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The history of Biysk, the second most important city in the Altai Territory, begins with the miniature Bikatun prison, built in 1709 at the behest of Peter the Great. A very small fortress was destined to make a very noticeable contribution to the annexation to the empire of a mountainous country inhabited by warlike subjects of the Dzungar Khan. Just a year after the founding of the mini-citadel, the highlanders burned it down. However, soon the prison was rebuilt again, already on the site of the current polis. Later, Biysk even managed to visit the district center, officially becoming a city in 1782. In the middle of the 19th century, when the borders of the empire moved far to the South, the prison, erected on the banks of the wayward Biya, was abolished as unnecessary. At the same time, the policy continued to develop, gradually turning into an important commercial and industrial cluster of regional significance. In the last third of the last century, when interest in domestic tourism increased significantly, Biysk acquired a new status. Today, the city is also considered a symbolic gateway to the legendary lands of the amazing, fantastically beautiful, inimitable Mountain Altai - a real Mecca for tens of thousands of travelers and vacationers from different parts of vast Russia.

The main attractions of Biysk: TOP-

Experienced travelers consider the best way to get to know a new city to take an excursion to its most interesting places. The sights of Biysk, photos and descriptions of which the reader will find in the section, are deservedly referred to this category of architectural and monumental monuments - the visiting cards of the policy.

Old Town

  • Address: recreation on the right bank of Biya, uniting part of Sovetskaya, Lenin, Krasnogvardeyskaya, Tolstoy streets. Transport stop "House of books", "Museum", "Teatralnaya".

The historical center of the city is unique and very beautiful. Walking along its streets, it is easy to immerse yourself in the pacifying atmosphere of the pre-revolutionary provincial polis. The entourage is simply amazing. Slowly defiling along the sidewalks, tourists admire the old mansions of local merchants, houses of wealthy townspeople, merchant shops - the forerunners of modern mini-markets.

The variety of architectural styles is particularly impressive. Empire mansions here side by side with modern houses and buildings decorated in the tradition of Siberian ornamentation. In addition, the most popular museums, the main architectural and monumental sights of Biysk are concentrated on the territory of the historical center.

Cathedral of the Assumption

  • Opening hours: daily, from 7:00 to 19:00.
  • Phone: +7 385 433-78-77.
  • Address: st. Sovetskaya, 13. Transport stop "Gileva Lane".

The Cathedral, consecrated in the fall of 1903 in the name of the Assumption of the Virgin, is considered not only the main city temple, but also the titular attraction of Biysk. Indeed, one cannot but admire the graceful church, erected in the colorful Russian-Byzantine style.

Traditionally, the massive main drum of the white-stone building is crowned with a blue dome with a gilded dome. The zakomars and kokoshniks of the facade are decorated with ornate carvings. The bell tower is impeccably elegant. From the inside, the walls and vaults of the domes are covered with fine frescoes. In the atheistic Soviet era, the church, devoid of crosses, was used as a granary.

However, already in 1947 the temple was returned to the diocese. It took more than 30 years to restore the building, which was in a very poor condition. After the completion of the restoration work, the cathedral acquired its original appearance, taking its rightful place among the architectural highlights of the policy.

Monument to Peter I

What to see in the city of Biysk: attractions and entertainment

The beautiful city of Biysk is located in the Altai Territory, which was previously of great strategic importance. The city was founded by the Decree of Emperor Peter the Great as an outpost back in 1709. After Biysk became the center of trade in Siberia, then goods were imported here from Germany, England, France. In 2005 Biysk received the title of the Science City of Russia.

Biysk in the Altai Territory is a historical city of the Russian Federation. There are 272 monuments of history, culture, architecture, 50 archaeological monuments and more than 10 natural monuments. All mountain routes of tourists start from this city, as it is recognized as the gateway to Gorny Altai. From here you can get to your favorite places: the Ukok plateau, Lake Teletskoye, Mount Belukha, the resorts of Belokurikha and Chemal.

Sights of Biysk

Cultural tourism in the city takes an honorable first place, since there are a lot of places in Biysk that you want to see again and again. Read more about them in our article.

The city of Biysk in Altai is a unique opportunity to plunge into the beauty of ancient places of historical importance. Thus, many tourists dream of visiting the legendary monument to Tsar Peter I, which was opened in 2010. It is made of bronze and weighs about 3.5 tons. The height of the sculpture reaches almost 4 meters.

The Fomichenko square is also famous in Biysk, which contains many buildings. For example, here is the building of the former city council, which was erected back in 1910. The building style is modern. An obelisk dedicated to the memory of the fighters for Soviet power was erected near the building; it appeared in 1957.

The Assumption Cathedral is also popular; it was founded back in 1989. This place is one of the main attractions of the city. All construction was carried out with money donated by the townspeople themselves. The history of this place is unique, for example, in 1932 it was closed, the reason for this was the persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church. And only in 1947, services began to be held in the cathedral again. Further, in the 50s and 70s, the temple could be closed again, moreover, even demolished, while atheistic propaganda increased excessively. But the cathedral survived and already in 1994 regained the status of the cathedral.

Another wonderful place for tourist walks is the Museum of Local Lore. Vitaly Bianchi, in which the estate of the merchant Assanov stands to this day. On the territory of the museum there is a sarcophagus, cult items of Altai shamans, Scythian weapons, collections of samovars and watches, firearms and other interesting items. There is also a library here, on the shelves of which unique books are collected, there are 18 thousand of them here.

