Active corporate rest

Active corporate rest

By active corporate recreation in nature, we mean not only sports games in the fresh air, although they also bring great health benefits, creating a good charge of positive energy, but still something more global, allowing you to look at yourself and the world around you from another sides. And in this case, perhaps, it is difficult to think of anything better than travel or even an expedition. And if we consider active rest from this point of view, then the question immediately arises: how and what programs will help us escape from the stressful city life, feel like a part of nature, feel the true joy of communication with like-minded people, freedom and harmony. When choosing an active recreation program, it is important to determine the priority goals, then we can choose the types of activity and the depth of the program. There are a large number of different types of outdoor activities, we will list our main directions:


1. Sports games in nature (this includes all kinds of team games and competitions).

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2. Ecological tourism is tourism, the purpose of which is the study of flora and fauna of wild nature, which is carried out with minimal impact on the ecology of this system.

3. Ethnic tourism is a type of tourism where the main goal is to study the way of life and traditions of people living in a given area.

4. Various programs of active recreation, depending on the features of the relief of a particular area. In the mountains it is mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, speleo tours, ski tours.

Where there are seas and rivers, there are all kinds of rafting and regattas, fishing, diving and snorkeling, as well as various types of active skiing: surfing, windsurfing, kiting.

5. Car bike tours. Here, the main role is played by movement with the help of various vehicles on difficult terrain.

6. Excursion and game programs. These are sightseeing tours of the city landscape, where the main theme is an adventure game in the quest genre.

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7. Robinsonade. These are programs where people learn to make minimal use of the possibilities of civilization, which, to one degree or another, prevent them from feeling complete harmony with living nature.

Active recreation is a great pastime in the fresh air, visiting new places, exploring your physical capabilities. If you so want to break out of the gray everyday life, try something new, get to know yourself in extreme situations - try one of the types of active extreme recreation that you like.

Let's consider the main types of outdoor activities with extreme elements.

Content of the article:


The most popular type of recreation is to go out into the countryside for the weekend with a tent. But the hikes are not limited to simple weekend trips. I just adore spending the night with a tent, hiking, evening gatherings by the fire, and I am sure that many of you will agree with me - this is new acquaintances, physical activity, adrenaline, the beauty of nature, the satisfaction of knowing that the goals have been achieved.

Hiking trips can be:

Walking. Modern names: hiking, trekking.

Such hikes can be of various lengths (depending on the route and physical fitness of the tourist).

To get started, go on a small hike on your own or with a small group to feel the degree of stress and understand the capabilities of your body. I advise you to start with building a route on flat terrain, since everything is much more difficult in the mountains. Climbing all day long with a load on your shoulders in the form of a backpack is not the most pleasant experience for a beginner, and the severity of such a transition can simply scare him away from hiking. The difficulty of the routes should increase gradually, be equivalent to the level of physical fitness.

A large number of tourist clubs offer hiking trips for 5-7 days or more. This is usually an inexpensive and very interesting route with meals included in the price. The club also provides tents. A very good option for a beginner who does not have his own equipment yet. On the route you will be accompanied by a guide, and the number of people in a group can be completely different, up to 30. New acquaintances, funny situations, humor and songs around the fire are guaranteed to you! ?

By bike, you can go not only on a hike in nature, but also on a trip to cities. Faster than walking, but slower than driving. The golden mean, as many cycling enthusiasts say. Some things can be attached directly to the bike and thus relieve the back. Plus to physical endurance due to the fact that you constantly pedal. On a bike, depending on the condition of the roads, you can cover up to 80 km per day. This is a very interesting type of travel that many tourists like.

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