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If during the quarantine period you are tired of sitting at home for a long time, outdoor activities are what you need. Emotionally, with an adrenaline rush, inexpensive and educational. Such leisure brings together, strengthens the spirit and body, expands consciousness. New friends appear, a lot of impressions and photos are provided. You don't need to travel far for this. Energetic outdoor recreation in summer in native Perm or its environs is guaranteed to surprise you. The original nature of the Ural region - majestic mountains, green hills, mirror-like lakes, turbulent rivers and picturesque waterfalls open up to the eye during outdoor activities. Overnight in a tent, fishing, dinner and songs by the fire - just romance!

Rafting on the rivers of our region

Are you an active and independent traveler? You are on the road to rafting!

Hear the crackling fire

Rafting along Usva with the Stone City!

Who is the alloy for?

For those who love outdoor recreation! Night sky, campfire songs and delicious buckwheat in the cauldron. For a special atmosphere of unity with the elements in the company of best friends!

Recreation centers

Enjoy the silence, fishing and catch the full Zen. Do you dream about it? Recreation centers in the Perm Territory are ready to receive guests!

Perm Bahamas

No cottage?

Active tourism

Sports and Tourism in our country are gaining momentum every year. And if you have not yet joined this interesting, and most importantly useful pastime, now is the time to discover new tourist destinations and modes of movement, as well as more active types of recreation such as sports tourism.

Types of sports tourism

Sports tourism is a type of tourism based on competitions on difficult routes. These include overcoming categorical obstacles in the natural environment: passes, peaks (in mountain tourism), rapids (in sea tourism), canyons, caves and at distances created in the natural environment.

Sports tourism is also divided into types. We will tell you about the main types that you can start practicing this summer.


Hiking involves mainly walking on the tourist route. The main task of hiking is to overcome obstacles on the terrain and landscape on foot, for categories of high difficulty - in areas with difficult terrain and climatic conditions. For hiking, of course, you will need good equipment, sportswear and shoes.

Tracksuits and hiking kits will make your hike more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Mountain tourism

Mountain tourism or trekking in the mountains has the main task - to go through mountain passes, climb to the top, cross mountain ranges. The right athletic shoes are essential for mountain climbing. Good running shoes will not only help you conquer the peaks faster, but also keep your feet from injury and damage. On our site you can find a large selection of new discounted sneakers.

Water tourism

We will tell you about active tourism in Perm ✓ We will share where you can go for the weekend and not far from the city ➨ Come in!

Travel to the highest mountain on the planet!


A non-beach trip along the southern coast of Turkey. One of the most interesting hiking trails in Europe ...

We will visit the most interesting and amazing places of Crimea.


The route passes along the river Uksunjoki (Uksa), the most popular among fans of sports rafting in the Northern Ladoga area


Winter Baikal is incredibly beautiful, harmonious and amazing. Let's go ice skating on the world's largest ice rink?


Make your dream come true! Conquer the highest point of Russia and Europe - 5 642 meters above sea level!

About the company

We started our work as a group of enthusiasts, inspired by the idea of ​​discovering the world and uniting travel lovers around us.

Active rest in Perm is a great opportunity to spend time with benefits for the mind and body. Such leisure not only requires physical work of the body, it also perfectly relaxes. After such entertainment, you will feel a surge of strength and vitality. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of making the most of even a few days off, because in a bustling and always noisy city, it is very important to be able to be distracted by pleasant activities.

Active rest in Perm and the Perm Territory - exciting leisure for the whole family

The prospect of going somewhere for the sake of an entertaining tour may seem quite creepy, because who wants to spend half of the weekend just to get to the "resting place". However, you do not have to travel hundreds of kilometers in search of thrills and useful entertainment, because today you can energetically while away your leisure time right in the city!

In summer, active rest in Perm is represented by the following options:

  • swimming - rivers, ponds and a number of artificial reservoirs (pools);
  • cycling - specially equipped paths in parks and reserves;
  • rock climbing - for children and adults there are different routes on climbing walls;
  • hiking - exploring the sights of the city, nature reserves and other interesting places;
  • paintball - an extreme team sport, competitions in which are held in special clubs after detailed instructions from all players.

In winter, thrill-seekers are offered entertainment such as:

  • skiing - a number of professionally equipped complexes with tracks of different difficulty levels;
  • skating rinks - seasonal playgrounds for active ice leisure;
  • winter sports - sledges, snowboards, etc.

Down with the sofa and passive pastime! Experienced guides and professional instructors will help you determine the optimal type of active leisure for you, develop a tourist route and teach you how to use special equipment correctly. All you have to do is take a good mood with you and get a good night's sleep before the start of the event - whether it is a walk in the historic center of the city or a trip to the river for rafting.

If you do not know where to go and how to spend your time with benefit, choose an active holiday in Perm on weekends, regardless of the season and weather conditions, and stay in good shape all year round.

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