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Every year there are more and more thrill-seekers in Ukraine. The development of extreme tourism is facilitated by a variety of landscapes - from deserts to mountain rivers - and a huge number of abandoned industrial sites.

Traditionally, Ukrainians prefer to spend their holidays on the seas, enjoying a serene beach holiday. Although there is another category of people who would never trade active rest in Spartan conditions with an increased risk to life for a cozy room in a sanatorium. It is difficult to say what directs those who want to go down a boat on a mountain river, or those who decide to go on a journey in the desert or climb Mount Everest. It is the travelers of the awkward ten that travel agencies are guided by, making routes for expeditions and excursions to places that are somehow connected with extreme sports. The peculiarity of this direction of the tourist business is that no company, as a rule, works with several types of outdoor activities at once. In addition, companies specializing in extreme tourism often provide services either only in Ukraine, or they organize tours exclusively abroad.

Extreme for Sale

People rarely change their leisure preferences. But, as Olga Yudenko, deputy director for tourism at Pan Ukraine, noted, ordinary beach relaxation is not enough for Ukrainians, and every year our compatriots are becoming more active on vacation. To cater to requests, tour operators agree to add a little extreme to the main tour programs. “Almost every country can offer tourists extreme types of recreation. It all depends on the natural conditions. There are mountains - there will be mountaineering. There is a sea, ocean, river or lake - there will be diving and flight over the water surface. There is a jungle - there will be special excursions, the "Flight of the Gibbon" attraction and an ATV trip. Well, the parachute jump is easy to organize. Although a trip to some countries is already extreme, for example, a trip to South Africa. By the way, safaris are often ordered here, ”says Ms. Yudenko.

There are many opportunities for the development of extreme tourism in Ukraine itself. This is facilitated primarily by the natural conditions of our country. Nowadays, one of the most popular extreme types of recreation is rafting - rafting down the river. As Vitaliy Dikiy, director of the Dikiy Tour company, explained, the variety of Ukrainian rivers allows organizing outdoor activities for experienced extreme lovers, beginners and even clients with children. “There are many water routes in Ukraine both for extreme rafting along the Carpathian rivers Prut and Black Cheremosh, and along calm flat rivers with beautiful nature and many attractions along the banks. The chalk mountains on the Seversky Donets, the Dniester canyon with castles and waterfalls, granite rocks and rapids on the Southern Bug attract many. After all, these routes do not require special training or experience of participating in such tours, besides, we fully provide tourists with all the necessary equipment, ”explains Mr. Dikiy.

Khaki style

One of the new types of extreme recreation for Ukraine is military tours. Moreover, the services provided by companies specializing in military tours are very different. For example, in the active recreation club "Heavy Rain" (Skole, Lviv region) for almost UAH 3.5 thousand, fans of "war" are offered to live a week in conditions close to real military service with the study of the charter and drill.

But this extreme cannot be compared with what the Simferopol tour operator "Krymvoentur" offers. Ivan Frolov, the head of the company, retired with the rank of colonel after 30 years of service. But Mr. Frolov was not used to sitting around and decided to undergo training at retraining courses for retired military personnel in the direction of a tourist activity manager: "I studied the legislative framework and found a way to organize active recreation for tourists with the involvement of military units, while observing the laws" ... Having received a tour operator license, the entrepreneur began to conclude contracts with military units, offering clients such services as shooting and riding military equipment. But, according to Mr. Frolov himself, this pleasure is not cheap, and besides, the military is reluctant to agree to cooperate. “There is no queue of clients at our door yet. But we also offer cheaper services. Parachute jumping is in demand. In addition, we have an interesting excursion tour "Feel the taste of military life." Those who ordered this tour can spend several days on this service, up to participation in the internal outfit. We also have a “School of Survival”, in which both a wealthy client and an ordinary Ukrainian can pay for participation. Now we are working out excursions to military facilities with visits to their museums, ”says Ivan Frolov.

Contrary to stereotypes

An equally extreme type of tourism that is gaining popularity in Ukraine is trips to abandoned industrial facilities and the Chernobyl zone. Who would have thought that after a quarter of a century after the Chernobyl accident, which stirred up the whole world, tourists would line up to get there. Moreover, as Sergei Mirny, a developer of projects for the Chernobyl Tour company, said, the exclusion zone attracts not only Ukrainians, but also residents of Western countries and neighboring countries. And demand, as you know, gives rise to supply. “There are dozens of companies operating in Ukraine that bring tourists to Chernobyl. But the number of firms that provide their product, and are not intermediaries, is small - up to ten. For example, all of our routes are unique developments, since we independently think over the themes and travel scenarios, "says Mr. Mirny.

