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How we were looking for unusual tourism in Russia, and what kind of adventures there are in general

As we travel, we discover new sights and cuisines, new arts and even new civilizations. The cultural impact of tourism is undeniable, but the economic sphere of travel is becoming increasingly important: new jobs, new professions and whole areas of activity are being created. Every year, one billion tourists invest about a trillion dollars in the tourism sector of the world economy. Having risen to such a high level, the industry continues to develop. What sophisticated ideas are not visited by tour operators in order to attract new customers and take their own niche in a profitable business? In our ranking, we offer a list of alternative travel destinations that you may have never heard of. There is no place for Turkey and Egypt with their 5-star "all inclusive".

So, here are ten of the most unusual and very strange types of tourism. Let's go!

Nuclear tourism

The young type of tourism owes its appearance to the split atom. The enormous amount of energy released during this process led to the widespread dissemination of ideas for the possible use of nuclear fission energy. On August 6, 1945, a black day for the inhabitants of Hiroshima, the atomic era began. Those interested go to places that are significant for the nuclear age. More often these are places of tragedies: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl and quite fresh - Fukushima. Japanese cities affected by American bombs of World War II are the most visited in this type of tourism.

The exclusion zone of the Chernobyl accident is still 30 kilometers, the Japanese Fukushima has already reduced the radius to 10 kilometers. But not only museums (such as the National Museum "Chernobyl" in Kiev) attract travelers. Many risk their health and sneak into a 30-kilometer restricted area to capture the ghost town of Pripyat.

Tolkien Tourism

Of course, D. ... Tolkien is a cult favorite for fans of fantasy books. But before the release of the first film in the saga of "The Lord of the Rings", no one could even think about the allocation of a whole tourist destination for fans of elves, hobbits and gnomes. But the fantastic views of New Zealand and the legendary village of hobbits on wide screens impressed fans so much that crowds immediately rushed to look for the landscapes familiar from the film. In addition to the homeland of Peter Jackson, British Birmingham and Oxford have become popular destinations in Tolkien tourism, in which specialized fan communities have formed. Here you can buy a book, an artifact or have a mug of ale in a pub - and all this, of course, is connected with the fantasy saga.

And about the most interesting modern books on our site topcafe. u have a very informative article.

Dark Tours

Tragedies, disasters, accidents and everything else that is associated with death and wanderings after it - is included in the sphere of interests of gloomy (dark) tourism. Adrenaline lovers are ready to shell out hundreds of dollars to make their hair stand on end and the frost ran over the skin. The places visited in this direction of tourism are full of places associated with mass loss of life. Particularly appreciated are gloomy medieval castles (more popular than others are the Romanian Poenari castle, which belonged to the prototype of Count Dracula - Vlad Tepes the Impaler), slave villas and houses in which group suicides occurred.

TOP 10 unusual and very strange types of tourism

15 years ago we started with the most accurate train schedule. Then we continued to make a service where you can get all the information about travel. And now the time has come for those adventures that are not excursions and not organized tours.

For example, did you know that there is a Russian Special Forces University near Grozny, and you can go there to learn basic shooting training, drive an off-road buggy and just try the local cuisine? But strictly alcohol-free. Or is it possible to send a child to the North Pole on a walking expedition, which has been led by polar explorer Matvey Shparo for more than 10 years? Or that you can go to Moscow, get to the secret level of Sokolniki and cuddle up there in the nursery with huskies who were driving foreigners on sleds for the World Championships? Save a dummy in the mountains with rescuers?

The problem with this market is that it is partly shady. In a sense, these are most often individuals who make tours without proper registration. But there are the same unusual children's camps. In general, the market is gradually becoming civilized. Nevertheless, it is rather difficult to find everyone in a row.

And we made a service where we started collecting them all.

What was on the market this year?

Imagine that you know cool something special about your city. For example, you can tell a great story about the Chekist Town in Yekaterinburg, show everything about constructivism, and then take you to an apartment and tell how these houses are arranged from the inside. This is a great excursion that you can take on the guided tour portals. Now imagine that you know a little more and can put together a whole adventure for a few days. For example, take people from the eco-station into the forest, put up a tent and watch the flight of birds during their migration. Or you can take people into a large cave with a couple of overnight stays. Such things also gradually took shape as out-of-the-box excursions or “multi-day excursions”, but they were already on the verge of comprehensibility in adventure selection services today.

In 2015–2018 groups of people emerged who collected large tours, for example, to Baikal, to Teriberka, to different reserves for several days. Gastronomic tours appeared: this is when a blogger of the “food” category realized that he could take people to Georgia, take them to all the necessary places and feed everyone with delicacies.

Such people existed according to the model of inclusive communities: usually it started with the audience of one blogger or a VKontakte group (Instagram account), the first trips were carried out, and then word of mouth worked. Just counting them is already a problem. Outside, they were not advertised and did not get out anywhere.

Under these conditions, we decided to collect information about all such unusual adventures

The first task is to simply find those who lead such unusual tours. A brief investigation revealed that the market began five years ago with photographers. Relatively speaking, a photographer wants to go and shoot something in Paris. He puts his margin in there, takes people out, teaches them and travels for free himself. This model has evolved rapidly. The “photo tour” request jack was easy to figure out, we got all the photographers taking their people on tours. There are even nude tours where a group of people undress a group of other people in another country and take pictures of it. But more often we are talking about trips to exotic places with beautiful nature. There is no single standard: someone gives assignments and releases people around Istanbul, someone leads people in a crowd and reads lectures, someone just provides a route through beautiful places.

Looking at the photographers, other craftsmen joined in. The first were fitness trainers. More precisely, fitness coaches (instructors). This is yoga in different places in the world. The model is already scalable, because if a photographer himself needs a photographer for a tour (and he burns out in a few years), then any instructor, including a local one, is suitable for a fitness tour. And it's important to get people together. Another nest of queries is about fitness tours, yoga and hashtag searches on Instagram, and we have a list of such tours.

Looking at fitness trainers and photographers, travel bloggers suddenly realized that they were experts in some regions. And people are ready to pay for this expertise. And away we go. Gastronomic tours appeared. Jeep tours appeared. Immersive journeys with the theater appeared - it’s as if you are the hero of “Game of Thrones”, but in Armenia, and in the end you will survive.

As we travel, we discover new attractions and cuisines, new arts and even new civilizations. The cultural impact of tourism is undeniable, but the economic sphere of travel is becoming increasingly important: new jobs, new professions and whole areas of activity are being created.






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The whole truth about space tourism

Today one of the most actively developing industries of tourism is space tourism. Flights to Earth's orbit, in the future spacewalks and even flights to the Moon and other planets are already a very likely prospect.

Russia is the main "supplier" of tourism services for space flights. Today, work is underway to modernize the Soyuz spacecraft for future flights around the Moon. They also propose to convert the International Space Station into a hotel for tourists, because, according to Vladimir Solntsev, General Director of the Energia Rocket and Space Corporation, the ISS today operates only at 30-35%. It is assumed that RSC Energia will be ready to launch tourists to the moon by 2021-2022.

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