Active leisure tourism mountains

Active leisure tourism mountains

Dzitak Lakes

Hike with accommodation in the field. Duration - 3 days. Takes place on the territory of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve Designed for beginners and experienced tourists

Summit of Achishkho

Hike with accommodation in the field. Duration - 3 days. Takes place on the territory of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. designed for beginners and experienced tourists.

Lake Kardyvach

Hike with accommodation in the field Duration - 5 days Takes place in the area of ​​the village Krasnaya Polyana Designed for beginners and experienced tourists

Hike Tour Youth Explore THE WORLD

Hike with accommodation in the field. Duration - 7 days. It takes place on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory. Designed for beginners and experienced tourists

Bolshoi Tkhach Natural Park

Trekking, the circular route of the hike passes through the territory of the Bolshoi Tkhach National Park. Beautiful landscapes, sheer stone walls and a comfortable trail. Duration - 7 days. It takes place on the territory of the Republic of Adygea. Designed for beginners and experienced tourists.

Golden ring of Adygea: Lago-Naki plateau and Oshten peak

Hiking in the mountains

Russia is a huge country with several climatic zones, and the choice of places to stay here is great. It can be a summer vacation on the beach, trekking in the mountains, cultural holidays in beautiful towns and villages, or active tourism in nature reserves and lakes. We have been to many places and what we have seen, but we always come back with new ideas where else to go to Russia.

Our country amazes with unique landscapes: magnificent mountain peaks, sand dunes, ancient cities, lakes, which are not found anywhere else on the planet, geysers and hills - everyone will find rest to their taste here. The main thing is to decide on the direction!

Holidays in Russia in the summer at sea

Many people prefer to spend the summer vacation at sea and stock up on vitamin D in the sun, so they go to the beach. Well, there are many beaches in Russia, and there are several seas. Although they are not all equally warm, visiting each is also curious. The season starts somewhere earlier, somewhere later, but, of course, we are mainly talking about the summer months.

Black Sea

The Black Sea resorts are the most popular among Russians. The sea is warm, you can swim here in early June, although some daredevils open the season in May. The only drawback in our opinion is the number of people at the popular resorts during the peak season. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to take a vacation in September or vice versa, the very beginning of the season, then you will be able to avoid the crowds and enjoy the sea in peace.

Where to go to rest: Resorts of Krasnodar Territory: Sochi, Tuapse, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Adler Resorts of Crimea: Yalta, Sevastopol, Evpatoria, Feodosia

It is ideal to go to the Black Sea by car and with some time to spare. There are a lot of interesting things on the way, and you always want to stop to see something. And another plus is money saving.

Advantages of rest on the Black Sea:

  • Many beautiful and interesting places around
  • The popular resorts have developed infrastructure (restaurants, outdoor activities, etc.)
  • Clean water and stunning bays
  • Sandy and pebble beaches - the choice is yours

Here you can find information on the most popular routes of hiking in the mountains of the Western Caucasus, preparation for the hike, equipment and organization

Hiking in the mountains is not just an active holiday. Having visited the summit once, even if not the highest, you can no longer deny yourself the pleasure of going to the mountains again. Mountain tourism attracts everyone, because the mountains open the veil of the eternal and beautiful for those who dare to conquer their peaks. The conquerors themselves are real romantics, people who are ready to give up worldly concerns for the sake of the spirit of freedom!

The indelible impressions that will remain with you after the first visit to the mountains will force you to hit the road again and again, look for interesting routes for hiking, participate in all kinds of excursions and travels - just to touch this beauty again ...

A trip to the mountains from the Krasnodar Territory

Our homeland is full of opportunities for interesting travel, unforgettable hikes in the mountains, exciting adventures. The Novo-Tur company organizes the most exciting mountain hikes to various striking peaks in Russia (and not only). Throw away fears and doubts - do not listen to people who say that it is difficult and only for real adventurers! Tours to the mountains are for those who want to understand themselves, feel at one with nature, spend time with a great company and get to know people with whom you may communicate for many years.

