Active tourism Togliatti

Individual weekend excursions

From 27 to 29 July, on the basis of the water sports complex of PJSC "AVTOVAZ" (Lesoparkovoye shosse, 57), the Festival of water sports will be held for the fourth time.

Art gives Togliatti a new image

The Togliatti "Pyatak" begins to live a new life. After the abandoned dance floor was reanimated and given a decent look again, this place became the center of attraction for various events.

Sabantuy in Togliatti

On Saturday, July 8, within the framework of the celebration of Sabantuy and the 280th anniversary of Togliatti, the open championship of the city in Koresh wrestling will take place.

Youth Day and Food Festival in Togliatti

Last weekend in Togliatti there were festive events dedicated to Youth Day.

Regular excursions along the sightseeing tourist route Togliatti

Every Saturday from 12:00 to 15:00 in Togliatti there are excursions along the sightseeing tourist route. Additional information on tel. (8482) 26-45-04, 54-45-47.

th International Festival "Drums of the World-"

On June 23-25, in the Samara region, near Togliatti, the XIV International Festival "Drums of the World-2017" will take place. For the 14th time, the festival will bring together carriers of different cultures, representatives of different countries and continents, who will unite in music.

th Tremolo Music and Arts Festival will take place in Togliatti

The 10th Tremolo Festival, which is one of the brightest summer events for all lovers of classical music, will take place from June 25 to June 27 in Togliatti at the Volna recreation center (Portposelok, Komsomolskoye shosse, 68) ...

Active tourism Togliatti

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This coming weekend, February 13 and 14, at the St. Anatoly Stepanov will host the final stages of the personal motorcycle ice racing championship in the 2021 season.

Linguistic camp "Alliance Française Togliatti" and "Prime Time" for children and adolescents during the winter holidays

From 2 to 9 January 2021 on the basis of the camp OSP "Elektronik" v. Berry will host the Alliance Française Togliatti Winter Linguistic Camp and Prime Time for children and adolescents.

The 7th festival of Asian youth culture "Kaiga-fest" will take place in Togliatti

On November 29, the 7th festival of Asian youth culture "Kaiga-fest" will take place in the "Togliattiazot" recreation center. At one festival site, modern and traditional cultures of Korea, Japan and China will be presented, teams and guests from different cities of Russia will participate in the festival.

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Digital Tourism on the Runet Awards

Rosturizm invites hospitality industry companies to take part in the special nomination "Digital Tourism"

Competition “Top-Local Cultural Tourism Brands of Russia”

The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation announces the start of the competition for the selection of "Top-1000 local cultural tourism brands in Russia" on the interactive digital platform Live Heritage. f

Tolyatti continues to accept applications for participation in the second gastronomic festival "My Fish". The event will take place on June 3 on the territory of the Sputnik MC in the Komsomolsk District.

The XIV International Festival "Drums of Peace" will take place in Togliatti

On June 23-25, the XIV International Festival "Drums of Peace" will take place in Togliatti. More than 5,000 people are expected to attend the event. The festival, as always, will be preceded by a drum camp "Deep Immersion", to which the best percussion masters from all over the world are invited.

Press tour for journalists of print and electronic media in the Park Complex of History of Technicians named after KG Sakharov

April 19, 2017 at 14-00 in the Park Complex of History Technician named after K. Sakharov (Togliatti, Yuzhnoe highway 137), a press tour will be held for journalists of print and electronic media as well as representatives of the tourism industry in. Togliatti and the region.

The Second Gastronomic Festival "My Fish" will take place on the City Day of Togliatti

On June 3, 2017, on the Day of the city of Togliatti, the Second Gastronomic Festival "My Fish" will take place on the territory of the Komsomolsk District. Acceptance of applications from participants is open!

International linguistic camp in Togliatti-

City Cultural and Educational Public Organization "Alliance Française Togliatti" with the support of the city administration. Togliatti and the French Embassy in Russia annually since 2003 has been holding an International linguistic camp for schoolchildren from 7 to 17 years old who are interested in learning foreign languages. The peculiarity of the project is that the participants get acquainted with the proposed foreign languages: French, English or German, and completely immerse themselves in the intercultural environment.

The Volga-Yunpress International Festival of Children and Youth Journalism and Screen Creativity Completed in Tolyatti

On March 27-31, 2017, the XII International Festival of Children and Youth Journalism and Screen Creativity "Volga-Yunpress 2017" was held in Togliatti. For 11 years the festival has been bringing together young journalists, correspondents, cameramen, editors and entire film studios from different cities on one platform.

