Active tourism tour operators

Tour operators named the most popular excursion destinations in autumn

Many people confuse, calling the word "tour operator" an employee of a travel agency who provides tour reservations. Meanwhile, in the division of labor in the travel industry, a tour operator is a company that turns the individual components of a tour: a ticket, hotel rooms, transfers, excursions, etc., into a full-fledged tour package, into a voucher.

There is also a different view of a tour operator as a business. One smart person, known both in tourism and in financial circles, believes that a tour operator is, first of all, a risk management business. And there is some truth in this: any large tour operator owns blocks of places in hotels and on flights, decides on costly additional charter chains and cancels flights based on load. At the same time, the turnover and the size of the financial responsibility of the tour operator to partners at each moment is measured in millions, or even tens of millions of dollars. But now it is important for us that a tour operator is a factory for the production of vouchers (including last-minute deals), and tens of thousands of travel agencies are shops selling this specific product.

Touring as a business

It would seem that everything is not so difficult: make an agreement with hotels, take a small block of seats in the airline first, hire a couple of guides abroad - and now you are a new tour operator. But this is not the case, at least in mass destinations. Even if the hotels say to the newcomer: ok, okay, here are two buildings for you, here's a good price, if there is an advance payment, fill it in! And we will feed and water your tourists, and clean the rooms.

But it is well known that demand is uneven. Therefore, large tour operators with a history that can predict waves of increased demand and recessions in bookings agree to such conditions. And they sell in the off-season cheaper than the daily cost, and in the season they cover losses and earn money. Skillfully managing, the cost and prices "per circle" are lower than if you take rooms upon request. But here, too, there is a risk: what if a competitor will cut prices at a loss this year in order to attract travel agencies and press everyone in this direction? This happened more than once, and then small tour operators won, not burdened with their own quotas, blocks, obligations. But in periods when demand exceeds supply, of course, it is those who are provided with the product who earn.

What about the guides, service, smiles of transfermen?

I haven't said anything about this side of the matter yet. Indeed, if tourists return dissatisfied, the agencies, in order to retain their clientele, will be forced to at least offer an alternative: “We can sell here cheaply, but now write a receipt that you will not have any claims. But more expensive, but there are almost no complaints ”. Organization of reception work (read below) is, of course, an important and necessary part of a tour operator's work, but it is the seats on the planes and hotel rooms that provide a headache and earnings. That is why the first echelon of tour operators, which was formed in the late 90s and 2000s of this century, has always had close ties in financial circles.

Big Turks

The reasons for the success of our tour rating leaders are different. But there is one feature that distinguishes all major tour operators - they operate in mass markets with flexible pricing (not fixed prices). So, at the dawn of the market, in the early 90s, Cyprus was the leaders in demand, and a little later - Spain. It was in these markets that the tour operator "Natalie" rose, which, during the years of growth of Turkey and Egypt, actively joined the competition in these areas.

Since the mid-90s, the Anatolian coast has entered the Russian market, followed by Kemer with its satellite resorts. The catchphrase “The tide raises all boats” in our case brought Tez Tour, Mostravel, Pegas Touristik, Coral Travel, Anex Tour to the top. Egypt, similar to Turkey in terms of the system of relations with hotels, has allowed these tour operators to successfully “come” there with their technologies, brands, and a system of relations with agencies. In addition, Egypt is comparable to Turkey in volumes. On mass destinations, “our Turks” controlled the receiving companies - they created their own, bought tour operators for receiving or entered into a long-term strategic partnership. Large volumes, similar technologies of touring in mass destinations, relationships with airlines allowed these giants to spend significant funds on marketing and easily enter other markets. So, Tez-tour successfully attacked Thailand, and Pegasus - Goa: the power of operators quickly promoted these resorts in the market. There have been fights between big competitors and small markets. So, a few years ago, Tez and Natalie fought for nothing insignificant in terms of volume. The press wrote enthusiastically, the agencies watched with interest, but meanwhile, it was only a public arena, a reputational battle - God forbid, for a thousandth share of their total market.

But the technologies of the leaders of the market size, their, first of all, financial approaches to the tour package, left a niche for hundreds and hundreds of tour operators: "It's not a tsar's business - Antananarivo!" Also, rather large markets, where the system of relations with hoteliers is different (UAE) or highly segmented (Italy) turned out to be not the most convenient for the use of mass technologies. Although, in fairness, I will make a reservation: in recent years, Natalie has been very successful in Italy.

Host Firms

Active tourism tour operators

Despite the expansion of the range of excursion routes in Russia, in 2019 tourists still prefer the already promoted brands. The peak sales of excursion tours, as before, fall on November holidays.


The most popular domestic excursion destinations this fall among tour operators are:

  • Saint Petersburg,
  • Moscow ,
  • Kazan ,
  • The Golden Ring,
  • Kaliningrad.

Such popular destinations as Veliky Ustyug, routes within the framework of the Silver Necklace, weekend bus tours from Moscow turned out to be outside the TOP-5.