Trekking tourism in the mountains is the modern name for hiking or sports tourism. Nowadays it is very popular and is actively developing in Russia. Such hiking trips perfectly combine not only active physical activity with a healing effect, but also interesting informal communication, which is often found in this type of recreation. If we treat tourism in the mountains as a type of physical activity, then there are also many advantages here - endurance, willpower, discipline, as well as the ability to work in a team are developed.

Mountain Hiking for Beginners

For beginners, families with children, excursions to the mountains can be an important moment in understanding the nature that is around us. The instructor, teaching the skills and techniques of such tourism, shows how to safely coexist with nature, appreciate it, admire the rocks, waterfalls and turbulent rivers.

Excursions to the mountains are the choice of people of strong spirit who are not afraid of difficulties and are ready to overcome obstacles to achieve their goal!

Also, in our company you can order individual and corporate tours for any number of people, join!

Day Trips


Throughout its history, mankind has invented many types of recreation in the mountains. Mountains, as something inexpressibly beautiful, have attracted people since ancient times, but the creative nature of a person cannot be limited to admiring beautiful landscapes, sitting on a pebble warmed by the sun. I would like to come up with a goal, ways to throw off the burden of everyday life, or just entertainment that tickles your nerves. Again, there are plenty of places to admire that you need to make an effort or stock up on with the necessary equipment. And the practical part of human nature did not stand aside, deciding where to go when the aforementioned pebble cools down and night falls on the mountains, as well as what to eat in between admiring beautiful landscapes.

People thought, invented and adopted the experience of their ancestors, as a result, a great variety of types of recreation in the mountains appeared. In this article we will tell you about some of them, perhaps the most popular in the CIS.

Outdoor activities in the mountains

Active tourism in the mountains

Active rest is not the only way to spend time in the mountains. In addition to tours in which people use the strength of their own muscles to overcome obstacles, there is also the so-called "rest for the lazy".

  • Green tourism is a method of recreation in which tourists live in ecologically clean settlements. Many of us are familiar with this tourism from childhood, when we, abandoning all city entertainments like a video set-top box and a TV set, went to see our grandmother in the village. There was not always electricity or the usual amenities, but we ate organic food, the usefulness of which, however, still remained controversial. However, what was really indisputable was the positive effect of a clean environment on a growing organism. This is the same in our time: people tired of civilization come to ecologically clean villages of the Crimea and Carpathians to eat ecologically clean food and breathe fresh air.
  • Camping is a vacation in a tent camp in the mountains, forest or on the seashore. Most often, camping is arranged by the river, at the edge of the forest, where the shade can protect vacationers from the scorching rays of the sun. In the Crimean mountains there are several places where practical tourists got the hang of setting up campgrounds for the whole summer. For everyone who is interested in camping, the "Unknown World" Club recommends visiting a tent camp for the May holidays, or a seminar "Underwater World" at Cape Tarkhankut.
  • Pensions in the foothills. For example, in the foothills of the Crimea and the Carpathians, you can find boarding houses, the rest in which resembles green tourism, but it is suitable even for those who do not want to live in the countryside. In such boarding houses, the stake is placed on terrencourt - health-improving walks. However, the program often includes excursions to interesting natural sites, as well as horseback riding.

And this is not the whole list of types of recreation in the mountains. In reality, it is not possible to describe each of them. In addition, enterprising people every year invent new ways to actively (and not so much) spend time in the highlands.

Our travels are suitable for beginners and experienced

Plan boldly

All restrictions in the areas of the hike have been removed. At the moment, our groups are on the routes, everything is OK. The simplest conditions for booking and booking apply. We have done everything to make your trip safe.

Big discounts on big hikes

Catch the hot prices for travel 2020-2021

Hike to the Dyatlov pass and Mount Otorten

Kamchatka - hiking in the Nalychevo park

Skiing on Manpupuner Plateau

Hike around Annapurna + mountain lakes

We recommend getting off the beaten path, embracing the unexpected and diving into the unusual. Our travels cover the most extraordinary places where you will experience breathtaking cultures, customs and spectacular wildlife

Behind every hike is not only an experienced instructor. First of all, this is a person who loves his native corner with all his heart. Who better than him can show this amazing land?

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