Active rest: examples of rest in Russia, features, pros and cons

12 most unusual types of tourism

Our fresh review reveals good ideas for outdoor activities in Russia. This article should be of interest to all those who are tired of the passive and monotonous vacation in the form of an ordinary trip to the sea, lying all day on the couch doing nothing or acting as a slave on their country "plantation" in order to grow various vegetables, berries, flowers.

Interesting facts about outdoor activities

In order for at least someone who has read this article to have a desire to spend their vacation differently from usual, it must be said that more and more people are drawn into this exciting process of actively spending their free time. Why is this happening? Because with the help of active recreation you learn a lot of new and interesting things, get to know different people, develop and strengthen your body and, finally, you can learn some skills that may be useful in everyday life. Plus, having tried it once, you can't refuse to do it again!

Active rest is called so because it does not mean immobilized lying on the beach waiting for a sea sunburn, but is associated with intense physical exertion on the entire body. As for the types of outdoor activities themselves, the overwhelming majority of them are non-professional activities in any kind of sport.

And every day these varieties are becoming more and more, since there are always people who like to find something new and interesting and apply it in life for the benefit of themselves and others. These include, for example, geocaching, the essence of which is to find, using satellite systems, caches that other participants in this tourist game have made. You can play it with your family, a friendly company or alone, here the number of players is not a fundamentally important issue. However, this is still a rare type of outdoor activity, which is designed primarily for the amateur. Therefore, in contrast to sports games, hunting wild animals in the savannah and the like, there are those types of recreation that are designed for a wide range of people. The most popular of them are the directions described below. Let's take a closer look at the popular outdoor activities, we will give the most affordable and exciting examples.

The best outdoor activities in Russia

Sports tourism

Most modern people, one way or another, get tired of living in big cities, so the desire to merge with nature, to be alone with it, takes on special significance. Therefore, warm and comfortable tents will give special charm to outdoor recreation, instead of renting a cozy apartment or hotel room and the necessary camping structure, as well as a cheerful company nearby. But in order to completely "recover" from the benefits of civilization, various travel agencies offer to spend in sports camps or, traveling alone or with a family, to take part, for example, in rafting, that is, boating. It can also be an obstacle course, crossing over logs and much more, it all depends on the wishes of the client.


Surfing is a kind of sport when a person stands on a special board and tries to “catch” a wave in order to ride on it. Pleasure and unforgettable sensations will be enough for anyone with interest. Experts advise beginner surfers to ride small waves to avoid traumatic situations.

Active rest: examples of rest in Russia, features, pros and cons

There are many different types of tourism nowadays. The main characteristic is formed based on the needs of travelers. The tourism activity itself is constantly changing, new directions appear, and the process continues to this day.

Here are the main types of tourism and their characteristics, so that you can organize your leisure time to your liking. Who knows, perhaps you have no idea that you can rest like this? After all, tourism is not only a warm sea, yellow sand and endless entertainment under the palm trees.

Travel is different, and any connoisseur can choose a vacation to their liking. Active, youth, wellness, children, religious, beach, rural ...

These are just a few popular directions.

“I am a tourist!” - any modern person who:

  • travels out of curiosity,
  • goes on voyages for work,
  • goes to the PVD to sleep in the forest in a tent,
  • travels outside his hometown for rest and treatment,
  • attends training seminars or master classes in other countries.

The root of the word "tourism" is supposedly French, from tour - "trip". But this name has long been applied not only to travel. Tourism and its types are developing so rapidly that it is difficult to count them!

What is tourism?

Factors of tourism development

World practice shows that the development of tourism requires these conditions:

Our latest review reveals good ideas for outdoor activities in Russia. This article should be of interest to all those who are tired of the passive and monotonous vacation in the form of an ordinary trip to the sea, lying all day on the couch doing nothing or acting as a slave on their country

In recent years, tourism has received tremendous development in almost all countries of the world, and the Schengen area in this regard is no exception. Several dozen of its types and subspecies were formed, from which any, even the most demanding traveler, can easily choose an entertaining and useful program for himself.

What directions can be considered the most developed today, how well they are represented in Poland, and how among them you can choose a tour just for your own needs, let's try to figure it out.

