Active tourism in armenia

Active tourism in armenia

Armenia is a country in the Transcaucasus. It is located in the north of Western Asia, northeast of the Armenian Highlands. It shares borders with countries such as Georgia, Azerbaijan, the unrecognized republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, Iran and Turkey. It has no outlet to the sea. The permanently resident population is about three million people. The capital is Yerevan. The form of government is a democratic presidential republic. The main religion is Christianity, it is professed by 97% of the population.

Armenia will be of interest to history buffs. The mountains of this country keep many secrets about the life of people even in those distant times, when there were almost no cities and states. It was in Armenia that some of the oldest surviving human DNA cells on Earth were discovered. There was once one of the first centers of statehood and the ancient civilization of Urartu. From time immemorial, empires and states of the Middle East, the Mediterranean Sea, Europe and Central Asia clashed in wars on the territory of the Transcaucasus and the Caucasus. For the first time, Christianity became the state religion in Armenia, thanks to which many shrines common to Christians all over the world are concentrated here, and many medieval monasteries have survived. From the 5th century A.D. e. Armenians have their own written language, they managed to collect and preserve the largest collection of ancient manuscripts.

Lovers of outdoor activities will find in Armenia the beautiful nature of the Caucasus, mountains, waterfalls. There is the possibility of walking, horseback riding, cycling. Sailing competitions are held on Lake Sevan. A country with such an ancient history has not squandered its talents and skills. In cities and villages, you can find examples of the highest stone processing technique in the decoration of houses, the creation of khachkars, sculptures, and the improvement of the living environment. The symbol of the soul of Armenians is a musical instrument - duduk. The technology for its creation is also quite complicated, but it has not been lost. Today you can hear how this instrument plays in skillful hands, and try to convey the innermost through music yourself.

Armenian cuisine is one of the most complex and varied in terms of the number of dishes. Traditions of cooking, recipes have been passed down from generation to generation for many centuries. Fans of gastronomic tourism cannot but visit Armenia. Here everyone will find something to do according to their interests.

How to get there


There are two international airports in Armenia: in Yerevan (Zvartnots) and in Gyumri (Shirak). The Yerevan airport, of course, is the main one in Armenia. Almost all neighboring countries, as well as some countries in Europe and Asia, have established air links. In the absence of direct flights, you can use a flight with a transfer in Moscow or Tbilisi. Flights from European cities are slightly overpriced, so many tourists prefer to fly to Tbilisi, and from there get to Yerevan by bus. Airlines serving Zvartnots Airport include Aeroflot, Dniproavia, Belavia, Austrian Airlines, Czech Airlines, Syrian Arab Airlines, Air France. Armenia's national air carrier, Armavia, ceased to exist in March 2013. Previously, it connected Yerevan with almost all directions of the CIS, Europe and the Middle East.


Railway communication is poorly developed in Armenia. There are regular flights to Yerevan from Tbilisi and Batumi. Ticket prices are inexpensive, but the trains are rather slow. For example, it takes almost 10 hours to travel from Tbilisi to Yerevan, and a little less from Batumi. Therefore, this type of travel is chosen only by true connoisseurs of trains. The service company is the South Caucasian Railroad (South Caucasus Railway).


By bus you can get to Armenia from Georgia and Iran. Minibuses or minibuses depart regularly from Tbilisi to Yerevan. The fares are not high and the journey takes just over 5 hours. Therefore, many tourists choose to travel by bus. Those heading to Sanahin or Haghpat can get off at Alaverdi. From Tabriz and Tehran to Yerevan, there are regular direct flights with modern equipped buses. Travel time takes from 14 to 28 hours, respectively.

Active tourism in armenia

Everyone who is familiar with the long history of Armenia and knows it as the first Christian country, the land of Noah, thinks that Armenia has nothing to offer to fans of adventure tourism. But when you visit Armenia, you will see the opposite picture. There are many new and unexplored things for adventure seekers in Armenia. The most popular types of active tourism are hiking, horse riding, jeeping, rafting, zip-line and paragliding. In Armenian Geographic, we have prepared for you a short description of possible types of active tourism in Armenia. Read on to find out what active tourism is in Armenia.

