Active sales in tourism

Active sales in tourism

For medium and small tour operators selling tours and excursions in Russia, the transition to online sales is becoming increasingly important. Why is it needed, what type of solution to choose, what are the obstacles and financial benefits from online - together with experts from the online sales market, Vestnik ATOR was investigated.


More and more tourists are buying various travel products and services online. And not only air tickets or "simple" mass tours. The market for online sales of travel products (e-travel) in Russia is growing by about a third every year.

If in 2016 the market for online sales of travel products and services increased by 30% to 700 billion rubles against 540 billion a year earlier, then in 2017 the growth was already 40% - to 980 billion rubles, Data analysts calculated Insight. This trend also applies to air tickets and tours, and online sales of excursions and tickets for event events in Moscow and in the regions.

For small and medium-sized tour operators operating in the domestic tourism market, having their own online sales channel is a matter of business development and sustainability. Many offline agencies often either do not have a great interest in selling domestic tourism products (a tour to Turkey is easier and more reliable to sell), or do not have deep knowledge of Russian destinations.

To expand their target audience, small and medium-sized companies selling tours and excursions in Russia need to create their own online sales channel. It can, under certain conditions, give a high conversion of traffic to real sales.


The list is well known and quite simple. The travel company will need:

  • tourist product with good "packaging" (description, visual presentation). Without a good and interesting tourist product, nothing will work;
  • platform: an updated site with new functionality, a section on the site, a landing page or a page on a social network;
  • software: you need to develop or purchase and correctly implement ready-made software for sales from the site;
  • implement a step-by-step plan for the transition to a new sales model.


Alas, what you read above is actually easier to write than to do. Therefore, over 80% of travel companies would like to sell online, but do not.

How to start selling excursions and tours online

Business training for sellers of tour services:

Sales Technology in Tourism

What are the subtleties of selling tours?

“The technology of sales in tourism consists in one thing - to make sure that the client applies again. Every tourist in Belarus is worth its weight in gold. Travel agencies are fighting for each of them. The principle "not today, so tomorrow" works: even if TODAY the client has chosen a tour that is not the most profitable for us, he should return from there satisfied. Then there is a possibility that TOMORROW he will order exactly the tour that we skillfully advertised for him in due time. In addition, if he likes the quality of service, he will recommend the agency to his friends, thereby launching word of mouth. That's the whole technology of sales in tourism "

The wisdom of the tour sales manager

If you are a manager for the sale of tourist services, then you have come to the right place. It is for you that a two-day training (16 hours) has been developed on the technology of sales in tourism.

Thanks to the training on sales technology in tourism, you will understand how:

  • to make the sales of tourism services systematic and effective,
  • to learn the basic rules of effective sales.

  • How to minimize empty calls?
  • How to increase sales of your company?
  • Which client to offer Turkey and which Seychelles? <
  • Where to get motivation to be not just a tour selection consultant, but someone who invariably translates these consultations into sales?

You will learn:

  • identify the main psychotypes of tourists and work with each of them
  • be fluent in the main stages of sales by phone and during a personal meeting in the office
  • how to start and close the deal correctly
  • close typical customer objections
  • motivate yourself to actively sell
  • proven principles of tour selling technology

Training program "Sales technology in tourism"

First-hand news

The intricacies of tourism sales

Venue: Minsk Customer: Tour operator Organizer: ACTIVE SALES Trainers: Vitaly Dubovik Participants: tourism sales specialists

Selling Travel Services - Easy Persuasions

Tourism is an actively developing area in every country. Tourism is not a product, it is a service, the quality of which depends on how the manager provides it. According to statistics, even if the client is not satisfied with certain aspects in the host country, if the manager serves at the highest level, knows the intricacies of sales in tourism, he will be more loyal to the travel agency.

Customer service depends on the qualifications and experience of the staff, their appearance, the ability to build a constructive dialogue. The manager should look neat, smile, make an effort to inspire the client's trust.

The atmosphere in the office is also of no less importance, it should be light, cozy, comfortable, a specific smell and relaxing music will not interfere. The client will feel at home and the result will not be long in coming.

First of all, based only on short-term communication, a qualified employee can understand what kind of recreation the client prefers: active recreation, aesthetic pleasure from visiting historical sites and museums, relaxing on the beach under the sound of sea waves, dizzying tour across several countries, etc. As a rule, several factors influence the choice, it can be age, gender, marital status, profession and others.

When communicating with a client, it is very important not to leave him alone, and if the situation requires it, then not to leave him without work. For example, it could be a motivational presentation about a country he wants to visit soon. Otherwise, the client will inevitably find flaws in the proposed tour and will probably refuse your offer.

There are many types of people, one of which is a “dissatisfied customer”, so it is important to know the intricacies of tourism sales. Such a person does not like everything, he clings to any word. When communicating with such a client, one should not show emotions, it is better to behave with restraint. If you feel that the situation is getting out of control - offer a cup of coffee, turn on relaxing music.

