Youth club of the Russian Geographical Society (Tuapse)

Mount Semashko

The activists of the youth club of the Russian Geographical Society in Tuapse, at the lesson of Courage, visited the people's museum in the village of Shaumyan, honored the memory of the heroes at the "Span of the Earth" memorial. The Tuapse defensive operation lasted 150 heroic days and nights. The time of the seizure was set, but the city became an impregnable bastion. The battles on the Tuapse land are comparable to the main battles of Europe. The retreat of Hitler's troops from the city marked the beginning of the liberation of the Kuban, turned the tide of the battle for the Caucasus and brought the Victory closer. We bow our heads before the courage of the soldiers and Tuapse people. "

The memory of the fallen soldiers was honored with a minute of silence

The title of "City of Military Glory" Tuapse was awarded in 2008 by the decree of the President of Russia dated May 5, 2008. His courage was previously noted with another highest award - the Order of the Patriotic War, 1st degree.


A large-scale expedition across the whole of Russia will start in Sochi on March 3.

Four Tuapse residents will join the expedition. They will reach Sevastopol on bicycles. Show in full.

“Trained people are taking part in the expedition,” said Konstanzia Terentyeva, leader and participant of cycling tours of the “Star of the Kuban” tour.

The expedition across all of Russia will last 9 months. 9 brave people decided on such a heroic path.

Tuapse region will be represented by: - ​​

Elizaveta Gurova, student of school No. 5, participant of the cycle tour of the Zvezda Kuban-2019 tour, Elena Soboleva, student of the school No. 6, participant of the bike-hike tour of the Stars of Kuban-2018 and Kuban Around the World Tour ". Pavel Khudin, deputy head of the youth club of the Russian Geographical Society, Konstanzia Terentyeva, specialist of the department for work with youth of the Tuapse region.

Autotravel in Tuapse is a great alternative to travel by train or plane, because route planning is provided directly to the tourist and his companions. Just imagine: picturesque landscapes, untouched expanses of the country and a road rushing into the distance! Such a vacation is perfect for people of all ages and will certainly appeal to those who like to manage their time on their own and make spontaneous stops in beautiful places.

Tuapse, Krasnodar Territory

Tuapse, Krasnodar Territory

Tuapse, Krasnodar Territory

Goryachy Klyuch, Krasnodar Territory

Dzhubga, Krasnodar Territory

Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Territory

Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Territory

Goryachy Klyuch, Krasnodar Territory

Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Territory

Good day, everyone. Do you like traveling on your own? Well, at least not to lie on the beach all the time, but somehow to diversify your vacation? Fine! What is good about independent tourism, but the fact that you can visit and see what the package tourist never dreamed of. But even if you have purchased a ready-made tour and are already at the resort, then you should gather your strength (after yesterday) and go on a couple of excursions, which are in abundance at any resort. And Tuapse is no exception, but what to see and where to visit in Tuapse, we will now figure it out.

These ever-beautiful mountains

For lovers of picturesque places, I recommend exploring the city's environs from the height of the mountains, where breathtaking panoramic views open up before tourists (do not forget to take a camera or camera, if you do not take pictures against the background of the mountains, then you have not been). Just 9 km from the city in the direction of the resort village of Agoy is the Agoy Pass. Before the highest point of the pass, the road comes very close to the Agoi rocks. Here, at the top, there is a monument to the soldiers of the Taman army and an observation deck surrounded by a chestnut grove. This is a favorite place to stop wedding processions.

After visiting nearby places, it is worth going to the highest point of the Tuapse region, this is Mount Shessi (its height is 1839 meters), it is located 40 km from the city. Due to the lack of easy ways to get to its base (perhaps yet), the mountain is not a popular tourist destination, so there are usually not many people here.

However, those who still managed to get to the top of the mountain will have such a panorama that will surpass all expectations! With one glance, you can immediately cover almost all the mountains of the Black Sea region - from Tuapse to Sochi, the peaks of the Lagonaki highlands, the plains and hilly foothills of Apsheronsk and Belorechensk.

