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Active tourism in Ukraine

How do you spend your weekend? Do you meet with friends or devote this time to household chores? We suggest you diversify your leisure time and go on a weekend tour in Ukraine.

Tourist destinations in our country are developing more and more rapidly. This is not surprising, because there are a lot of interesting, little-known and informative places in Ukraine. Therefore, weekend excursions in Ukraine are a great opportunity not only to have fun, but also to get to know more about the history, culture and nature of your country.

The Kherson Tourism and Adventure Center offers exciting author's excursions around Kherson and the region. With us, a good mood, vivid impressions and pleasant memories are provided for you.

Weekend excursions in Ukraine

Askania-Nova and Dnepr floodplains

Dzharylgach Island and Oleshkovsky Sands

How to get to Kherson

The city is located in the South of Ukraine. From Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Zaporozhye and other cities, you can get there by train, plane, bus or with the help of private carriers (BlaBlaCar, Busfor, others).

The excursion program of the weekend tour starts in the morning. Departure on the routes starts from 7:00 to 10:00, depending on the excursions. Plan your arrival time in Kherson according to the chosen tour.

Meeting with guides can take place in different places of Kherson, depending on the tour:

  • at the station at the agreed place (to be negotiated when registering a weekend tour)
  • at the entrance to the Nostalgie restaurant (12 Starobryadnitskaya st.).
  • in the Kherson coffee shop at Suvorova, 8.
  • at the Northern Gate (25 Heavenly Fighters St.).

For convenience, use the service of a free meeting at the station and transfer to the hotel.

Our Benefits

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Do you know what you are tired of hearing from year to year? The fact that vacation in Ukraine in summer is limited only by the sea or a river at best. Wait people! In a territory that cannot be reached by car in 1 day (leave the bad roads, we know the pain), is it difficult for you to find an adventure for a couple of days?

Then take the challenge and become one of the few who are not afraid to turn off the beaten path in search of exclusive experiences and unknown attractions!

Especially for the brave, extraordinary, in love with our country and its nature, we will tell you about the places where you should definitely visit this summer.

Rest on the Dnieper

We are lucky - the Dnieper River is in the TOP-3 major waterways of Europe. Water activities are always varied and suitable for almost everyone. Here are some standard and not quite "hackneyed" ideas:

  • have a picnic by the water at the recreation center;
  • rent kayaks and go hiking with friends;
  • wake, kite, sup - trendy outdoor activities for young people;
  • rent a yacht for a couple of hours and organize a romantic dinner (he will love it, and even more so).

Kayaking along the Dnieper

Tip: When choosing a long vacation on the Dnieper, consider the Kherson region. In this region, the river flows into the Black Sea. Thus, thousands of small islands with unique flora are formed. The water routes are the most unusual here, and the cost of services is lower compared to other areas.

Dnieper Delta

Summer holidays in Ukraine on the Dnieper can begin with a visit to the Nizhnedneprovskaya floodplains. These places are attracted by eriks, canals and even hilly landscapes in the middle of the flat steppe area of ​​the Kherson region. And the territory stretched from Novaya Kakhovka and almost to the Dnieper-Bug estuary.

What are the delights for vacationers:

  • unique wild routes;
  • the ability to independently choose the route to follow;
  • fishing with a guaranteed catch;
  • swimming in ecologically clean waters.

Here you can stay for 2-3 days and spend a short vacation in a tent city. And if you prefer a comfortable stay, then it is better to stay in estates near the floodplains (it will cost from 700 ₴). You can get to Kherson from the capital by train, bus or car.

Green tourism in Ukraine is a new direction of recreation, the popularity of which is growing from year to year. It's no secret that the poor environmental situation in big cities, the need to solve everyday problems in business and everyday life lead to stress and nervous tension. For this reason, more and more people are abandoning popular resorts with passive pastime on the beach or near the pool, and prefer to relax closer to nature to enjoy the fresh air, walk in the forest, pick fresh berries and mushrooms, drink spring water and eat natural products.

Active rest in the Kherson mountains.

Green tourism (rural or ecological) is developing in three areas:

  • active recreation in untouched nature during the weekend;
  • temporary accommodation in a tent on the banks of a river or lake and giving up the benefits of civilization - TV, Internet, electricity , vehicles;
  • comfortable rest in a small cottage in the village with the ability to use running water, a bathroom, electricity.

For nature lovers, the Ukrainian desert in Oleshki is suitable.

The main principle of ecotourism is to care for the protection of the environment. This kind of rest is good because it:

  • is available - camping or renting a house in the village is cheaper than renting a room even in a little-known resort;
  • allows you to have fun and interesting time - depending on the location, tourists can ride horses, go rafting, study folk crafts, go on excursions;
  • passes away from the noise of the city and contributes to complete relaxation and recuperation.

The best season for ecotourism is from late spring to early autumn. The Kherson Tourism Center has prepared a selection of the best locations for ecological tourism in Ukraine in 2019.

An incredible video about outdoor activities in the South of Ukraine blew up the Internet:

Transcarpathia is the best place for ecotourism

Green tourism in Western Ukraine involves a trip to one of the most attractive and promising natural sites - Transcarpathia. For a long time, cattle breeding, carpentry and pottery, carpet weaving, making embroidered towels and shirts were considered the main income of the Hutsuls. Due to the absence of industrial zones, the pristine nature has been preserved here. Enchanting landscapes filled with the scent of herbs, clean air, mountain rivers and waterfalls, unique national flavor - this is not all that ecotourists expect during their vacation in Transcarpathia.

