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Tickle your nerves

Emotions from independent travel in Kazakhstan are incomparable with any excursion. And most importantly, you can have fun already at the stage of planning your trip, exploring the sights and planning a route. For active travelers, we have selected 6 of the most amazing places in Kazakhstan, which are worth seeing!

Khan Tengri Peak is an ideal mountain peak

It is called the most beautiful peak not only in Kazakhstan, but all over the world. Thousands of climbers dream of conquering him. It is surrounded by legends and it is believed that spirits live on it. All this is about him - the Khan Tengri peak, the top of the Tien Shan, which has the shape of an almost perfect pointed pyramid. In Kazakhstan, the peak is also known as Kantau or Bloody Mountain, as the rock consists of pink marble, which "burns" in red at sunset.

Translated from the Turkic, the name of the peak means "the lord of the sky." According to Tengrian mythology, before there was only an immense ocean, in which a shining egg once formed. It split into two halves, and the god Tengri came out. The top of the egg turned into Heaven, and the bottom into Earth. God Tengri is all-seeing and omnipotent, he controls the fate of people, and even other gods obey him. Such a beautiful legend is associated with the name of the peak, which, like a deity, is shrouded in grandeur and impresses even a sophisticated traveler.

Khan Tengri Peak is located on the border of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and China. The height of the summit is 6995 meters, and together with the ice cover - 7010 meters. It is one of the five peaks of Central Asia with a height of over 7 thousand meters. The first climbers to conquer Khan Tengri in 1931 were the Ukrainian team - Mikhail Pogrebetsky, Boris Tyurin and Franz Sauberer. They climbed to the summit from the southwest, and in 1964 a group of climbers led the first ascent from the north. Today there are more than 25 known routes to the summit, laid both from the south and from the north. It is interesting that the youngest climber (Pole Adam Beletsky), who was able to conquer Khan Tengri, was only 17 years old. There is a record for the speed of ascent to the famous peak - 7 hours 40 minutes, set by the Kazakh climber Denis Urubko.

Khan-Tengri is the most famous peak not only in Kazakhstan, but also in Kyrgyzstan. In 2010, the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan issued a new 100 som banknote with the image of the Khan Tengri peak on the back.

Climbing to the top is possible only as part of a group and takes 22 days. Travelers are taken by helicopter to an altitude of 4000 meters, from where the ascent begins. On the way, four camps are set up at an altitude of 4200, 5300, 5900 and 6400 meters. The ascent of Khan-Tengri is considered a difficult and dangerous route, the path can be complicated by avalanches or icefalls. The weather, which is very unpredictable here, also makes its own adjustments.

There is a special capsule at the top of Khan Tengri peak, which contains messages from all climbers who got here. After the ascent, the capsule is dug up, they write their message with a simple pencil (the fountain pen does not work here) and the capsule is buried again. Travelers stay at the summit for an average of 20-30 minutes, and this is in good weather, because then they will descend, which is no easier than climbing. But, despite all the difficulties and danger, Khan Tengri beckons with its beauty and is one of the most stunning natural attractions in Kazakhstan.

Charyn canyon - bizarre forms and mysticism

The history of the Charyn Canyon, one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan, began more than 12 million years ago. At that time, this territory was occupied by the Ili Lake, which later dried up, and the water flow joined the Ili River. For hundreds of thousands of years, the water element washed out the rock, cut the rocks together with the wind, giving them a bizarre shape. There are hundreds of cliffs and arches, caves and grottoes - all thanks to the water. The formed canyon stretches 154 km in length, and the height of the rocks reaches 150-300 meters. This place is unique not only for its rocks, but also for its flora. Just take a look at the grove of the Sogdian ash tree, which grows in only a few places on the planet.

Tourism in Kazakhstan: 5 best places for outdoor recreation

Top Festivals to Visit in Kazakhstan

Vivid emotions, new acquaintances, an adrenaline rush from watching stylized nomad battles or complete pacification in practices, for example, yoga, handicraft master classes, all this separately, and sometimes at once in one day, you can be presented with visits to various festivals in Kazakhstan. We will tell you about the brightest of them!

Feel like a nomad!

"Koshpendiler Alemi" (June) - International Festival of Nomad Culture. location - the city of Nur-Sultan (Astana) Official site: . z

In 2019, it took place for the fourth time. events are those who are close to the free spirit of the nomads. Here one could feel the atmosphere that was present in the vastness of Eurasia several centuries ago, but what is the atmosphere there, feel like a nomad, touch the history and traditions of ancient civilization.

The territory where the festival takes place is usually divided into 7 sectors ("auls"), whose inhabitants were brave warriors, well-aimed archers, dexterous horses, the best artisans and ethnomusicians from around the world.