Protected areas

Tuapse region is rich in its reserved places and virgin nature, numerous mountains and rocks. Climbing to the top (859 m) of one of the extreme mountains of the Main Caucasian Ridge, Mount Indyuk, seems to be an excellent option for active recreation of tourists and is very popular among rock climbers.

The Kiselev rock (Rock of Tears) is also recognized as a natural pearl of the region, the layers of rocks of which go vertically upwards. Orlan Rock got its name from a large block, which is located at the top of the main tower, resembling an eagle in shape. The majestic rocky complex covers an area of ​​10 hectares and consists of vertical pillars, boulders and "feathers".

In 25 kilometers from Tuapse there are two peaks - Two Brothers, at a distance of 100 m from each other, their heights are 889 meters and 921 meters. Almost twenty climbing routes have been laid along the southern walls. Mount Semiglavaya closes the Tuapse section of the main Caucasian ridge from the east.

Seven peaks are scattered throughout 4 km, which have rocky outcrops along the slopes. Each stone of the legendary Mount Semashkho, where the edge of defense of the city of Tuapse passed, recalls the heroic deeds of our soldiers during the Great Patriotic War. At present, campaigns are organized in these places along the places of fierce battles and the defeat of Hitler's troops.

The Kadosh Forest Park is located near the city and covers an area of ​​300 hectares. The natural monument is rich in numerous species of plants, and the banks abruptly and picturesquely break off to the sea. Kadosh is also interesting for the famous Mouse Minks, formed by the surf in the sheer cliffs and having an unreal fantastic view.


The mountains in the Tuapse region, of course, are not the Alps. But there are also remarkable peaks in these places. One of them is called Semashkho. This is how the name sounds in the Adyghe language. It is often pronounced in Russian as Semashko. This has nothing to do with the surname of the famous Soviet doctor. The mountain is at the same time a monument of history and nature. Popular tourist routes pass through it.

Photo: Memorial at the top of Mount Semashko

Big heap

Mount Semashko is located in the south of the Krasnodar Territory in the Tuapse region. Its top rises above the territory of the Prichernomorskaya reserve at an altitude of 1035 meters. The nearest settlements are the village of Indyuk and the village of Anastasievka. From the mountain in a straight line to them about the same distance. A little further are the villages of Krivenkovskoye and Georgievskoye. Relative to Tuapse, the mountain is located about fifty kilometers in the northeastern direction.

Geographically, Semashko is part of a small spur of the Greater Caucasus Range. The following peaks are adjacent to it: Two Brothers (921 m), Indyuk (859 m), Kamenistaya (717 m) and Round (966 m). The massif is composed of liparite-dacitic porphyries and mudstones. The mountain actually has two peaks that are at a decent distance from each other. In this regard, distinguish between Malaya and Bolshaya Semashko. The small one is slightly lower - its height is 947 meters.

Mount Semashko is here

The treeless main dome and its surroundings cover an area of ​​25 hectares. Thanks to this, a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains opens from the top. The peaks of the Main Caucasian ridge can be seen from the panoramic platform. The Black Sea and Tuapse are visible in the southwest direction. And in clear weather - it's hard to believe - you can see the pipes of the Krasnodar power plant!

It is believed that the name of the mountain comes from the Adyghe word "Sameshho" Literally translated, it means "big pile." Indeed, the mountain does not have the classic cone shape. This is not a bare rock, but a combination of boulders, small talus, gravel, overgrown with low grass. The main dome of the mountain looks more like a sloping meadow than a mountain peak.

The local climate tends to a humid subtropical type. It can change with height. Five ridges contribute to the formation of the microclimate. Because of them, even in neighboring settlements, the weather can vary significantly. The average temperature in July and August is +23 degrees. In January and February, it fluctuates around +5 degrees. But on the tops of the mountains in winter winds walk, which significantly cool the air. The optimal time for hiking is from May to early July and early autumn.

