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About the company: mission and values

The company has been operating since 1999. Travel agencies SV-Astur and SV-Astur Yug are included in the unified register of tour operators in Russia.

Having formed as a diversified tourism company, the company remains a tour operator for active types of tourism. The routes use the company's own infrastructure facilities.

Instructors of our company who have a state diploma of a tourism instructor work with the groups. Many travel agencies cooperate with us, but we are glad to have new partners. Press about us

Our standards

Our Standards

20 years ago we were told that the days spent on the tours of SV-Astur were the best days in life. For us, these words are the highest reward and we made it a principle and standard of work.

The mountain-sea routes created by the company have become independent tourist brands in Russia, known far beyond its borders. This is confirmed by the fact of many years of sales of our own tours by the largest tourism enterprises.

In 2001, we managed to restore, in the past, the most massive tourist route in the world Legendary Thirty - through the mountains to the sea with light weight and create other active tours in Adygea. In 2002, the company created the first in the history of Crimea regular horse route and other active tours in Crimea

Director of SV-Astour company professional tour guide active tourism instructor since 1980. candidate for master of sports in tourism Boris Visloguzov

LLC "Travel company SV-Astur Yug" Address: 85750, Russia, Republic of Adygea, Maykop district, pos. Kamennomostsky, Privokzalnaya street, 12. Number in the unified register of tour operators VNT 010126, phones: 8-918-922-26-45, 8 (87777) 5-31-96.

Active tourism travel agency The company has been operating since 1999. Travel agencies SV-Astur and SV-Astur Yug are included in the unified register of tour operators in Russia. Having formed as a multidisciplinary tourist

Our experience in numbers

We've been making people happy for over 11 years!

How did it all begin?

The beginning of ExtremeGuide was laid by me - Oleg Ivanchenko. When, after graduating from university, I had a choice to go to the office to work or travel more often to the mountains. "Hobbies began to interfere with work." I decided to quit hired work and make my dream job my hobby. At first the company was in the form of me alone, where I was a consultant, developer, and program guide, put together my first website.

How it all began can be read in a separate article “How we got sick with the mountains”

Gradually, "ExtremeGuide" began to grow friends with tourists and climbers, who were the first guides of the programs in the Crimea, the Carpathians and the Caucasus. These people have accumulated many years of experience in tourism, we have gained considerable experience in mountaineering for various sports events in Ukraine and the CIS countries - hiking, mountain, skiing, speleological, water trips in such areas: Crimea, Carpathians, Caucasus, Kola Peninsula, Altai, Ural, Tien Shan, Pamir, Iran, etc.

The first guides who stood at the origins of the company: Yuri Kovalik, Vladimir Klebansky, Sergey Broshevan, Yaroslav Rachinsky and still work in our company.

Initially, there was no understanding why we were doing this and how. The main thing is that we liked spending more time in the mountains, getting paid for it and seeing smiles, happy people we helped. Gradually, we came to the conclusion that sports tourism, mountaineering needs to be made more accessible and more widespread. The idea of ​​sports clubs is outdated in this fast-paced world. Only a few people want to go in for sports climbing. This is how the idea of ​​"ExtremeGuide" was born, the idea of ​​helping people and making them happy.

The first trip "ExtremeGuide" - August 2008. The trip was a success! From that moment to today, "ExtremeGuide" is growth and development together with our clients. We increase our professionalism, and you expand your hiking geography. Now the company has more than 30 guides at the same time during the most active summer season. All professionals in their field, who undergo continuous professional development, attend guide schools and training courses. Our team of guides that we are proud of. 600-700 tourists travel with us annually to different parts of the world.

Our specialization is hiking and climbing of varying difficulty in the mountains of the Caucasus, Nepal, Iran, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, the Alps, South America and Kazakhstan, as well as active travel and rock climbing in countries such as Tanzania, Morocco, Vietnam , Cyprus, Norway, Iceland, Sri Lanka, Egypt.

Our clients:

Our Mission and Values ​​

Our main mission is to make people happy!

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