Adventure tourism; opportunity to refresh your impressions

Adventure tourism; opportunity to refresh your impressions

In the bustle of megacities, people often want to plunge into the elements of the natural environment, to feel its strength and beauty. Adventure tourism is able to provide a fresh experience through unconventional travel associated with exotic locations, unusual events or challenging geographic conditions.

Types of tours

Despite the growing popularity of this type of tourism, there is still no precise definition and clearly established rules. The adventure tourism program depends on the motives when traveling:

  • tourists interested in the peculiarities of life and culture of other peoples can live for some time among the Aboriginal tribe, getting acquainted with their traditional way of life;
  • those who wish can spend vacation in the castle, which is associated with an old romantic legend;
  • many tourists choose exciting quests with difficult tasks;
  • a tourist can try himself as a farmer;
  • cognitive the moment of adventure travel is visiting historical places, folk holidays, museums, meeting interesting people.

Variety of tourist routes

Most citizens choose adventure tourism routes related to outdoor activities:

  • cycling tours allow you to visit interesting and hard-to-reach places;
  • military adventure tours provide an opportunity to see military objects, take part in shooting;
  • safari - a great opportunity to observe the life of animals in the wild;
  • diving will provide a lot of positive emotions;
  • tours for treasure hunters are a real adventure of an entertaining nature;
  • caving tours - adventurous travel along special routes of mysterious karst caves.


Adventure tourism contains a certain amount of risk. However, careful development of routes, good technical equipment and high professionalism in organizing tours reduce it to a minimum. On the route there are intermediate camps for rest, tourists are provided with transport, guides, and on foot - porters. At the same time, the feeling of possible danger sharpens the senses and leaves a lot of unforgettable impressions.

Adventure is combined with comfort and challenge. The organization of adventure tourism includes strict requirements for all aspects of the tour:


Adventure tourism; opportunity to refresh your impressions

It is adventure tourism that is currently the most popular type of exciting vacation for many groups of travelers. Such trips are attracted by the opportunity to spend time outside the box in another country, get a lot of additional impressions and, of course, visit unusual events, in particular, ethnic festivals, celebrations of state events, as well as other events that in most cases remain closed for tourists.

Let's figure out how a person leaves for such a tour, so that you can know whether it is worth choosing such a popular tourism for yourself, and how to organize a trip similar to your own taste.


Adventure as tourism is a popular form of travel, the main goal of which is to get the most out of the trip.

Provides for this type of travel is usually a fairly rich program of stay, regardless of the country chosen for departure, as well as the most comfortable conditions for travel and, of course, accommodation.

As a rule, it is precisely such an adventure-oriented vacation, entertainment that has the shortest program duration. On average, they are 2-4 days, no more. Very often among them there are weekend tours, as well as special holiday programs based on the peculiarities of organizing celebrations in certain regions and cities.

Currently, this type of recreation has a lot of interesting varieties. They can be embodied both among periodic and among one-time tours. Among them are:

  • Trips related to Christmas, Easter, New Years or other events. This category also includes more fashionable destinations today, such as trips to the celebration of Oktoberfest in Germany, as well as carnival, for example, in Brazil.
  • Visiting unusual places that are popular worldwide. These include, for example, a Las Vegas casino or other similar facilities. As a rule, they are visited as part of a one-day tour.
  • General excursions dedicated to one single city. As a rule, they also take place as part of weekend tours, however, unlike the previous categories, they belong to a variety of regular trips.
  • Trips to amusement parks. These can be large water parks, safari parks. An excellent example of just such trips can be Disneyland, which is preferred especially for family tourists.

Such tourism in most cases is aimed at travelers between the ages of 18 and 30. Less often, such tours are addressed to families with children, or to older people, but if desired, such tours can also be found.

The most important thing in this case is to decide directly on the content of such a program, and then in the future you will certainly be able to build it at your own discretion in tourism.

Also, it is in the category of adventure tourism that the extreme subspecies of recreation often belong, including parachuting, rock climbing, diving, cycling, and many other areas. However, in recent years, it is these areas that are expediently singled out into a separate category, which is referred to as extreme tourism.

Usually, it is classified as an adventure recreation only if a certain program has been developed, be it a quest or any other task that a tourist must certainly cope with. But ordinary trips, which involve daily engagement in a certain sport, can hardly be attributed to this type of recreation.

Adventure tourism is a type of extreme vacation that provides an excellent opportunity to get fresh impressions

In this article, you will learn how you can make money by organizing adventure tours or starting a tourism business specializing in extreme tourism.

