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If you can't sit still for a long time: rating of the best trekking boots in 2020

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Trekking is a kind of sports tourism. It provides for overcoming a predetermined route on foot. When preparing for such a trip, pay special attention to the choice of shoes. Your degree of fatigue will depend on its quality. We recommend that you look at the rating of the best trekking boots in 2020, which the editorial staff of Zuzako compiled based on the opinions of users and expert reviews. It features the best models designed for city and rough terrain.

Overview of the leading trekking shoe manufacturers

Tracking is especially popular in Europe. Therefore, most of the top manufacturers of such shoes are similar to this part of the world. Italians, French and Germans have succeeded most in creating trekking boots.

  • Asolo. This Italian manufacturer has been producing footwear since 1946. After 30 years of its existence, the company completely switched to the manufacture of boots for hiking and trekking. All modern developments are used in Asolo models, which reduce the load on the legs and turn a long walk into an exciting journey. For its products, the company uses a proprietary sole, with a special tread pattern and excellent cushioning.
  • La Sportiva. This 100-year-old brand specializes in the production of premium sports shoes. There are also many models of trekking boots in their assortment. All of them are made from natural materials, equipped with an anatomical insole and an ergonomic last. The cost of La Sportiva shoes is not too high, so everyone can buy them.
  • Salomon. This French brand is renowned for its climbing equipment, ski bindings and trekking shoes. Their range includes boots for men and women, as well as for all seasons. In the production of footwear, the company uses high-quality materials that do not harm humans and the environment. Manual assembly makes the seams of the boots as neat and high quality as possible.
  • Meindl. The products of this German company are appreciated for the highest quality and long service life. All models of trekking shoes are made of moisture resistant leather that prevents feet from getting wet. Most boots have plastic outsoles, extended last, and weigh much less than the competition. The only drawback of Meindl footwear is its high cost.
  • Lowa. Another popular German footwear manufacturer is famous for the high quality of its products. The range of the company includes boots for mountaineering, trekking and sports. All models feature a branded vulcanized rubber outsole. This material is strong enough to prevent slipping on ice surfaces.

Top men's and women's trekking boots

Which one would you prefer?

Boots for the city

This type of footwear is suitable for people who are not used to moving far from their home. In urban environments, use shoes with non-slip soles and good moisture protection.

Hoka One One Sky Kaha

These French-made shoes are perfect for urban environments. Its sole is made of a special foam material that prevents slipping on ice. The unique geometry of the boots and the 5mm studded coating provide the best possible traction.

The model is made of genuine leather, which does not allow moisture to pass through and does not lose its attractive appearance for a long time. An adjustable lacing system is provided for better fixation of the shoe on the foot.

Asolo TPS GV Evo MW Chestnut

Walking has always been an integral part of human life. Previously, it was exclusively a way of moving from point A to point B.

Today, however, scientists and doctors around the world are constantly talking about the health benefits of walking.

Now those who, for some reason, are not allowed to run, walk regularly. Thus, someone loses weight, someone is tempered, someone keeps their body in good shape, and someone trains the heart.

Some people think there is no difference between running and walking shoes, but they are not.

If in the first case the model is designed taking into account the inclination of the body, then in the second this should not be allowed.

A ton of walking devices have been invented today, from pedometers to specialized shoes. It is about her that will be discussed.

Sports Walking Shoes

Sneakers are no longer just sports paraphernalia. And new fashion trends have made these shoes a trend.

Now girls do not have to wear sweatpants to wear sneakers, because they can be combined with a skirt and a dress.

However, if you are constantly on the move and need good support, then it would be good to opt for walking shoes, because they have a number of advantages:

Winter shoes should be not only warm, but also comfortable. For men who, even in cold weather, are not ready to give up sneakers, we have prepared a rating of the best models from Nike, Adidas, Reebok and other brands. The selection took into account the appearance, quality and reviews. Some sneakers are suitable for everyday wear in the city, others even for winter sports.

TOP- Columbia Firecamp BOOT

Suitable for severe frosts!

These are very warm men's sneakers, perfect for the Russian winter. Moreover, they look stylish, they do not look bulky on the leg. The sole is made using a special technology. Firstly, it does not slip, which is very important for winter shoes. Secondly, it has excellent cushioning, so the shoe relieves shock from the joints when walking. In addition, the feet are comfortable in them. But two minuses prevented this model from becoming the best in our rating. The first is the laces, which, judging by the reviews, are often untied during wear. If necessary, you can replace them with others. The second drawback is the discrepancy between the sizes of the manufacturer's grid. Sneakers are usually undersized.

TOP- Nike Manoa Leather

Most reviews!

This Nike model has received a huge amount of positive reviews from men. For winter, sneakers are well suited, as they protect from snow and wind, because the manufacturer made them high. In addition, the sole is non-slip and has good springiness. The main material of Nike sneakers is genuine and artificial leather. According to reviews, they do not get wet. Buyers also love Nike's brutal design. But choosing your pair, especially when ordering via the Internet, you need to carefully. The original Nike men's sneakers serve the wearer for several seasons. However, there are often fakes that cannot withstand slush and frost even for a month.

TOP- Converse Ctas Winter Gore-Tex

These sneakers are made from very soft leather. They are as comfortable and lightweight as possible. A special membrane is used inside, making it comfortable in the sneakers. Legs do not sweat and do not freeze, which is important for the changeable Russian winter, when frosts alternate with mud and slush. For insulation, the manufacturer uses artificial fur. Unfortunately, the sole of the sneaker is regular, not anti-slip. This can cause a lot of inconvenience on ice. Also, in some reviews, buyers note that the model is larger.

TOP- Adidas Terrex Heron Mid Cw Cp

These sneakers from Adidas are more expensive than the previous models in our ranking, but they are made of materials that are optimal for men's winter shoes. First, a Climaproof seal is used on top. This material provides Adidas Terrex Heron Mid Cw Cp with excellent moisture protection. Snow and slush in these sneakers are not terrible. Secondly, Primaloft is used as insulation instead of Adidas fur. Feet in shoes do not freeze, but they do not sweat, even with active movements. In addition, this model from Adidas is suitable for men with a wide foot. There is also a slight flaw in the sneaker here. Some people think that they look bulky on the leg.

TOP- New Balance Fur & Leather

Winter sneakers for men from the popular brand New Balance. Natural leather and fur are used for their production. Thanks to this, the shoes are warm, but at the same time the materials are breathable. There will be no greenhouse effect in them, even with brisk walking and other physical activity. For many, the cost is quite high, but for natural materials it is quite acceptable. In addition, judging by the reviews, these sneakers are perfectly worn for at least 5 years, while maintaining their appearance and properties. Of course, this is possible if you follow all the rules of care. It is advised to buy New Balance shoes only in the official store. Otherwise, there is a high risk of running into a fake.

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