Never give false information about the selected tour, hotel. In the mind, the client visualizes an ideal rest, a great mood, but in reality he is disappointed, even if there is a minor remark in the direction of the hotel. This is followed by complaints, bad reviews, word of mouth in a negative way about the travel agency.

It is not necessary to determine the client's solvency by appearance. A girl in an expensive fur coat can look at you out of boredom, find out all the information, but not buy a tour. Conversely, a person who is modestly dressed is quite capable of buying an expensive tour. Do not treat clients differently, you should help everyone based on the person's capabilities. Learn the ins and outs of tourism sales!

This is only 1% of the information that you will receive at the business training "Sales of travel services" from the school Active Sales - the best way to study, you can sign up for the training Technology of sales in tourism

Promotion and sale of tourist products involves the use of a whole range of measures - from participation in specialized fairs to advertising on the Internet. Marketers recommend using the 7P strategy. It is a sequence of marketing activities leading to increased sales.

It can be formulated as a product based on the study of demand, offered in the right place to specific consumers at reasonable prices, with competent presentation and executed with quality service.

Successful promotion requires:

  • Create an image of a prestigious company, with a flexible pricing policy and interesting (in-demand) directions. Travel agencies can sell both VIP tours for clients and offer economy options. As a rule, services are most in demand by people with above average incomes.
  • Inform about goods (services). Having developed new directions or optimizing old ones, it is important to convey information to customers - old and potential.
  • Build awareness of new offers.
  • Save existing tourist routes (services).
  • Reject or change images for destinations that are losing popularity.
  • Maintain the enthusiasm of the distribution channel members.
  • Convincing the need to purchase services of a higher cost due to their quality.
  • Inform about seasonal promotions and sales.
  • Answer consumer questions.
  • Provide after-sales service.
  • Create a favorable information background about the company and its services in comparison with competitors.

Features of tourist services are:

  • inability to store;
  • intangibility;
  • off-season fluctuations;
  • static of tourist facilities;
  • the time gap between the purchase and consumption of the service;
  • the territorial dissociation of the service provider and the consumer;
  • the subjectivity of the assessment, depending on external factors.

Given the seasonality of travel services, most advertisements should be ahead of demand. Thus, more than half of travelers make a decision about a vacation two months in advance, a third - a couple of weeks before a trip, and only about 10% use last minute tours. Any advertisement must be capacious in order to be perceived, understood and remembered.

Advertising travel services on the Internet is the cheapest way to make yourself known. It allows you to selectively and instantly inform the target audience, regularly and as fully as possible presenting information about the proposals.

Promotion of tourism products and services on the market

Sales promotion in the tourism industry depends on customer orientation. Firms offer discounts, gifts, souvenirs. Additional services act as an additional incentive.

The tourist services market is characterized by fierce competition and oversaturation of offers. A number of factors influence the competitive struggle.

  • Competition is intensifying with the growing number of travel agencies offering similar services.
  • Competition increases as demand slows down. Firms are forced to compete for customers with new marketing gimmicks and gimmicks.
  • The demand for services is subject to seasonal fluctuations, so discounts and concessions are applied to increase sales.
  • Equalization of prices for similar services allows customers to choose the firm that provides the most bonuses.
  • Differentiation of tourism products by improving the quality of services provided.
  • Calculation of successful strategic maneuvers and competitors' initiatives.
  • The arrival of “outsiders” to the market, creating new conditions and playing against the rules.

Analyzing competitors and creating a market map allows you to expand your advantages where weakness is revealed, and where they are less responsive to external changes. Multiple means of promoting tourism products and services target different groups.

How to sell more expensive tours?

The first thought that comes to most TA executives when they think about how to increase the sales of their business is: “I have to come up with something that will constantly get more new customers!” <

And, as often happens, dwelling on something obvious, we do not see other, often more elegant solutions, despite the fact that they are right under our noses!

In this article we will tell you about one illustrative case that happened in our consulting practice just recently.

And this is why this case is interesting: it shows how many non-obvious and unconventional opportunities a travel agency has on its way to high profits!

Recently, a small network of travel agencies from a provincial city turned to us for help (2 offices in different parts of the city, in each of which there are two tour managers and a manager who drives both offices).

The manager told us the following: “Guys, I have been in the travel business for a long time. It will soon be 6 years since the opening of our first office. And, frankly, I'm already tired of doing all this. In the best months, the agency brings in a mere penny of net profit. In general, I have found a buyer here for the business. Your task is to quickly launch a marafet and increase sales. I think I need to somehow catch up with new clients ... but I can't. In general, do what you want, but by the time the business is sold, I have to show the new owner steady growth in recent months and get the maximum profit from the deal! ”

We happily set to work - the task was interesting - for the first time we were preparing a travel agency for sale and decided to give our best!

Analyze this, analyze this ...

As always, we started by analyzing the key indicators of both offices (we were lucky: KPIs were measured in the network and this made it very easy for us to complete the task - when tracking key indicators is implemented, there is always something to rely on when making decisions about changes).

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