7 steps of the technique of effective sales of goods in the store

A new sales technique or a new way of looking at sales

How to increase your profits? How to make the indicators not just flow day after day, but systematically grow? The increase in profit is a combination of many factors: increased sales, the right choice of pricing policy and assortment.

Immediately I want to give the first and, perhaps, the most important piece of advice that can greatly help young businessmen on their difficult path - this is "run not a travel agency, but indicators." Calculate all costs, take into account all the data, keep statistics - sooner or later it will serve you well.

And even if for some reason this method is not adopted in Russia, there is still hope that this is only for the time being, because business is always indicators: average check, average commission, frequency of trips, etc. ...

And now, in order of everything else.

Competent sale of tours

According to our experience, up to 90% of potential buyers “leave” after a call. And all because the manager does not use clear algorithms for selling tours.

The first thing to remember: the main task of a manager when talking with a client is not to sell him a tour by phone, but to make an appointment in the office, while clearly indicating the date and time of the visit in order to drive the client into a rigid framework.

During the client's visit to the office and talking to him, do not be "scary", do not ask a lot of questions. Be a friend and an expert to the client, talk with him, warn against mistakes, guide, be sincere, take an interest in his wishes - only then he will be able to truly trust you, only then he will not just buy the tour - he will come back to you again and again!

Do not make the mistake of immediately trying to sell the cheapest tour in the hope that they will definitely buy it! Before offering something, you need to find out the needs of the client.

What is a meeting sale and why is it so important

Managers often suffer from long phone calls. However, the purpose of such dialogues, first of all, should be a follow-up meeting in the office, since, according to statistics, sales are several times higher when a client comes to the office, even if his initial goal was not a purchase, but simply a consultation. It is necessary at all costs to lure the client with a limited number of places on tours or with a limited validity period for a specific offer. These actions expand the so-called sales funnel.

Active sales in tourism technology

Sales Manager Sales Technique: Stages

Selling a particular product, commodity, concluding a deal involves the following seven stages (sales technology stages):

  • First you need to identify, find, define the prospective client, potential buyer.
  • Prepare for the sale to this prospect.
  • Make contact with a person, establish mutual, reciprocal communication with him.
  • Present the product, show it from all sides, interest a potential buyer in your product (in your services, products).
  • Conduct effective handling of the buyer's objections.
  • Complete a deal: conclude a contract, sell a product.
  • Organize after-sales interaction with the client, the buyer.

Identifying a potential client, buyer

Offering your product, your services to everyone in the hope that someone will buy it is a bad business that will lead to nothing but a waste of resources. Therefore, to begin with, the manager must determine who can become his client, depending on various parameters.

For example, if a company sells premium goods or services or which are in a price range above the average, then potential buyers should include people with an income of at least average: middle and top managers, executives.

Well, or another example: if a company is engaged in the sale of sports nutrition, trade in food energy supplements or the sale of sports accessories, then it makes no sense to look for buyers, say, in a regular store: buyers in this case will be among those who attends fitness clubs.

Having identified a potential buyer or, as in our case, a group of buyers, potential customers, you need to think over some kind of non-standard presentation, a non-standard offer of your goods and services: you can be sure that you will be far from the only player - firms that "process" potential buyers will be many. You will have to come up with something so that the potential client becomes your real client, not your competitor.

Pre-sales preparation

Before you start communicating with your potential client, buyer, customer, you need to prepare. You need to find out who you are going to deal with: what kind of company, who is the buyer, what they specialize in, why they need your product, how you both can be useful to each other both in this transaction and outside of this particular case.

If we are talking about a company to which you are going to sell something, that is, not about a person, but about an organization, be sure to find out who in this company is the so-called decision maker - the Decision Maker. A very common mistake of managers, especially inexperienced newcomers, is that they start communicating and presenting the product to those people, those employees of a potential buying firm, on whom nothing depends, who do not make decisions.

Sales. Price policy. Assortment How to increase your profit? How to make sure that the indicators do not just flow day after day, but systematically grow? Increasing profits is a combination of many

According to research by HubSpot, only 3% of buyers trust sellers. Conclusion - there is a severe shortage of competent sales specialists on the market who are able to at least maintain sales figures. And those who can increase the volume - employers generally "tear off with their hands."

To become one of them you will have to study a lot. But it's easy to drown in tons of information. First, understand the database: what sales techniques are, in what situations they will come in handy and how to act to make them work.

Who can use sales techniques

Yes to everyone who contacts a potential buyer and is interested in selling. Even a grandmother in the nearest market :-) But knowledge of different techniques will be especially useful:

  • sales consultants ;
  • sales managers;
  • account managers.

