Active rest in Crimea

Prospects for the development of the tourist services market in the Republic of Crimea


Crimea is a real tourist Eldorado. Everything is there - mountains, canyons, waterfalls, the sea. The peninsula is distinguished by beautiful landscapes and natural diversity. The advantages include a mild climate. Snow occurs only in the mountains, but it does not last long. Most of the attractions are within transport accessibility. With the opening of road and railway bridges across the Kerch Strait, the peninsula has become as accessible as possible.

In the old days, Crimea was called Tavrida. From the south and southwest the peninsula is washed by the waters of the Black Sea, from the northeast - by the Sea of ​​Azov. The total length of the coastline reaches 2500 kilometers! The Black Sea coast accounts for 750 kilometers. The peninsula is connected to the mainland by the Perekop Isthmus, eight kilometers wide. The area of ​​the plains is 72% of the entire territory. Mountains account for 20%, lakes - 8%. For tourists, a tidbit is the South Coast, along which the Main Ridge of the Crimean Mountains stretches.

This is not to say that the local mountains are very high. The largest mountain is considered to be Roman-Kosh with a height of 1545 meters. But the mountains are very beautiful - with deep canyons, picturesque passes and bizarre stone "sculptures". The territory of the peninsula is crossed by about 250 rivers and streams. They do not differ in depth and fullness, but they are also beautiful. There are fifty salt lakes and mud volcanoes. The largest cities are Simferopol, Sevastopol, Kerch and Evpatoria.

Crimea is characterized by an atmosphere of romance. First of all, it is created by the mountains and the sea. There are many hiking trails in the southern part of the peninsula. Climbers and mountaineers come here. There are routes for cyclists. You can go kayaking along the Black Sea along the entire South Coast. There is an opportunity to go horseback riding and ride donkeys. Crimea has a rich history. Medieval fortresses, cave cities and palaces have been preserved here. All this is the basis for interesting excursions. Crimea is inexhaustible!

Bakhchisaray district

The absolute leader in the number of tourist routes is the Bakhchisarai region. It is located in the southwest of Crimea. Almost 90% of its territory is mountainous. Steppe prevails only in the northwestern part, which is adjacent to the sea coast. The maximum elevation marks do not exceed thousands of meters. The largest rivers are Belbek, Kacha and Alma. There are three reservoirs, a large wildlife sanctuary and seven natural monuments.

The regional capital is the city of Bakhchisarai, founded in the Middle Ages. Many ancient buildings have survived to this day, including the Khan's palace, Zyndzhirli madrasah, Khan-Jami and Takhtaly-Jami mosques. In the vicinity of Bakhchisarai there are unique medieval cave cities Chufut-Kale and Eski-Kermen, the ancient settlement of Mangup-Kale, as well as three cave monasteries.

Kachinskaya and Belbekskaya valleys are considered natural masterpieces. In fact, these are wide picturesque canyons. Belbek canyon is famous for the ancient Syuiren fortress. In the area there is the Grand Canyon of Crimea - the largest on the peninsula. Its depth exceeds 300 meters! One of the hits of the reserve is the Bath of Youth - a stone niche filled with spring water. All described places are included in the programs of hiking routes.

Trekking routes in the Bakhchisarai region:

Central Crimea

Simferopol is the capital of Crimea. The city was founded in 1784. Many historical buildings have survived to this day. The oldest building is the Kebir-Jami mosque. In total, there are about seventy attractions, including architectural monuments, temples and parks. There are seven museums, including the Central Museum of Taurida and the Crimean Ethnographic Museum.

The metropolitan area can be conditionally attributed to the Central Crimea. Simferopol is the main transport hub of the peninsula. Tourists arrive here by air, rail and road. Many routes start from here. To the south of the capital, the Crimean Mountains rise - the main goal of hikers and mountain climbers. In these places, yayls are widespread - mountains with vast, gently sloping peaks.

TOP-10 places for active recreation in Crimea

Tour operator "SNP-CRIMEA" - a short history of the years

The tourist company SNP-KRYM LLC was born on December 18, 2002. On this day, our first tour operator license was obtained. And this event was preceded by the acquaintance of Ivan Kovalenko, a 23-year-old graduate of the Faculty of Geography, TNU. IN. . Vernadsky and Andrey Golovin - director of a large Moscow tour operator company SNP LLC. They met at the Sosnovka tourist shelter in the Crimean Mountains, being part of a group of tourists on a walking route organized by Krymtur CJSC. Ivan worked as a guide in Krymtur under the direct supervision of Galina Savchuk, head of the Krymtur voucher sales department, and took a group of Moscow tourists through the mountains. And Andrei Golovin arrived on the route with an inspector's check from a Moscow company sending tourists. Taking a closer look at the active, aspiring and intelligent guy, the director of a Moscow company voiced the phrase that marked the beginning of the birth of a new travel agency: “We want to create our own branch in Crimea. Can you recommend someone who could work for us? " After that, days and weeks of chimes between Crimea and Moscow began, test emails by e-mail, completing the first assignments, the first steps towards the establishment of a new legal entity. The path was difficult, given the zero experience of the Crimean side in understanding the tourist business. But constant help and training from senior comrades from Moscow did their job. The firm was opened.

