Active tourism israel

Active tourism israel

If you need to escape from the daily routine, relax and gain new strength, or just change the environment, then you need health tourism.

Wellness tourism is recreation to improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Health tourism has become very popular in recent years; the growth of tourism is due to the development of countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Wellness tourism brings in over $ 500 billion a year as people travel everywhere to exercise, homeopathy, meditation, stress relief programs and more.

In the last decade, Israel has become one of the most important destinations for international health tourism. Dozens of luxury spas, wellness centers and hotels are built across the country, offering world-class wellness programs.

Here we present three of the best wellness centers in Israel

Health Tourism Destinations in Israel

Dead Sea

Without a doubt, the Dead Sea is the premier destination for health tourism.

The Dead Sea, known worldwide as the lowest point on the planet, is a salt lake located at the western edge of the Judean Desert. The bottom of the lake contains mineral-rich mud that has unique properties.

The Dead Sea is also famous for its waters. The high concentration of salt allows water to float on the surface without wasting energy.

The lakeside is home to many luxury spas, hotels and wellness centers, as well as many shops selling Dead Sea products.

Health tourism in Israel

Despite the fact that modern Israel is not even 70 years old, the heart of the Middle East has a rich history. Every year, Israel receives millions of pilgrims and travelers who come to this amazing country to soak up the beautiful beaches of the Red and Mediterranean Sea, receive medical treatment at the Dead Sea resorts, enrich themselves culturally during interesting excursions and see religious shrines.

Country overview

Israel is located in the Middle East, near the Mediterranean coast. The state's neighbors are Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and the Gaza Strip. Israel is considered a Jewish state, but the republic is multinational. The ancient country at different times was ruled by Egypt, Babylon, the Roman and Ottoman empires, Persia, Byzantium and Great Britain, therefore in these places there are many different historical monuments and artifacts. Israel is popular among tourists all year round, because there are different purposes for visiting: treatment in clinics, recreation at the resorts of the Dead and Red Sea, visiting religious shrines.

The small republic is located in the temperate and tropical climatic zone. The north and center of the country is often watered with abundant rains, while the south is almost always dry. The climate on the coast is characterized by humid summers and mild winters, in the mountains - dry summers and cold winters. In July, the air warms up to + 38º, and sea water - up to + 30º. For swimming, the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Galilee are suitable, and in winter - the Dead and Red Seas, so the beach season in Israel runs all year round.

How to get to resorts from different CIS countries

There are direct flights from Moscow to Tel Aviv every day. The flight will take about four hours on average. Not far from Eilat is the Ovda airport, which also receives aircraft from Russian airlines. There are also flights with transfers in Istanbul and Minsk. Charter planes also fly to Eilat and Tel Aviv from Moscow. In addition to Moscow, there are direct flights from St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don, the price of which is more expensive.

Residents of Ukraine will be able to get to Israel through the airports of Kiev, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk. Belarusian airlines regularly operate direct flights from Minsk to Tel Aviv. Fans of sea adventures from Sochi or Odessa get to Israel by ferry with a transfer in Istanbul, Trabzon or Alanya.

Sea resorts and resort cities of Israel

Israel has access to three seas at once, so beach tourism in the country is developed at the highest level. Tourists from all over the world visit the following seaside resorts and cities here:

Tel Aviv is considered the tourist center of the Israeli Mediterranean coast. Israel's largest city is the business capital. The coastal strip is littered with luxury hotels and inns. The resort is famous for its long, clean and white beaches. Tel Aviv is considered an expensive city and the center of an active nightlife, which attracts young people. The old part of the metropolis - Jaffa attracts with museums, exhibitions, shops and an old port, where excellent seafood is prepared.

Tiny Bat Yam is located near Tel Aviv, which contrasts with the background of its older brother, because it is suitable for a family and relaxing holiday. The town is famous for its shallow beaches, where even the smallest children swim.

