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About us

The work of a tour guide is prestigious and interesting. The work of a guide is well paid and is never monotonous, tedious, monotonous. A guide's working day is always full of surprises.


In 1969, several directives were adopted aimed at the development of tourism and excursion business in the "land of councils".

Description, pros and cons

A guide is a person who shows tourists the sights of the city - whether it is a resort or a large metropolis, the capital. He supervises a group of tourists, organizing meals for them during excursions, visits to museums, cultural monuments, architectural masterpieces, exhibitions, galleries, houses of famous artists and politicians of the past, etc. The guide must speak several languages ​​in order to be able to answer any questions of the group members, explain to them what is not clear.

  • An opportunity to see the world, learn a lot of interesting things about world history.
  • Good career and life prospects.
  • A lot of communication with people. Possibility of improving knowledge of languages.

  • Seasonal work. Profits in winter and autumn are sharply reduced.
  • Not always comfortable working conditions.
  • Strong competition.


There are many courses that can teach you the basics of guiding excursions. As a rule, upon completion of these courses, students receive some kind of document confirming their completion of the course. But such documents rarely carry weight in the eyes of employers. Also, you can get basic education in this area in specialized colleges at universities. If you have a desire to improve your qualifications, you can continue your education in these universities.

The specialty may be called "Tourism and Hospitality" or "Excursion and Museum Studies". Educational institutions:

  • SPbGUKI in St. Petersburg. You can become an excellent guide here, having studied at the Department of Cultural Heritage and Museology;
  • RMAT in the Moscow Region (Khimki);
  • ITiG (Moscow), a branch of the Russian State University of Technology and Technology;
  • ITT, in Pushkino, Moscow region;
  • RPU, specialty "Orthodox guide";
  • UMIT.

Duties of the guide

Weekend in Russia

Hello friend!

Do you like adventure? Do you love nature and discover the unknown? In anticipation of a new trip, your heart beats faster, your eyes shine and you want to jump for joy? Then we have good news for you - you definitely have the traveler gene. This means that we are of the same blood!

We created this club so that you can:

  • find new friends and like-minded people
  • feel the taste of life and find freedom
  • test yourself for strength
  • see the most beautiful places in the world
  • become the best version of yourself

Perhaps you dream of looking into the mouth of a volcano in Kamchatka, skating on the ice of Lake Baikal, chasing the northern lights along the shores of the Arctic Ocean, finding an ancient pagan temple in the Caucasus, taking a selfie at the top of Elbrus , explore the ruined city of the Incas, walk in the high-mountainous Atacama Desert, walk a high-altitude track in Nepal and the path of ancient caravans in Turkey ... To do this, you just need to open your heart for adventure and take a step towards the unknown, and we will help you with this!

Who are we? A team of travel guides who came together to make this world more accessible and show it to you the way we see it - a huge, beautiful, bright, interesting, hospitable, world without borders. On each journey we will live together a small life filled with new emotions and impressions, and you will always remember our adventures with the warmest feelings!

We will be happy to help you:

  • choose a trip that you can handle
  • prepare physically, technically and mentally
  • select and buy suitable clothes and equipment at a discount <
  • to do everything safely so that you come back from the trip safe and sound, in the best condition than you went there!

Our team has gathered people who love their work - professional mountain tourists, climbers, rescuers, climbers to the highest mountains of the Earth, enthusiastic photographers, marathon runners and athletes. And we are all gathered here to make you happier.

Sergey Zavoda

Mountain guide, climber, rescuer of the Ministry of Emergencies

Organizer of My Way travel club

  • climbing Elbrus (south, north, cross),
  • Kazbek (from Georgia and Russia),
  • Belukha,
  • Lenin Peak,
  • Island Peak;
  • Mountaineering training; hikes and tours in the Caucasus, Baikal, Kamchatka, Georgia, Turkey, Cyprus

Where to spend the weekend in Russia, cozy inexpensive weekend tours, the best offers for tours in Russia

If you are an experienced traveler, then most likely you noticed in excursion groups one or a couple of strange tourists who distract the guide, ask inappropriate questions, attracting the attention of the whole group to themselves. Today we have collected several cases when the recklessness and bad manners of tourists jeopardized the successful outcome of the excursion.

Not knowing the ford - stay out of the water

Very often, especially in mountainous or coastal regions, tourists are offered to experience the force of the elements: try to walk along the ford of the river, go down the mountain river on a special raft. One of the guides recalls a case when one of the overweight women fearlessly climbed onto the raft, while not being able to swim, after such a reckless act, everyone who was “on board” ended up in the water.

Don't walk on lawns!

The culture of many Asian countries allows you to spend time right on the lawns in parks or alleys. Silly warning signs often have no suggestive power. There have been cases when groups of tourists from China literally set up small towns with tents in the middle of relict forests and in protected parks.

Related article: Cherry blossom - where and how you can see the stunning beauty of the phenomenon.