Interesting and exciting events took place in each "village" for two days. For example, in the "Ak mergen" sector, archers performed, "Shabyt" - musicians and ethnofolklore groups. In "Tayburyl" there were competitions in the national game "asau", and next to them, in "Altyn saga", there were competitions in "Kazakh kuresi", "arkan tartu", "asyk atu" other types of national Kazakh and traditional games of nomads. "Keruen Saray" was intended for connoisseurs of nomadic cuisine. And in the field camp of steppe warriors of the Batyr sector, scenarios of ancient battles were recreated. An artisan workshop with an exhibition of unique handicrafts was held in the Sheber sector.

The festival, of course, aroused great interest, both among Kazakhstanis themselves and among foreign guests. The organizers of the event announced that they do not intend to stop there, that the festival will become not just an annual event, but will eventually expand its geography and be held in different regions of the country.

Open air Almaty

Spirit of Tengri (early June) - a festival of contemporary ethnic music. The venue is the city of Almaty. In 2018 it was held for the sixth time. Official site . om

As the organizers themselves say about the festival, "The Spirit of Tengri is a multicultural project aimed at demonstrating the ethnic traditions of the countries of the world on Kazakhstani soil." For several years, musicians from 30 countries of the world have appeared on the stage. Among them: the African-Arab band Speed ​​Caravan, the Israeli band Q2A, the Uzbek project Abbos, the Turkish band BaBa Zula, the Chinese-Mongolian band Hanggai, the Magyar band Tilla Török Band & Holdviola, Bashkir ethnorokers "Argymak", the Georgian trio The Shin, Buryat Finnish-Norwegian project Nordic Namgar, master of throat singing Radik Tyulyush with the project "Chalama" from Tuva and many others. And of course, Kazakhstani ethnic groups, including: "Tigrahaud", "Aldaspan", "Sharapat", Roksonaki, the "Drums" project.

Emotions from independent travel in Kazakhstan are incomparable with any excursion. And most importantly, you can have fun already at the stage of planning your trip, exploring the sights and planning a route. For active travelers, we have selected 6 of the most amazing places in Kazakhstan that are worth seeing!

Extreme types of recreation in Kazakhstan are becoming not only affordable, but also widespread. This is facilitated by the popularization of "adventure" tourism, and the natural resources that the country is rich in. The portal "ZagraNitsa" talked with the editor-in-chief of the most famous tourist publication in Kazakhstan "Wind of Wanderings" Natalia Borova, and offers you a selection of places to visit for those who like to tickle your nerves.


The Wind of Wanderings magazine is a full-color edition published since 2006. Volume - 112 pages, circulation - 5000 copies. The electronic version of the journal can be found on the website. Also, for more than a year under the auspices of the magazine, the PhotoTravel project has been operating. On the portal, everyone can upload their photo reports about interesting places in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, and if the photo report is unique, then the author automatically becomes a participant in the "Best author of photo reports" competition.

"The Wind of Wanderings" is the organizer of the festivals "Okunkol" (fishing and tourist) and "Wings of Alakol" (festival of bird lovers). Both events are aimed at the development of domestic tourism in Kazakhstan.

The Wind of Wanderings is a team of like-minded people united by love for nature and hobbies associated with it: hunting, fishing, mountaineering, tourism and others. This is the first edition in Kazakhstan and Central Asia with a clear focus on ecotourism, nature conservation and the rational use of natural resources, promoting respect for the environment.

Down the river! Rafting and kayaking

There are several extreme water activities. If you are a fan of wrestling with water obstacles, kayaking is suitable for you - descent on the water in single boats (kayaks), which does not require team efforts.

If you have a team spirit, try rafting: down the river in canoes, inflatable rafts or boats. This team type of active recreation has already acquired the features of a sport. Rafting competitions are regularly held in Kazakhstan during the season: from early spring to late autumn.

By the way, rafting is included in weekend tours by many travel companies.

Descent of 2-3 difficulty categories costs from $ 25 (along the Ili, Turgen rivers, with an excursion to the Medvezhy waterfall)

Descent 3-4 categories of difficulty - from $ 40 (rafting on the Chilik river)

The payment includes equipment rental, transfer, instructor's services.

Kazakhstan is a huge country, the area of ​​which is comparable to the territory of Western Europe. In the west, it borders the Caspian Sea and the Volga plains, in the south - with the foothills of the Tien Shan, in the north and northeast - with the peaks of the Altai Mountains and the Siberian lowland, in the east - with China. Russian-speaking tourists rarely choose Kazakhstan for travel, but among Europeans it is very popular. People come here for the unique mountain landscapes, canyons, pristine lakes, protected areas that have just recently been opened for mass visits, and traditional hunting with golden eagles. The distance between cities and attractions reaches hundreds of kilometers, so we carefully plan routes so that you can visit as many iconic places of this amazing country as possible.