If you need to escape from your daily routine, relax and gain new strength, or just change the environment, then you need health tourism.

Israel is a state in southwestern Asia, located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The territory of Israel is 22,072 km2. Israel's neighbor in the north is Lebanon, in the northeast - Syria, in the east - Jordan and the territory of the West Bank of the Jordan River, in the southwest - Egypt and the territory of the Gaza Strip.

However, for various reasons, Israel refrains from formally defining its borders. So, the borders with Egypt and Jordan are determined by special treaties, with Lebanon and Syria - they are not officially settled. The countries are divided conditionally: between Israel and Lebanon there is a so-called "blue line" - a dividing line recognized by the UN; Between Israel and Syria - the "ceasefire line" buffer zone, created by the decision of the UN Security Council in 1973.

Israel's history goes back centuries. It is believed that the first Hebrew tribes came to the lands of modern Palestine from Egypt around the 12th century BC. e. According to biblical sources, the ancestor of the Jewish people was Jacob, nicknamed Israel for the fight with God, who appeared to him in the form of an angel. It was the 12 sons of Jacob (the tribes of Israel) who became the forefathers of the modern Israelites. The Jewish state reached its greatest prosperity under King David, during which Jerusalem became the capital. The son of David is King Solomon, famous for his wisdom in the 10th century BC. e. built the First Temple, later destroyed and rebuilt (Second Temple), the remains of which and the Wailing Wall can still be seen in Jerusalem today. After the death of Solomon, a long period of destructive wars and military conflicts began, which led to the resettlement of Jews across the territories of different countries. The further history of the State of Israel begins in the second half of the 19th century, when the idea of ​​creating a Jewish state in the original territories of the former Judea appeared, which was brought to life after the end of World War II: in 1948, the State of Israel was proclaimed in part of the territory of Palestine.

Today Israel is a developed country that plays a big role in the politics and economy of Southwest Asia. Israel is one of the most visited countries in the region by tourists. Due to the hot climate, unique geography and a large number of attractions, the country is popular with different categories of vacationers. So, the sights of Israel, more precisely, the abundance of religious shrines makes the destination popular for pilgrimage, the healing waters of the Dead Sea attract those who want to improve their health, the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea are waiting for beach lovers. In addition, snow-capped mountain peaks (in particular, Mount Hermon) can be of interest to skiers, safaris in the Judean Desert and Arava Desert are suitable for lovers of outdoor activities, Galilee forests will appeal to fans of ecotourism. An additional number of tourists, of which there are more than 4 million people annually, is attracted by Israel through a flexible visa cancellation policy.

How to get there


As a rule, tourists get to Israel by air through the international airports Ben-Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv), Eilat Airport (Eilat), Ovda Airport (Eilat), Haifa Airport (Haifa). In addition, there are several more regional airports.

Regular flights from Moscow to Tel Aviv (travel time - 4 hours) are operated by Aeroflot, Transaero, El-Al and Rossiya.

Israeli airlines Arkia and IsrAir operate charter flights. Russia and El-Al fly from St. Petersburg to Tel Aviv. Direct flights to Israel are also carried out from some other Russian cities: Ural Airlines - from Yekaterinburg, Siberia - from Novosibirsk.

Belavia, El Al and Sundor carry passengers from Belarus to Israel. Ukraine International Airlines and El Al operate flights from Kiev to Tel Aviv.

You can also get to Israel by air with a connection in one of the European countries. However, due to the unstable political situation in the country, Israel has practically no communication with the countries of its own region. Thus, regular flights exist only to Amman (Jordan) and Cairo (Egypt), and the cost of such flights is relatively high.

Bus and car

Currently, only Jordan and Egypt have permanent border crossings with Israel, through which vehicles move. Borders with Syria and Lebanon are closed. Regular bus service between Jordan and Israel runs between Amman and Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and also between Eilat and Aqaba.