I've been where there are many, many wild monkeys

If you suddenly go on vacation to Africa, be sure to keep an eye on where your companions are. Once a couple of newlyweds went to scout a place where there could be a toilet, and we are talking about the savannah. When a couple of them found a secluded place, the spouse suddenly decided to scout the situation, fell into a small puddle, and frightened the spouse, and he, screaming - a lion attacked my wife, ran away. Angry wives can sometimes be fiercer than lions.

Careful with selfies

If you knew how many tourists lose their favorite smartphones without a trace, taking selfies at a very unfortunate moment. In the top - monkey thieves, without asking, I can drag off your purse or smartphone tenaciously grabbing them with small hands. In addition, your dear things can be eaten, spattered, swallowed. In this case, we can say that you are lucky, if the beast had a better target, you could be left without an arm.

For memory?

Russian tourists, alas, are not all well-mannered. It is imperative that in one of the groups there will appear one that wants to perpetuate his presence in one place or another forever. This is not about the photo at all. They also try to immortalize themselves with the help of inscriptions, chips, casts. Sometimes even elements of decoration and decor are taken out.


So, "hotel guide" - what kind of animal is this and how to fight it !?

Having spent many hours studying this issue, we decided that it would be interesting for you to learn more about the very people who are "waiting" for tour packages upon arrival at the hotel.

There are three main types of guides

I want to make a reservation right away: hotel guides, like other guides, are also people and they, like everyone else, want to eat, eat tasty and leisurely. Yes, hotel guides often work for a fairly low salary, their main income is a percentage of sales of excursions to newcomers and still pale tourists.

Tours sold by hotel guides are one of the main sources of income for a tour operator! Yes, that's right, and guides often have a certain minimum wage for the sale of tours. Figuratively speaking, the guide must sell, say, 20 excursions to each new stream. But this is their choice, it is the personal choice of a person who went to work in the tourism industry. You know, they knew what they were doing!

This is serious business and the stakes are high. Guides are seriously trained, psychologists and specialists in neurolinguistic programming come. The guides are taught how to talk to tourists, how to scare, pressure, pity, or just win over.

Initial Processing Phase

The initial "processing" is carried out by the transfer guide. During the trip, this person tells a lot of useful things about the culture, customs and peculiarities of the host country. The guide answers tourists' questions during the transfer. With all this decent sauce, the guide strongly recommends visiting the "info meeting" with the hotel guide.

Well, as it recommends ... Usually this meeting is an obligation for vacationers! He will also tell you what to bring to a meeting with his hotel colleague. Basically, this is an information package (magazines, excursion plans), passport, insurance policy, travel voucher, return ticket.

Info-meeting - what is it?

This is just a meeting with the tour guide. In theory, the meeting implies getting to know the guide, questions and answers about the host country. They also provide information on what to do if something went wrong on vacation. This is the ideal. And this happens, though quite rarely. In fact, excursions are stupidly sold to you.

In fact, the only reason you can come to an info-meeting is the opportunity to get free SIM cards of a local operator from the guide (it is rare, but it happens) and tourist maps of the resort.

Many immigrants from the CIS countries dream of leaving to live and work abroad. This is especially true of the younger generation, who is eager to change their familiar surroundings for more comfortable living conditions in 2021.

Warm countries with a good climate have a beneficial effect not only on the physical health of a person, but also on his psyche, stimulating people to work, increasing their interest in life. The dream of many is to work in hot tourist countries such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, India. Others dream of living in an economically and culturally rich country, such as Germany or Great Britain.

A sufficient level of knowledge of the language allows you to make your dream come true. Almost every modern person knows English at least at a conversational level. This makes it possible to travel abroad, study at foreign universities, work. Some then decide to emigrate abroad from Russia or Ukraine for good.

Having education and qualifications in any particular field of activity, as well as having a good command of foreign languages, you can easily find a job in your specialty. Work experience in a large foreign company, high wages, improvement and practice of foreign languages ​​are what attracts people to work abroad in developed countries.

But this type of employment abroad is quite rare. Most often, unskilled workers and students cross the border in search of good earnings. If the knowledge of the language is at a low level, then in most cases applicants get a seasonal job or in a service sector where language proficiency is not required.

Anyone who knows English well can easily get a job in the service sector, but with a higher salary. Working as a guide abroad is especially popular. Traveling to different countries, acquaintance with the cultural and historical heritage of different peoples - this is what seems to many as an ideal job. Especially if they pay well for it.

How to become a guide abroad

There are two ways to get a job as a guide abroad:

  • Sign a contract with a travel agency in your country.
  • Get a job in tourism after moving abroad.

Working through a travel agency is suitable for those who have just decided to connect their lives with work in tourism, and have not previously traveled abroad to work. Having settled through a tour operator, you will not have to worry about the correct registration of travel documents, the search for housing. In addition, there will be no doubt that the job will be found and paid.

If you want to get a job abroad, you should choose only proven large companies that have already proven themselves in the tourism market not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

This will provide the applicant with guarantees of the smooth implementation of his professional activities, comfortable living abroad, good working conditions and payment.

International travel companies are the best choice. Today there are quite a few of them in Russia. Pegasus Turistik is very popular both among vacationers and job seekers.

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