Active tourism in the Kaliningrad region

The state of the tourism industry in the Kaliningrad region

What is the uniqueness of the direction on a global scale

Profi. ravel: Andrey Viktorovich, what does the Kaliningrad region stake on when competing with other tourist destinations?

Secondly, we have unique sights on a global scale - this is the Curonian Spit National Park, included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as the only place in the world for the industrial extraction and processing of amber in the village of Yantarny ... In total, there are more than one and a half thousand cultural heritage sites and more than 100 museums on the territory of the region, 50 tourist routes have been formed, 10 of which are main and 3 are branded.

Thirdly, in addition to historical and cultural tourism, health-improving recreation, business tourism is actively developing in the region, a lot of effort is invested in the development of an event program. The national calendar of events includes more than 200 cultural, sports, musical, gastronomic events in the region. I will name just a few of them: the World Fireworks Championship, the Kaliningrad City Jazz International Music Festival, the Herring Day folk holiday, the Vocal KiViN, the Kaup Viking Age Historical Reenactment Festival and many others.

We were convinced of the effectiveness of events to increase tourist flow this fall: the world championship of fireworks was held with great success for the second time. Teams from Spain, Latvia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Croatia and Slovakia took part in it, and almost 300 thousand guests from all over the world came to Zelenogradsk to watch the spectacular performance. As a result, the tourist season in Zelenogradsk was extended for the whole September.

Profi. ravel: How do you promote tourism opportunities in the region?

Andrey Ermak: Kaliningrad region was represented at 15 largest tourism exhibitions in cities of Russia, Europe and China; we held 11 large-scale presentations in the cities of Russia, Europe and China, including jointly with the Federal Tourism Agency and the Ministry of Culture of Russia, the Profi portal. ravel.

Also, our specialists ensure the presence of offers from the Kaliningrad region on all the largest information platforms of the country: the National Tourist Portal Russia. ravel, National Calendar of Events, b2b-portal Profi. ravel.

In April 2017, a lot of work was completed on the accreditation of the tourism product of the Kaliningrad region by the import substitution committee of the Ministry of Culture of Russia, giving it the status of a brand and recommended by the Ministry of Culture of Russia for sale by the country's largest tour operators.

The main tourist centers of the Kaliningrad region and the most visited tourist sites

  • Kaliningrad: Cathedral, Museum of the World Ocean, Amber Museum, Forts No. 11 and No. 5, Friedland Gate Museum;
  • Svetlogorsk: Gallery “Second sun ”, private organ hall, Amber Hall Variety Theater, G. Brachert Museum;
  • Zelenogradsk: Murarium Museum;
  • Pionersky: Rantava Museum;
  • Amber: Kaliningrad Amber Factory, Amber Promenade, Becker's Barque;
  • Curonian Spit National Park: Fringilla Ornithological Station, Efa Dune, Dancing Forest, Müller Height, ethnographic complex "Ancient Sambia".

About travel and tourism

The Kaliningrad Region is the only region of the Russian Federation separated from the main territory of the country by land borders of foreign states and international sea waters.

It has frost-free winters and moderately warm summers, beautiful nature and rich fauna. At any time of the year, people go to the Kaliningrad Region for effective spa treatment and a rich excursion program. In addition, some tourists come to spend the weekend in Kaliningrad: go shopping, visit a couple of restaurants, taste freshly brewed beer, and then plunge headlong into the vibrant nightlife.

Large tourist centers of the region: Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk, Otradnoe, Pionersky, Yantarny, Curonian Spit National Park.

Group tours to Kaliningrad:

Excursions - from 800 rubles. Group tours - from 4 800 rubles.

Apartments in the Kaliningrad region.

Weather in the Kaliningrad region

The climate of the region is transitional from temperate continental to maritime. In the autumn months, which are most favorable for treatment, the average air temperature is from 0 ° C to +7 ° C, and the temperature of the sea water does not rise above + 10 ° C. During this period, the iodine content in the air increases to the maximum, which helps in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, asthma and thyroid gland. In winter, the average temperature is -2. -6 ° С, the coldest month is January. Severe frosts are short-lived - 1-2 days. In spring, the average air temperature is +14. + 17 ° C, the sea water temperature ranges from +12 to +16 ° C. The warmest summer month is July, the average air temperature is about +21 ° C, the water temperature of the Baltic Sea at this time is +17. + 18 ° С, and the Curonian Lagoon is 3-4 degrees higher. In terms of the number of sunny days per year, the region is close to Sochi.

Popular hotels in the Kaliningrad region

Treatment in the Kaliningrad region

Here you can read and think about travel and tourism, about the tourism business and travel options, about independent tourism and choosing a tour operator.

Date of publication: 03.1.016

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Bibliographic description:

Dusmukhametova, K. V. State of the tourism industry in the Kaliningrad region/K. V. Dusmukhametova, A. D. Malova. - Text: direct//Issues of Economics and Management. - 2016. - No. 5. (7.). - S. 81-85. - URL: . u/th/5/archive/44/1592/(date accessed: 12.2.021).

This article discusses the prospects and problems of development of the tourism industry, presents the results of the analysis of changes in key indicators, and also describes the current situation in the industry.

Keywords: tourism, Kaliningrad region, number of tourists, collective accommodation facilities, tourist and recreational clusters.

The Kaliningrad Region is the westernmost and smallest subject of the Russian Federation. Tourism is one of the priority areas for the development of the region. This area, according to the Strategy of Socio-Economic Development for the Long-Term Perspective, approved by the Resolution of the Government of the Kaliningrad Region No. 583 dated August 2, 2012, is one of the basic priorities of the new model of the regional economy. This is what this article will be about.