Tuapse Outpost

The events of the Great Patriotic War are associated with Mount Semashko. This is evidenced by the monument at the top, installed in 1982. The memorial complex is called "Komsomolskaya Resilience". It consists of three huge PPSh assault rifles, placed vertically. Three anti-tank hedgehogs are standing nearby. Monuments to defenders of heights and mass graves can be seen just below, from the side of Mount Indyuk. They are also on the road to Mount Two Brothers.

During the war, the defense line of Tuapse passed here. The Germans broke through to the Semashko and Two Brothers mountains in October 1942. They were opposed by the 10th Rifle Brigade of the Red Army. Fierce battles went on for half a month. The German units managed to be surrounded and driven back from Tuapse. The defensive operation was part of the battle for the Caucasus.

Peculiarities of rest in Tuapse

Basically, going to the sea in the south of Russia, the majority primarily consider Sochi. And, often, he is mistaken. Nearby is a town that is not inferior to Sochi in terms of recreation, both for families and for youth. And the prices are much more attractive.

Tuapse is easy to get to by train, moreover, only through this city you can get further south. You can find accommodation in Tuapse for every taste: inexpensive apartments, private boarding houses, hotels, and many hotels and sanatoriums stretch along the coast. The price for a room in a private hotel starts from 1000 rubles. But there is one but. If you live in the city itself and use its city beach, then it is better to choose an apartment or hotel in the center, not far from the market or train station. It is better to choose the private sector to the south - in the Velyaminovka area - from there it is easier to go down to the sea to the beaches of boarding houses or to "wild" areas. By the way, along the entire length from Tuapse to Sochi, the railway runs along the sea and the beaches begin immediately behind it.

The beaches are free, sandy and pebbly, quite clean. As for the "wild" ones, the water there is purest. The city beach, located just behind the oil port, is clean, but there are a lot of people. If you go further along the railway, you can find cozy and free resting places, and on the hills in the shade of trees you can hide from the sun.

When is the best time to have a rest in Tuapse?

The Black Sea coast of Russia is quite capable of satisfying the various requests of those who like to travel. If you want a noisy, colorful, "drive" style of holiday merry bustle mixed with sunbathing and swimming - go to Sochi. If you are more inclined to a secluded, unhurried and comfortable vacation in the bosom of nature, please visit small resorts. Of the latter, Tuapse attracted me at one time as a port city. I already had some experience of independent tourism in the Krasnodar Territory, and it seemed to me that, in principle, Tuapse was the same as all other mini-resorts. And it was pleasant to be surprised to find that he has his own "zest", that he is very peculiar and individual.

Honestly, I somehow forgot that almost every settlement on the coast of any sea-ocean has its own port. Perhaps because the harbor somehow does not catch the eye of the guests, being located somewhere far from the city beaches. In Tuapse, everything is different: the port is “right on the course”. As soon as you pass from end to end of the alley, you immediately come out to the square and an interesting view of the port opens from it. It is worth making a reservation right away: Tuapse does not shine with breathtaking excursions and very few monuments of antiquity have survived. However, having successfully picked up your accommodation and stocked up time free from visiting the beach, you will still go for a walk along the streets and, therefore, you will see a lot of interesting things. Another important detail of such a tour is the correct selection of the time of the year. Despite. read in full

What to see in Tuapse?

The name of the city means "Two Rivers". Tuapse is always glad to meet vacationers. This is one of the most popular tourist resorts on the Black Sea coast.

There are wonderful climatic conditions during all three months of the summer period and two more - during the velvet season. The resort is suitable both for family holidays and for relaxing with friends.

People settled in these places three hundred thousand years ago. However, the most impressive mark was left by those tribes that lived here in the period of about three thousand years BC. After them, dolmens remained here, which have survived to this day and are a tourist attraction of the city.

Today Tuapse is a developed city with modern infrastructure, a small number of indigenous people live here. Sanatoriums are located on the coast, the branches of forestry and agriculture are developing here. It is believed that this city has the largest Armenian population compared to other cities located on the Black Sea. Formally, there is no division into districts in Tuapse, but local residents still distinguish some of them for themselves - for example, they call the central part of the city that way - "Center".

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