For the peaceful neighborhood of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, Israel is called the cradle of world religions. For the many legendary buildings and historical sites located here, it is called an open-air museum. For the unique healing climate, for the miracles of healing, Israel is called a natural health resort, presented to mankind many millennia ago.

Combine business with pleasure? Yes!

Wellness tours to Israel are always popular among tourists. People come here to correct their shaky health, put their nerves in order, relieve accumulated fatigue, and increase their vitality. Wellness rest on the Dead Sea is especially widespread. This phenomenal healing reservoir contains useful minerals and salts that have a beneficial effect on human health, and the life-giving sea air with a high oxygen content, penetrating into every cell of the body, fills it with energy and strength.

  • various skin diseases,
  • joint diseases (including the consequences of sports injuries),
  • nervous system disorders,
  • diseases of the endocrine system,
  • some forms of allergies,
  • diseases of the genital area,
  • diseases of the respiratory tract.

In addition, the body's resistance to various colds increases, the process of skin rejuvenation takes place, chronic fatigue disappears, and as a result, vital activity returns. Note that you don't have to go to strict, frightening medical institutions for this, you just have to pay close attention to the resorts of Israel. Wellness in the open air on a gentle sandy beach under the rays of the gentle sun ... What could be more pleasant and useful?

The Dead Sea will bring health

According to statistics on international tourism, thousands of travelers go on famous medical tours to Israel in the hope of recovery in the waters of the Dead Sea.

Mineral Beach

Public beach with the cleanest coast of salt and small pebbles and a hydrogen sulphide pool, the temperature of which is 39 degrees. The beach is known for the impressive reserves of the Dead Sea mud,

Neve Midbar Beach

Truly a desert oasis. Well-groomed beach that will not leave anyone indifferent. The places for rest are well equipped, and there is a unique curative mud right under your feet. A real piece of paradise is also available on earth: harmony and peace reign here.

Ein Bokek

Israel plans to return to active marketing in the Russian market after the end of the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, the continuation of the program of subsidizing charter flights to Eilat, which had to be interrupted ahead of schedule in the current winter season, is also being discussed.


For this reason, Russian tour operators and airlines were forced to complete flight programs to Israel, including Eilat, ahead of schedule.

As the director of the Russian office of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism Vladimir Shklyar told Vestnik ATOR, in total, in the 2019/2020 season, 157 flights were carried out to Ramon airport, on which 23 620 Russian tourists arrived in Israel (+ 69% to season 2018/2019).

“Entry into Israel is currently closed until further notice. In fact, this means that the program of subsidized flights to Eilat ended ahead of schedule. At the same time, despite the quarantine, all payments to the flight consolidators will be made. Their reports are already being processed at the head office, ”said Mr. Shklyar.

He also clarified that the Israeli side will pay the promised funds (up to 250 thousand euros) under the program to support the opening of new flights from those cities of the Russian Federation where there have never been flights to Israel.

“For companies with which an agreement has been concluded, but flights have not yet begun to operate, the money is reserved. They will be paid after the fulfillment of the conditions of the program becomes possible again. One way or another, under the terms of the current directive, flights can begin until October 24, 2020, ”said Vladimir Shklyar.


As for subsidizing charter flights to Israel in the next winter season, there are such plans. According to Mr. Shklyar, the possibility of extending the program and discussing changes in the amount of payments (now Israel pays 60 euros for one tourist) depends on the epidemiological situation around the world.

“The high season in southern Israel lasts from September to May. Let's hope that closer to autumn the situation with the coronavirus will be resolved. Then, I am sure, the budget for the program of subsidies for charter flights to Eilat, which has proved to be very successful, will be allocated. We very much hope that everything will be in order and we will be able to offer this program to the flight consolidators again, ”said the representative of the Israeli tourism.


According to Mr. Shklyar, with the normalization of the epidemiological situation, Israel plans to resume its marketing campaign in the Russian market.

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