been landscaped, many new hotels, sports and entertainment facilities have been built. Anapa is also changing for the better, becoming more and more convenient city for tourists every year. It is worth coming here to breathe in the clean air filled with sea freshness and the aroma of the herbs of the Caucasian foothills, swim in the salty water of the Black Sea and bask in the rays of the southern hospitable sun.

Climate in Anapa

The weather in Anapa during the holiday season is rather dry than rainy. Therefore, you can not be afraid that prolonged rains will ruin your summer vacation. In any case, everyone who comes to Anapa, even for a few days, will definitely manage to capture a sufficient amount of sun and heat. Anapa owes its dry climate to low mountains, which rather resemble hills, reaching no more than 200 m in height. Dense forests grow on them. The highest temperature in Anapa is in July and August. During these months, it can sometimes rise up to 38 degrees. The average temperature for the hottest period in the resort is 28 degrees. The old beach season in Anapa falls in the second half of May, and it usually ends at the end of October. The most popular and favorable for sea holidays are:

  • June,
  • July ,
  • August.

For the resort period, the water temperature is from 20 to 24 degrees. The warmest water, as is the case with air, is in July and August. The warm Mediterranean climate attracts many holidaymakers, especially during the warmest months of the season. The weather here is almost always good for walking and sightseeing; you can come to Anapa for recreation at any time of the year.

Resort Infrastructure

Anapa is a fairly large resort town, and there is everything you need for a long stay or a short vacation: shops, restaurants, entertainment, beauty and massage centers, sanatoriums, pharmacies, hospitals, bank branches, exchange points currencies, organizations providing various household and other services to the population and much more. As a resort of federal significance, Anapa has a developed infrastructure, thanks to which the rest here becomes comfortable and safe. Since Soviet times, Anapa has gained fame as a children's resort. They not only loved to come here with children, but also sent them alone to pioneer children's camps located near the sea. Now, despite the fact that there are significantly fewer camps, Anapa still offers excellent conditions for children's recreation:

  • Lots of entertainment, children's parties, programs;
  • Some hotels hire animators who work with children and play. Parents can relax at this time;
  • There is a calm sea, rather shallow near the coast, so visiting the beach with children is practically not fraught with dangers.

The beaches of Anapa are mostly sandy. They are quite wide and extended. Of the 50 km of Anapa beaches, 10 are pebbly. There are problems with the cleanliness of beaches and water by the second half of the holiday season, when a huge number of tourists leave so much rubbish behind that municipal utilities sometimes cannot cope with cleaning it. At such moments, suburban beaches are saved, where not all tourists get. There are no problems with accommodation in Anapa - there are all the options that tourists are used to:

  • Small and cheap hostels and guest houses, where unpretentious travelers can rent a bed in a common room;
  • Hotels and sanatoriums of different levels of comfort and, accordingly, with a wide range of room prices - from cheap student options to luxurious suites;
  • A huge amount of housing for rent in the private sector. This option is often chosen by families with children. In a private house, you can cook dishes that are familiar to all members of the family yourself and save on restaurants and cafes.

The most prestigious and comfortable for living are the areas along Pionersky Prospekt (most of the sanatoriums, medical and beauty centers, modern or well-renovated hotels are located here), Vysoky Bereg (a quiet quiet area on a cliff, above a clean and uncrowded pebble beach), located not far from the previous microdistrict "Orekhovaya Roshcha". Accommodation in these areas is slightly more expensive than in others, but for this price you can live in excellent conditions and enjoy a well-deserved vacation on the Krasnodar Black Sea coast. The transport situation in Anapa also does not give rise to serious criticism. Buses and fixed-route taxis run around the city. There are traffic jams in the center, but in general the roads are not too busy. There is a large airport nearby, a railway and a large highway that connects the city of Novorossiysk with the Kerch Strait.

This resort with a developed infrastructure, rich nature, surrounded by a scattering of unique monuments of history and culture, is in a pleasant reach on the territory of its native country. The cleanliness of Anapa's beaches, its hot sun and curative mud are successfully combined with the identity of the culture and way of life of local residents, who are always ready to treat you to fresh churchkhela and aromatic homemade wine. Beaches with a total length of almost 55 km (more than 40 km of sand and about 10 km of pebble), a large number of shops, restaurants and cafes, recreation centers and hotels of all levels. Anapa has everything you need for a good rest.

In the 2010s. Anapa has confidently taken a leading position in the country in terms of the number of tourists. Which is understandable: impressive amounts of funding could not but play a role. Although without them, Russians of the old, "Soviet" temper would have continued to travel to Anapa, mindful of the Kuban fruits, fleeting resort romances and the Utrish Dolphinarium.

Anapa is also famous for its health resorts: local mineral waters and muds successfully treat a wide range of diseases.

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“Oops! Anapa, I'm going off the gangplank ... ”, as it is sung in a famous song. And so we arrived in Anapa. Some like, some by car, some by plane, some by train. And, of course, we need to get to know this city as best we can.

Today GikTrips will show you the sights of Anapa and tell you what to see in the city and its surroundings.

What to see in Anapa on your own

Anapa is considered a children's resort in the country, but people of any age will find entertainment here to their liking. The first days we enjoy our vacation, the sea, warm sand with shells, but in a couple of days the question will arise, where can we go in Anapa and what to see?

Romantic places and entertainment in Anapa

Excursions in Anapa

You can find a walk on the sea and choose the best excursions in Anapa from local residents on the Tripster website. u.

Interesting places in Anapa

Let's take a break from the walks that you can take on your own and at any time of your stay in Anapa, and move on to where you can go in Anapa for the whole day.

Intellectual tourism in Anapa

Video about the sights of Anapa

We recommend that you include a video with an overview of Anapa's sights. It not only tells about what you can see in Anapa, but also what to eat and where to relax. In general, this video about the main city of the coast is a complete guide!

Fun with children in Anapa

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