Costs of setting up a business: From $ 10,000 Relevant for cities with a population: From 50,000 people Situation in the industry: low level of competition Difficulty of organizing a business: 3/5 Payback: 6 - 12 months

Adventure or extreme tourism can be any tour that goes beyond a simple holiday on the seashore with equipped beaches and multi-star hotels. Potential tourists include fans of ice climbing in Finland, deep-sea fishing off the coast of Australia, rope jumping in picturesque places in Africa or sightseeing tours of the Mayan ruins in a hot air balloon. People want to spend their vacation in such a way that they will have vivid memories and unforgettable impressions about it. That is why the business idea of ​​organizing a travel agency specializing in extreme travel suggests a considerable demand for this type of vacation. Since adventure tourism differs from traditional tourism, not only people with experience in the field of tourism can try their hand in this area, but also beginners - lovers of extreme travel.

How to make money on extreme tourism

To make money on extreme or adventure tourism, you need to open a small agency, develop several types of extreme tours and non-standard vacations for a start, and then start looking for potential clients. Adventure tours will be popular with those who want to tickle their nerves, enjoy the excess of adrenaline in the process of experiencing extreme situations. Also, tourists should be offered various unusual trips, among which may be:

  • Archaeological
  • Ethnographic
  • Underwater
  • Zoological
  • Sports (river rafting , rally, skydiving)
  • Transport (moving on horses, camels, elephants, jeeps, motorcycles, ATVs, etc.)

There are a large number of places on the planet that arouse interest and attract the attention of travelers. You can recommend excursion tours to your clients to any place that seems interesting to them and to you. Penguins in Antarctica, ice hummocks in the Arctic, traces of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite, the Grand Canyon or Death Valley in America. And these are just the first ideas that came to mind. If you look through the illustrated geographical atlas, the number of ideas for unusual travel will grow many times over.

Income can be obtained not only from charging clients for organizing an adventure trip, but also by concluding agency agreements with host companies, providers of accommodation and various services at the locations of the tours themselves.

Agency Organization

In the process of organizing an agency, you will need to rent an office space. Be careful when choosing the location of your agency, visitors should easily find it. The next important point will be the repair and decoration of the premises. Take care of the design yourself or invite a designer, but as a result, the interior of the agency should immediately show the visitor that extreme tours are provided here. Do not forget about the registration of your company, as well as the need for licensing this type of activity. After completing all the necessary documentation, you can proceed to the search for personnel.

Aloha, bro! If you love adventure and cannot live without a good portion of adrenaline, you will definitely love our selection.


The resounding rumble of rapids rivers, every now and then exploding with fountains of spray, indescribable excitement from the constant struggle with the elements, well-coordinated teamwork and the need to make difficult decisions every second - this is real rafting. An ideal option for everyone who considers water to be their element, but is tired of vegetating on the comfortable beaches of resort areas. Good places for rafting are found throughout Russia: from the Kola Peninsula (Umba River) to Altai Territory (Chue and Katun rivers).

Well, if you want to experience the whole range of impressions and really fight for your life, choose the routes of Eastern Siberia. The Oya, Snezhnaya and Khara-Murin rivers are a real challenge even for the most sophisticated extreme.


This is a relatively new type of adventure tourism, which is rapidly gaining popularity among residents of modern megacities, fed up with a comfortable and safe life in their cozy apartments. Practicing jailoo tourists go to the most hidden, inaccessible and untouched by civilization places of our vast country, where there are still settlements of indigenous peoples. The point is to feel like a real aborigine: to share an ascetic shelter with the locals, eat traditional food, explore the way of life and get acquainted with their colorful traditions. Kyrgyzstan is considered the homeland and the most suitable place for jailoo tourism, where such programs have already been put on stream.


Want to fight claustrophobia? Then go explore one of the most beautiful caves in which our country is rich. At the moment, there are two types of descents into the cave: cognitive and sports. The first option is the lightest and involves a leisurely walk along the most innocent and safest routes. A completely different thing is a sports descent. Here you simply will not have time for monotonous dialogues with a guide, since you will have to overcome many dangerous obstacles. This is the purest, crystallized extreme, fraught with considerable risk. Among the most popular places among speleotourists in Russia are the Batovskaya cave (the longest in the country), Kungurskaya (the most picturesque) and Barloga's Gorlo (the deepest).

That's all for now, bro. Do not forget that spending a vacation roasting your carcass on another seaside beach is a dubious pleasure, unworthy of a real adventurer. So try to choose those types of outdoor activities that can challenge your capabilities and give a lot of unforgettable stories that you will entertain your grandchildren in old age.

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