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Water tourism: features of extreme on the water

More and more people want to rest not easy lying on the sun loungers on the beach, namely to relax and have fun on their vacation. Try everything new and unknown to take your breath away. Water tourism in the CIS countries is gaining great popularity. The main advantage is that we have everything you need for this holiday and you don't really need to fly anywhere abroad. And it is also diverse, there are different types of water tourism.

Types of tourism

There are three main types of boating:

  • Rafting

This view is a descent down the river on a water vehicle that has an inflatable base. But at the same time, such boats are easy to use. And basically they feel very good on the water surface.

As a rule, the group of people who participate in such a descent does not exceed 12 people. There are a lot of rivers in our area and all of them are great for water tourism, but most often such active water recreation as rafting is organized in Karelia.

  • Kayaking

It is carried out with the help of a floating device, as opposed to rafting, which has a rigid frame. The boat is quite light and small in width. Such vessels can accommodate up to 3 people.

Management is carried out using ordinary oars. Most often, such descents are organized on the rivers of Altai or reservoirs of Yakutia.

  • Sailing tourism

It implies some kind of competition between the participants in the swim. But of course, this can be an ordinary boat trip through the beautiful corners of nature, which delight with their picturesque paintings from the side of the water.

For this type of tourism, most often yachts are used, as well as catamarans with a sail. The most adventurous tourists can go on such a trip on a raft.

Determining the route for water tourism

Types of boating and compulsory equipment

There are many ways to relax, but active recreation has special benefits

Oops, throat, nose, #onos, #acos ... ... The best way out of this situation is active rest, allowing you to change the environment, get a whole range of positive emotions and unusual impressions.

“Rest, therefore, is an activity in which a person is relieved of his heavy breathing. "From" - a prefix denoting removal, parting, separation, "breath" - breathing ", - Vladimir Levi

You can lie all day with a fascinating book on the couch and be rested, or you can actively move all day and also get your portion of rest and recuperate.

  • distance - hiking, cycling, skiing and water tours;
  • route - rafting, category trips;
  • various sports available for amateurs - rafting, snowboarding, rock climbing.

"Tourism is the best rest, but rest is better than tourism", - folk.

So, as we can see, rest can be not only passive, but also active. Both the one and the other can give a great mood, well-being and a charge of vigor for a long time.

Consider what types of active pastime are there

Active tourism should be noted as a separate item, it differs from the usual one, for example, excursion, in that it primarily affects the physical condition of a person. Thanks to physical activity, the state of health and general condition improves, the main thing is to correctly calculate these loads, otherwise, instead of a positive result, you can get a negative one.

“The best workers work harder and rest more than others,” - Tom Hopkins

By the way, in order to engage in active tourism, it is not necessary to choose long routes or go abroad, it is quite possible to be a tourist in your own country, and choose the nearest city as your destination. Moreover, if you live, for example, in the suburbs, then you can go on a hike to Moscow, and then book an apartment on Varshavskoe Shosse for relaxation.

You can have active rest not only in summer - no one will interfere with doing it in winter as well

Water tourism - three main types. Determination and preparation of the route. The main tourist outfit, safety equipment in water tourism.

Types of extreme tourism

Fans of extreme sports all over the world conquer the air, water and earth. They jump, swim, fly and enjoy life. An unusual natural formation or an extraordinary use of equipment can become a place for the birth of a new sport.

Air sports

All air sports are somehow connected with parachute jumping, but it is not enough just to step out of the plane with a backpack on your back. In professional sports, landing accuracy is assessed, as well as acrobatic actions performed during flight. If several people are jumping at the same time, then this is already considered group acrobatics. And if during the jump they line up their parachutes in different shapes, then this is regarded as dome acrobatics.

Base jumping. This name hides a sport, the essence of which is jumping with a special parachute. In this case, the jump itself is carried out not from an airplane, but from a fixed object. Basejumpers (they call themselves "basers") require tall structures and special climbing equipment.

Fans of this sport jump not only in the city, but also outside it. The "base" can be either a high-rise building or a sheer cliff. Base jumping is recognized all over the world as one of the most dangerous sports. In some countries, for example in Russia, such jumps are legally recognized as petty hooliganism.