Hiking and trekking

Armenia attracts many hikers and wildlife enthusiasts with its mountainous regions, dense forests and deep gorges. Beautiful landscapes, mountains, lakes and forests, churches and temples - Armenia offers endless opportunities for hikers. Any hiker will find a suitable hike here, in any weather and season. For example, in the summer months you can climb the highest point in Armenia - the Northern summit of Mount Aragats (4090 m). In winter, it is quite difficult to climb this peak, you will need climbing boots and clothes, maybe some equipment.

So, if you don't want anything too extreme, you can hike in the mountains no higher than 2200 meters or just go hiking in Smbataberd, Dilijan National Park or Lastiver. There are many options for just about everyone. Regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner, after hiking in Armenia you will be satisfied.

If you want an unforgettable hiking experience, you can view our offers.

Mountain Cycling

The mountains in Armenia are ideal for cycling. Most of them are not too steep and rocky, so even an inexperienced cyclist can master them. The best places for mountain biking are Dilijan National Park, Areguni and Geghama mountains. All this can also be combined with visits to monasteries, fortresses and other historical monuments. Bicycles can be rented in Yerevan and Dilijan. But for your convenience, you can contact us, and we will organize an excellent mountain bike tour for you, with rental of bicycles and equipment, transport and escort.


If you want to get acquainted with the wild nature of Armenia and visit the most remote places, then the best option for this would be an off-road trip. Going on a jeep tour in Armenia, you will definitely feel the adrenaline rush, get an unforgettable experience of off-road driving and much more.

Active tourism in Armenia - Jeeping

A healthy portion of adrenaline along with the delightful landscapes of Armenia will accompany you throughout the jeep tour. Those who like to drive can drive the jeep on their own, or be accompanied by a driver-guide. This tour can also be a great adventure not only for individuals but for the whole family. Going on a jeep tour, you can go to the volcanoes and fortresses of Armenia, every corner of this country will be available to you.

If you love off-road adventure, we have a lot to offer you.


Armenia Armenia is a country in the Caucasus. It is located in the north of Western Asia, northeast of the Armenian Highlands. Borders with countries such as Georgia, Azerbaijan, an unrecognized republic

Armenia is famous for its hospitality, therefore, vacation in Armenia in 2021 is in demand among tourists in almost the same way as popular foreign resorts. It is good to come here with your family or in a friendly company. As for leisure, travelers have a lot to turn around.

What are the ancient monasteries with a thousand-year history, the inaccessible Mount Ararat, green forests and healing springs! And gastronomic tourism is a topic for a separate article. After all, the Armenian gastronomic traditions are more than 3 thousand years old! Therefore, when going on vacation to Armenia, get ready not only to see, but also to smell and taste this country in the literal sense.

Types of recreation in Armenia

Despite the fact that Armenia is a small country, it has a lot to offer tourists. So, in winter, skiers come here to ride the familiar tracks and lay new ones. And summer is the time for family holidays on the rocky beaches near Lake Sevan.

Many people choose excursion tours in order to have time to see as many sights as possible during their vacation - and there are many of them on this earth. And of course, we must not forget about health, especially since there are many healing springs in Armenia with miraculous crystal clear water.

Sightseeing Armenia

Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity (it happened in 301). Therefore, it is not surprising that magnificent religious sights, which are up to 2 thousand years old, have been preserved here. If you are interested in the topic of ancient architecture, then we advise you to visit:

Yerevan is a city of incredible beauty, which tourists call "pink". Almost all of the buildings here are made of pink tuff. The city has preserved many ancient churches, but there are also many modern buildings that deserve attention.

Khor Virap is an ancient monastery near Yerevan. A stunning view of Mount Ararat opens from here.

Noravank is another mountain monastery built in the XII-XIV centuries and has become an important educational and cultural center of southern Armenia. The mountain gorge leading to the temple is a natural landmark.

