12 new types of tourism that will intrigue you

12 new types of tourism that will intrigue you

The potential for tourism in Russia is practically inexhaustible, and, nevertheless, almost not affected.

Ecological tourism, nostalgic, gastronomic, extreme, beach, industrial and even literary tourism.

Bus tourism

One of the most attractive types of tourism is by bus.

  • Many attractions can be visited in one trip.
  • It is more pleasant to travel than driving, when all attention is directed to the road, and there is no time to look around.
  • You can travel with friends or find new ones.
  • Travel will be cheaper for a tourist than for other types of transport.

Bus tours vary in duration, there are one-day (along the Golden Ring, to Moscow, to St. Petersburg) and multi-day (sea, ski resorts). They also differ in composition: corporate, school, student.

Ecological tourism

A huge variety of landscape and virgin nature provides the widest scope for the development of this type of tourism.

The Volga, Lena and Yenisei provide great opportunities for fishing, rafting or just a cruise. In the Far North, a deer or dog safari and the northern lights await tourists. The untouched nature of Lake Baikal and horseback riding in Altai will give tourists as many impressions as no other country.

The forests of central Russia and the Siberian taiga are a paradise for hunters, where it is much easier to meet an animal than a person. The Urals, the Far East, Sakhalin and the Kuriles attract most foreign tourists ..

The main tourist load now falls on Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, and partly, Stavropol Territory and Kaliningrad. Most of the hotels in the country are out of category, and do not have normal amenities. Nevertheless, the demand for travel services is constantly growing, and there is no one to satisfy them.

The main emphasis in Russia is placed on beach tourism in the southern seas, cruise along the Volga, sanatorium and skiing, while environmental, event tourism, hunting, and fishing are almost completely neglected.

European experts estimate the potential of Russia at 40 million tourists a year, while in fact there were only 7.4 million visitors, including those coming for business or private purposes.

Health tourism

Nesterova I. Outbound tourism in Russia//Encyclopedia of the Nesterovs

In modern Russia, there are fewer and fewer citizens who have never traveled abroad. Turkey, Egypt, Thailand are available to almost everyone. However, in recent years, there has been a tendency for increased competition between inbound and outbound tourism.

What is outbound tourism

Outbound tourism in Russia has been actively developing since the 2000s. The low level of service at the Russian resorts of our country forced citizens in the early 2000 to look for more comfortable rest abroad.

During the Soviet era, it was not accepted to travel abroad. The current Thailad and popular China and Vietnam were at the stage of development at which it was possible to travel there only "for work". The countries of Europe and the United States were among the "corrupting capitalist" countries, so that the Soviet citizen rested in his native Crimea and Sochi.

Development of outbound tourism in Russia

After 2010, outbound tourism began to be stimulated by globalization processes and the simplification of the entry regime to many countries of the world.

However, globalization tendencies subsided after 2014. Then there was a tendency for a split in global geopolitics and, as a consequence, a strengthening of the visa regime for Russians. In addition, they closed Egypt due to the fact that terrorists shot down a plane over the Sinai Peninsula. In Turkey, it became restless. Citizens had to look for new places to travel.

After the deterioration of relations with Western countries, a number of tourists continue to persistently travel to Europe. Someone goes to the familiar States. However, most Russian tourists have switched to Asia. Gradually, the Russians began to look towards the African continent. On famous booking services such as Booking. om, in the countries of West and East Africa, comments from Russian tourists began to appear next to the British, Dutch and Spaniards who traditionally visit their former colonies.

In the past few years, the number of Russian tourists in China and Southeast Asia has grown. The Asian flavor has always attracted the Russian people. And then there is the simplification of the visa regime in a number of Asian countries.

Types of outbound tourism

Outbound tourism is of several types. The first and most important is recreational tourism. Health tourism is no less attractive. At the beginning of the 2000s, tourism for the purpose of "shopping", that is. spruce shopping trips. In addition to the above types of visiting tourism, sport exit tourism are of great interest, Food tourism (from the English word "Food" - Food.) And recently visiting Selfie tourism.

state of outbound tourism in Russia

The popularity of recreation in Russia is growing. Business increasingly invests money in the tourist sphere of the country. Modern resorts are updated and expanded. The climatic zones of Russia are not comparable to other countries, they are huge. We do not need to look for something special outside the country. Let's look at what a variety of recreation types is available on our expanses.

Excursion tours in Russia

For those who do not like to sit in one place and prefers to always be in motion, excursions will become an excellent choice for recreation. The benefit of our country has a large selection of such tours. You can join the geological community or create your own group and build a route. Russia has a rich history. Therefore, everyone will find what it will be interesting to him. For example, you can choose a tour of Chuvashia or Murmansk. There are many other old cities that have magnificent vintage buildings.