In the first year of operation, the company took careful steps in the field of Crimean tourism. The main tasks were serving the tourists of the Moscow tour operator "SNP". The first contracts were concluded with recreation centers, contacts were developed for the organization of specialized types of tourism. We still remember exactly our first tourists - a certain wife of Martemyanov, who bought a tour to the sanatorium "Northern Lights" in Saki. The first office of the firm was a small room on the 5th floor of a building at 76 Kievskaya in Simferopol. Two tables, desks, an old shabby sofa, several chairs - the furniture was brought from somewhere in the basement and from the house. And then there was a huge metal safe, inherited from the predecessors who rented the room. Our neighbors in the building turned out to be the Simferopol office of the SAM travel agency. Since then, the company "SAM" has become our close business partner and good friend. And for a long time there is no travel agency "SAM", but we are still sincerely friends with Anatoly Skrypnyk, the former director of the directorate in Ukraine of this once leading Ukrainian tour operator.

Like blind kittens, we studied the work of a fax, a printer, the principle of the Internet. The first months were using computers in an Internet cafe across the street. Faxes were sent from the Main Post Office. And the employee's salary in the first month of work was 150 hryvnia per month. The director traveled by trolleybuses and buses to conclude agreements with accommodation bases. And in the bay Laspi or Gurzuf, you had to go down from the track on foot and also climb back to the trolleybus stop, carrying in your bag the agreement with the boarding house. This is how we concluded an agreement with the Izumrud boarding house in Laspi Bay and with the Korovin Art House in Gurzuf.

In the winter of 2002-2003, we underwent an internship in Moscow at the SNP office, having gone from an assistant manager to the functions of a financial director in a few weeks. We learned everything from our mistakes and specific examples. In the first month of the firm's existence, someone carefully looked into the office, called by phone and asked tricky questions - now we understand that these were colleagues in the travel business trying to find out what kind of new firm was opened.

Ivan invited the closest people at that time who knew at least something about tourism and business. Kovalenko Tatyana Gennadievna, being an accountant by education and already having a lot of experience in this area, did not want to let her own son cruel sailing through the waves of business and became a faithful assistant, having assumed the position of the chief accountant of the company. Her invaluable advice and experience laid the foundation for the company's financial growth.

Lukyanenko Ekaterina Alekseevna, the only employee who at that time had education and experience in tourism, was invited as Deputy Director for Tourism. Being a bright, intelligent and dynamic nature, she gladly took over the direction of work related to active and youth tourism. The brightest and most professional guides, guides and transport workers, many of whom are still working with us, came to work for Catherine to work in SNP-KRYM.

Yakovleva Yana Vladimirovna studied at the university from the 1st year together with the future director of the company Ivan Kovalenko. Together they went to work as guides at the Balu travel agency, taking school excursions around the Crimea, and then worked together in the Crimea on mountain routes. An analytical mind, hard work and natural charisma made Yana one of the best top managers of Crimean tourism.

Managers Alena Marunina, Anastasia Rusanova, Natalya Skibitskaya, Natalya Gudymenko, Natalya Kononenko, Maria Shcherbakova, Tatyana Shpakova, Dementieva Elena.

Over the years of work, three dozen people have gone through the personnel department of the company. And we can say with confidence that the school "SNP-KRYM" has become for them a serious professional platform for further activities.

From the first days of the firm's existence, two areas of work were clearly developed: resale of vouchers along with other tour operators according to the scheme base of accommodation - tour operator - travel agent - private client and creation and sale of our own tourism product in the system of active and educational tourism. Well-coordinated work of employees, healthy youthful maximalism, good teachers - all this contributed to the bright growth of the new tour operator.

At that time, we were a completely new phenomenon in the Crimean tourism - the youngest company, both in terms of the age of employees and the time of creation. In the early 2000s, everything on the Crimean market was clearly divided, all the players were known and there were no new travel agencies. And then we appeared. We went in impudently and abruptly. Of course, it helped that there were "Muscovites" behind them - Andrey Golovin and Nikolai Puzarin from SNP. They were respected in Crimea as personalities in tourism, and the company "SNP" itself at that time was one of the largest tour operators in Russia in the direction of "Crimea" and was seriously reckoned with. And the Crimean tour operators, on the one hand, had to reckon with us, and on the other hand, it was simply “funny” that someone decided to engage in tourism besides them. It is now travel agencies are growing like mushrooms, and only the lazy has not yet opened his own travel agency. In the early 2000s, this was not the case. All Crimean tourism was shared by "Kandahar", "Laspi", "TurEtno", "Kenesh", "Genoa-tour", "Krymturburo", "Krymtur", "Company Chernomor" and "Chernomor-tour", "GINservice", " Proftour "," Zeya-resort "and several other companies.

Crimea is a paradise for lovers of active tourism. The article lists popular places for hiking and outdoor activities in Crimea.

Having arrived in Crimea, do not miss the opportunity to go on a one-day hike to the mountains. You will see the real beauty of Crimea, which not every tourist knows!

