5 most popular countries for tourism among Russians

5 most popular countries for tourism among Russians

Going on a trip is a great way to get acquainted with a new culture, interesting customs, try new tastes, and see unique landscapes and sights. To fully enjoy your vacation, you should take into account the general atmosphere in the country you want to travel to.

The world's safest countries place great emphasis on protecting local populations and foreigners from various risks. Special services effectively control the level of crime, prevent dangerous situations, and also protect the personal safety of the population.

The main security factors are the economic and political stability of states, a sufficient level of income and conscientiousness of citizens living in the country, an accessible social sphere and high-quality work of executive bodies. Also important is the minimum risk of natural disasters and unplanned encounters with dangerous animals or plants.

We present to your attention the ranking of the safest countries in the world, compiled according to Numbeo. om for 2021.

Rating (2021) Safety Index (data from Numbeo.om) 1. Qatar 87. 12. Taiwan 84. 63. United Arab Emirates84. 54 Oman 79. 45 Switzerland 78. 56. Hong Kong 78. 77 Slovenia 78. 18. Japan 78. 59. Georgia 77. 810. Armenia 76. 511. Estonia 76. 212. Iceland 75. 7


Life in the country is measured and so calm that the police do not need to carry weapons with them. Local residents believe that the minimum level of delinquency is due to the high social equality of the population. Icelanders, like tourists, can feel safe getting on a ride or walking in the middle of the day in the desert. In the country of volcanoes and geysers, waterfalls and glaciers, the ecological situation is also at a high level - the air here is quite clean, and tap water can be drunk without boiling.

Iceland's nature is unique, which attracts a lot of tourists. The weather conditions change very quickly here, therefore, to make the trip without incidents, it is better to use a specially designed safety card. It displays weather forecasts, avalanche warnings, as well as road conditions and sightseeing features. Security risk messages and alerts from the police are also disseminated on social media.


Estonia has a minimum of migrants from Arab and African countries, a small number and low population density. Estonians consider crimes and attacks that can cause physical harm to a person unacceptable. The most common offense in the country is theft from cars, and the rarest is armed robbery, which is practically not committed here. Still, for complete safety, it will not be superfluous to observe the minimum precautions.

The country has a proactive approach to infrastructure security, including road safety. Estonia also has its own Defense Police Department and is actively involved in international crisis resolution operations and peacekeeping initiatives.


Every traveler dreams of seeing the most amazing places on the planet. Cities and islands, mountain ranges and oceans, eternal ice and tropical heat - the Earth is diverse and every corner of it is unique. However, some destinations are always popular due to their originality, attractive atmosphere and cultural characteristics. Here are the most visited countries in the world, in which the tourist flow does not stop all year round.


The most popular country in the world receives about 90 million tourists annually. Romantic atmosphere, gourmet cuisine, historical sites, cultural heritage included in the UNESCO list attract travelers from all over the planet. Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, Provence, the seaside and famous cities are full of tourists. In France, every detail attracts: from cultural treasures to excellent French wines.


Tourism in Spain is one of the main income sectors of the country. Mediterranean resorts, historical content, unique objects of culture and architecture, bullfighting, ski resorts make Spain attractive all year round. Local flavor and national cuisine complement the trip here with pleasant emotions.

The tourist flow to the USA never stops. The vast territory, mountain ranges, ocean and sea coasts, cultural attractions, natural wonders - from Alaska to Hawaii, the United States attracts tourists from everywhere.


Eastern culture, ancient history, the Great Wall of China, amazing national cuisine - China is a real adventure for the traveler. There is everything here: ancient sights and modern cities, futuristic buildings and ancient temples, unique nature and unusual food. Experts predict that China will soon take the first place in terms of attendance among tourists.


Italy is the sights of Ancient Rome and the Renaissance, masterpieces of art and architecture, famous cities and squares, azure sea and beautiful beaches. To visit Rome, Venice or Florence, see Tuscany and taste the best Italian cuisine in the world is a traveler's dream.

Hello readers. Got my cookies that I gave you in the previous article? Brew seagulls, and we will continue to summarize tourist results in cooperation with the analytical agency Turstat.

Next in line are the most popular destinations for Russian tourists.

According to Turstat, in 2018 outbound tourism grew by more than 20% to Turkey, Georgia, UAE, Tunisia, Hungary and Cuba. Let's start with step 10


849 thousand tourists flew to Italy for unearthly beauty. Add + 2 trips to this amount. They follow me. I just flew from Finland.