The "Chernobyl Tour" company is convinced that the tourist potential of the thirty-kilometer zone has not yet been fully utilized. According to Sergei Mirny, despite the fact that people associate Chernobyl, first of all, with a radiation tragedy, it has long become a hallmark of Ukraine. “The whole world knows that there was a catastrophe that, to a certain extent, changed the fate of not only our country, but the entire planet. Therefore, tourists go there as a historically significant place, - says Sergey. Besides, people are interested in the specificity of radiation, what happens to this place after the accident. "

What types of extreme tourism is profitable to develop in Ukraine

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts

Every year the number of people who prefer active recreation is increasing. More and more of these tourists choose the Carpathians as their destination. The picturesque region is an ideal place for those who want to relax with the benefit of body and soul. Active rest in the Carpathians is a great opportunity to have a great time in an amazing place.

Hiking in the mountains is something special. Here, healthy hiking turns into a real adventure. Amazing nature pleases the eye, and the purest air seems to have its own unique taste and aroma. Coming out of a cozy room of a comfortable hotel, like the Koruna Hotel, the first feeling is the magic of the atmosphere, which beckons to take a walk.

When planning a vacation in the Carpathians in 2017, study all the interesting routes. Consider the difficulty level of a particular path. Most often tourists choose:

  • climbing Hoverla;
  • hiking in the Carpathian National Natural Park;
  • walking to the waterfalls.

Horseback riding

To feel the connection with nature, many vacationers choose horseback riding. Local representatives of the equestrian tribe are hardy and friendly. They are ideal for horseback riding of any difficulty. If you have no experience with horses, experienced instructors will advise on how best to establish contact with the animal. Within a few hours you will feel confident. In the company of peaceful horses, rest in the Carpathians in the spring becomes unforgettable.

Depending on your experience and desire, you can choose the duration of the walk - from 1 hour to a whole day. The complexity of the route and its direction is also chosen in accordance with the preparation and preferences.

ATV rental

For those who cannot imagine a vacation without drive and adrenaline rush, there is a special offer - ATV trips. Even a beginner can bridle such an iron horse. Instructors will offer routes of various difficulty and length. For those who are driving an ATV for the first time, it is better to give preference to one-hour trips around the area. But experienced riders can afford many kilometers of travel. Sitting on a four-wheeled iron friend, you understand: active rest in the Carpathians is the best way to spend your vacation.

Every year there are more and more thrill-seekers in Ukraine. The development of extreme tourism is facilitated by a variety of landscapes - from deserts to mountain rivers - and a huge number of abandoned industrial sites.

Reviews of our guests

We rested at the Truskavets 365 hotel for the first time and were very satisfied. Thank you for a well-organized stay. Living conditions, food, organization of tourist recreation and, in general, everything is at a very high level. I really liked the presence of diverse types of spending time: excursions, assets and various festivities. Very often they could not decide exactly where they wanted to go. I was pleased with the very friendly and helpful staff who were ready to help with any question. A great thought of the hotel staff is to exercise in the morning. Special thanks for the educational excursion to Pan Yaroslav, and to P. Taras for a cheerful, interesting and very colorful asset. A separate plus for the host of the event, it lifted our spirits very well. I will recommend you to my friends.

Family Zorenko and Zhovtun 22.4019

Before the trip, my wife and I studied the reviews of vacationers in "Truskavets 365". Not a single bad one was found. Tune in to the positive. Have arrived. What he saw exceeded all good expectations! In reality, it turned out to be better than in the photos and in the reviews! Thanks a lot for organizing everything! The administration is great! We thank all the restaurant staff for the delicious food and service! Special thanks to the guides Pan Mykoly and Pan Yuriy. You are professionals in your field, in every word I heard love for our Ukraine, your listeners, your work! Well done.

We have come here for the third time in a year! Really like. The first time was with the whole family in February. We went skiing at the resort of the Krutogor 365 hotel. Children and adults really liked it! The second time, in June, we have already arrived with the Kumavei family. We actively went on excursions and went to show programs. Rafting, Beregovo, Lviv is very cool! And in December I brought my mother to her DR, I was surprised by a surprise from the hotel about this! I liked everything very much, absolutely delighted! I recommend it to everyone!

I've heard a lot of good words from friends about the rest in Vorokhta. So I decided with my family to visit the shopping center Vorokhta. I liked absolutely everything! The rooms are clean, newly renovated, the food was delicious and satisfying every time! Special thanks to the senior waiter, who ALWAYS took into account our requests). We cleaned the rooms every day, all the staff are polite, the guides are good, the organization of excursions is top notch! The entire stay at the hotel is organized so that the tourist has no time to get bored) excursions for every taste and choice: excursions, hiking, climbing Hoverla - gorgeous nature, forest, nature reserve, souvenir market and of course - kolyba! These are unforgettable emotions! The bottom line - we will definitely be back! All the staff of the Vorokhta complex - prosperity, good mood and more happy tourists!

m. Zaporizhzhya Daria 19.5.019

Wonderful organizing the tour, we have captured. Profesionnyy pіdkhіd in usyom, fixing from the transfer and ending with evening rozvagami. Everything has been thought out before dibnits. Guided tours of fun. It’s even more savory, the portions are mega hefty, it’s not fiddly at the price of the car, it’s not going to grow too heavy, the calories burn up on assets and super-assets. All SUPER! We will come to know about it.

