Active rest in Russia

Active rest in Russia

Russia and its tourism potential

Since ancient times, Russia has been attracting the attention of the whole world with its uniqueness. Due to the vastness of the territory and the variety of climatic zones, this country has enormous natural resources. And there is no other state in the world with such a number of nations and nationalities with their own customs, traditions and history. All this represents a huge potential for the development of active recreation and tourism in Russia.

For a long time, people left unnoticed all the charm and uniqueness of this land, choosing exotic distant countries for recreation, but the past few decades have shown that interest in our country has grown significantly. Today, the number of those wishing to relax in the vastness of their native land is increasing, resort areas are expanding and becoming more in demand in the world list. Active recreation and tourism in Russia is gaining scale and popularity.

The variety of natural landscapes allows the development of all kinds of tourism and entertainment. Tour operators are organizing more and more new interesting options, if possible, involving all the features of the region: nature, attractions, color of life of the local population, especially leisure activities. Many territories of great Russia have not yet been explored, but they are already attracting a lot of attention, so it is worth imagining how popular such places will have after the tourist routes laid here. The most popular among tourists are active types of recreation, which are mostly developed in the Caucasus and the Black Sea region. But no less interesting and fascinating are excursion routes that allow maintaining interest in historical and educational tourism. Among the believing population of Russia, pilgrimage trips to holy places are in demand. We should also pay special attention to the financial side of outdoor activities in Russia: for our compatriots this is the most profitable option, because traveling abroad will cost relatively more, while the money will go to the treasury of a foreign state. Preparing for a tour of Russia is easier, since it does not require additional paperwork with the preparation of documents, so a vacation will be more pleasant and desirable. Russia is a unique contrasting country, here for everyone there is entertainment to their liking, which will give a lot of positive impressions and leave pleasant memories.

Active holidays in Russia

More and more Russians prefer active holidays in Russia. An inactive lifestyle, gas pollution in cities, hustle and bustle - these are the main reasons for the popularity of active tourism. While on vacation, you want to change the scenery, whether it will be a calm contemplation of nature, or fishing, or rafting.

It has long been known that most of all a person gets tired of monotony, and active tourism just gives a shake-up, new sensations, a test of one's strength. This is especially true for adventure tours. The opportunities for active recreation in Russia are enormous. These include climbing mountain peaks, and hiking, rafting on rough rivers, and horseback riding in protected areas. The geography of the tours is very diverse: the hot springs of Kamchatka, the amazingly beautiful Altai, the amazing rivers of the Kola Peninsula, the lakes of Karelia and much, much more.

If you prefer to spend your vacation hunting or fishing, then you have many options. Travel agencies will offer you wonderful places specially designed for hunters and amateur fishermen. This could be the Volga, Kaluga region, or Karelia. You can choose a tourist base or a special hunting lodge. At the same time, they are usually provided with tackles. You will decide for yourself what level of service you need. It remains only to decide what you want to receive: the acuity of sensations, or silence, peace and merging with nature. Our country has a variety of natural landscapes and places with almost untouched nature, which makes it easy to find an active vacation in Russia for every taste.

Availability of outdoor activities in Russia

If you want to combine active and cultural rest, then there is always such an opportunity. Tourist bases located near the historical centers will provide you with short hiking or sports activities on the territory of the base itself, and excursions will help you learn and see something new.

Tours to places that are located near big cities are gaining special popularity. Firstly, such tours are very economical, no tedious flights and transfers, no paperwork. Secondly, the lack of acclimatization also speaks in their favor. Such tours usually do not have seasonal restrictions. You can relax in silence, take a walk in the forest at any time of the year. The demand for outdoor activities in Russia generates competition among travel companies for organizing this type of vacation. Therefore, both the number of offers and the quality of tours are growing.

Active rest in Russia

best beaches

1. Curonian Spit (Kaliningrad)

A wide beach of fine crystalline light sand on the shores of the Baltic Sea. It stretches along the villages of Rybachy, Morskoye, Lesnoye - only 98 km, along the edge - coniferous forests.

2. Baikal (Irkutsk region)

A huge lake with Baikal dunes - kilometers of wide beaches with fine light sand.

3. Sea of ​​Azov

The shallowest sea in the world - depth up to 13.5 m. Several wide beaches (spits up to 25 km in length) made of fine shell rock (sand). There are also a lot of surf schools here.

4. Lake Brosno (Tver region)

Russian analogue of the mysterious Loch Ness. 9 km long, 1.5 km wide. According to legend, a monster lives at the bottom. For those who are not afraid - clear water and sandy beaches.

(Tver and Novgorod regions)

One of the most developed tourist zones with natural sandy beaches around the lakes, housing for every taste and budget. On the spot, they provide everything you need: a bicycle, fishing tackle, you can take a boat and retire on the islets (there are more than 160 of them). Price: 9000 rub.

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