Active tourism: how to survive in the forest

Active tourism: how to survive in the forest

Hello, dear readers of our site! Today's article will be not only interesting, but also very useful. By my own example, I will tell you how to survive in the forest. You will learn many practical tips: what to do in such an extreme situation, where to find food, how to make a fire, make a place to sleep and much more. This article is a guide to how to survive in the forest in case of unforeseen circumstances, so take it as seriously as possible.

It was a warm August season - a wonderful time to hike into the woods. Indeed, at this time he is so rich in his gifts - mushrooms and berries. I, like many people at this time not missing this opportunity, also wanted to head to the forest. I wanted to pick up mushrooms and berries, take a walk in the forest, take pictures of beautiful places, and just take a break from the bustle of the city.

Putting a penknife, a camera, a bottle of water, a chocolate bar and bags for mushrooms and berries in my backpack, I headed to the bus stop. I would have known that some of these items will soon save my life. After waiting for the bus that goes out of town, an hour later I found myself in a small village, the road from which led directly into the wilderness.

Having entered the forest, I immediately started looking for mushrooms and blueberries, but there were very few of them. Wanting to collect at least a little forest gifts, I moved further and further into the forest thicket. So carried away, I did not immediately realize that a lot of time had passed. I wanted to go in the opposite direction, walked for a long time and looked for familiar paths and places that I already came across on the way, but only climbed deeper into the thicket. And then I realized that I was lost.

I was in a panic. I started screaming, calling for help, but in response I only heard my own echo. I knew how to survive in the forest from my lessons at school, and even once we went on a camping trip. But, finding himself alone in such a situation, he was very confused.

First of all, I just had to collect my thoughts and calm down. I remembered the telephone. As luck would have it, there was no connection, and the clock showed fifteen minutes past four. It became clear that now I can only rely on myself.

Suddenly in the distance I heard something like thunder. We urgently need to find a place to hide from the rain. I was hungry, but that could wait. There were many dry branches and sticks in the forest, from which I made a hut. A large broken tree became the fulcrum. Having made the skeleton of the hut, I proceeded to its crate, covering the building with spruce branches on top. This is to prevent rain from entering the hut. I also made a bed inside from spruce branches, so that in case of an overnight stay, I would not sleep on damp ground.

Thunderclaps were heard more and more, and the treetops began to sway from the sudden onset of the wind - the first harbinger of rain. I began hastily to collect all the dry grass, branches and moss that were nearby, and bring them into the hut so that the rain would not wet them. Later it was necessary to somehow make a fire and take care of the preparation of food.

With little drinking water left, I decided to use the bags I took with me for picking berries to get water. I dug out small pits in the ground, I pulled over them, cut along the entire length of the packages in the form of a tarpaulin, fixing them with small pebbles. Rainwater was supposed to flow there.

It started raining. I sat in my hut and ate blueberries, but there were very few of them and only enough to dull the feeling of hunger a little. I thought about how to make a fire. Water slowly filled the hastily constructed reservoirs. Suddenly, a great idea came to my mind. Since I had no matches and everything around was damp, I decided to make fire using chocolate foil and camera batteries. Once I saw this method on TV in one show, and I remember it well.

The rain was ending and the storm clouds were gradually disappearing. The phone was completely discharged, but from the approaching twilight it was clear that the approach of night was not far off. I went out to see how much water had accumulated in the tarp. Great news - there was enough water to fill my small bottle to the brim.

I realized that I should rather try to start a fire. After finishing the rest of the chocolate, I took out the foil from there, then took out two batteries from the camera. From the foil, I carefully cut off a thin strip with a penknife, about twice the length of the battery. Then he folded it in half and cut off a corner at the place of the fold, so that in this place it became narrower (about two millimeters).

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