Climate Features

The climate is sharply continental, the distribution of precipitation in different regions is very uneven. Summers are hot and dry with a maximum temperature of +40 ° C, winters are cold and snowy with a minimum temperature of -45 ° C. The best time for tourist trips is the period from March to November. For those interested in winter sports, it is best to plan your trip from November to February.

Popular destinations

Almaty is a friendly and safe city located in the southeastern part of the country at the foot of the Tien Shan. One of its largest parks is the Park named after the First President. Here you can admire the fountains, take a break from the bustle of the city. The center of active winter recreation in this southern capital of Kazakhstan - the high-mountain sports complex Medeu - is known all over the world. Another symbol of Almaty is the Kok-Tobe Park, which can be reached by public transport or by cable car. There are observation platforms, attractions, a petting zoo, an exotarium, a restaurant.

On the spurs of the Tien Shan, there is the Charyn Canyon, which is considered one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan. Here you can admire the incredible natural architecture, organize unique photo sessions, take a walk near the Charynka mountain river.

Reserved places of Kazakhstan, which have become available for tourists, are the first and second Kolsai lakes, surrounded by the Tien Shan firs. Their depth reaches 50 m, among the fauna - rainbow trout. These lakes are called the pearl of the Northern Tien Shan.

Types of tours in Kazakhstan

Peculiarities of travel in Kazakhstan

The starting point of the routes depends on the tour chosen. No visa is required for Russians. Passport - foreign or domestic.

If you have not completed at least one trekking route in your life, you cannot be considered a true traveler

Since childhood, each of us has a thirst for new discoveries, travels and bright, unforgettable adventures. That is why we collect our things every year and set off on the road - it does not matter whether it is fishing on the nearest lake or a long trip/flight. Many people consider themselves quite experienced travelers, having traveled all over Kazakhstan or visiting many different countries and cities. But ... If you have not completed at least one trekking route in your life, you cannot be considered a true traveler. You are a tourist wandering from home comfort to hotel comfort. Real emotions, frantic drive, unexpected adventures, unplanned events, vivid impressions and memories for a lifetime are not hidden in expensive hotels and spas. They are much closer to the ground. To the land, on which you need to walk with your feet in order to feel the strength and silent beauty of nature, to feel the greatness of the indomitable element. Only in this way will you understand how small and insignificant we, people, are in comparison with her. How beautiful this world is, so desperately resisting the dominance of man. Trekking is for the soul.

Route: Butakovskoe Gorge, Forest Pass and Cape of Hope

This route is considered one of the most popular among tourists, because it is easy to get to the starting point, the difficulty level of the ascent is low and it is quite possible to do without an overnight stay. However, the impressions received will be remembered for a lifetime. Of course, because of the stunning beauty of the views that open literally every 100 meters. The trekking stages are as follows:

Ascent to the Forest Pass connecting the Butakovka and Kotyrbulak gorge. It is advisable to take water from the purest mountain river, otherwise there will be nowhere to go.

Having reached the pass, we continue our ascent along the scallop covered with forest. This section of the path ends when a spacious wide plateau opens up. In winter it is covered with deep snow and it would be better if you have skis for this case.

After the plateau, you will receive a reward - a breathtaking view of the Cape of Hope (a huge sheer cliff). If you have the strength to go further, then forward to the top. Bukreevka peak will be an excellent final landscape of your trekking, especially considering the view of the city and the rocky ridge opening from it with the highest peak of the Trans-Ili Alatau - Talgar peak.

Since such trips are decided only as part of a group with an experienced guide, try not to neglect his advice regarding mountain uniforms, a minimum first-aid kit, a set of products, matches, pocket knives and others. Mountains and forest - an unpredictable place, but also beautiful, it is never boring here. You always need to be prepared for unexpected turns of events. The same rules apply to any other trekking routes, so we recommend that you remember them so as not to repeat yourself.

Route Walk along the Turgen Gorge

This trekking route is suitable for those who have never gone on long hiking trips and just want to understand how this happens, while enjoying the insane beauty of the surrounding nature. Walking along the Turgen Gorge is not at all aimless walking and photographing: your specific goal is to get to the enchanting Medvezhiy waterfall. There is even a legend about him that if you drink water from a cascading stream, you will definitely rejuvenate, add health and strength. Your path to it looks like this:

Arrival at the gorge and the beginning of the path to the waterfall. Pretty soon you will come across a huge sculpture of a golden Saka warrior and burial mounds.

When you reach the wonderful waterfall, be sure to drink the crystal clear water and take beautiful pictures. Framed by rocks and lush greenery, it looks great in the photo!

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