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Crossing the Volga in Samara

From December 29, 2017, you can cross the Volga only by air cushion boats from the River Station. The current schedule is always available on the srpp63 website. u

News and Announcements

The Togliatti Athletics Marathon is held annually as part of the schedule of official physical culture events and sports events in the Samara Region. The eighth open marathon, timed to coincide with the 281st anniversary of Stavropol-on-Volga and the 17th anniversary of the Sportivnoe Obozreniye newspaper

Published: 06 January 2018

Photo - vk. om/runstudiosamara For the first time since the 80s of the last century, this year the First Samara Marathon was held in Samara. And, despite the fact that winter has just begun, registration for the Samara Marathon

Published: December 10, 2017

Last Sunday, October 5, the XXIII All-Russian Ecological Marathon of the same name with the park was held in the Samarskaya Luka National Park. In total, more than 250 took part in the race, despite only +5 degrees

Published: 07 October 2014

The 2014 cycling season will close on October 18, whatever the weather. Gathering, according to tradition, at 8-30 on Kuibyshev Square, from where at 9-30, after the construction and instruction on traffic rules, the participants of the event in an organized column

Implementation of PR activities in the hotel business

Novosemeykino Old sulfur quarry Day three

Sulfur Lake. the same familiar road to Novosemeykino village, turn right and a few kilometers. before moving. If you believe the map, then in a straight line it goes to the huge area of ​​the quarry, then descend into the hollow

Published: 08 September 2013

Novosemeykino Old sulfur quarry Second day

The same KAMAZ-ridden road to the village. Novosemeykino, just turn right now. I took my GPS with me. The road is bearable, without holes and large cracks. Along it there are various buildings from summer cottages

Published: 08 September 2013

Novosemeykino Old sulfur quarry Day one

At the intersection of the Novosemeykinskaya road I turn left. The flavor of the post-Soviet hinterland is immediately felt: forgotten stele-monuments of achievements, achievements and aspirations of the past era; renovated and well-groomed church; motor scooter "Ant" with a trailer near the gate ...

Published: 05 September 2013

The Russian Highway Cycling Championship was held in Samara

An article about PR activities in the hotel business.

New tours, government support and growth in demand for ecotourism - what was domestic tourism in Samara this year

December 30, 2020, 17:00 825

The coronavirus pandemic this year hit the tourism industry in the Samara region, as well as in other regions of the country: some travel agencies were closed, some were forced to reduce staff and reorient to work in domestic directions as soon as they became available ; accommodation facilities and entertainment complexes were idle and supported by government support. But there is also good news - after the abolition of self-isolation, more guests began to come to the region and more often - not from the Volga Federal District, new formats of recreation were announced, and local residents were finally able to actively show their love for the beauty surrounding their home.

Where were guests invited

- We finally made an author's tour - “We are going deliciously in Samara style”. This is a weekend tour, where we introduce tourists to local cuisine, cook crayfish and taste beer, in the summer they cooked fish soup on a fire from Volga fish. It was in demand among guests from Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, for example, - says the general director of Samaraintur Serafima Segal, recalling how the difficult 2020 went for the agency.

As part of this tour, the guests were taken around the historical center of Samara, shown a panorama of the Volga and the Zhigulevsky mountains, treated to the Volga pike perch and sturgeon, cherry pie and local sweets.

“I travel often and am amazed at the beauty of our land. But Samara amazed with its splendor. A wonderful walk along the Volga, along the magnificent embankment. The sunset amazed with its beauty. Indeed, here he is special. The glorious city of Samara, and the main thing in it - the people, is the soul of the city. I would like to return to this city ”, - such a review was written by one of the participants of the tour, Natalia from Moscow.

Despite the fact that the new tour became a hit of sales, this year was not easy for Samaraintour, which had been developing domestic tourism before the pandemic, as for many.

- After the abolition of the self-isolation regime, there was no special tourist "boom", because people are still afraid of a worsening epidemiological situation. On the one hand, we were actively selling Sochi and Crimea, on the other, we completely "sagged" school curricula, ”notes Serafima Segal. - The staff had to be cut by about 10-15% - in April-May there were still unclear prospects, and people themselves were looking for another job, because they had to feed their families here and now. But in general, the team rallied, realized that we need to go through the situation together.

According to Segal, the regional tourism department, the Kuibyshev branch of FPK JSC and Russian Railways Tour LLC are now actively promoting the reception in Samara, helping agencies - in particular, they hold online exhibitions where you can tell , what you can do in the region, why you need to go here. But the recovery of the industry will be very long due to the fear of people and the decline in income - recreation will not be included in the number of priority spending. In addition, the traditionally low season is on the nose, and what awaits everyone next March, what the epidemiological situation will be, is still unknown.