Tour operator "Armenian Travel Bureau" was founded in 2006, is one of the leading tour operators in the Republic of Armenia and provides a wide range of travel services in the territory of Armenia. We offer all kinds of tours to Armenia: more than 50 tours to Armenia of various formats, more than 30 original tours to Armenia, designed specifically for guests from Russia. As well as excursions throughout Armenia.

We are the receiving DMC tour operator in Armenia. Working with us, you avoid long chains, intermediary ties, save money and get prompt, adequate first-hand information. We invite you to use our services for organizing recreation in Armenia and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of hospitality of the "open-air museum" - Armenia! We are always glad to new cooperation!

Popular tours to Armenia and excursions from Yerevan

Tours to Armenia for holidays of the year

Everyday life of the inhabitants of megacities proceeds in conditions of a frantic rhythm and constant stress. It is not so often to break free for a good rest. However, fatigue continues to build up and weigh on the shoulders, burdening everyday life and making it a routine. We invite you to reboot, relieve stress and gain strength for future achievements!

Tour operator in Armenia Armenian Travel Bureau has prepared many options for recreation for tourists in need of a change of scenery, quiet and measured rest, as well as for those who like to explore the world and are not used to sitting still.

Tour programs to Armenia for New Year, Christmas, February 23, March 8, Maslenitsa, May holidays, Russia Day, November holidays from the receiving tour operator in Armenia, the Armenian Travel Bureau, will please every tourist. Armenia is beautiful at any time of the year!

The excursion program for visiting the sights of Armenia takes the first half of the day, freeing up the evening for an independent acquaintance with one of the most ancient cities in the world - the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. Yerevan will charm you: it is so modest and calm during the day, in the evening it transforms and becomes noisy, bright and musical. Concert of national music; a delicious dinner in a street cafe or national restaurant; a glass of Armenian wine or a little world famous Armenian brandy; kind, open locals - all this will make every evening that you spend in Yerevan special and unforgettable.

Tours to Armenia for March

The holiday of March 8, International Women's Day, in Armenia is a holiday of "Praise of Women" and it lasts a whole month. In addition to a good rest and an interesting excursion program, all women will receive a pleasant surprise from the tour operator "Armenian Travel Bureau".

May holidays in Armenia

Rest in Armenia is one of the best options if you want to look at ancient monuments, feel the flavor of a new country, see beautiful mountains and even heal your soul and body. The country offers ample opportunities for those who are looking for ways to combine the useful with the interesting and will certainly be able to surprise. What to see, where to go and what you need to know about Armenia? About this and much more - below.

Getting to know the republic

Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the Caucasus with a rich history and architectural monuments. Since she was one of the first to adopt Christianity, this was reflected in numerous monasteries, churches and other religious buildings. The oldest cities that can be found in this country date back about 3000 years, with large beautiful castles and fortresses, peculiar architecture and beauty.

Where is

This mountainous country is located on the Armenian plateau. Its height is approximately 1700 meters above sea level, its total area is 29.75 thousand square meters. km. It neighbors Georgia in the north, Azerbaijan in the south, and the west and south of the country with the Turkish border. The famous Ararat valley is also located here. It is important to remember that the time difference with Armenia is plus one hour Moscow time. When going on a trip, you should remember this.

Map of Armenia

How to get from Moscow

The easiest way to get to Armenia is by air. Since there is no direct rail link with Russia, road transport or a bus would also be a suitable option. The best way is through Georgia.

Several direct flights depart from Moscow, which head towards the main airport of the country near the capital Yerevan. Planes take off almost every day and at different times, so choosing the right flight will not be difficult.

You can fly from Russia by flights of the following companies:

Since there is no direct route from Moscow by train to the country, you will have to travel with transfers, and the price will be equal to a plane ticket.

If you plan to travel to Armenia by car or bus, you should know that the distance between Moscow and Yerevan is approximately 2250 km. With this method of travel, it is imperative to have documents for the car with you.

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