Active tourism Georgia

Active tourism Georgia

“As soon as I close my eyes, you stand in front of me. As soon as I open my eyes - you are floating above the eyelashes ”- so we could confess our love for the ancient, proud, hospitable, free Georgia. It is difficult to define unequivocally why the Sakartvelo land is so dear to us: hospitality and toasts, the harsh beauty of mountain temples or taverns of old Tbilisi, "Kindzmarauli" or "Suliko", Lezginka or the simple-minded art of Pirosmani. We come here to drink "Borzhom" and walk around the year-round blooming Batumi, bask on the Black Sea beaches and breathe in the eternal beauty of the Caucasus Mountains, in the end - just live in Georgian. And when, upon arrival, they ask where we have been worn for so long, we will answer classically: “First, at the funeral service at Prince Kipiani’s, then at the christening at Prince Vardiani’s, then in the restaurant, and then in the dukhan”.

49 programs in Georgia arrivals daily - 88 USD/person.

Regular tours with fixed dates - 81 USD/person.

Sanatorium in Tskhaltubo - 35 USD/day from 3. ... Pete. and treatment.

Regions and Resorts of Georgia

You can endlessly talk about the splendor of Georgia, and you won't be able to get to know this country in one trip, unless you get to know each other. But this acquaintance will leave a trace of incredible beauty in your heart, which will again and again beckon you to return. It remains only to plan a dozen trips, each time discovering new facets of this ancient and spiritual land.

There are not many big cities here: the "warm spring" of Tbilisi with its cathedrals, theaters, sulfur baths, cozy streets and barbecue houses, ancient Kutaisi is the capital of the Colchis kingdom, Batumi is a southern cocktail of ancient buildings and a modern seaside resort, as well as more modest, but still interesting Gori, Zugdidi, Poti. And all the villages and villages that carry a piece of history and are surrounded by stunning landscapes cannot be enumerated, but you want to go everywhere.

You can select a specific region for each trip, so as not to be sprayed and have time to taste the maximum, without fuss and rush. Adjara is famous for relict forests, beaches of the warm Black Sea and subtropical climate, Mtskheta - for its spirituality and holy places of pilgrimage. In Kakheti, you will find the "city of love" Sighnaghi, ancient fortresses and endless vineyards, you should visit here for the Rtveli holiday. Guria is interesting with black stone temples and black sands of Ureki. Come to the mountainous Svaneti - the land of a thousand towers and count them in person during an exciting hiking trip. Indeed, every region of Georgia is worthy of a separate trip!

Adepts of alpine skiing and snowboarding will find here magnificent slopes for desperate freeride and heli-skiing - Bakuriani, Gudauri, the resorts of Upper Svaneti and Goderdzi. The climate allows skiing in Georgia from November to May.

And Georgia is also about 2 thousand sources of healing mineral and thermal waters, therapeutic mud, magic magnetite sands that can relieve a person from many ailments, fresh mountain, forest and sea air. The world famous resort of Borjomi, restoring the former greatness of Tskhaltubo, Akhtala, Shovi, Sairme and other balneological and alpine health resorts of the country will help in curing various diseases and restore the traveler's immunity.

Active tourism Georgia

Wine, golden, hot, khachapuri and dishes with fragrant khinkali pyramids. Appetizing bunches of grapes that you want to eat or draw sooner rather than later.

Mountain tops and emerald valleys shining in the sun, photogenic hats, incredible dances and chilling polyphony. Drinking songs and long, like life itself in the Caucasus, toasts, legends and traditions, flickering candles in ancient cathedrals and mustachioed beauties from Pirosmani's paintings. Who can say if there are other countries that evoke as many vivid associations as Georgia?

Georgia is a state located in the western Transcaucasia, on the Black Sea coast. It is a historical portal between East and West, and it is difficult to determine what attracts tourists in the first place to the ancient country of Sakartvelo.

People come here to marvel at the beauty of Tbilisi, bask on the beaches of the Black Sea or marvel at the lights of Batumi. Drink "Borjomi", sing "Suliko", freeze from the delight of the harsh beauty of mountain peaks and incredible panoramas. Find out, finally, what true hospitality is, and just live a little in Georgian.

You can endlessly talk about the beauty of Georgia. It's better to see everything yourself, just remember - you won't be able to see it in one visit, so, unless you get to know each other. It means that there is no sense in rushing, because you will be back. And, most likely, more than once, discovering all the new delights of this land, which, like a magic box, is filled with treasures. It is more convenient to start your acquaintance with Tbilisi - the "warmest" city in the Caucasus, where cathedrals, theaters, museums, restaurants, baths invite you to walk along the bright streets, falling in love with these views.

Do not forget about Kutaisi - one of the oldest cities in the world, the capital of the Colchis kingdom from the legend about the brave Argonauts, and Telavi - the mecca of winemakers and wine lovers. It is worth going to the main city of Kakheti both for daily food and for love - in romantic Sighnaghi. And also for spirituality - in numerous temples and monasteries. Or wave to the ever-blooming southern Batumi if your soul craves the sea and fresh breeze. Don't miss mountainous Svaneti, the land of a thousand towers, where each is unique, and conquer the steep slopes of Gudauri and Bakuriani. Each region is unusual and each beautiful in its own way!

Choose a region to your liking, and learn all its features and secrets from our guide.

How to get there

Traditionally, to see Georgia, there are three ways to get here. By air, by land and by water. Russians do not need a visa to enter Georgia, only a passport.


Hospitable Georgia invites tourists to barbecue and

Georgia Travel Guide

Rest in Georgia: tips and information for tourists

Georgia is just an amazingly diverse country. In a rather small area, there was a place for a warm sea, majestic mountains, ancient churches and temples, ancient cities, caves, waterfalls, rivers and lakes.