The Samara region attracts tourists with its picturesque nature: there are protected forests, Zhigulevskie mountains, rivers and lakes, healing springs. There are places covered with legends and associated with Russian history. There are routes along the mountains and forests that are accessible even for unprepared travelers. You can buy tours and get to know the most remote corners. In a word, the rest in the Samara region in 2021 will be active, eventful and informative.

Cyclocross races and races are held in the Zhigulevsky Hills and the Samarskaya Luka National Park in summer, spring and autumn for sports fans, and ski marathons in winter. The slopes have trails for skiers and snowboarders.

Local health resorts invite you to gain strength and improve your health; rest with treatment in the Samara region is quite in demand in 2021. Local mineral waters and curative mud are used for wellness procedures.

On the territory of the Samara region there are beautiful old monasteries and holy springs, where Orthodox pilgrims also travel all year round.

What to see in the Samara region

Video tour of the Samara region

Video: Tourist Information Center of the Samara Region

things to do in the Samara region

Go to nature with a tent

Take a break from the noise of the city, turn off your mobile phone, put only the essentials in your backpack and set off for a few days with a tent in nature. There are so many beautiful places to see in the Samara region. Here is Blue Lake, and here is an unusual Camel Mountain. You can set up camp on the banks of the Volga and enjoy the sunsets in the evenings.

Ride in the mountains and see a sailing regatta

Active tourists can ride bicycles or horses on the green slopes of the Zhiguli Mountains. If you want - take part in the annual ecological marathon "Samarskaya Luka" (running or cycling) in the national natural park. In summer, the X-WATERS Samara swimming rally (swim for 181 kilometers) and the sailing regatta in memory of Vladimir Vysotsky take place on the Volga.

The Active Time company was founded in 2008, over 11 years we have gained vast experience in organizing corporate events and children's programs. Every year more than 8000 people trust us to organize their holidays. render completely.

Our playground is located in one of the most beautiful places in the city of Samara on Krasnaya Glinka, next to the new ski complex "SOK", in Sokol'kiye Gory. You can reach us both by public transport (10 minutes walk from the stop) and by car.

The territory of "Active Time" is more than 2 hectares, there are open areas and forest areas for events. Very interesting hiking trails have been laid from our base. the lightest observation deck with a view of the Volga is located one kilometer from us, you can reach it on foot.

Our site is unique in that there is a large number of attractions for active recreation in one place:

▪ rope city; ▪ archery and crossbow shooting range; ▪ classic and "Kangaroo" trampolines; paintball and pneumatic shooting ranges; ▪ targets for throwing knives and axes; ▪ shooting from bare weapons: machine gun, machine gun, pistol, grenade launcher.

Our base is equipped with summer gazebos, barbecue areas, as well as pavilions with air conditioning and heating.

Spring is in a hurry to replace winter-winter, which means that Maslenitsa will come to visit us after it! Friends, very little time is left before the celebration of this most riotous Russian holiday. And we know how to make it really fun and unforgettable for you! Show in full. Sign up for our programs, and you will be greeted by the Skomorokh, with him you will go through funny contests, show your heroic prowess, you will be able to compete in your knowledge of poetry and riddles. And at the end, as expected, we will burn the scarecrow and you will open the doors to the arrival of spring!

Warm pavilions, barbecue areas, cheesecakes, shooting galleries, sleigh rides behind a snowmobile will be at your disposal. Come, we are waiting for you!

Active time - time to live actively!

With you I, Elena, manager of the company Active time.

We have been specializing in outdoor activities for 12 years now, and our main clients are your children! Show in full. During this time, we have created, tested, cut off the unnecessary and left only the best so that your children can experience the joy of visiting our town in the forest. We were all children, and what are our best memories? When we were active! Will you remember your birthday, which you spent at home, even with the most delicious cake and gifts? And the birthday, on which your child and his friends went through a whole course of military intelligence, will surely be remembered for a long time. What could be better than games in the fresh air, when the guys play enough and come running to the festive table (which their mothers will have time to cover) tired, flushed and happy from the realization that they are dexterous and skillful! Even Rospotrebnadzor strongly recommends holding outdoor activities in our difficult times. And here it is not only fresh, but also clean, frosty, forest! For a good rest, we have trampolines and bungee trampolines, a rope town and a variety of shooting ranges. Your children (and you yourself) will learn to shoot from bows and crossbows, from air and paintball rifles. In a team game, they will take part in an epic battle with laser tag rifles. They shoot from real Kalashnikov assault rifles and a Degtyarev machine gun. Depending on the season, they will ride snowmobiles, real buggies and cool jeeps. We are located next to the ski complex "SOK", which means that you can ride on cheesecakes (which we will provide you), and then relax and eat in a warm pavilion. We are located within the city, so it will be very easy to get to us, come, we are waiting for you.

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