XX Open Festival of Traditional Wushu and Qigong

Popular excursion routes include: The oldest village of Shiryaevo, currently a museum complex has been created in the village, which includes the house-museum of the artist Ilya Efimovich Repin, the house-museum of the poet Alexander Vasilyevich Shiryaevts (Abramov), the estate of the merchant of the second guild I. Vdovin, the famous Shiryaevsky adits, Mount Popova, and opposite the Monastyrskaya mountain, three kilometers from the village of Shiryaevo is Mount Camel, Garibaldi Castle located on the banks of the Volga in the village of Khryashevka, Molodetsky Kurgan and Devya Gora near the village of Zhiguli, Tsarev a mound near the village of Volzhsky, Mount Strelnaya located near the village of Zolnoye, Tract Kamennaya Chasha in the Zhigulevsky Hills, Bogatyrskaya Sloboda and others.

On the territory of the Samara region there are more than a dozen holy sources that have become places of pilgrimage for believers. One of the most popular and recognized holy sources is the Holy Spring in the village of Tashla in honor of the icon of the Mother of God "Deliverer from troubles".

It must be understood that religious tourism is different from pilgrimage. Urist and pilgrims visit the same places, but the purpose of their visits will be different. For example, tourists have a goal to see, learn and discover something new, while pilgrims have the main goal of prayer, worship and worship of shrines, aimed at cleansing the soul. If you want to visit any of the Orthodox shrines not on your own, but as part of group tours, then in order to avoid unpleasant moments, you need to ask if this tour suits your goals.

We offer residents and guests of the Samara region to conduct an individual weekend excursion in a car for a group of 1 to 4 people. interesting and informative.

Weekend tour to the village of Shiryaevo and Mount Strelnaya

Shiryaevo village of the Samara region is located near the city of Zhigulevsk.

Sights of the village: Museum of the artist Ilya Repin who lived in Shiryaevo in 1870, the estate of the merchant I. Vdovin and the house of the writer Alexander Shiryaevts (Abramov), Shiryaevsky adits, an observation deck on Mount Popova, monastery mountain, Mount Camel, monument of Volga Bulgaria.

Weekend Tour to Castle Garibaldi

Garibaldi Castle is an unusually beautiful complex located in the village of Khryashchevka, Samara region, 40 kilometers from Tolyatti.

Before the construction of the Garibaldi Castle, few knew about the village of Khryashevka, but after the appearance of the Garibaldi Castle, tourists flocked to Khryashevka, wishing to see the beautiful creation with their own eyes.

Excursion to Molodetsky Kurgan and Mount Devya

Excursion to Tsarev Kurgan and to the Holy Spring Inexhaustible Chalice

The route will acquaint you with the unique natural formations of the Zhiguli Mountains: Molodetsky Kurgan, Mount Devya and the legends associated with them. You will get the opportunity to see the picturesque local places, opening from the top of the Molodetsky burial mound, to make interesting photographs as a keepsake.

The capital of the Soviet car industry lies on the eastern bank of the Volga, opposite the Zhiguli Mountains, which gave the name to the legendary car brand. It was founded by the Astrakhan governor Vasily Tatishchev in 1737 as a fortress to protect against nomads and was inhabited by baptized Kalmyks. The new settlement was named so - Stavropol, translated from Greek, "holy cross".

In the 1950s, after the construction of the Zhigulevskaya hydroelectric power station and the formation of a reservoir, the city, together with neighboring villages, completely went under water, and residents moved above the flood zone. In 1966, after the decision was made to build the Volga Automobile Plant, the city was rebuilt and given a new name - Togliatti.

It is still an auto city. Sports tourism is developed here, and the country's largest motorsport competitions are held: ring, rally and synchronized races, autocross, buggy and ATV competitions.

Accreditation, extensive experience in working with groups, excellent reviews, in English and Russian. Comfortable transport, accommodation, national cuisine

Accreditation, extensive experience, excellent reviews, in Russian and English, groups of any size.

Provide comfortable transport

Accreditation, extensive experience in working with groups, excellent reviews, comfortable transport for any number of tourists in a group.

An excursion is creativity, and not only for guides, but also for guests: you can be not just spectators, but also “second directors”. Ask any questions, contact with various wishes - thanks to them the walk will only become more interesting!

Diveevskaya Sloboda is the only 4-star hotel in Diveevo. Convenient location close to all major sights. Diveyevo. Cozy eco-rooms made of wood, international level of service, rent of a bath with a rejuvenating vat, phyto-barrels, bicycles. Organization of transfer to the hotel.

Welcome to the atmosphere of Russian hospitality!

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