All about spring rafting on the rivers of Bashkiria

Holidays with children in Bashkiria in the summer

What rivers of Bashkiria are the most interesting for rafting? What dangers lie in wait for them? How to choose the right equipment? For these and other UFA questions. IF. U explained by Mikhail Verkhoturov, the only holder of the title of Master of Sports of the Russian Federation of international class in water sports tourism in Bashkiria. He passed all the rivers of Bashkiria, and also made many rafts of the sixth (most difficult) category on the rivers of Altai, Pamir and other mountainous regions.

Which rivers are rafting in Bashkiria?

The classifier is used not only by sports tourists, but also by amateur ones. In Bashkiria, most of the rivers are "ones", in the spring some of them become of the second category of difficulty, that is, they are of certain interest for extreme lovers, since they have rapids up to the third category of difficulty. There are no rivers more complicated than the “two” in our region. But there is a route of 3 categories of difficulty, which includes passing several rivers with rapids during one trip.

The rivers of the second category of complexity in the Republic of Belarus are as follows:

  • The Maly Inzer River together with the Inzer River. The route is being built from the station "Aigir" (Beloretsk region) to the station "Rav-Tau" (Arkhangelsk region). The main rapids on this route are Aygir.
  • Bolshoi Inzer River. Route from the village of Nura (Beloretsk region) to the station "Rav-Tau" (Arkhangelsk region). The main threshold is Matais, as well as the shivers.
  • Zilim River. From the village of Butaevo (Beloretsk district) to the village of Imendyashevo (Gafuri district). The main threshold is Kysyk.
  • There is a variant of the route in the same territory - along the Zigaza River, which then flows into Zilim. The route starts from the village of Zigaza (Beloretsk district) and also ends in Imendyashevo (Gafuri district). The main rapids are also Kysyk.
  • Lemeza River. From the village of Iskushta (Beloretsk District) to the Urman Station (Iglinsky District). Rapids - Black River and Red Stone.
  • Nugush River. From the village of Bretyak (Burzyansky district) to the village of Sergeevka on the Nugushsky reservoir (Meleuzovsky district). According to the classifier, three thresholds are designated - Pre-Galiakberovsky, Galiakberovsky and the Second loop.
  • Sakmara River. From the village of Yuldybaevo (Zilair district) to the Kuvandyk station (Orenburg region). The threshold is Yamantash.
  • Berezyak River. This route is not in the classifier, but in recent years it has become very popular due to its location - near Mount Iremel. The river is located on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region, on the border with Bashkiria, therefore there are many rafting from our region.

What dangers are possible on these rivers?

Among the most difficult rapids on the rivers of Bashkiria, Mikhail Verkhoturov calls the Black River Rapid on the Lemeza River.

“Until the 2000s, it was a very good and difficult threshold for a sports pass. I myself turned over there in a "barrel" - in a foamy pit with whirling water that forms behind large stones. But in recent years, it has become much simpler, ”he says. - The stones have eroded over time. But for non-professionals, it still remains a rather serious obstacle. "

The Aigir Rapid on the Maly Inzer River is a match for the Black River. Three years ago, tourists raised a fuss over the work to strengthen the slope of the railway embankment, carried out in the place where the riverbed is closest to the road. During the work, according to tourists, stones were broken that formed the basis of the threshold. However, Mikhail Verkhoturov believes that he has not lost the difficulty.

According to him, this is a very dangerous place for an unprepared tourist.

“You go, you go, it seems fast, but on the whole it is deceptively calm. Imperceptibly, the current accelerates, and when you jump out from behind a bend, you suddenly fall into the shafts - standing waves. An inexperienced person simply does not have time to react and land on the shore. A couple of shafts - and the boat overturned. This is Aigir's classic, ”says the expert.

All about spring rafting on the rivers of Bashkiria

Those wishing to have a rest in the summer with the whole family without long flights and visas pay attention to the Republic of Bashkortostan. Summer holidays with children in Bashkiria will be remembered for a long time due to the mild climate and a large number of natural attractions. There are many tourist centers, boarding houses, sanatoriums.

Bashkiria in summer: climate and weather

You can spend holidays with children in Bashkiria both in summer and in winter. Still, the warm season gives more room for imagination.

The temperate continental climate of this part of the Urals provides warm dry summers. The average July temperature is 20-23 ºC, during the height of summer thermometers can rise to 35 ºC. The closer the Ural Mountains, the colder: arriving in Ufa in mid-July, you can enjoy 20 ºC of heat, but in Beloretsk or on the Taganai ridge the temperature at this time ranges from 11 to 16 ºC.