Freestyle. The beautiful word hides beautiful sport. The skydiver demonstrates many complex figures during the free fall. But the beauty and fitness of an athlete is often not enough, since he also needs an experienced operator. The latter must capture the most interesting elements from unusual angles.

Sky surfing. A young sport that came to Russia a few years ago, attracts the attention of a huge number of extreme lovers. Jumping from an airplane, an athlete is equipped with a parachute and a special ski. Thanks to the latter, it becomes possible to perform more complex and interesting shapes. The operator jumps with the skysurfer, it is his recording that is judged by the jury. Usually only the first 50 seconds of the entire record counts. Grades are given not only for the beauty and clarity of the figures, but also for the work of the operator. That is why skysurfing can be safely considered a pair sport.

Mountain Adventure

Snowboarding appeared much later, where one large board is used instead of a pair of skis.

It is customary to divide these sports into several main groups: frisking (difficult tracks and unprepared slopes), licliskiing (the same thing, but a helicopter delivers an athlete to the mountain), ski-mountaineering (climbing a mountain with one goal - move down).

We propose to get acquainted with this kind of adventure and hobby that many carry through their whole life - aeronautics that it is worth considering in more detail below.

What is aeronautics?

The electronic resource Wikipedia says that aeronautics or aeronautics means flights on controlled and unguided aircraft, which are lighter than air. Not to be confused with airplanes, which are significantly heavier than air.

This type of entertainment is gaining popularity again, so much so that it becomes widespread.

During festivals and competitions, hundreds of balloons of various shapes and colors rise into the sky. They travel, fly over the oceans and even try to conquer the North and South Poles.

In addition, balloons are much cheaper than an aircraft and do not require special care and maintenance. They are easy to operate, and you can travel alone or with the whole family, providing additional protection for children. At the same time, such a trip will be remembered for a long time, giving a sea of ​​impressions and an incomparable feeling of flight.

Basic principle of aeronautics

In order to better understand the principle of aeronautics. Since the main devices are those that fit the definition of "lighter than air". The basic principle is that balloons will be lifted into the air using Archimedes' law.

The point is that for takeoff, the lift force of a special gas, which has a lower density than atmospheric air, will be used. And if earlier just warm air was used for balloons, then modern devices use a combination of warm air and helium.

What types of aeronautical apparatus are available?

Considering the history of aeronautics, literally up to the 20s of the XX century, this term meant all types of flights by air. For this, another term was used - aeronautics. It meant the development of airspace as a whole, using aircrafts both lighter and heavier than air. It is worth saying that considering aeronautics in terms of what kind of sport, it will be a competition in which the appearance and flight qualities are assessed.

Tourists from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus are very lucky - a huge number of rivers and lakes provide an opportunity to engage in water tourism in every region.

This discipline develops the ability to work in a team, strength, endurance, concentration, self-control. Being part of ecotourism, it has a minimal impact on nature (in the case when for the sake of commercial tours the river beds are not blown up). The goal is to complete a route that consists of a section of a river, reservoir, lake or a bundle of several reservoirs.

Types of water tourism

A huge amount of different extreme on the water complicates a clear classification. In the specialized literature, this industry includes everything from diving to sport fishing. I will focus on the classification by means of alloy.


Rafting has gained phenomenal popularity over the past fifty years. For the first time, Soviet water workers saw the raft in 1989 at the Soviet-American competition "Project Raft", and our team won, to everyone's surprise. She also managed to win the following year in the States. Since 1997, rafting has its own international federation IRF.

6-8-seater inflatable rafts are fundamentally different from other rowing boats for rafting, therefore they have their own methods and techniques of maneuvering: punching, high-siding, low-siding, downstream flip, darksiding and others.

If there is a possibility of getting in and out, as well as the need to take a lot of things with you, an inflatable raft is the ideal solution. This is how he fell in love with the organizers of commercial tours.

Rafting in New Zealand. One can only envy these guys

Multi-seat raft models are clumsy in shallow rivers, making it more difficult to navigate corners and narrow rapids. An alternative in certain conditions can be a catamaran.

Kayaking, Kayaking and Canoeing

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