Dyakuєmo for the miraculous organization of the post! I would like to see a calm, bright, decorated room with a savor of the hotel room. By the head rodzinka of your mortgage, you are kind, professional and, well, smart people, who will store the team, who will provide service to those who attend. I will deserve the robot for finding an estimate. I especially want to see the miracles of the razvazhalny come in, they did not neglect anyone without respect. The accordionist, the saxophonist, and the Cossacks were also honored with the demonstration of battle music. Dyakuumo, dyakuumo, dyakuumo for unforgettable vidpochinok! Duzhe Tsikavi excursions - Kholodny Yar, Uman, Chigirinshina, Kaniv! Evchenkovo ​​on the way to Dnipro. Goodness is your color.

Contact us! We will gladly help you plan your unforgettable trip.

Contact us! We will gladly help you plan your unforgettable trip.

Give a man one fish and you feed him for the whole day. Teach a person to fish, and he will be full and healthy all his life! It is difficult to disagree with these thoughts, especially if the man at least once pulled a fishing rod in his hands and made a cast. Read below why this classic hobby is a great way to improve your mental and physical well-being. Fishing for health is true!

Strength of the whole body develops

The protagonist in Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea fights the great marlin for 3 days. But this is a very strong fish. Your regular recreational fishing will not need to keep yourself busy day and night and experience ultra-high loads. On the contrary, the fight against small fish individuals includes active work: shoulders, abs, back, forearms and legs. But all this work is far from painful training, rather it is just medical gymnastics. But fishing in the future can encourage the fisherman to train his body so that in an emergency there is enough strength when the time comes to catch the trophy fish.

Family Ties

Fishing is a skill that is passed down from generation to generation, when grandfathers take their grandchildren to a familiar pond and teach them how to dig worms and catch this or that fish. Spending time in such an environment promotes a sense of security and well-being, which makes fishing even more fun.

Boosts the immune system

Vitamin D helps the body regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, two minerals that improve the immune system and help protect against disease. The best source of vitamin D is a day outdoors under the sun. Of course, with an excess and high intensity of light, it is necessary to use protection (panama, creams, glasses).

Promotes relaxation

A wonderful day out on a mountain stream or along the shore of a reservoir, accompanied by a dinner of grilled fish. Sounds idyllic, right? Spending long hours in nature with a purposeful task is akin to meditation to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

Improves cardiovascular health

Fishing burns an average of 200 calories per hour, depending on what type of fishing you like. It may not be true if you are sitting around with a bottle of beer and a huge bag of jerky. But if you walk around the reservoir, hunting for a predator, for example, or in search of a more fishy place, you will make your heart work in comfortable loads, which means you will strengthen it by an order of magnitude.

Teaches self-confidence

In our economically dependent, service-oriented life, we often rely on other people to do things for us. Fishing takes you to the desert and challenges you to master various skills. The more you go hiking, hiking and rafting, the more you learn: from boat management to hunting and orienteering.

The closer to the long weekend - and in connection with the Constitution Day, the Ukrainians will have a rest on June 27, 28 and 29 - the less chances to rent a house at a recreation center near Kiev. But we nevertheless tracked down suburban complexes with access to water, in which it is still possible to book rooms, and found out what service they offer there and how much such a vacation will cost.

So, a day's stay at a recreation center for two will cost from 2 thousand UAH. Everywhere the price includes: use of the pool, Wi-Fi and secure parking. And for an additional fee, they offer to rent a boat, go on a bike ride or visit SPA procedures.

At the recreation centers we were assured that they adhere to the necessary safety measures due to the coronavirus: according to the schedule, common areas are treated with antiseptics, the staff is provided with personal protective equipment, meals are taken on the open terrace of restaurants or in gazebos.

Recreation center "Prokhorov Khutor"


Room rates (without kitchen):

Meals: Near each house there is a barbecue, its use is included in the cost of living, but firewood will have to be bought separately (from 40 UAH/bundle). You can cook both on your own and eat at the restaurant of the recreation center.

Beach: its own bay and equipped descent for boats, its own pier and parking for boats

Pool: no

Parking: yes

Description: The recreation center is located on the bank of the Dnieper-Starik branch. This is a small base - 5 wooden houses - so the territory will not be crowded. The base will appeal to families with fishermen, because the type of fish in the river. The old man is huge. There are pike, pike perch, catfish, perch, tench, cupid, silver carp, etc.

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