But the main thing in Georgia is not even its sights, of which there are many. Most tourists sincerely love this country for real Georgian hospitality and delicious cuisine. Unlike many other seaside resorts, the impressions of the rest in Georgia turned out to be much brighter than one might expect. That is why we so want to tell you about this amazing country and advise you to visit it more than once.

Prices in Georgia: how much does a vacation cost?

Georgia is an inexpensive and very democratic country. It is suitable both for an extremely economical vacation with practically no money, and for an extremely comfortable pastime. Here you can live in a guesthouse or a five-star hotel, hitchhike or hire a guide in a private car, eat in restaurants or buy khachapuri.

At the same time, it is most profitable to come to Georgia for a long time. Prices in the country are very low, and therefore the main part of vacation costs is air travel. The longer you rest, the cheaper one day of vacation will cost.

We do not recommend buying tours to Georgia. A self-planned vacation will turn out not only much cheaper, but also many times more interesting - you can live in different cities: from ancient Tbilisi to the resort town of Batumi.

How much does a vacation in Georgia cost?

If you live in comfortable conditions, then taking into account air tickets (a flight from Moscow costs from 5000 rubles) and housing, 21 days in Georgia will cost from 2000 to 2500 dollars for two. At the same time, you will be able to rent apartments, go on excursions a lot and eat in middle-class restaurants.

A spacious room in a very good area of ​​Batumi cost us $ 20 per day. If you wish, you can find housing both more expensive and cheaper.

Corporate tourism (MICE) is a relatively new, but already very popular direction in the business sphere in the post-Soviet space, in particular, in Russia and Ukraine. More and more executives are looking towards corporate travel for a variety of reasons.

Why do you need business corporate tourism?

Office work can be stressful and tiring at times. Sitting within four walls in a stuffy room does not add joy, but then the bosses are seized, relations with colleagues do not work out, disagreements with partners and problems with clients. So it’s not far from a nervous breakdown.

Well, that's the worst case scenario. And in the "best" - the unhappy worker simply "burns out". That is, in fact, he continues to perform his functions and does everything for which he was hired. But already without the desire to improve the result, without creativity, due professional perfectionism. The employee looks at his watch all day, does the job just to get it done, and at the end of the day he runs home rather from the annoying boss and strange colleagues.

The efficiency of the “burned out” employee tends to zero. What to do about it?

Teambuilding methods have long been introduced in the West (team - team, building - construction). This is a set of actions aimed at uniting employees both within the team and with the management. These methods are becoming more and more popular with us.

Team building solves the following tasks:

  • establishing warm, trusting relationships in the team;
  • establishing contact between employees and management;
  • encouraging employees for loyalty and hard work;
  • motivation of staff to work more efficiently.

Corporate tourism with elements of team building or creative excursions is a great way to increase the loyalty of employees and even partners. There are often cases when business partners or regular customers of the company participate in corporate travel, because this is a good way to communicate in an informal atmosphere and make decisions that are beneficial to both parties.

  • owners of large corporations - to show employees that each of them is important to you, to increase their reputation;
  • owners of salons, offices, small firms - to unite the team and set it up for more productive work;
  • founders of Internet organizations with remote employees - to see and get to know their subordinates better, to increase work efficiency.

What is meant by corporate tourism?

Georgia is a hospitable multinational country with a rich history and a huge cultural heritage. On the territory of the small state of Sakartvelo, Kakhetian medieval fortresses, the sunny Adjarian coast, the ski resorts of Upper Svaneti, the architectural treasures of Kutaisi, mineral springs, thermal waters and healing mud of Borjomi, cathedrals and theaters of Tbilisi peacefully coexist. Therefore, every person dreams of visiting this original country at least once, enjoying the eternal beauty of the Caucasian mountains, feeling the taste of real Georgian cuisine and the aroma of the best varieties of wines. To make your trip to Georgia rich and interesting, we suggest using the recommendations on which excursions in Georgia you should definitely include in the program.

Popular excursion destinations

Georgia is a republic located in the central and western part of the Transcaucasus, and includes two autonomous republics - Abkhazia, Adjara, and 10 regions. Each has its own history, flavor, features, cuisine. We offer you an overview of the distinctive Georgian cities and towns, which are worth visiting. They are the ones who make up the top list of popular excursion destinations in Georgia:

  • Mtskheta is the historical (first) capital of Sakartvelo. There you can visit the main shrine of the country - an architectural monument of the 11th century, the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, touch the tunic of the Lord, the life-giving cross and the relics of St. Andrew. You can look at the city from a bird's eye view from the observation deck of the Jarvi Monastery.

This is not a complete list of unique places in Georgia that are worth getting to know. These include the resort of Kobuleti, the so-called budget Batumi with a long beach, amusement parks, Kutaisi with a canyon, caves and waterfalls.

Types of excursions and approximate cost

The excursion sphere in Georgia is well developed. Depending on the purpose of your visit and budget possibilities, you can buy a wide variety of routes from the largest tour operators:

  • Guaranteed tours: "In winter in Tbilisi for 3 days", "From Kakheti to Kazbegi", "Six-day trip" and others. On average, they last from 3 to 11 days and cost from 170 to 900 USD. ...

Weekend trips that involve going to the sea, hunting or fishing, or relaxing in a ski resort are popular among tourists.

Both individual and group excursions are widespread. If you wish, you can rent a car, a personal guide and make a personal route.

The cost of excursion tours depends on the duration, distance of the trip and the complexity of the route. Prices for popular excursions in Georgia in the current season range from 60 lari (1400 rubles) to 314 lari (7300 rubles). The cost of visiting attractions will cost 1 lari (24 rubles) to 150 lari (3500 rubles).

How to book an excursion

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