Rains in Bashkiria in summer are quite frequent. The period from April to October accounts for most of the annual rainfall. However, they are unevenly distributed depending on the proximity of the South Ural mountain range.

The water temperature in rivers and lakes in summer reaches 21 ºC. However, with the arrival of autumn, these indicators decrease: already in mid-September, the water cools down to 15 ºC.

Summer is a great time for family holidays in Bashkiria. Walking in caves, nature reserves, rafting on catamarans and kayaks, hiking - far from all that can be done here at this time of the year.

Activities with children in Bashkiria

Bashkiria in the summer offers tourists a large selection of entertainment, the lion's share of them falls on extreme tourism. Of course, not all types of such recreation are suitable for young children. But most of the routes will appeal to teenagers with their inexhaustible energy and love of adventure.

Where can you relax in Bashkiria in the summer?

National Park Bashkiria

Its territory attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year. Full-flowing rivers, Nugush, Yumaguzen reservoirs, Kutuk tract, where there are many springs, wells, funnels, as well as karst caves, tunnels rich in stalactites, stalagmites and cave pearls. In addition, there is a botanical monument "Medvezhya Polyana", created to protect an ancient plant - the onion. It is interesting for children to visit the Kuperlya karst bridge in summer, built by nature itself on the site of an old cave.

May holidays are the main period of rafting on the rivers of Bashkiria. Now they are the most full-flowing, seething, and therefore are of interest for lovers of extreme sensations.

Active rest on a mountain estate in the very center of the Southern Urals with a varied program of natural objects. We offer you to try various forms of movement in nature: on horseback and on catamarans, on foot and by bus. The route is accessible to people with different skill levels.

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Tour program

Meeting of the group in Ufa: 10:00 at the central entrance of the Ufa Department Store (Prospect Oktyabrya, 31).

Bus travel to the high-mountainous part of Bashkiria to the village. Kaga (300 km).

While driving - an overview of the panorama of the Ural mountain ranges and taiga.

Meeting tourists in Beloretsk (auto and railway station):

On the day of arrival from 04:00 to 06:00.

On the eve of the day of arrival from 20:00 to 22:00. Tourists pay extra for accommodation at the camp site (1 night)

Group transfer to the village. Kaga (80 km).

Bashkiria opens its sights to those who are ready to study natural landscapes, participate in rafting on mountain rivers, imbued with the beauty of the ancient structures of the peoples who lived on the territory of the republic.

Every trip starts with a route plan. In order for the rest to bring a lot of impressions and turn out to be within the reach of tourists, it is necessary to first study the routes, the objects themselves, and their features.

The importance of Bashkiria in the modern world

The first mentions of the Bashkir country, national customs are found in the Arab chronicles of the X-XIII centuries. The word "Bashkort" first appears in written documents of the first half of the 9th century.

The history of Bashkortostan is rich in events. In different centuries, it was part of the Volga Bulgaria, the Golden Horde and post-Horde states. And only by the middle of the 12th century did the final entry of the territory of present-day Bashkortostan into Russia.

The Republic of Bashkortostan is a subject of the Russian Federation and belongs to the Volga Federal District. The area of ​​Bashkiria is 143 thousand square meters. km. The length of its territory from north to south is 550 km, and from west to east - 430 km.

The population is 4,051,600, which is the 7th largest in Russia. The indigenous population of the republic is the Bashkirs.

The capital of the republic is Ufa. Today, this is a city - a millionaire, which on June 12, 2019 will turn 445 years old. There are 21 cities in Bashkiria. The most "ancient" after Ufa are Birsk (1663), Sterlitamak (1766). The second most populous city of Bashkortostan is Sterlitamak. From 1919 to 1922, it was the capital of the Bashkir ASSR.

At different times they lived, were engaged in creativity, defense of the fatherland, achievements in the field of science, culture, sports, politics, talented people are the pride of Bashkortostan.

In the gallery "originally from Bashkiria" the names of famous compatriots: Sergei Aksakov, Mikhail Nesterov, Boris Shaposhnikov, Alexander Matrosov, Gabdrakhman Kadyrov, Rudolf Nureyev, Raisa Gorbacheva, Inna Churikova, Sergei Dovlatov, Vladimir Spivudakov, Tadzhin , Ernst Muldashev, Yuri Shevchuk, Evelina Khromchenko, Zemfira Ramazanova.

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