What types of tourism are there

Currently, there are several general types of tourism, which in turn can be divided into numerous subspecies. Among the most common are the following:

  • Cultural and educational. The most common type, in which direct visits to cultural events, excursions to large historical centers, visits to galleries, libraries, theaters, and other similar institutions are carried out.
  • Medical wellness. One of the most popular types, within which, directly, treatment or general strengthening of the body is carried out in special sanatoriums, dispensaries, and other similar institutions.
  • Sports. In the literature, the special is also further divided into active and passive. It combines such smaller types of tourism: water, mountain, and hiking. Also, visits to high-profile sporting events, for example, football matches, international and national competitions and, of course, the Olympics, are often included in this category.
  • Extreme. Sometimes it is considered as an offshoot of sports, but in recent years it has often been defined as an independent branch. This includes travel for the purpose of skydiving, mountaineering, diving.
  • Adventure. This is a visit to safari parks, special quests and other events. It is considered one of the shortest-term types, in which the duration of the tour is limited to 1-4 days.
  • Business. This includes attending seminars in a particular industry, business trips, internships and other events. Requires a special business visa to arrange departure. In some cases, exhibition tourism is also distinguished from this category.
  • Eco-friendly or green tourism. This option provides for the abandonment of the usual comfortable conditions for settling in favor of moving to the outback and using only natural products in the diet, as well as natural benefits to ensure your rest. Within the framework of this tourism, the vacationer must take good care of natural resources and not disturb the ecosystem of the area. Often, it also provides for human participation in field work, as well as harvesting, caring for livestock.
  • Religious. This direction involves visiting various churches, iconic places, monasteries. The pilgrimage also applies here.
  • Educational. This category unites at the same time training in summer camps, special schools, advanced training courses, as well as obtaining secondary, special or higher education in colleges and universities in another country.

Nowadays, almost all of the above main types of tourism are available to the overwhelming number of travelers. But how to choose the one that will bring maximum pleasure?

In this case, you will have to rely on the specifics of the country you are going to, as well as your personal preferences.

Most developed species in Poland

Poland, like some other European countries, is currently actively developing many types of tourism. If we talk about those industries that in recent years have received the maximum amount of investments and private assistance here, then these should be attributed to:

  • Green tourism. It is developed in many remote villages of Poland and is currently one of the most important sources of funding for them.
  • Sports. The largest number of bases that have been developed in this direction are located in Zakopane, as well as in the north of the country, there are separate points of such tourism in Krakow, Warsaw, as well as some other large cities.
  • Sightseeing. The main centers here are Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw and, of course, smaller areas: Poznan, Auschwitz, Lublin.
  • Educational. Within the framework of this direction, not only educational summer camps operate practically throughout the country, but also the largest educational centers in Poland. It is currently one of the most promising areas.
  • Wellness. In Poland, there are currently several dozen large sanatoriums that can receive tourists from other countries. At their disposal there are salt mines, various types of massage, modern methods of treatment and recovery and, of course, climatotherapy.

Each type can be chosen by you both for a group trip and for individual or even amateur tourism. You just need to correctly approach the preparation of the exit.

Rural holiday

Many people think that a village or a village is unsuitable for recreation, and even more so for tourism. But this is not the case. Going to the countryside can be a lot of fun. For example, live roosters will wake up in the morning.

Healthy and proper food, fresh vegetables, clean air - all this can be obtained just by going to the village. Many companies specialize in just such a vacation. This will help you to relax without fuss, new technologies and large buildings.

You can also go fishing or watch the bees collect honey.

Jailoo Tourism

A rare and unpopular type of tourism. Jailoo means mountain pasture. Those who want to be alone with themselves and look at the mesmerizing mountains agree to such a vacation.

And if it's scary to walk alone, then in the villages near the mountains there will definitely be a guide who will tell you everything about mountains and safety measures, show you all the safe paths and the most beautiful places.

Also, it will be great to spend the night in a tent, looking at the stars. And of course, this is the best way to get acquainted with the local traditions and customs of the peoples.

Film tourism

The most unusual and rare type of tourism. Movie lovers can not only enjoy any characters, but also follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes or other heroes.

You can also sit in the seats from the movies and enjoy the atmosphere.

Festival tourism

This is a great way to go to several concerts at once. Usually they come to festival events in costumes of their choice.

Interest in new places has been inherent in man at all times. In search of a better life, brave discoverers took risks and set off on long journeys.

Thanks to the development of vehicles, a modern person has the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world with minimal risks, and for many this is becoming a favorite way of rest. So, let's figure out what tourism is.

What is this?

In the minds of most people, tourism is associated with recreation, although this is not always the case.


In the most general sense, tourism is travel without a change of permanent residence.

Who is a tourist? This is a person who stays outside his usual environment for no more than 12 months for any purpose other than earning money in the place of residence.

Since 1979, the world has celebrated World Tourism Day, in Russia - since 1983. Find out in this article what date the celebration takes place.

Industry specifics

Tourism as a type of activity is one of the economic sectors, so there is a need for specialists in tourism. For this, many universities open the specialty "tourism". In the process of training this profession, special attention is paid to the study of geography and foreign languages, as well as business processes related to tourism activities.

Tourism as an activity can be viewed from two sides. On the one hand, tourism is the activity of professionals who provide an opportunity for everyone to travel. This includes the work of tour operators and travel agencies.

On the other hand, tourism is the activity of the tourists themselves who travel.

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