Read, memorize, improve personal effectiveness.

Types and classification of sales techniques

All existing sales techniques (and there are dozens of them) can be divided into groups and combined according to common criteria.

By initiator of interaction:

By product orientation:

By specifics of contacts:

By the characteristics of the transaction process:

What is the most effective sales technique? It is hardly possible to give an unambiguous, objective answer to this question. There are a fairly large number of different techniques, each of which deserves attention. Much depends on the scope of the business, the product matrix, consumer segments and a number of other factors. It is important to take into account how the sales system is built in the company, what tools marketers work with. Systems of training, mentoring and motivation play a significant role.

Who will need sales techniques and when

Without skills, it is difficult to sell. According to statistics, only about 5% of people love and know how to do it well. The HeadHunter index clearly demonstrates the shortage of qualified specialists. As you can see in the diagram, 27% of all vacancies are associated with this area. Only 14% of resumes refer to her. This suggests that skilled salespeople are in great demand in the labor market.

Classic Sales System

Establishing contact

Often starts with "talking about nothing" to create a positive atmosphere to build the psychological foundation of trust. It is important to form a favorable image of the company, as well as a good impression of the seller as a professional, pleasant interlocutor. Next - engage in a positive conversation. Ideally, you want to get people to agree with you.

If you do not have a direct opportunity to be the first to establish contact with the buyer online, use the plugins for the site: chat, callback, feedback form. We will help you with this.

Callback widget for website

Identifying needs

If possible, it is important to prepare in advance for this stage, which can take up to 60% of the total communication time. Sales scripts are used along with funnels of questions that allow you to assess the situation, identify needs, motivate you to think about the expediency of a purchase and make a quick decision. The following are questions that allow you to move on to the next stage - product presentation.


At this stage, it is important to have a good knowledge of the product itself, as well as its value. You need to understand in detail the following points:

  • Features ;
  • Properties ;
  • Quality ;
  • Features ;
  • Benefits ;
  • Disadvantages;
  • Cost, the range of its acceptable change;
  • Factors of increasing the value.

You've probably noticed that it has become much harder to convince a customer recently than before? This is due to the fact that the modern buyer has become more enlightened both in the products themselves and in the methods of purchase. To work with such a customer, you need a completely new sales technique. Is there a secret or a universal technique for effective sales? Yes, and everyone knows it:

The enemy that does not give a second wind in sales is the standards and templates that do not work the way we would like - they do not give the desired result!

In this article, you will learn how you can look at the sales process in a new way, what will it give you and why you should be able to quickly adapt to new working conditions?

When is a sales technique considered effective?

A new technique for effective sales is a natural and logical way of communicating with a client. It is necessary not only to sell something, focusing on the process, but to live the moment of purchase with the client, trying to really understand him, and not pretend that you are not indifferent to his problems. Believe me, this is much easier than selling by cunning or like a robot - repeating memorized and overwritten phrases. If the seller does not know what to say or what to ask the client, he just needs to put himself in the buyer's shoes and the efficiency of work with the client will immediately increase.

Surely you have had such cases that you did everything for the sale, but it did not take place. There are many such cases, and this makes us think about all the baggage of knowledge that sellers use today. Of course, everyone has results, but everyone is not averse to improving them and growing professionally.

More and more managers are complaining about the lack of effect from the knowledge gained at trainings, sales seminars, for which sometimes you have to shell out a tidy sum of money. But all of them by 99% carry the same type of outdated knowledge to sellers. The good old technique of sales, by memorizing scripts (speech modules), began to misfire in personal sales!

Adaptive Sales Technique

Maybe it's time to change something in your mind - to start thinking and selling in such a way that potential customers do not want to leave you as soon as possible, but they want to be friends with you, become your partners, they want to come and buy from you. again? An adaptive sales technique, this is precisely what is meant by communication with clients, through understanding their motives and needs at the time of purchase, as well as adjusting to the type and mood of the client.

Selling, truly living contracting together, rather than mindlessly pushing something back and forth!

Remember how many times you have heard from customers the phrase: "Every seller praises his product!", we created this saying ourselves. The time has come to change the technique of effective sales and develop, but only the vector of development will now be directed towards the interests of the client.

Everything that mankind has invented in the system of "buyer-seller" relations was created only for one thing - for the buyer to pay money, i.e. bought. When a client pays, it means that the transaction took place, while the higher the price and the more complex the product, the more conditions for the transaction. There is also the sale of invisible goods - this is a service or time, but the adaptive sales technique is able to realize the sale of any product or service with the maximum benefit for the company and the client. Name at least one product that a person has not learned to sell, there are no such products left, and each of them has its own traditional algorithm, its own proven technique.

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