About travel and tourism

About travel and tourism

Tourism Consultant

Here you can sometimes read news about tourism. I try to keep up to date. But I don't always have time. Amendments to the Federal Law On Tourism have been submitted for consideration to the State Duma of the Russian Federation ... ”I don’t write about different things. Presented and presented, why write something. And I don't write about who bought whom either. And I am writing about the high-profile bankruptcies of tour operators. Or about some events in tourism that seem significant to me personally. I often describe some routes that were born out of tourists' requests. Or unusual things in tourism, which, it turns out, are, but I still did not know. Well, reviews of all sorts of resorts, beaches, hotels, etc. - this is sacred, of course. I try to use only legal illustrations, often my own (that's why there are few of them).

With the help of the information section, you can navigate the flight booking systems and see brief information about some airlines especially close to my heart, you can see the systems with which hotels are booked (there are also for travel agencies), read about tour operators , order train tickets on the websites of railways, get acquainted with insurance companies that issue policies for traveling abroad. In general, you can do everything yourself. I only try to keep the information reliable and up to date. But the world is changing so fast ... If you find bugs or want to add something, report it in the comments or write to tmp (gaf!) Proturismo. u - I'll fix it.

I also have a sore subject - allergies. Therefore, I write on topics related to the travel of allergy sufferers: hypoallergenic hotels, flowering calendars in different regions, etc. There is another about this in my blog . ivejournal. om/

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About travel and tourism

Experience with inflatable tourist carpets

I like to sleep on my side and very rarely sleep on my back. After a couple of nights in the hikes on the usual plastic karemats, my upper lateral parts of the thighs began to hurt. I just kept them on hard.

Below I will describe my ten years of experience with inflatable carpets in order of use. Self-inflating Therm-A-Rest (I can't remember the exact model, but they are no longer on sale), Exped Synmat, Exped Synmat UL, Splavmat Alloy and Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm.

Casio Pro Trek RPW- and PRW- Travel Watch with Altimeter, Compass, and Other Useful Features

Meet the Casio Pro Trek RPW-3510 and PRW-3100. It would be logical to consider these two watches together, since they have absolutely identical filling, but differ in the case. I have always been attracted by the functionality of a tourist watch from this eminent Japanese brand, but the lurid design of models with digital display left an ambiguous impression. Until recently, there was not a single unisex model in the line with LCD displays. All buildings had a brutal technical design, screaming about a tourist orientation and scaring off the beautiful half of the tourist community. And only recently, the Japanese have cooled their violent imagination, and have begun to produce models with calm flowing shapes that look great both on the male and on the female hand. The first pancake turned out to be lumpy - the RPW-3000 was equipped with an aluminum bezel, which very quickly loses its gloss. They were replaced by one of the heroes of our PRW-3100 review, which is devoid of this drawback. The RPW-3510 has been housed in a more rugged case with increased durability and twice the degree of protection from moisture.

ZebraLight hw Single AA Battery Touring Headlamp Overview

Have you ever wondered why with such an active development of microelectronics, an increase in the luminous flux emitted by LEDs and their efficiency, the brightness of headlamps does not grow so rapidly every year? The bottleneck is power supplies - their energy intensity does not increase so quickly. Nobody needs a lantern that will burn everything around with light, but for a very short time. Accordingly, the first parameter when choosing a headlamp for tourism is the type of its battery. Light sources based on Li-ion 18650 cells are luxurious in their capabilities, since the capacity of these batteries is quite high. The luminous flux that they can give is impressive, and their battery life is quite serious. But they are good only in the warm season, as soon as the temperature drops to near zero values, all the advantages of lithium batteries come to naught. This is where AA and AAA powered lights come into play. If you go to the mountains, when the air cools below zero even in summer after sunset, or you like winter hiking, then the choice becomes obvious. Usually, most tourists and climbers use Petzl flashlights, I am also no exception, and have already written about one of them, but I have long been tempted to try out the ZebraLight creations, so beloved by flashlights. And yes, I was not at all disappointed with the purchase, and the pecil went to the shelf as a backup light source. Why did it happen so? No, this is not a delight from a new toy, it has already passed, and the zebra has already passed a hundred kilometers with me. The lantern is really cool. And why is he so good, let's figure it out.

Features of operation of different types of batteries in tourist lanterns Test

In this article, I want to consider the peculiarities of the operation of different types of power supplies of the AA form factor in tourist lanterns. Today, high-power tourist lanterns are becoming more and more common. LED sources are constantly being modernized - the quality of the emitted spectrum improves, the efficiency increases, and the brightness increases. But the high power of the emitter sets certain requirements for power sources, since the current consumption of such lamps is significantly higher. Currently, the luminous flux of most even cheap flashlights is often more than 50 lm. Salt and alkaline batteries, common in stores, cannot boast of good performance at high current consumption, and the use of rechargeable batteries becomes a logical choice for many. For a long time I was tormented by the question of how much better lithium batteries and accumulators for flashlights than common alkaline disposable batteries. I have tested these batteries in a high-power flashlight with different operating modes. Within the framework of this article, we will not touch upon the pros and cons of flashlights on batteries other than AA, but we will try to understand the peculiarities of the operation of finger batteries. All of the following will also apply to batteries of the AAA form factor, with the amendment that the capacity of one AAA cell is almost 3 times less than AA.

It has long been known that saline batteries are practically unsuitable for use in most devices. Their capacity is 3-4 times less than that of alkaline ones, and they do not know how to work with high currents at all. So it makes no sense to consider them for use in flashlights. The capacity of alkaline power supplies is highly dependent on the current consumption - they work well at low currents, and quickly discharge at high currents. Lithium batteries work well with all currents consumed, have the highest capacity, but their price is quite high. The compromise is low self-discharge (LSD) batteries, which are recommended for use in flashlights. Let's take a closer look at the peculiarities of the operation of certain batteries in flashlights, which appeared during the synthetic tests of the new ZebraLight H53w headband.

Camp Corsa Nanotech Ultralight Ice Ax

Let's continue our review of lightweight equipment. I have already written about lightweight aluminum crampons made by Camp, but today I want to introduce you to an ice ax from the same series. If not everyone decides to buy crampons with aluminum teeth, due to their rather rapid wear, the ice ax is subject to much less mechanical stress, and the use of lightweight materials has practically no effect on its service life. In addition, the beak and bayonet of this tool are reinforced with a wear-resistant stainless steel plate. Accordingly, it can be used not only on snow, but also on ice. This hoe is produced in 3 sizes - 50, 60 and 70 cm. Suitable for classic mountaineering. This is the lightest full-size ice ax I know of, with a steel beak and bayonet. Its weight is only 260 g in the size of 70 cm and 250 g with a length of 50 cm, which is two times less than the typical weight of the brothers. There are also lighter ice axes, but they are only intended for freeriding.

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