Synevyr is a beautiful lake with a mysterious history.

Here you can ride a bike and stay in a tent, or choose a place to stay in one of the many green estates scattered on the mountain slopes. Active travelers can enjoy rafting and kayaking, swimming in mountain lakes and rivers, fishing, horseback riding, ATV trips and other types of entertainment. Those who like to explore local attractions can visit:

In the Nikolaev region, near the village of Trikraty, there is a picturesque natural landmark, the name of which is the Arbuzinsky canyon.

It is included in the Bugsky Gard National Natural Park and is famous for its impressive number of rocks and amazing landscapes. Due to the fact that the Arbuzinsky canyon is located next to another attraction of the Nikolaev region - the Aktovsky canyon - it is called the Small Aktovsky. The total area of ​​the natural landmark is 250 hectares, and its depth is 40-50 meters, depending on the location.

Arbuzinsky canyon, Nikolaev region

The peculiarity of the Arbuzinsky Canyon is the absence of a huge number of tourists and extraordinary picturesqueness.

Description of the natural area

Bakota - rest in a place that is not found on any map of the world. But it is included in the TOP-5 of Google-Maps & Search queries, according to the data of the state tourism agency for 2020. If you want to know what is hidden and what the flooded village is known for - read on.

Bakota (Ukraine) is a picturesque and energetically strong place in the Dniester canyon, one of the largest in Europe. Attracts and inspires tourists and pilgrims from all over the world.

Just imagine: the blue surface of the water, white sandy rocks, the slopes of which are covered with emerald forests. Fantastic sunrises and sunsets, air saturated with aromas of herbs and healing silence.

In the article we will tell you about the history of the Ukrainian "Atlantis", show a photo from. Bakota before disappearance and landscapes after, we will reveal the secrets of a comfortable stay. (more ...)

Don't know where to go for the weekend from Odessa? Make yourself comfortable! We will take a mini-tour of the steepest places, which are just a few hours away. You will learn where to eat deliciously, drink good wine and go crazy with the natural scenery. And not by a single word: we will show everything in photos and videos! Let's go?

10 countries whose citizens visited the country the most in 2016

Ukraine is a country with developed tourism, into which, according to the State Statistics Committee, until 2014 more than 20 million foreigners entered annually (25.4 million in 2008, 21.4 million in 2011), primarily from Russia , Moldova, Belarus, neighboring countries of Eastern Europe, as well as the United States, Uzbekistan and Israel, but 90% of them enter on personal business, namely, tourism purposes are declared by only 6% of those who enter (1.23 million in 2011) - mostly from Russia (40% of all tourists), Poland (11%), Belarus (9%), Germany (6%), USA (4%) and other developed countries.

After the change of power and the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine in 2014, tourism to Ukraine has dropped sharply, according to the State Statistics Service, by 93%. A total of 12.4 million people visited Ukraine in 2015, including one-day visits, of which only 15 thousand people were for tourism purposes.

The sphere of tourist interests in Ukraine includes both active recreation and sports tourism, such as rock climbing and skiing, and travel for educational purposes, where the object of knowledge is the rich archaeological and religious history of the country, its culture and nature. In particular, there are such UNESCO World Heritage Sites as the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and St. Sophia Cathedral, as well as the medieval center of Lviv.

Analysis of the Ukrainian tourist services market: indicators

Over the next decade, tourism will remain one of the sources of new jobs in many regions of the world. According to experts' forecasts, over the next five years, the level of annual growth in this industry will be 5%, which is equal to 2 million new jobs. The results of the conducted WTO studies show that tourist traffic by 2020 will grow to 1.6 billion tourists per year, and their travel costs will reach $ 2 trillion - that is, $ 5 billion per day. Tourism will drive economic growth in the 21st century alongside the telecommunications and IT sectors.

In 2015, the number of Ukrainians who used the services of tour operators decreased by 17% and reached 1.15 million people. But according to the tourism department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the number of travelers was 1.44 million, and most of them are Ukrainian citizens. At the same time, there are practically the same number of foreigners as in 2014 (and in 2013 there were 137 thousand) - 22.4 thousand. But, if you sum up all the foreigners who have rested in Ukraine, the number will be much larger: for example, in 2015, there were about 35 thousand foreign tourists in Lviv alone.

In 2016, the number of foreign travelers decreased. Especially travelers from the Russian Federation - more than 900 thousand people. But the number of tourists from the former USSR increased by 20%. These are mainly residents of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Azerbaijan. The mineral waters of Western Ukraine were chosen by tourists from Central Asia. Often, they stay there to live. According to the Cabinet of Ministers, the number of foreign tourists visiting Ukraine in 2016 reaches 16 million.

The UNWTO World Tourism Organization estimated the tourist flows of Ukraine in 2012 at $ 4.8 billion, and in 2014 - only at $ 1.6 billion.

The World Economic Forum estimated the total income from tourism in Ukraine in 2012 at $ 3.2 billion, but in 2014-2015, due to the crisis and Russian aggression in the east of the country, Ukraine did not enter rating. But according to the results of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2016, Ukraine can boast of the following:

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