Agritourism in Tatarstan

Active rest in Kazan

Rafting on the upper reaches of the Ilet Mari El River with yoga elements

The Ilet River is the cleanest and most beautiful body of water in the Republic of Mari El. A picturesque river of the forest Trans-Volga region, which carries its waters in a sandy channel among conifers, and in the lower reaches - deciduous forests. It flows through the Mari Chodra National Park. During the trip, you can enjoy the beauty of nature, moor to the shore for walks, walk in the woods. render completely.

The rest option is suitable for those who are tired of everyday life and are looking for adrenaline and new emotions. Rafting is organized with an experienced instructor. All necessary inventory is provided. Positive emotions are guaranteed. Food is organized throughout the entire rafting. The route is about 22 km from Fadeikino to Narytlyk. We will rest, play, walk, take a steam bath and catch Zen on the river in the forests of the Republic of Mari El. Let's arrange a half-day. A very cool and relaxed route. Hatha and kundalini yoga practices are planned on this route.

We invite you to go on this rafting with us!

Departure from Kazan in the morning of May 30 at 07. 0. Return to Kazan in the evening of May 31 at 20. 0.

Included in the price of the rafting:

Transfer by comfortable bus

All meals 3 days, delicious vegetarian food

Campfire and camping equipment

Seat in the catamaran, full set, saved vest

Work of instructors, support

For all questions, call, write to wa: 89274380349

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Ecological and green tourism; what you need to know

An active holiday in Kazan is a great opportunity to spend time with benefits for the mind and body. Such leisure not only requires physical work of the body, it also perfectly relaxes. After such entertainment, you will feel a surge of strength and vitality. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of making the most of even a few days off, because in a bustling and always noisy city, it is very important to be able to be distracted by pleasant activities.

Active rest in Kazan and Tatarstan - exciting leisure for the whole family

The prospect of going somewhere for the sake of an entertaining tour may seem quite creepy, because who wants to spend half of the weekend just to get to the "resting place". However, you do not have to travel hundreds of kilometers in search of thrills and useful entertainment, because today you can energetically while away your leisure time right in the city!

In summer, active leisure in Kazan is represented by the following options:

  • swimming - rivers, ponds and a number of artificial reservoirs (pools);
  • cycling - specially equipped paths in parks and reserves;
  • rock climbing - for children and adults there are different routes on climbing walls;
  • hiking - exploring the city's sights, nature reserves and other interesting places;
  • paintball is an extreme team sport where competitions are held in special clubs after detailed instructions from all players.

In winter, thrill-seekers are offered entertainment such as:

  • skiing - a number of professionally equipped complexes with tracks of different difficulty levels;
  • skating rinks - seasonal playgrounds for active ice leisure;
  • winter sports - sledges, snowboards, etc.

Down with the sofa and passive pastime! Experienced guides and professional instructors will help you determine the optimal type of active leisure for you, develop a tourist route and teach you how to use special equipment correctly. All you have to do is take a good mood with you and get a good night's sleep before the start of the event - whether it is a walk in the historic center of the city or a trip to the river for rafting.

If you do not know where to go and how to spend your time with benefit, choose an active holiday in Kazan on weekends, regardless of the season and weather conditions, and stay in good shape all year round.

To date, the popularity of such tourist destinations as green tourism and ecological tourism in Poland has sharply increased, more details in the material

What to see in Kazan if you've already seen all the sights? What to eat if you won't surprise you with echpochmaks? What to buy as a keepsake if you hate fridge magnets? The journalist "AiF Ural" came to Kazan from Yekaterinburg for the weekend and made an alternative guide around the city - without Bauman Street, Kazan Wedding Palace and the Museum of Soviet Life.

If you have not been to Kazan yet - read our other city guide, where all tourist points are collected.

How to get there and where to live?

You can come to Kazan by train or by car, and even fly by plane. My colleague has already checked how much it will cost to get to the capital of Tatarstan by car, but I chose the train.

I took the return ticket with the same calculation - I slept on the train, and by Monday lunchtime I was in Yekaterinburg.

Since we are going for the weekend, you can get by with a hostel.

So, what to do and what to see in Kazan, besides famous sights?

There is Tatar fast food

Where else can you try kystyburger? But in the Kazan Tyubetei chain you can even choose the filling to your taste! You can eat a kystyburger with tiny echpochmak fries - you can eat potatoes at home - or with Tatar dumplings. Such is the fast food with a national flavor.

The prices are very pleasant - kystyburgers from 60 to 200 rubles, and one of the restaurants in the chain is located on Bauman Street (this is a local pedestrian street, like the Yekaterinburg Weiner Street).

Grab a scooter and watch the architecture

And there is something to see in Kazan - the city is literally a preserve of Art Nouveau. And this is not a scattered group of buildings, but whole neighborhoods!

“There is no program for the development of agritourism in the Republic of Tajikistan yet, we have begun to develop it on a voluntary basis,” says Rufiya Mukhamadeeva, chairman of the regional association of rural tourism. “There are many difficulties, because the very concept of“ rural tourism ”still does not have a clear definition in Russian legislation.”

Why is the project stuck?

Alexandra Dorfman, AiF-Kazan: Rufia Rafkatovna, what difficulties did you face?

Rufia Mukhamadeeva: The main problem is that due to interdepartmental disunity we were left alone with this topic. After all, who is in charge of rural tourism? Since tourism means the State Committee for Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan, since rural tourism means the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan, and then the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Ecology are relevant, since tourists also visit museum objects in the countryside and rural tourism is otherwise called ecotourism. One cannot do without the involvement of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan.

This topic is progressing slowly in the country as a whole. The draft law on the development of rural tourism was submitted to the State Duma of the Russian Federation back in 2007, but was never considered. Now they say that first you need to develop regional programs so that the federal center will understand that there is a base. But how can this be done if rural tourism is a conditional concept?

In my opinion, binding to the rural area is mandatory, but otherwise, rural tourism can be anything you like - ecological, local history, cognitive, extreme, agrarian, ethnic.

- Are the mechanisms of state support for farmers, who receive tourists, are being worked out?

- There are none at the republican or federal levels. The federal center is no longer so willing to distribute grants, because organizations are turning into "grant recipients". They mainly support the creation of infrastructure facilities - development centers for various fields. So we are preparing an application for a grant to create a republican center for rural tourism, which would be engaged in training and consulting farmers who want to receive guests.

Few places in the Russian Federation give subsidies for the development of rural tourism. In the Kaluga region, for example, grants are provided for holding events to attract tourists to the village - 500 thousand rubles each. The Arkhangelsk region works with farmers under the program of sustainable rural development, which is not so developed in the Republic of Tajikistan. Among the 11 regions where rural tourism is actively developing, Tatarstan is not yet available. Leaders - Altai Territory, Kaliningrad, Leningrad, Kaluga regions.

Tajikistan has resources, rural infrastructure, including sports facilities, but the topic of rural tourism has recently begun to be dealt with. Support programs concern only agricultural production. There are a dozen regional programs, but they are conditional and financially unsecured. Our survey showed that the development of rural tourism is mainly hampered by two problems - the lack of state support and lack of knowledge of this technology.

Where is the big scrambled eggs?

- Are there many farms in the Republic of Tajikistan that are ready to receive tourists?

This requires not only a clear business plan, but also constant promotion, in which the State Committee for Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan could help. It would be enough to have one site that would unite these projects, talk about them, because many of them are not represented on the Internet. So, as part of the project to create a center for the development of rural tourism, we are developing an interactive map of objects.

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