950 thousand Russian tourists per Germany, would you like to. This is not surprising. The country is big. The flight Moscow-Cologne near Pobeda is carried out with the regularity of the clock mechanism, 2,000 - 3,000 gold per person one way. For me, this is a great price for a beer weekend with a bite of Bavarian sausages. Ya-ya.


Another fast growing country in terms of the number of tourists. 979 thousand.

And this is just the beginning. 12 Russian cities can now make direct flights to Tbilisi. I am sure that by the end of 2019 the numbers will be three times higher. Oh, and what a downhill skiing there is. You will download.


Let Estonia thank 1 million 343 thousand Petersburg tourists for visiting their small but proud country. I risk being thrown with stones, but Estonia itself is not of any particular interest. Another thing is its airport, which is a hub for many other destinations. This, in fact, explains such a large number of tourists from Russia.

European countries are famous for their rich and unique cultures, many historical sites and beautiful nature. However, not all countries are eager to travel to tourists. Western European countries have always attracted more travelers than most countries in Southeast and Eastern Europe, despite the fact that the authorities have struggled to lure tourists in. This does not mean that there is nothing to see in these countries. This is due to the lack of proper tourism infrastructure, which hinders the growth of tourism in these countries. However, things have changed recently. Here are the tourist destinations in Europe, which tourists are increasingly discovering for themselves.


Armenia is the eighth fastest growing destination in Europe. Geghardavank Monastery, Erebuni Fortress, Ararat Province, Tatev Monastery, Singing Fountains of Yerevan, Pagan Temple in Garni and other attractions attract travelers here. Historical riches, impressive monuments, amazing landscapes and hospitable locals make Armenia an attractive tourist destination.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina has everything to satisfy curious travelers. Indescribable beauty of nature, historical and cultural monuments, Ottoman architecture, mosques of the 16th century, vibrant street art scenes, impressive Kravice waterfalls, mountain villages and much more attract tourists to this country. It is the seventh fastest growing tourist destination in Europe.

Republic of Moldova

Tourism in Moldova is still in its infancy, but every year the number of tourists here is growing rapidly. For many years Moldova has been the least visited country in Europe. But fortunately, everything has changed. Moldovan culture and architecture from the Soviet era, the pristine natural beauty of the villages, vineyards and mountains - all this contributes to the growth of popularity in this small (135th largest by area) Eastern European country, which has no access to the sea.


The abundance of cultural and natural attractions makes Macedonia a country with great potential to attract tourists. However, for many years this country seemed to have been overlooked by travelers. In 2017, only 631,000 tourists arrived in Macedonia. However, the situation is changing, as evidenced by the fact that Macedonia is currently the fifth fastest growing tourist destination in Europe. The historical sights of the capital Skopje, the shores of Lake Ohrid, three national parks of Macedonia and 33 nature reserves are reasons to visit the country on the Balkan Peninsula.


Hello my dear readers! How I love to relax. Spring is outside the window, which means that soon we will all be together, eating cakes and preparing for the upcoming holidays. Surely many have already begun their summer weight loss, someone is actively booking hotel rooms and buying cheap flights, and for those who have not yet decided where to go to relax, this blog is for you. The topic of today's article is the most popular countries for tourism.

Perhaps this article will inspire you to drop everything and start looking for last-minute tours to visa-free countries, or it may make you start just saving money for a dream trip. Anyway - let's go!

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The most popular countries for tourism among Russians


More than 80 million tourists a year. It is not surprising that it is in this country that the most famous architectural monuments and museums are collected; it has become the most popular country among foreign tourists for many years in a row.

Every traveler will definitely like something here: someone will go to the Louvre or climb the Eiffel Tower, visit the winemakers in Bordeaux or the Loire swing. In addition, France is considered a fairly compact European state, and this allows tourists to instantly get from one region to another. Be sure to write in the comments a list of iconic places that every tourist who went to France should visit, and we move on.

Wonderland, dreamland, food land. It seems to me that America, among us, the inhabitants of the CIS, is associated with something mysterious, forbidden and free. Surely many have already been there, the borders are open today, there are many American programs for work and study, so it will not be difficult to travel to the same aircraft. That is why about 60 million tourists come to America every year.

The United States initially attracts with its color: there are different climatic zones, large national parks and developing cities. The most visited and popular American cities are considered to be New York and Vegas. By the way, if someone was, lived or worked there, be sure to share your impressions.


More than 55 million tourists a year. This number has grown significantly compared to previous years, in this regard, the Chinese government has actively begun to work on expanding infrastructure and attracting a large number of foreigners. Today in this country absolutely all large foreign enterprises and financial institutions have representations and production facilities.

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