Wellness vacation


The life of a modern person is filled with stress. Therefore, it will be wiser to visit the sanatoriums of the country. Most often they are located near the sea. Since the sea air is most favorable for a person.

These complexes such as hot key and essentics meet international standards. Here you will select suitable courses of treatment. And also take care of spiritual health.

Beach vacation

This is the most popular view of the rest. Most of all it is developed on the beaches of the four seas. In the Far East there is a Japanese sea. Be sure to visit it if you like to open new places to stay. Examine it and mark it features.

Most often, the inhabitants of Russia prefer the Black Sea. Mostly the choice stops at Sochi and Gelendzhik. Since the Olympic Games were held in the country, the infrastructure of the resorts was changed and improved. And now it is possible to visit the beaches of Crimea. There are all conditions for a comfortable stay.

Ski Resorts


Resting in India or Egypt in winter, you will most likely notice entire crowds of old tourists from Northern Europe. With a closer acquaintance it turns out that the old people left the native country in the fall, and they plan to return home not earlier than spring. And so they do from the moment of retirement: like migratory birds, fall south in the fall, and in the spring they return to their native places. After all, utility rates in Europe are even higher than ours. And it is more profitable for pensioners to go on a six-month tour than to pay for heating their houses. This fact gave us an interesting thought: why do other people go to travel? And we found out that recently many new, sometimes very strange, types of tourism have appeared, we will introduce you to 12 unusual destinations.

Shopping Tourism

Shopping tours in our country emerged in the early 90s, when many went to sell various trinkets to Poland, to sell products to Moscow and Gomel. This form has remained until now in settlements near the border. But the shopping tours themselves have evolved into highly prestigious travel. Now they go abroad for fur coats and designer things. A few years ago, some firms offered free trips to Greece if you pledged to buy a fur coat there. They were called that way fur-tour. The price was such that it covered the costs of both your flight and accommodation with meals. But people liked it. Now many people follow the sales in Europe and the United Arab Emirates and specially take vouchers there for this time. We even met girls who had never been to the sea or on excursions in the UAE for a week. And they went out into the street solely in order to move from one store to another. There are also quite interesting people who buy household chemicals exclusively in European stores. And although it is of the same brands as on the shelves of Ukrainian stores, its quality is much higher, according to convinced ladies. With such successes, we will soon go to the neighboring country for milk and bread.

Medical tourism

Israel has some of the best cancer treatment specialists. Doctors in Thailand have invented a new technology by which they can grow a lost organ directly on the patient's body (they grow mainly small organs: ears, nose, eyelids). In Germany, abdominal surgeries are performed with high quality, and Lithuania is famous for inexpensive plastic surgeries. And for all these services, people specially come from other countries. Now medical tourism has become one of the most cost-effective for both the host country and for patients who can receive the best quality services at an affordable price. Interestingly, Ukraine is also included in the list of countries recommended for medical tourism. It turns out that our teeth are treated very cheaply and with high quality and dentures are installed.

Medical tourism is beneficial both for the host country and for patients who can receive quality services at an affordable price

Selfie tourism

If previously popular places among tourists could complain that they are constantly rubbed, hugged or climbed on, now they can only complain that they can only see the back of the heads of tourists. Crowds of young people "snapping" themselves against the backdrop of some next attraction is selfie tourism. It involves traveling in order to take a photo of yourself in various parts of the world, and the places themselves can be seen somewhere from afar, peeking over the shoulder, or not quite visible at all. Despite the fact that most Internet users laugh at this new culture, selfies remain popular. Moreover, both among girls and among guys, even the older generation often adopts this hobby. In popularity among selfie tourists, the palm is held by France (especially the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe), England (near Big Ben, on the streets of London and, of course, in local double-decker buses), Germany, the USA, and the countries of East Asia.

Record Tourism

The most unusual tourism is tourism in order to achieve records. Such travelers apply to the Guinness Book of Records before departure. For example, 106-year-old Japanese Saburo Shochi was recognized as the oldest traveler. In total, he covered more than 56 thousand kilometers by public transport and visited 6 countries, including Bulgaria, Canada and South Africa. And the Englishman James Boothorp covered 18 thousand miles and 20 countries in 174 days by bicycle. To achieve this result, it took about 14 hours a day to pedal. Entered the Guinness Book of Records as the traveler who made the fastest round-the-world bike trip!

There are some Ukrainians too. Last year, Irina Galai became the first Ukrainian woman who did not climb Everest. True, she only got into the Ukrainian Book of Records. But isn't that an achievement too?

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