One of the most interesting entertainments in Crimea is horseback riding. You will be able to see amazing places and climb into the most secluded corners of our peninsula.

You can have a good rest not only on the Black Sea coast in Crimea. In the mountains there are no less beautiful places with a wide variety of entertainment.

The unique nature of the west coast, warm sandy beaches, almost untouched by man, these are all Bakalskaya spit!

Arriving in Crimea, be sure to go hiking - there you will see the real beauty of our peninsula!

Fans of outdoor activities come to Crimea every year, and for climbers our peninsula has become a kind of Mecca. Why? Read on.

You can have fun and active time in the Dreamwood Park on the territory of the Mriya tourist complex.

Although most tourists, coming to Crimea, strive to the sea, there are also such daredevils who spend time in the mountains. We will tell you where to stay and what to do in the mountainous Crimea.

There are places in Crimea where special laws of energy operate. These are the so-called places of power. It is worth coming here for meditation, fulfillment of desires and healing. Let's talk about the strongest of them.

It is so easy and accessible to every tourist to explore the most picturesque bays of Crimea! You can rent a kayak and go on an exciting sea trip.

There is a special category of tourists on the peninsula - those who choose active rest in Crimea. These are not only all possible extreme lovers and thrill-seekers, but also those who love sports and new experiences. Such a vacation allows you not only to spend time with health benefits, but also to get to know Crimea from such sides that you would never have seen while traveling in the traditional way.

Our peninsula is so versatile that it offers entertainment for everyone, even if you have chosen an active vacation in Crimea with children. In this section we will tell you about all types of active pastime that are available in Crimea, and there are a lot of them!

For convenience, you can divide the options for such a vacation into sea, air and mountain.

Research of prospects for the development of the market of tourist services in the Republic of Crimea.

Problems of the tourism market in the Republic of Crimea

Tourism and the entire tourism industry as a whole is a huge and dynamic sector of both the Russian and world economies. In terms of profitability, the tourism industry is second only to the oil production and automotive industries. The tourist industry is constantly developing and does not stand still - this is a huge plus, because tourist services are constantly developing.

A tourist service is a set of targeted actions in the service sector that are focused on providing and meeting the needs of a tourist or excursionist, meeting the goals of tourism, the nature and focus of a tourist service, tour, tourist product, not contradicting the universal principles of morality and good order.

One of the most relevant tourist destinations at the moment is Crimea - a profitable region for the Russian economy, and the tourism and resort-sanatorium industry is one of the most attractive in the region.

After joining Russia in March 2014, a number of problems in the tourism industry were identified in the Republic of Crimea:

- Difficult transport links with Russia;

- Unsatisfactory condition of access roads and parking for tourist buses near objects of tourist interest;

- Unsatisfactory condition of a significant part of the roadway;

- Moral obsolescence of the only passenger airport of Crimea "Simferopol";

- Inconsistency of the level of service with generally accepted standards and expectations of tourists;

- Poor quality of placement in most properties;

- Interruptions in the provision of basic utilities (electricity, hot and cold water supply);

Multi-day tours and excursions in Crimea

Organization of travel in Crimea of ​​varying complexity is a key area of ​​our firm's work, which we have been doing since 2002. Our author's multi-day routes in Crimea are a comfortable civilized vacation with a share of adventure and emotions. All our tours are prefabricated (this means that we join from 1 person to a group). All tours with clear arrival schedules - they will take place anyway. We are waiting for you in Crimea! We also often offer discounts and promotions for our programs! :) Ask about them!

Prefabricated excursion tours in Crimea are designed in such a way that the guest of our peninsula will see the most basic and top sights. All hotels, cafes, wineries, transport companies and other partners have been cooperating with us for many years in a row. The organization of our tours is aimed at only one thing - good and kind emotions of tourists. Do you know why prefabricated excursion tours are better than an independent trip to Crimea? We will tell you >>>

Excursion tour "Crimean Triangle"

The Crimean Triangle is the top must-see sights of Crimea in the Yalta-Sevastopol-Bakhchisarai triangle. Famous monuments of nature and history: Swallow's Nest and Bear Mountain, Livadia and Alupka palaces, Balaklava and Chersonesos, Fountain of Tears and Foros Church.

Excursion tour "All Crimea"

Excursion tour "WHOLE CRIMEA" is ideal for getting acquainted with the entire excursion palette of the Crimean peninsula. You will visit literally all the main sights of Crimea - castles, caves, palaces, mountains, embankments of resort towns, try national cuisine and Crimean wine.

Active tour "Crimea Mountains-Sea"

Auto-walking tour of Crimea is designed for supporters of an active lifestyle, for connoisseurs of nature and beauty. The tour is based on the southern coast of Crimea in the city of Alushta, from where radial hiking trips in the Crimean mountains are made. This tour is recommended for travelers between 15 and 70 years old.

Active excursion tour of the "tops of the Crimea"

New own team program that combines elements of day trekking in the Crimean mountains and evening relaxation on the Black Sea coast.

Cognitive tour + "Return to youth"

A tour of Crimea at a comfortable time for walking, is focused exclusively on active older people.

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