First of all, it should be noted that the Kaliningrad region really has a huge potential for the development of the tourism cluster. In 2015, a record number of tourists arrived in Kaliningrad - more than 1 million people. [one]. Our region is truly unique. In the region there are many monuments of cultural heritage inherited from East Prussia, various natural landscape complexes, balneological resorts on the coast of the Baltic Sea. To date, the potential of the region in the tourism sector has not been fully revealed. However, the government of the Kaliningrad region is doing everything possible to develop tourism. Today seven tourist and recreational clusters are represented here: Krantz/Zelenogradsk, Rauschen/Svetlogorsk, Neikuren/Pionersky, Palmniken/Yantarny, Pillau/Baltiysk, Konigsberg/Kaliningrad and European Baikal/Lake. Vishtynets [2].

The Government of the Kaliningrad Region actively supports the tourism sector. According to the decree of 24. 2. 3 No. 993 adopted the state program "Tourism". The strategic goal of the program is to enhance the competitiveness of the region's tourism industry. A total of 688,675.52 thousand rubles were allocated from the regional budget for the implementation of this program. For the first year of its implementation (2014), 219,968.71 thousand rubles were allocated. In 2015 - 87,491.26 thousand rubles, for 2016 - 86,328.40 thousand rubles. In subsequent years (2017-2020), it is planned to allocate about 29488.715 thousand rubles. [3].

Fig. ... Funds directed to financing the "Tourism" program

To study the state of the tourism industry in the Kaliningrad region, the main indicators were collected and analyzed, presented in Table 1.

Indicators of the number of tourists accommodated in the DAC

Number of tourists accommodated in collective accommodation facilities

for the right to receive subsidies from the regional budget

to reimburse part of the costs of organizing and conducting tourist trips

to the Kaliningrad region for children and youth of the Russian Federation

to reimburse part of the costs of organizing and conducting promotional and informational tours in the Kaliningrad region

support for events of tourist attraction (development of event tourism)

to create conditions for recreation in the municipalities of the Kaliningrad region

content of sea beaches

within the boundaries of municipalities of the Kaliningrad region


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Kaliningrad Region is accepting applications for participation in the annual professional competition of the tourism industry of the Kaliningrad Region "Hospitality Talent" 2020.

The main goal of the competition is to help increase the role of domestic and inbound tourism in the Kaliningrad region, give it greater state significance, attract the attention of the general public to the processes in this area, and assist in the formation of a competitive regional tourism product.

In the new part of the guide to Russia - Kaliningrad region. The best routes, hotels, restaurants and excursions - first-hand. Save and plan your trip! Looking ahead, I will say that I am preparing several more issues dedicated to the westernmost part of Russia.

This is another issue of the Russia: Insider Tips project, which aims to give you ideas for traveling around your home country. In previous releases:

My readers tell about their native and beloved cities - with soul and with details that only local people know. If you have any questions, ask in the comments!

My name is Olga, I am engaged in business development in an IT company, and I am infinitely in love with the Kaliningrad region. I am happy to share my impressions of this incredible place of our beautiful Motherland. In Kaliningrad, for the first time, I found myself on a honeymoon trip. Our wedding was planned for 10.80, after which my spouse and I had to immediately fly off on a honeymoon trip to some beautiful European country. But, unfortunately, we did not have time to issue passports, so my friend advised us to pay attention to Kaliningrad. We studied the reviews on the Internet for a long time and skeptically, until we accidentally stumbled upon a photo of the Curonian Spit. And in the end, immediately after registration, a photo session and a limousine, they rushed from the abnormally hot Moscow, right in wedding dresses, to the westernmost point of Russia. It was on that day that a new page in the history of our family's travels was opened. A page of new impressions and trips across Russia. It turned out that in Russia you can relax and be incredibly happy! And after already five vacations spent in the Kaliningrad region, I can talk about it for hours. And I am always glad to come back here again, whether on vacation or on a weekend.

I sincerely hope that the pandemic has not affected the service and quality of the hotels, which I will warmly mention below. I will try to outline the brightest places and routes: Yantarny, Curonian Spit and Svetlogorsk. Kaliningrad itself is undoubtedly interesting, beautiful and beautiful, but if you want to take a break from the bustle of the metropolis and not be deprived of the benefits of civilization, then you are in the region!

Why go

If everything is important for your vacation at once: a new, unexplored place in Russia, a short flight, an optimal time zone that allows you not to fall out of the work process, fresh air and endless sea, singing white sand and picturesque forest, incredible sunsets, ecology, solitude and civilization, sights, good service, delicious food, friendly residents and the ability to choose a hotel for every budget, then this is the right place for you - in the Kaliningrad region.

When To Go

Without a doubt, the best time is summer, but especially in August, the Baltic Sea warms up quite well and beach lovers will find a soft Baltic tan, which lasts much longer than the southern one. Because of the fresh sea and vast greenery, even in a thirty-degree heat, you will feel very comfortable in the sun. I also want to say that it is beautiful here at the end of June, so I celebrated my birthday here twice. A particularly pleasant bonus is that the local time lags behind Moscow by only one hour. This is great for celebrating your birthday, when you are already 19 in Moscow, and the Kaliningrad region is still 18))) And, believe me, this hour becomes surprisingly pleasant, valuable and unforgettable!

How to get there

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