Thus, the TOP of the excursion routes of the fall in comparison with the last year has practically not changed. Tour operators are adding variety to it by creating new programs.

So, for example, Intourist notes the growing demand for two November novelties of the company - tours "Holy Rus" (a bus tour from Moscow to Murom) and "Mister Novgorod the Great" (the cities of Vyshny Volochek, Valdai, excursion around Veliky Novgorod).

The bus tourists this fall are popular with such destinations as Voronezh, Smolensk, Tver region.

“The route“ Russian souvenir ”is in great demand among tourists (Fedoskino - Zhostovo - Gzhel - Sergiev Posad - Abramtsevo - Big courtyards, with a visit to production and master classes), as well as our novelty - the tour“ On ruins of counts ". Tours for the New Year holidays are actively sold. Such directions as Murmansk, Khanty-Mansiysk are practically closed in our country, ”says Vladimir Lutov, head of the Travel Workshop tour operator.

Most tourists, when purchasing a sightseeing tour in Russia, prefer proven routes that have already become popular.

What is a tour operator. Traveling in Russia and in the world as a business.

Alexey Pavlov, commercial director of the company "Roza Vetrov", spoke about the new products in the range, achievements and plans for the future

The oldest tour operator in Russia "Rose of the Winds", which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year, is now experiencing a rebirth. In the spring, he presented to the market an updated concept of work, many new excursion products and launched new directions in the field of outbound tourism. Aleksey Pavlov, Commercial Director of Vetrov Rose, spoke about the achievements of the last six months and the company's prospects for the near future.

“Our new concept - travel with meaning”

- Alexey, over the past six months at the "Rose of Winds" due to a change in management, there have been changes in the concept of work. What are they? At what professional events did you present the new concept?

- At the beginning of this year, we developed a new marketing concept - FEEL/TASTE/EXPLORE - SEE/TRY/TRY! It's no secret that every year people are more and more interested in meaningful travel, in which one can not only relax, but also play sports, acquire invaluable skills and experience, undergo training, and plunge into an unfamiliar environment. It is this principle that forms the basis of many of our new products in the assortment.

But the concept of work has not fundamentally changed, "Wind Rose" is still the leading tour operator in the following areas: excursion tours in Russia and the CIS countries, rest and treatment in the Black Sea resorts, ski tours in Krasnaya Polyana, Dombay and Elbrus.

However, the emphasis in our work has shifted to the reception of foreign tourists in Russia, we see a good perspective in this direction. It is in its promotion that we are now investing the main forces and resources.

Firstly, this year "Vetrov Rose" became a member of the European Association of Tour Operators (ETOA), which includes the leaders of the world travel industry.

Secondly, we have already taken part in leading international exhibitions such as ITB Berlin, WTM Sao Paulo, ATM Dubai. The result of participation in the exhibitions was the conclusion of long-term contracts for the service of Syrian, Indian, European and Latin American tourists.

In the near future we plan to visit exhibitions in Singapore, Barcelona, ​​London. We have already prepared new catalogs and brochures for foreign partners. The project "Tourist Map of Moscow" is under development.

Thirdly, we have expanded our inbound tourism department and enriched ourselves with professional managers, including those dealing with the Spanish-speaking market.

Fourthly, the company plans to open its offices in several countries. The first will appear in Spain this fall.

Although now travel portals mainly publish instructions on the topic "How to get money back" and "Legal assistance to representatives of the travel industry in the context of the coronavirus", we believe - travel is coming soon!

Summer will come, the virus will recede, and the tourism industry will recover from the crisis, as it has done more than once. This moment should be met fully armed so as not to miss the great deals. Therefore, we publish for you a selection of the most popular travel sites in Russia according to Yandex. adara ".

National Geographic Russia

Opens the list for the real heavyweight - the online version of National Geographic magazine. For more than a hundred years, the magazine has been telling and showing people around the world how their fellows live on other ends of the Earth. It was National Geographic that made large, vibrant photographs the standard for geographic magazines of all sizes.

And now you can admire the views from all over the world on the magazine's website, nat-geo. u. In addition to the articles themselves (although the latest of them are available only by subscription, however, there is something to see for free) contests are regularly held on the site, and its own photo club is also organized, where those who wish can share their photos.


If the tenth place in the rating sings an ode to the beauty of the Earth, then visasam. u is a resource of a purely practical nature.

  • Reluctant to pay intermediaries?
  • Annoyed by travel agents and agencies?
  • When you look at the guides, they yawn, and the guides get disgusted?

Then you are most dear to visasam. u. It is there that you can find out from experienced travelers, who have reeled off hundreds of kilometers around the globe, where it is better to go and what is better to see. And how not to overpay.

In addition to the exchange of tourism experience, on the site you can still find out the latest information about the migration legislation of different countries, and about the fastest way to move to another country for permanent residence and join the slender ranks of its citizens.

We'll tell you!

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