The archaeological fund has more than 70 thousand items. Gathered here is a unique collection of the Neolithic, nomadic and Bronze Age. During the excursion, you can learn the unique history of Shambhala, Belovodye, the development of Southern Siberia by the Cossacks, the process of creating the Bikatun prison. Among the proposed excursion programs there are entertainment for schoolchildren, where interactive classes, master classes, various excursions, watching videos, and lectures will be offered. All this makes Biysk a favorite place for tourists.

On the territory of Russia, namely in the city of Biysk, there is only one museum dedicated to the road. It is based on the basis of the Museum of Local Lore. Bianchi. The name of the department is “Museum of the Chuisky tract”. Construction of the building began in 1911. It got its name due to the fact that the beginning of the Chuisky tract opens from here. The collection of the museum is simply amazing: everything from the pack trail to the motorway is collected here.

The main attractions of the city of Biysk (Altai Territory), which are worth seeing for a tourist. Photos, titles, addresses, descriptions. Where to go with your child.

Biysk, founded in 1709, is a city in the southeastern part of the Altai Territory. The Chuisky tract starts from here. This city is the oldest in this region of the Russian Federation and can attract tourists with many interesting sights.

The importance of the city in the modern world

Biysk - takes the 2nd line among the large cities of the Altai Territory. It was located along the river. Biya, at coordinates: 52 ° 32 ¢ 11² north latitude and 85 ° 12 ¢ 25² east longitude on an area of ​​291 sq. km. This settlement has 333 attractions.

The value of Biysk is great:

The city got its name from the river on which it was built and across which a reinforced concrete bridge was built. From r. Biya originates from the Ob.

There are several versions of the translation of the name Biya:

  • in Türkic "biy", "bey" - prince;
  • in South Samody "bu", "bi" - water;
  • according to local legend, 2 lovers who were not allowed to be reunited by their relatives lived on different banks of the river. They tried to talk every evening, but the sound of the water interrupted the words, all they could hear was “bi”. From this "Biya", "Biya" the river got its name.

Biysk owes its foundation to Peter I, who signed a decree on the construction of an outpost protecting the borders of the Russian possessions of Western Siberia and trade routes leading to China and Mongolia, February 29, 1708 Soon the Biekatun fortress was destroyed, 18 km from it a new one was erected - the Biysk fortress, which grew into a large settlement.

Climate in Biysk

Biysk is located in the continental region of the northern temperate climatic zone of the Earth.

It is located in a lowland, in summer it is several degrees warmer, and frosts and blizzards are more severe than in nearby settlements. The average temperature of the coldest month in the year of January is -14 ° C, and the absolute minimum was recorded at the beginning of the XXI century. - -1.8 ° C. The average temperature in July, the warmest month of the year, is 20.5 ° C.

Thanks to the mountain systems that cover the city, the cold air stagnates here, and the average annual wind speed is the lowest in the Altai Territory.


The TRIPPO project continues its journey across Russia and this time has selected the TOP - 18 sights of Biysk and the surrounding area, which are worth visiting. We learned what to see from beautiful places in the first place, what interesting objects to visit with children, and where to take a walk in the evening. We also selected the best restaurants in the city where you can sit in a cozy atmosphere, made a map of the location of objects for self-planning the route, and gave advice on how to get to the city.

This ancient Altai city, founded by Peter the Great, has become the golden gate of Gorny Altai during its more than three-century history. Through it, all roads run to the neighboring ones: Kazakhstan and Mongolia. It became the first city in the south of Siberia where Russian merchants were based. Therefore, there is rich architecture, many historical sites and sights, which the city is famous for. During the Soviet era, Biysk began to actively develop as a scientific center and received the status of "Science City".

Today Biysk can also be called the center of tourism in the Altai Territory. The city offers its guests a variety of excursion programs that reveal all the sights of Biysk in the Altai Territory. We also offer you interesting places where you can go in Biysk.

Cathedral of the Assumption

Is the hallmark of the city due to its unique architecture and interior paintings. During the time of Bolshevism, it did not escape the fate of becoming a warehouse, as was the case with many churches. After the war, the temple began to be restored little by little, and today it sparkles with its grandeur. It contains the famous icon of the Tikhvin Mother of God, as well as icons of past centuries brought from Athos.

  • address: st. Sovetskaya, 13
  • open daily from 7 am to 7 pm.
  • phone: + 7-3854-33-78-77
  • website: . parhia. u/church/town/biysk

Museum of the History of the Altai Spiritual Mission

The exposition of the museum is represented by rare church exhibits: icons and books of the 17-20 centuries, copper casting, calendars, postcards, photographs and other items of church paraphernalia.

  • address: st. Irkutskaya, 1
  • working hours: Tue from 10 to 17 hours, Sat-Sun from 10 to 16 hours.
  • phone: + 7-3854-33-23-28
  • excursion - 100-150 rubles.

Museum of Local Lore

All the sights of Biysk, photos with names and descriptions, archaeological finds, a collection of wooden carved decorations of city and rural houses, exhibits of amazing nature and history of Altai Mountains are collected here.

  • address: st. Lenin, 134
  • working hours: from 10 to 17. Day off - Mon, Tue.
  • phone: + 7-3854-33-75-47
  • tickets: adults - 60 rubles, children - 20 rubles.
  • site: . useum. iysk. u


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